Lori – sold to demons

Story by Adara

Edited by Magnus



Lori’s success during her recent missions to recover ancient artefacts had been noticed by her Guild. Of course both had been rather low level tasks, but they were giving her a good name. If she stayed on this path she’d be noticed by higher ranking Mages and could get the opportunity to be an assistant to one of them in the future. That would open up more opportunities for her, access to hidden knowledge, various skills to learn and maybe, one day, she would be one of the high positioned Sorceresses herself.

Two minor tasks weren’t enough to open such heavy doors for her yet, but in time it would happen. Between missions, Lori spends time in the guild library searching for more info about demonic creatures. There were lots of books, but the most up to date ones are in the hands of the Guild Council Members. Every tower has its own Council to take care of mundane tasks within a Tower, then there is the Guild Council which controls the affairs of every Mage Tower in the Guild. Most highly positioned mages just sit in different meetings and enjoy the benefits of their status. From Lori’s perspective a seat on the faction council is very far away and if she dreams of reaching that far and getting a council seat one day she would have to sacrifice her whole life to the guild.

Some members have given their lives to guild and still can’t reach into the top for various reasons. Some are just happy to be ordinary members doing missions for the guild from time to time. This gives them more freedom and they can even have a family of their own. Other members want to reach further, but are unable to move forward with their plans as their talents aren’t as strong as they should be. One of those is looking at Lori from the shadows. She has risen to her position through hard work and making big sacrifices, but she’s wasted her life as her current position is as high she’ll go without outside help. Margot Nurgion, a middle aged sorceress who sits on the field instructor council, feels her current position is below her true value and has made certain arrangements to boost her career within guild.

She has made deals with demons to get more power, her beauty back and some weaponry against stronger mages. She has already sold a few younger mages from the field staff and now she is eyeing up Lori. This newcomer would be a nice addition to the sacrifice list and her final payout would be much closer. Margot has hidden a trap book in the library and keeps an eye on it to see if there are worthy souls to sell to demons. Demons that get fresh souls to torment while Margot boosts her career. She knows that war between humans and demons is coming, but from her point of view the demonic side wins every time. Arranging a mage’s death inside the tower has a certain risk factor, so she makes sure the library is sealed with spells. It’s already late and no others will go to the library, so nobody will hear her screams. Demons will drag her into their realm through the trap book and nobody will know what happened or where the newcomer disappeared to. Margot walked away with smile on her face, soon she will be rewarded.

Lori had already been in library for hours, but she didn’t feel at all tired and couldn’t stop now as she had finally found more information about demons in an old and dusty book. It had slipped behind the other books and might have been there a long time before Lori noticed it. It’s old and looks more like a travel diary than a demon manual belonging to a famous demon hunter mage who collected lots of information over the years. Maybe this old mage hid his demon manual there for some reason, but now it’s in Lori’s hands and the young sorceress studies it closely.

Then Lori hears a noise between some shelves. The sorceress looks and waits for a moment, then starts to hear soft voices like whispering. Getting up from her chair to investigate, Lori walks towards the voices, but all she finds is an old thick book on the floor and it makes her curious. The book lay on the floor as if it had fallen from the shelf. There certain isn’t any reason for it to fall she thinks, perhaps someone had put it back negligently and it just slipped now. Lori picked the book up from the floor and checked to see if it was damaged from the fall. If it was, it must be repaired so the library wouldn’t lose that copy. Opening it, Lori started to feel dizzy and the book fell to the floor again.

Lori leant on a bookshelf and tried to push the awful feeling away. While trying to clear her head she noticed how a reddish infernal portal was opening from that old book. Lori dropped to her knees as the portal’s swirling made her dizziness even worse. She tried to drag herself away from the book and yell for help, but doesn’t know that nobody hears her cries and she had been “sold” to demons. Two greenish demons step through the portal and spot Lori right away. They have a certain task to do and they like this task a lot more now a young and lovely human female is within their reach.

