Demon Kingdom chapter 2

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After a few days, Lori had healed Ezri’s infected wound and the guards took her from the shaman’s building. Lori wasn’t sure where she was taken, but she had no way to stop it. The shaman told her that the mistress had taken Ezri to be her pet. Lori didn’t know what that would mean. Elayne was in the training pits and there her gifts for fighting were proving to be useful. The slave master was pleased to hear that his new female fighter was doing well. The trainers had more lessons for her, so she would become an even better fighter.

Lori had proven her skills to the shaman and was kept tightly under her thumb. She was given tasks to cure sick slaves and take care of wounds, while the old shaman continued on her own projects. She kept her eye on Lori and knew very well what happened upstairs in the night time. The hunchback had added Lori to a group of female slaves that were rented to guards. He kept a small brothel in those rooms upstairs and if he wasn’t having fun with Lori, someone else was, and the hunchback collected the profits. Of course, profits were shared with the shaman. Lori was quite popular and the other slave girls were happy to get less attention for the first few nights. The guards were told to keep their mouths shut about the girls upstairs, or the shaman would take care that they would talk to no one ever again.

Elayne had the same problems in the training pits. She got visitors in her cell late at night, if the mistress had given them permission. It was part of their life now and they needed to accept it. All of this made their determination stronger to get out of here and find the way home.

Ezri was picked to be the mistress’ pet and was given better clothes than the other slaves. A slave collar made from silver was placed on her neck, while others had leather, and Ezri was allowed to sleep upstairs where the clean, luxurious private chambers of the ruling couple were. Food was better and there was plenty of it, while lower slaves had to fight amongst themselves for a few dry slices of bread. The young thief girl had to serve the mistress if she wanted to stay on that side of the line.

One night, the mistress wanted to have a bath, and Ezri’s job was to wash her. The mistress enjoyed it when she felt her little pet’s hands on her scaled skin, as well as her soft fleshed body. Ezri had to use every part of her body to satisfy her mistress’ needs. The thief girl had noticed that though her skin looked scaled and rough, it was really sensitive and soft, though of course not as soft as her own. The mistress had strong lizard traits to her body – facial structure, eyes, scaled skin, and no body hair at all – but her tongue wasn’t lizard, nor was her body structure. She seemed to like the feeling of Ezri’s body rubbing against hers, while washing her in the most erotic ways she could think of. It was more of a gentle and arousing massage than a washing, but the mistress liked it, and when she was relaxed enough, she got up from the her luxurious pool and allowed Ezri to dry her body with soft towels.

After that the mistress walked to her bed chamber fully naked, and Ezri followed her as she was told. The mistress smiled to her young pet and pushed her on her back on that big bed of hers. Zri lay over her and kissed Ezri passionately. She felt the young girl under her and her slender hands moving on her body. Zri was pleased that her pet was eager to please her. The mistress smelled the scent of her body – clean half-elven flesh smelled so nice – and even better, she smelled how easily this girl was aroused. Her womanhood grew moist. Zri moved slowly down, pressing soft kisses on her pet’s neck, perky tits, slender stomach and hips. She looked so fragile in that position, and Zri knew well enough how fragile these half-elves were. Fragile, but highly valued as slaves. Pure blooded human females like Lori and Elayne were worth their weight in gold; Ezri’s elven blood lowered her value, but not by much. She was still young and pretty, so her price would be high enough. The mistress had plans to sell her to some higher lords later on, but for now she wanted to enjoy her as long she could. She was more one luxurious item in her chambers, just a piece of property to her.

