Tamed & trained Chapter6 released :)

Teiros demands Elayne’s full attention again… The noose tightens and tightens around Elayne’s cute neck :)
31 pictures in this set

and the previews

you can find it from our webshop or click HERE!

next set will also be a commissioned one, paladines again :D

enjoy and stay tuned!

Tamed & trained Chapter5 released :)

Young noble Elayne teased some prisoners a bit too much this time :) Beside that slowly but surely her former “treatment” is showing results now… 33 pictures in this chapter

and some previews

can be found in our webshop or click HERE!

not sure what will be up next… preparing some final adjustments for converted Rinil this weekend, then doing some testrenders… and then i already know what patreons prefer :D but for now enjoy and stay tuned!

Prison Break released!

Rinil and Elayne trying to break out of the prison. And they ALMOST made it :) this was a commissioned set from 2022 containing 23 pictures that is put for sale now

and previews

can be found in our shop or directly HERE!

enjoy and stay tuned!