meanwhile in the blog 38

small update: working on Ezris revamp to Genesis8 and ofc… improving her :) oh i can see some people cry but nevermind… i have to move on again :D patreons already had some good ideas that i used… but long story short… here you get a comparison screenshot. a few small ajdustments have to be made on weekend and on monday i am starting with first renders for “her” new set

YES the bright skin will remain for the moment as it adds way more grace to her… and scales way better with different lights in sceneries. YES she maybe looks a bit younger again, but i am sure that is just a mistake and not intended :)

anyway… gen8 will be helpful for animation and makes so many things so much easier for me to work with in future… elayne is next on my list after this chapter will be finished in june. then step by step all the other remaining girls

stay tuned!

Knight Elayne – Strip Poker released :)

here we go, finally my revamp/sequel/however you wanna call it is done :D
58 pics instead of 33 in the original chapter from 2014 :)

and the previews…

can be found from webshop or directly HERE!

whats going on next? well the reworked ezri model is almost finished, patreons will get more previews the next days and the next set will be ofc with that genesis8 model :D i can just tell… it works like a charm, so much more fun and possibilities. btw this strip poker set here should be the last with old gen2 model of elayne also :) so better say goodbye, will redo the new one as good as possible… but never exactly ofc

thats it for today… few patreon/commission/cleanup thingies going on the next few weeks :) but i guess… in around 4 weeks next regular sale set should be available.

stay tuned!

meanwhile in the blog 37

whats going on in april? well first of all i started working on a new chapter, a revamp… or better a new version of the 2014 freebie strip poker. maybe… slightly better now in terms of quality :) built my own medieval card deck as there isnt any good available out there… or i was too dumb to find. aiming at 50 pic set this time. elayne and rinil planned… or both get their own parts… still not yet decided how i manage it :)

aaaaand this one… i guess thats more important for most of you :D finally after 5 years i started to convert all my characters to genesis 8 versions. as all those automatice oneclick converters as usual just manage to get it 90% correct.. i can handle that better with blender manually meanwhile. this is first version of the new ezri… body should be ok as it is… face needs alot more finetuning to keep most characteristic things of old ezri.. and skincolor has to be decided as well :) lets see what patreons prefer

thats it for now, stay tuned and healthy!

Thief Ezri – Interrogations Chapter2 released :)

here we go again, next part of ezris little voyage… 36 pics for 6 bucks as always :)

and the previews

can be found from webshop or directly HERE!

took alot of time, those tentacles are not difficult but timeconsuming to do as they are pathed and morphed for every single picture. means 2 or MAX 3 pics a day… even if its fun… it takes really long :)

so… next will be to finish up all needed gamepics (around 20-25 more) then first beta version can be bumped out to public :) that should happen within march as adara already finished most other things on it. next week i am starting to work on next commissioned mini series…

that all for now, crawling back into my render pit :D

stay tuned!

Priestess Rinil – Harassment released :)

heyhey, this time is Rinils turn :) 24 pics for 4 bucks

and a few previews

can be found in our webshop or click HERE!

rest of the month is dedicated to Ezris next chapter, tentacle fun included :D and ofc always working on additional gamepics, rough first version of our second game is also planned for this month :) fighting system and looting working pretty well meanwhile.

enjoy and stay tuned! :)