Zri moved down and spread Ezri’s slim thighs so she could have a taste of her. Ezri moaned softly when she felt the tongue touch the most sensitive place on her body. The older woman knew what to do, how to make her pant from pleasure. She was really easy to push into accepting her lust and let her arousal be known. The young girl moaned softly and played with her perky tits while Zri took her time enjoying the sweet nectar that her body produced. The mistress loved the taste of it, as it also made her own desires much stronger, and the more the girl moaned, the hotter they both became. Zri moved back up and gave a rough kiss to her lovely pet. Ezri answered that kiss gladly and the mistress rolled onto the bed while keeping Ezri with her, so the young thief ended up on the top and wasted no time pleasing her mistress. She returned the favour and started to move downwards just like Zri had. Ezri planted lots of gentle kisses on the mistress’ body, rubbing her own body against hers just the way Zri liked, making her moan softly. The mistress allowed her pet to take her time while moving downwards, but when she arrived between her legs, Zri took control and sank her fingers into Ezri’s hair, directing her head to the spots she wanted. Soon the mistress moaned even louder and Ezri served her as the best she could. Zri enjoyed it and kept her young pet between her legs for a long time, letting her do her duty for the mistress until she reached her climax. It came swiftly, as Ezri had always been a fast learner. She showed that she could keep her mistress happy, but would that be enough in the long run?

The mistress panted and whimpered when her orgasm made her sinewy body tremble. Zri pulled Ezri up and gave her a long kiss to thank her. She then smiled and whispered that it was time to move forward. Ezri wasn’t sure what she meant, but as Zri looked behind her, Ezri glanced in the same direction and saw the master of the camp behind them. Looking at both of them with a wide smile, he let his towel drop and revealed his pride and joy to Ezri. The young thief girl was scared when she saw that the slave master had two cocks. Before she managed to do anything more than look at those beasts, already hard and waiting for action, Zri had tied her pet tightly into position.

“Tonight… girl… You’ll scream like never before…”

The slave master’s voice rasped as he climbed onto the bed and placed a pillow under her mistress’ waist, so both women would be nicely set up for him. Ezri wanted to get off, but she didn’t dare beg. Her mistress might get insulted and let her man fuck her to death with those big dual cocks. Zri felt how scared her pet was and didn’t want to ease her fear at all. The master took his place behind Ezri and took a moment to set himself properly, before beginning to penetrate both women at the same time. Ezri sucked air into her lungs as the thick hard member forced its way inside her. Zri had made her ready for him, so she was already wet and hot for him to take, and it helped a lot. Still it was a lot for the young thief girl to deal with. She feared that cock would tear her apart; her body would burst open and she’d die in some horrible way. As that pole went deeper into her, Ezri felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore, while Zri just moaned from pleasure and took that other cock into her already stretched pussy.

The master grunted heavily. This young girl’s body was nicely tight, and slowly he gained full access into her. They kept Ezri between them, and the thief girl was unsure if it was pleasure or pain making her cry out loud. His hard member slid inside her slowly and it made her slender body tremble. She had heard horror stories about demonic creatures who had dual cocks, and their lust for female bodies. Ezri knew no one who had seen that kind of set before, but now she was feeling it inside her. Zri groaned with pleasure as loudly as her husband, who felt the delight of two women at the same time. His big hands moved on Ezri’s slender body, pleased at what he could see and feel under his hands. Zri had picked a nice pet for herself, one that would offer lots of pleasure for them for many nights in the future.

“Erac… you like her? you like my pet?… She is so young and her body is marvelous… skin is so soft…”

Zri talked to her husband between panting moans from the pleasure his hard cock gave her. Her pleasure was boosted by knowing the agony Ezri was feeling. The young thief couldn’t handle so much at once, and was caught between mixed feelings. Some parts of her wallowed in pleasure as other parts cried out from pain. Fear and pain was on the top at that moment as the half-breed male kept using both of them.

