Knight Elayne – Tamed and trained Chapter2 released! :)

there we go, second of many more parts released! :) 36 pics in this one

elayne52 tt02

Teiros decides to use his dumb nephew for Elayne´s further training and has even more diabolic plans for them. Some more previews

prev tamed 7prev tamed 8prev tamed 9

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btw i reworked the faq section, especially the commissions. from now on pricier but also an interesting new option… check it out :) enjoy and stay tuned!

Merry XMas! :D Ezri – Don´t get caught Remake released

Merry XMas to all of you, enjoy the cozy days! :)

And just in time my new chapter is finished :) 71 pictures this time

ezri14 dgcr

and the previews
prev dont get caught remake 1prev dont get caught remake 2prev dont get caught remake 3prev dont get caught remake 4prev dont get caught remake 5prev dont get caught remake 6prev dont get caught remake 7

you can get it from our webshop or directly HERE!

thats it for now :) next project is a smaller commission (with elayne gen2 model for the last time) and then some ezri follow up chapters in bad ending styles :) patreons gather together so many funny ideas i could do those smaller chapter for years :D

stay tuned!

All 13 chapters from 2015 for FREE!

good news for you my fans, followers and every other visitor that lurks around here! i decided to switch all chapters from 2015 to freebies! :) simply head over to the freebie! section and get your copy now

2015 titles compilation

these chapters from 2014 and 2015 are the most “origin” stories of hibbli3d i could think off… i also remember these first years as the funniest, of course NEVEREVER because of my little princess of darkness that still sneaks around me after all these years, thanks for that! and at least i have a pretty BIG freebie section now :)

there are and will be some more changes during the next months, patreons already know it :) no, i don’t plan to quit doing this stuff so bury your fears! :D

but for now… enjoy and stay tuned! :D