Dark Secrets released!

Ezri is working for the goblin trader since a while as another customer recognizes her as thief that once pickpocketed him. So he made a deal with the goblin trader to send Ezri down to the basement to get some kind of whatever… and here we go :D 39 pictures in this one!

and ofc some previews

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part 2 is coming soon :) enjoy and stay tuned!

adding subscribestar to the list :)

hello folks! :)

something else this time, as patreon is still doing a good job (meanwhile using ist for 9 years) it gets more and more restrictive about adult themed things…
so i decided to join on subscribestar as well, just in case to have a second platform for subscriptions

there is no difference, same posts same prices same time, just to have another backup in future :)

thanks for reading, stay tuned! :D

Nasty Deals 2 released! :)

its been yeeeears since i did part1, guess somewhere in 2015 :D finally i am going to continue this Ezri series now :D this chapter contains 41 pictures in 4k resolution

it seems the goblin trader hasnt got enough but who can blame him. still horny he books another ride with our little elf!

and some previews

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Chapter3 is already on the way, peeks asap on patreon! :D

enjoy and stay tuned!

2023 Bundle released!

as every year… our bundle! 30% discount just on my own shop, nowhere else :)


Thief Ezri – Xmas 2023

Knight Elayne – Addicted to Demons II

Knight Elayne – Addicted to Demons I

Knight Elayne – Walk the Dog II

Knight Elayne – Young Courtesans III

Knight Elayne – Young Courtesans II

Knight Elayne – Young Courtesans I

Paladin Duties III

Knight Elayne – Tamed & trained VI

Knight Elayne – Tamed & trained V

Priestess Rinil – Prison Break

Thief Ezri – Vampire Lessons I

Thief Ezri – Walk the Dog I

13 Chapters in overall, worth 74$ discounted with 30% down to 52$!

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enjoy and stay tuned, 2024 is ahead and a lot of stupid things will happen to our ladies :D