“Yes, Zri… she is so tight… She’ll be a nice toy later on… when she gets a bit older and her body is more capable of handling my cocks… We’ll train her well and she’ll be a really good addition to the breeders…”

The master answered his wife and kept ramming his tools inside Ezri and Zri. The thief girl almost panicked when she heard those words about her future. Even if it meant better clothes, food, and in many ways a safer life for her, the price was much more than she wanted to pay. She didn’t want to end up being this half demon master’s slave and breeding stock. Her body began to shake violently. Erac grunted in his raspy voice and felt the half-elven girl tighten when she had her orgasm. He was barely able to withhold himself from shooting his load into this pet slave. He pushed Ezri aside so she could rest for a while, as Zri took care of her husband’s needs. She had no problem taking both of those cocks at the same time; she liked it that way and moaned loudly when turned on her hands and knees in front of Erac to allow him to take her hard, ramming his hard members deep into her. She pushed Ezri out of her bed so she could just watch how it was done.

The young half-elf still felt her insides pulsating from the orgasm that the monstrous cock had given to her, as she watched Erac take his wife even harder than Ezri had seen. Those words filled her mind: she might be taking those cocks inside her, and she would be his breeding stock in the future. It was straight from those horror stories she had heard in the brothel district when she was younger. She was once destined to be one of those working girls, but before her mother sold her to a brothel owner she escaped. Her virginity would have been sold to the highest bidder and usually those customers weren’t gentleman types. Still, Ezri would have been more likely to give it up to those sleazy customers than to this demonic slave master.

Ezri hardly dared look how hard he fucked his own wife, but clearly both of them enjoyed it. Zri moaned loudly again and pushed her hips against her husband’s hard poles. That continued for a long time; Erac’s endless endurance and lust for sex gave him more strength. The marathon eventually ended and Erac left the room satisfied. Zri lay on her bed still panting heavily.

After a while, she got up and told Ezri to fetch clean bedclothes from the other room and change them while she washed herself. The mistress walked away and left Ezri to her tasks. She tried to hurry and have everything done before Zri came back. After she had made the mistress’ bed, Ezri sat where she’d been directed. They had said that it was her place, a reminder that she was just a pet slave, a piece of property, with a silver collar on her neck to mark her as the mistress’. Her better clothes fueled hatred toward her from the other slaves, as she had everything that they could dream of. And the only thing they could do to her was hate her, as to harm her would mean cruel punishment.

Ezri heard footsteps approaching the room and made ready to serve her mistress. Zri walked in with two dark skinned guards. Ezri had seen those men before – Erac’s personal guard. Ezri stayed quietly to the side as the mistress had a long talk with them. They were stronger looking soldiers with more demonic traits on them; it seemed demonic half-breeds were most common here. Zri was speaking some demonic language Ezri couldn’t understand, but then the mistress continued in the common language that lower half-breeds and slaves used.

“So… show me then…”

Zri sat down and kept her towel around her waist. She wasn’t worried about showing her body to these personal guards. She liked to show what she had. It made males lose their balance when she wore revealing clothes, or none at all.

The guards nodded and unbuckled their belts, dropped their gear on the floor, and pulled their loincloths away. Soon the two muscular guards stood there naked, letting the mistress look at them and smile.

“Pet… your training starts now… Get over there and let these fine males stretch your pretty cunt a bit…”

The mistress gave her command sharply, and her tone of voice warned Ezri not to take it as a request. The thief girl nodded quietly and with small footsteps walked between those two guards. They were looking at her. Ezri didn’t see lust in their eyes. Maybe she wasn’t their type if they could choose a slave for mating, but if the mistress gave the order they obeyed, just like Ezri had to obey if she didn’t want to be punished.

Zri leaned back against the headboard and watched as her pet looked like she didn’t know what to do with males like these. Ezri went on her knees in front of one guard and wrapped her slim fingers around his cock, rubbing its semi-hard shaft. The other guard moved next to his friend, offering his cock to the pet slave to play with. Ezri was still fully naked from the earlier session with Zri and Erac, as she hadn’t been told to put her clothes on. So the guards could see her as she was. The half-elf had a hardening cock in each of her hands, and she had to get them hard before the mistress became bored with her. She licked and sucked the knobs in turns, which had the effect she was hoping for. These weren’t as thick as the master’s cock, but they still felt big enough for a young thief girl.

