Cleric Chiana – Shortcuts

Sometimes days feel longer than anyone could expect. Today had been long enough for Chiana, who had worked for hours dealing with a nasty sickness at one of the smaller farm villages. 5 years ago she had needed help from the local healers after fleeing from the Great Underdark, her own kin wanting to kill her before she could escape their reach. They certainly tried their best, but Chiana was tougher than they expected.

The Healers of Ywulla restored her body and gave her a new life amongst them. Within years she learned the ways of healing with herbs, potions and spells. Of course the villagers weren’t keen to let her help them at first, but over time Chiana earned their trust and made new friends.

Returning from one of those villages at night, Chiana decided to take a short cut through an area that was rumoured to be haunted. Many claim to have seen odd things there, shadow people moving around, dead souls whispering their crushed hopes, cursed beings dancing on the graves and even witchcraft in the old ruins of an abandoned village.

The village had been small and its ruins were barely noticeable any more, but legends of it remain. Old people said the village elders had made pacts with evil spirits and people started to disappear. Some villagers took matters into their own hands and attacked the elders. They were dragged into the building where it was claimed the pact with dark forces had been sealed and it was set on fire by the angry villagers. All the elders burnt to death within that building, but no corpses were found after the fire. It wasn’t clear if anyone had actually bothered to search or if someone had checked, legends about that fiery night didn’t tell those details.

Everyone just left, moved to other villages and no one returned to that cursed location. Legends said that the elders were still roaming the area, waiting to have their revenge on the villagers who burnt them alive.

Chiana had heard all the stories about evil spirits and so on, but she didn’t care about those warnings at this point as the short cut could take roughly an hour from her travelling time. If she took the shortest route and stay focused she’d be fine. In the years at the temple she had learnt blessed words that drove all dark spirits back and darkness wasn’t a problem as Drow can see at night just as well as daytime.

The night was really dark, even the moon looked gloomy and mist covered the old village in a soft cloak. Now the ruins were only old wooden logs lying on the ground and a few rocks marking the places of the buildings. At the centre was a field where the Elders’ building had been years ago and Chiana’s path lead directly across of that misty field. As she walked forward she started to hear odd whispers.

At first they came from far away, but as she continued forward the whispers became louder and much closer. Chiana had just her small healer’s backpack and a short sword hanging from her belt. She was an expert with short swords and didn’t need soldiers to keep her safe as she could defend herself quite nicely if an opponent was a living person, but a sword can’t hurt something that has nothing to cut. So she had to rely on those blessed words and her own reflexes. Chiana admitted to herself that this field might truly be cursed and picked up her pace.

She couldn’t watch all around herself all the time. The ground was uneven and the remains of old buildings lay on the surface, mist covering everything like it was all some big malicious trap. As much as Chiana tried to play safe and keep her eyes on her surroundings, when her attention turned elsewhere shadows moved into position and pounced like they knew her greatest weapon. Three mist-like spirits attacked, covering her mouth so she could not repel their assault with hated words. Words that could drive their dark powers away and rendered them powerless, unable to attack for weeks and force them to stay in the deepest and darkest hiding places they could find to regain their strength.

With Chiana’s mouth covered she was unable to speak and the spirits took their sinister forms. Almost faceless, the gray skinned creatures were very slender, like something that should live within trees and hide in the narrowest of forest shadows.

One of them pulled Chiana’s arms behind her back and another took her weapons away. Bony hands moved fast over her clothes as these dark creatures had watched her for a while and now lusted for her lovely warm body. It was a perfect night to feast on both her body and her soul. Soon she’d be another lost soul wandering this cursed field and nobody could save her. Chiana was quite helpless as quick fingers opened the buttons, belts and straps of her clothes, as the creatures let her feel herself being undressed piece by piece. All the time her mouth was kept covered so she couldn’t use her only weapon against them. They knew that healers had knowledge of how to repel them and how painful it was for them.

One of them kept Chiana standing as the others inspected her firm warm body with their bony fingers. She tried to wriggle away from their hold, but it was futile. Her body stripped completely naked and with a bony hand covering her mouth, other quick cold fingers started moving over her dark skinned body. Cool night air made her nipples go hard and soon quicksilver like fingers found them and Chiana felt something’s hands massaging her perky breasts. While her nipples were played with, another hand made its way downwards and Chiana almost jumped in the air as she felt a cold bony finger start its relentless attack on her clit.

Chiana tried to fight back as best she could, but she was overpowered by these three dark creatures and her body started to surrender as the fierce attack was causing her to become aroused. She couldn’t do anything to prevent those hands moving over her body or block the bony fingers playing with her tender nipples, rubbing her clit and now exploring her pussy until it started warming up for them.

The hand was removed from her mouth, but before she could use the opportunity to cry out the blessed words she was gagged with a piece of cloth from her own clothing. The gag was tied tightly into place and despite wriggling hard Chiana couldn’t work it lose. Hands moved over her slim body as these creatures forced her body to stay in an aroused state. Chiana truly hoped they would just kill her, but perhaps even dark spirits can’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the company of a lovely lady on a dark night.

She was picked up in air and carried to the centre of the field where an old stone table was waiting. In the past it had served as a meeting place, but now it was collecting moss and slowly crumbling, time and nature its worst enemies. It had already lost its stony legs on one side and that small detail made the old flagstone ideal for these dark creatures. They carry Chiana to that stone table and forced her to lay on it. One of the dark minions kept her arms up while another terrifying creature forced her legs open and without wasting any more time rammed it’s hard member into Chiana’s waiting pussy.

