I. contact
II. commissions


feel free to contact me, no matter what :)


since i get many requests for commissioned pictures, figured that i should write down all the details so i dont have to explain it again and again :)

commissions only with existing girls and baddies. just actual versions, no older models. smaller scenery setups are no problem. if there are special wishes beside this, an extra price could be negotiated :)

these days commissions are limited as i lack time to do them so the waiting period is usually around 2-4 weeks. and i got very picky about them :)

there are two kind of commissions from now on, regular and private. i received many requests for private commissions last year so i will make that possible now. but as i cant use these pictures/series for sale or advertisement it gets ofc more pricey. not because i got greedy, but as my invested time stays the same :) oh and maybe interesting for some… in private commissions some borders could be bent a bit as it never reaches public :) patreons will be discounted

i keep it simple about the payment: 100% upfront payment, paypal accepted, no discussions



single picture: 100$

this is for pics with one or two characters and a little background scenery. simply ask about details if you wanna know more :)

  • commissions will be public
  • limit for single pics is five

mini series (20 pics): 1000$

same rules as for single pictures, at least 12-14 pictures must contain “action” :)

  • commission will be put on shops and sold for 4$



single picture: 150$

  • limit for single pics is five

mini series (20 pics): 2000$