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good news for you my fans, followers and every other visitor that lurks around here! i decided to switch all chapters from 2015 to freebies! :) simply head over to the freebie! section and get your copy now

2015 titles compilation

these chapters from 2014 and 2015 are the most “origin” stories of hibbli3d i could think off… i also remember these first years as the funniest, of course NEVEREVER because of my little princess of darkness that still sneaks around me after all these years, thanks for that! and at least i have a pretty BIG freebie section now :)

there are and will be some more changes during the next months, patreons already know it :) no, i don’t plan to quit doing this stuff so bury your fears! :D

but for now… enjoy and stay tuned! :D

Adara3D – Soiled Doves – Untold stories I released :)

New stuff from Adara.. following her ‘Soiled Doves‘ set.

‘.. While searching through dusty tomes Katie, Amy and Nemi, along with their new friends Gia and Maggie, found information about a long lost religious sect and decided to investigate. Unsurprisingly, everything went sideways and they ended up as slaves in a tavern catering to ‘Evil’ clientele.

Earlier tonight, an old demon called Gror violently deposed the former tavern owner, a sexy but cruel Fae called Azore, and now intends to give thanks to the dark gods for his success. The victims chosen for this ritual “sacrifice” are a couple of sex-slaves that caught his eye – Katie and Zyra – The fae sex-pet kept by the former Madam.. ‘

0019 01 cover

some previews:


And as Adara loves to get things complicated, we have three different version available:

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Regular set.. Contains story pdf + 55 pics, 6$

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Supporter set… Contains story pdf + text only pdf + 100+ pics, 12$
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REMEMBER the freebie ‘Meeting’ story…


previews here:

what else….
well some changes on my output speed and on patreon tiers soon, members already got the news just have to figure out things before it gets public :)
beside that, slowly starting with Ezris revamped chapter :)

ezri14 dgc 04

thats it for now, Enjoy and as always..

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Knight Elayne – Sold! released

a smaller chapter this time, originally it was a commission about 20 pics but we decided to extend it and hand it out for sale :) now it counts 31 pictures

elayne47 sold title

aaand some previews

prev sold 1prev sold 2prev sold 3

as usual you can get it from webshop or HERE!

thats it for today… quick, dirty and easy :D next chapter will be a revamp of Ezris first chapter… and patreons voted for a bad ending :)

enjoy and stay tuned!

Knight Elayne – Memoria III released

here we go, 62 pictures this time :) third part of the Memoria series, time to tame that young lady!

Elayne getting fucked by goblin

and the usual previews

hibbli3d 440 taming 07hibbli3d 441 taming 08hibbli3d 442 taming 09hibbli3d 443 taming 10hibbli3d 444 taming 11hibbli3d 445 taming 12hibbli3d 446 taming 13

as usual from our webshop or directly HERE!

whats up next? well… finishing some steampunk commissions and the paladine elayne & drow rinil set next week. have to see when i reach around 30 pics then it can be bumped to the shops… meanwhile its patreon-only stuff :) then going for the ezri revamp set… well… not just revamp… revamp and extend! :D you know… that really old first set that can be found in freebie section

stay tuned!

Knight Elayne – Memoria II released

and the second part upcoming, again 60 pics :) our “fresh” elayne gets her first taming lesson and is fucked by a goblin warehouse manager in her own family mansion

young elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sex

and your beloved previews :D

young elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sexyoung elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sexyoung elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sexyoung elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sexyoung elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sexyoung elayne getting fucked by goblin monster sex

as usual from webshop or directly HERE!

now rushing for my next commission, should be released already next week :) then for the rest of the month working on memoria III or Ezris first chapter remake, not decided yet. ofc patreons will get their peek previews asap!

Adara also released her first regular story… already available in three versions (links: Gumroad: story pdf, BMT: story pdf+pics, BMT: story pdf+pics+bonus pics).


Solid Doves

all her stuff on gumroad ->

check out her deviant meanwhile for more information and updates ->

enjoy and stay tuned!