Chiana cried out as best she could, but the gag effectively muffled her and the cries couldn’t be heard outside of that field. Even if someone heard the cries, nobody would come to aid her in an area ruled by dark spirits. Chiana felt the beast’s hard cock slid deep inside her, taking her without mercy, forcing her body to instantly adjust to its size. The dark creature wasn’t holding back or waiting anymore; it is time to get pleasure from her warm and lovely body. The Drowess felt the cold stony table behind her, strong hands keeping her arms pulled upwards as one of the faceless beasts rammed its cock into her body with strong fierce thrusts. Every time its tool slammed into her Chiana’s whole body was pushed upwards on that cold stone table and she trembled with pain.

The beasts made no sounds at all, not even when thrusting their lance into her. No grunting, no panting, no groaning. Chiana felt the creature’s cock move in and out, her pussy responding to its rough surface all too well and she realised her own body was betraying her. She tried to fight back and force these feeling to die inside her, but she lost the battle and her body start to shudder with pleasure. Chiana was drowning in mixed feelings, she hated the position she had been put in, she was ashamed to be naked and raped by these dark minions, but still her body was whispering tales of pleasures. She can’t even control her own body and that just add more shame in her mind.

Then Chiana feels the beast between her legs picking up the pace as its thrusts became stronger than ever. The faceless creature rammed its hard pole deep into her body and unloaded its cursed seed straight into her womb. As silently as it had been while doing the deed, the creature moved aside and let another take its place. To Chiana the three faceless creatures all looked the same, there wasn’t anything that could differentiate between them.

The second one was as rough as first and continued ravishing her dark skinned body vigorously. Helpless and defenceless in that position Chiana’s perky tits moved with every strong thrust as the cold night air kept her tender nipples hard. The coldness of the night air was the least of her worries at that moment as she tried to control her feelings and give herself a fighting chance, but the pleasure keeping her body trembling wasn’t helping at all. Chiana tried to fight back, to push lust and pleasure out of her mind. To freeze her mind and kill the enjoyment. It was a hard task for her as these beasts kept the pace of their strong thrusting really fast and strong, but what really scared Chiana a lot was that they would be able to do this as long they wanted. If they decided to keep ravishing her again and again her mind would be pushed to the limit of what she could take, then over that limit. It would make her mind snap and the person she was would be no more.

The Drowess could feel all too well, how hard and thick the cock is inside her. She could feel its strongly veined surface, how demanding it feels when sinking into her again and making her body stretch for it. Chiana can feel its curvature and how it rubs her inner parts in that way that makes her crazy. This faceless monster ravishing her against that old flagstone fills her wet pussy again and again with its hard tool and all she could do is bite her gag. She didn’t even notice that dark minion who kept her arms pulled upwards changed, but that didn’t matter as she is still kept in that same position.

As her body trembled with strong waves of pleasure, the second creature unloaded his seed in her just as the first one had, silently and effectively. The third creature was ready to take its share of the loot, but wanting to take her in a different position turned Chiana over on the flagstone, then rammed its cock into her from the behind. Roughly manhandled, Chiana now felt herself pressed face first against the old stone table.

The third beast took its time with her and soon Chiana noticed her body answering to every fierce thrust, her own hips pushing back against this dark minion. Chiana stopped that when she understand what her own body was doing. Her body had truly betrayed her and part of her mind demanded she give up and enjoy the pleasure, to let go and take the hard cocks deep into her pussy again and again, to feel how intense and demanding these creatures could be when she submitted to their usage. Their strength was unnatural, their almost too perfectly sized cocks and fierce pace easily keeping her mind unbalanced.

Chiana lay on that table and screamed inside her mind with shame. Her body gave up so easily and she didn’t have the energy to fight back anymore. These beasts would take whatever they want from her, fill her with their cursed seeds and leave her powerless. Her body shook with waves of pleasures that seems to just get bigger and bigger, while Chiana’s mind became weaker moment by moment.

As she finally felt herself drowning in those waves of pleasure, the third beast stopped and allowed her to slide to the ground. She was turned over again and as a final insult the third creature shot its slimy load over her pretty face. Wave after wave of slimy seed flew onto Chiana’s face as if this dark minion wanted to mark her as belonging them from now on and let her to know that her body and soul was owned by them.

Chiana just sat on the ground, proped against the flagstone in the position she had been left in. The Drowess felt how the slimy load stained her face as most of it slide towards her chin then dripped onto her chest. She was tired, hurting and completely humiliated by these dark minions. All three creatures look at her and in that moment it felt that they were all laughing to her. She was weak and beaten, so one of them removes the gag from her mouth as it has served its purpose and now it’s time to kill her.

As one of them drew a black edged knife from its sheath and prepare to stab it into her heart to seal her fate, Chiana put everything she had left of her strength into crying out those Blessed Words of Gods that were her only weapons against these dark minions. Words are spoken and they strike the dark spirits hard. They drain their powers, destroy their bodies and force the weakened spirits to flee into the darkest hiding places they could find. They can do no harm to Chiana after The Words are spoken and for a moment the whole field filled with the painfully cries of the dark spirits as they were forced to flee for their lives. They lost their powers, bodies and ability to rise up on the plain of the living. Now they have to start over, collect their strength, form new bodies and plan for revenge…

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