Lori cries for help while trying to get to her feet and away from those beasts. The demons are surprisingly fast moving creatures and catch her easily. Lori feels the dizziness starting to fade away, but that isn’t much help as she is now captured by these foul creatures. Forced to stand between them, Lori notices how tall these beasts are when compared to her. Their rather rough skin looks greenish and they are muscular but still slender creatures. Lori isn’t surprised as they start to pull her clothes away piece by piece, removing all her sorceress’ tools and talismans from her reach so all she can do is endure the humiliation.

The young sorceress smells a disgusting sulphurous stench coming from the beasts and feels their rough hands all over her body. The demons were sent to collect a female tribute and return to their own dimension with the prize, but Lori’s lovely body has awakened their lust for female flesh and that’s stronger than fear for their lives at the moment. The demons love the feeling of soft female flesh under their rough skinned hands and this young mage is too sexy to be left untouched. They have served their masters well and think they should have permission to take some small liberties with her.

Lori is roughly pushed against the bookshelf and the demonic creature forces her arms above her head. Arms held tightly against the bookshelf, the demon pulls her hips towards him and is about to force his hard member into the trembling woman. Her lovely milky white skin smells so good and her flesh feels so soft to these rough hands. Lori realises she is being set up to be ravished right there in her own guild’s library and nobody is coming to help her. She doesn’t have a lot of time to think why that is as a thick demonic cock forces its way into her darker hole. It makes Lori scream with pain and her whole body trembles like a dry leaf in a cold winter wind. The demons aren’t even trying to silence her and seemly enjoy her cries of pain.

The demon behind Lori grunts with pleasure and keeps ramming its lance into her tight hole. Slowly her body submits to his will and the demonic creature shoves his hard member deeper into the young human woman. Every thrust makes her scream loudly, while pulling back makes her gasp air into her lungs. The creature snarls with enjoyment as he feels her warm body tightly around his cock. This human female is first prize material and totally worth of the risk the demonic creatures are taking.

Trembling, Lori has mixed feelings about all this. She fears what they are planning to do to her, but is mortified that if someone entered the library right now she would be branded a demon’s whore for rest of her life. She’s also in pain as demon behind her’s every thrust is going deeper into her and isn’t giving her much time to adjust. It’s a horrible feeling for her to realize that she is being ravished inside her Guild’s mage tower, a place that is supposed to be tightly shielded from outside forces. Still it is happening and the demon grunting with pleasure behind her is solid proof of the violation of shield walls and spells.

The demonic creature is getting hornier by the minute and wants more from her, so his long rough surfaced black tongue starts licking her lovely neck. Lori smells the foul stench from his mouth and isn’t sure if the beast is gonna kill her right now. Another thought pops into her mind, do these creatures eat fresh meat or do they let dead prey rot for a while and then eat flesh from the corpse? That makes her to tremble even more with fear.

The demon turns her around and pushes her back against the shelf, but this time he goes onto one knee and starts licking her lovely shaven pussy. His long tongue moves like it has a mind of its own and Lori knows the demon wants to sink his hard member into her pussy. There is little Lori can do in this situation as the demon is a lot faster and stronger than her, but she has to admit that the attention the demon’s tongue is giving her pussy is giving her a kind of pleasure too. She isn’t certain if her body is arousing itself to be more accepting and so endure the rough sex session, or if the saliva from his demonic tongue is acting like a drug to make her aroused.

Once the demon had enjoyed her taste enough, he gets up and moves closer while pushing her legs apart. Lori see his hard demonic pole aimed directly at her pussy and the creature snarls while adjusting his position before ramming his favourite toy into her yet again. Lori gasps loudly when the demon slides his hard cock into her and leans against the wooden bookshelves for support. The young sorceress moans as his rough skinned cock goes deep into her, making her body feel like it is on fire. Strange feeling are arousing her and Lori becomes more and more certain that the demon’s saliva is having some kind of drugging effects on her.