Zri was not sure if she was impressed yet with what Ezri was doing, but she had just started and could yet prove that she was worth their time. The guards watched this lovely slave girl play with their cocks and easily get them hard. At least she knew how to use her hands and mouth to please a male.

The guards took the lead and pulled Ezri up to stand between them. She felt their hands touching her naked body like they owned her. Their touches were rough, like they were handling some piece of meat; no gentleness at all. The guard behind her grasped her waist and lifted her up into the air for his friend, who moved between her legs and pulled her toward his staff. The first guard held her up while the second slid his cock inside her, kissing her roughly. The young slave girl submitted to their will and wouldn’t fight back at all, just keeping her legs as open as needed and wrapping her hands around the neck of the second guard.

She groaned as the guard took her with long, strong thrusts. Ezri felt his dark skinned hard member slide inside her more easily than the master’s had. It was strong and curved upwards, so it rubbed certain spots more easily, which would make her go wild from pleasure if she allowed. It felt a lot less difficult for Ezri this time, so she let go, and soon was moaning loudly and enjoying this hard member going deep into her pussy. Earlier it was too big for her and the only thing that helped was gentle play with the mistress. Now, she let this guard take her in that position, and whimpered in pleasure.

The guard moved her legs onto his arm and kept taking this young slave girl with a vigorous pace, making her perky tits move with the rhythm, and every time his pole went as deep into her as it could, a loud moan escaped her lips, and she cast her head backwards against the second guard’s shoulder. The half-elf could do little more than shake while these men held her in the air. It was soft and subtle at first, but then it grew stronger, and soon her whole body trembled with an orgasm. Ezri cried out loud from her pleasure, the guards keeping her in midair and taking her body like a pretty little slave like her should be taken.

The guard behind Ezri grew tired of waiting. While his friend kept fucking her, he lowered the half-elf’s torso low enough that he could use her mouth while his friend kept enjoying her tight pussy. Ezri felt she was in real danger now, hanging in the air, back toward the stone floor, with these men able to drop her any time they wanted, knock the wind out of her, maybe hurt her even more, but she’d never know. The danger just made her pleasure even more intense.

Her legs were on the first guard’s arms, his hands on her waist, and the second guard’s hands were under her shoulders. Ezri tried to grab the arms that went under her shoulders, so she would have one way to keep herself up in the air. She willingly opened her mouth for the second guard and started to suck his cock as hard as she could. It was tricky to do with her head tilted backwards and already upside down, but at least she tried to please him.

Zri was still watching the show, surprised how this little pet slave gave it up so fast for these guards. The first guard was already sweating, and it made his muscular body look even sexier. Strong male, sweaty muscular chest, deep male grunts, strong vigorous thrusts and nice curvy cock. The mistress was liking what she saw. Maybe she wouldn’t let these guards go so fast, once Ezri was taken care of.

A second orgasm made Ezri’s body tremble as earlier, and the guards had quite a challenge keeping her up in the air. The first guard groaned loudly in his deep manly voice and shot his load deep inside Ezri’s young slave body. After that Ezri was allowed to feel the floor under her feet, but only for a moment, as the second guard pushed her down to the floor on all fours. Her face was directly toward the mistress when he rammed his cock into her pussy. The half-elven girl groaned loudly as another male entered deep into her. The guard placed his hands on her waist and continued that same vigorous rhythm that his friend used. Ezri felt sweat dripping off her skin. Her lovely firm tits pointed sharply downwards, like they could make holes in the stone, as they jiggled with the thrusts.

Zri had pulled the first guard next to her on the bed and her hand was already rubbing his semi-hard cock. She could get it hard again easily, but at this moment she just wanted to play with it, letting her fingers move on its shaft, fingertips moving around the knob, and her hand feeling the guard’s blood fill it again and make it strong and hard, just like she liked it.

