Copyrights to these stories belongs to Lady Adara Constantine if something else isn’t mentioned.


Elayne’s First mission       Old Chapel – alt ending

Elayne – Secrets of the Tavern        Secrets of the Tavern – Bad Ending

Elayne – Dark eyes in the Forest

Elayne – Betrayal in the Priory         Mirror world (side story)       Betrayal in the Priory – (main) Bad Ending

Thief Ezri – Don’t get caught

Sorceress Lori – Beyond Death

Cleric Chiana – Shortcuts

Sorceress Lori – Sold to demons        Sold to demons – Bad Ending

Elayne – Treacherous Illusions           Treacherous Illusions – Bad Ending       Treacherous Illusions Bad Ending, Part 2

Elayne – Elven Love

Thief Ezri – Don’t get caught again

Elayne – Good Deeds Ch 1.         Good Deeds ch 2.

Elayne – Forbidden areas         Forbidden areas – Bad ending

Elayne – Game of Mischief

Priestess Rinil – Saints or Sinners

Demon Kingdom (aka Other Side) – Chapter 0    Ch 1     Ch 2     Ch 3     Ch 4     Ch 5   ( Parts 4 and 5 released in TEXT only form. )

Knight Elayne – Sanctuary of the Lost      Untold stories – ElayneLoriEzri  (TEXT ONLY)

Knight Elayne – Priestess in the Forest  (TEXT ONLY)

Thief Ezri / Sorceress Lori – Ancient grudge  (TEXT ONLY)

Thief Ezri – Don’t Get.. Nevermind!



Elayne – Memoria  (Patreon commission,  not Lady Adara’s story)