Thrust by thrust the demon enjoys her tight pussy and she starts panting more and more heavily in his lap. Lori feels how the demon’s hard pole drills deeply into her and his club is so thick it stretches her quite nicely. His strongly veined cock rubs against her sensitive inside hard enough that, from time to time, Lori almost forget she is being ravished by this demon. She feels the demon’s hot intense breathe on her tits as he varies his pace to keep her on the edge of ultimate pleasure.

Lori drifts between the wildly different feelings of fear, horror, pleasure and lust. Her mind is locked into a cycle and she can’t fight back while her reasoning is clouded by the strong feelings inside her head. Then the demonic creature pulls his cock out and starts to lick Lori’s lovely perky tits, which have been moving in tune with his thrusting the whole time. Her nipples are rock hard and her warm skin taste lovely to him.

Another demon wants to join in the fun and Lori is forced to lean backwards against the demon behind her as her legs are pulled up until strong demonic arms hold her in mid-air. Legs fully open and with a hard monstrous cock deep in her darker hole, she is kept in that humiliating position as she is carried towards the table where there is more room for the second demon to join in the fun.

Lori pants heavily and already feels waves of pain moving through her body. The demonic spear isn’t moving inside her, but held up in that way she knows what is coming next. Another demon moves between her legs and pushes his hard cock into her pussy. The second demon isn’t as brutal as first was and his thick cock slides more easily inside Lori’s body. The young sorceress cries out loudly as two demonic poles stretch her to her limits and make her slim body shake heavily.

Lori cries out as the beasts start to move inside her body. As one is thrusting his cock into her the other is pulling back. Thick members slide deep into her and as hard as she tries to deny herself pleasure, her body betrays her and give up to these strong males. Lori pants and moans like a whore, while taking the poles into her holes, groaning like a sex maniac in heat and feeling the hot breath of these demons on her tender skin. The young woman shakes strongly between these two greenish creatures and Lori doesn’t know how long she can take this kind of treatment before she’s too tired to fight back.

She cannot concentrate on spells while these beasts keep her mind out of balance and her arms are controlled so easily by these monsters. Lori is kept up in the air by them and used as roughly as the demons want to use her. Her perky tits move with the demons’ thrusting and their pace is getting faster the whole time. Lori’s cries have changed and are more like one long high pitched scream as the hard cocks deep inside her force her body to float in the middle of waves of pleasure. She won’t be able to do anything against these creatures while her mind is kept subdued with lust. As the young female gets yet another orgasm the demons want to use her in other position and she is placed on the table.

Panting, Lori finds herself lying on the table next to her books, finally getting a break from the sexual assault and the feeling of her body pulsating from lust for those cocks. Panting heavily, she feels strong hands move her into a better position and she doesn’t even fight back as she wants more of the pleasure those demonic members can give her. Her head is tilted over the edge of the table, her smooth skin is sweaty and her perky tits stand firmly at attention. Lori’s tender nipples are rock hard and point sharply up towards the ceiling of library.

The sorceress feels her legs forced open again, then rough hands move on her hips and few quick heartbeats later she moans loudly as a thick cock slides into her and takes her with fierce thrusts. Strong arms keep her firmly in place, so the demon can ram his cock much more roughly into her, making Lori scream again from fear, pain and pleasure. She truly fears that these beasts will rip her apart with their monstrous tools and might leave her here, bleeding to death after they have done with her.

The slim sorceress is kept firmly in place on the strong library table and her cries are like the sweetest music to the ears of these demons. Lori feels the beast lean towards her until his heavy body is pressing her against the hard wooden table. For a while the sorceress fears that the creature is trying to suffocate her with the weight of his own body, but after a while the pressure eases and suddenly demon pulls his lance out of her. Lori’s body trembles from mixed feelings of pain and pleasure, wave after wave, all filling her like a never ending flood whose sole purpose is to destroy her mind, overwhelm it with constant sexual assault and make her mind snap in the end. She would end up being a demon’s sex-toy for the rest of her life and that wouldn’t be as long as it might sound.

Another demon moved in between Lori’s legs while the first comes to the other side, wanting to shoot his load into her mouth. The Sorceress moans loudly again as another hard cock fill her roughly used pussy and the pace is again fast. These beasts lust for her lovely body as much as she lusts to get their big hard members inside her. The young female pants, groans, moans and screams like a common drunken whore. She is from a noble family and doors were open for her when she joined the mages’ guild. Now she is ravished by demons, used like a whore on that table, these creatures treats her like she is just piece of trash and her only purpose is to serve them. She certainly is kept serving them and no mercy is given to her. The second demon uses her even harder than first, then the first silences her cries with his hard cock. Lori feels two rock hard members pushed into her, keeping her between these beasts. One thick pole rams into her pussy with a pace that almost splits her in two. The second cock forces her jaw open as much as possible as her head is forced backwards into a painfully position.

Lori feels her body literally mauled by these rough beasts and there isn’t much she can do anymore. She is already so tired and her body is trembling less as the demons continue their assault. She barely feels anything anymore as all the rough treatment has made her numb. Her body gave up a long time ago and now her mind is almost at the point where it could snap. She has limits to what she can endure, but so do these demonic creatures. They have been using her like maniacs the whole time and now they are unloading their unholy seed onto her body. Both pull their cocks from Lori’s motionless body and spray their slimy loads onto her sweaty skin. Her loins, belly, perky tits and face are covered with slimy sperm. Wave after wave of seed is shot onto her and the demons seems satisfied with the view.

Lori is barely conscious at that moment and everything feels like a bad dream. The numbness of her body blocks the pains for now, but she is tired like never before and the demons are starting to create a portal back to their universe. As the portal starts to form again in the library, Lori feels that if she doesn’t do something now, it’s game over for her. She’ll end up into hands of demons and most likely soon she will be dead, but even a short time in the hands of those brutal demons would be like an eternity to her as she’ll be tortured from the moment she arrives in their universe. The whole demonic universe is basically hostile towards almost everything.

The greenish demons are ready to move back through the portal and Lori is pulled up on her shaky legs. Her walking is wobbly, but these creatures give her no other options and she is pushed forward. The closer to the portal Lori gets the more desperate she becomes and in that limited condition all she can do is puts everything into one spell and blast it into the portal. It is a weak attempt to destroy the hellish portal and it barely has an effect on it. The young sorceress falls to the floor as she has used all the energy she had left. Her mind just goes blank on her. Sweet unconsciousness covers her within its dark cloak and removes all the worries, pains and pleasures, hiding her in a peaceful place.

The demons see the female try something, probably trying to escape from them. At first the spell has no affect on the portal and the young female just slump down on the floor. The demonic creatures growl in anger. This puny human is just making things harder on herself as they’ll drag her in no matter what. Suddenly the portal starts to spin faster and something attaches to the demons. It feels like invisible chains take firm hold of them and haul the growling demons roughly in. The greenish creatures fight back with all their strength, but inch by inch the portal drags them into its waiting hellish mouth. Swirling, the portal swallows the demons who start to scream in terrible pain as the portal eats it’s victims before shutting down, leaving Lori all alone.

With the book that allows the demons to avoid the tower’s protective barriers damaged the portal has suddenly collapsed. Lori wakes up a few moments after everything has gone quiet and she knows she was lucky to get away from these beasts this time. Lori heals herself with her mage tools and herbs she carries in a small pouch on her belt. She doesn’t feel she would like revealing all that has happened to anyone as there would be more questions than she could answer and she doesn’t want to be known as, “that one who was ravished by demons”. Later that night, Lori limps into her private chambers with the trap book, now rather useless for its original purpose.



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