Ezri moaned, groaned and panted heavily in the hands of the second guard. She had lost count of how many large and small orgasms she had had, but that wouldn’t matter at all. These guards had endless stamina when it came to fucking, and her reasoning had disappeared beneath waves of pleasure. There was only lust for cock deep in her pussy, lust for sex left in her mind. Then the end of the road approached, and her arms started shaking strongly. The guard noticed and blocked her from slumping down. He gripped her arms, pulled them backward, and forced her back into an arch. Her upper torso was lifted up nicely and her firm tits were now fully displayed. Her skin was wet from sweat and her body had no more strength to stay up without help. The guard behind her had enough strength to keep her in that position until he finally shot his hot sperm deep into the heavily abused and almost fainting half-elf.

Zri liked what she saw before her. Her pet slave did a fairly good job, but she also liked these muscular males. Erac had a good eye for hiring suitable males to his guard. She could have fun with them as long she kept her husband happy otherwise.

Ezri lay on the floor panting heavily, tired from the rough treatment and still twitching from the tremors her body had after so many small and large orgasms. Zri called two other slaves to help Ezri out of the room and wash her clean. They did what the mistress told them, and this time they were less jealous of her silver collar. There was always a price to pay for everything.

Cool water woke Ezri up again and gave a little of her strength back, albeit not enough to do all that again. Other slaves brought her tonics to give her more energy and stop her legs from shaking. She was cleaned and helped back to the mistress’ chambers, where Zri was still having fun with the guards. She apparently could go the whole night if she wanted. The mistress allowed her pet slave to go and have some rest, as her training would continue soon enough. Ezri limped back to the small room reserved for her when she wasn’t needed, previously a small storage space, without a door of any kind.

The next day Lori was sent upstairs with supplies needed there. Many of them were medicinal herbs, but the amounts told the sorceress that either the need for healing was constant, or someone was using them for other purposes. Many of the herbs were dangerous when combined, but it was not her place to worry about those problems. Even so, it might be one small detail to know for their escape. The shaman didn’t want to climb all the stairs to the level where the master of the camp lived with his wife, so it was now Lori’s task, and she was told the exact places these herbs should go. Lori easily walked past the guards, bearing the sign of the shaman on her left arm. She was marked as a healer and that gave her a little more room to move around the camp, although exploring wasn’t wise. If the shaman sent her somewhere, she had better go, or she would end up in a place much worse than the shaman’s dirty little hospital. All slaves had duties within that camp, and this was hers.

She found out that this place was indeed their beloved Irrenia, and yet, it wasn’t. For some reason history wasn’t the same here. The forces of men had fallen decades ago to demonic forces. There was no more kingdom of Irrenia, no hope of rescue from outside. The only thing they needed right now was a way back to their own reality. This wasn’t their own, and it offered them only more misery.

The sorceress left the first batch in a small alcove, per the shaman’s strict orders, and cleaned the area. Then she moved toward a second alcove within the mistress’ private chambers. Lori arrived at the door and found the chamber empty. Better for her… she took care of her task there, leaving the herbs she was told to drop off. After that was a third spot in a bath chamber. She heard voices from within, and when she peeked through a little gap in the curtains, she saw the mistress, Ezri and a fully naked and muscular slave. He seemed to be one of those fighters from the pits, and it really showed, as he had plenty of scars on his skin.

He stood there silently while young Ezri knelt in front of him and sucked his hard member. The mistress relaxed in the pool and watched her pet do her job. Lori watched them for a little while and gathered that Ezri’s task was to get him to groan from pleasure with only her hands and mouth. His job was to not give in to this little pet slave. He certainly looked sweaty; had he been there for a while now? Ezri worked as best as she could with both hands, doing tricks her mistress told her to do. Which one will fail first, Ezri or the fighter? Zri had put them against each other and the first to give up would get the punishment. Ezri would win if the male groaned and shot his load into her mouth or over her face; she would lose if she couldn’t continue due to fatigue or couldn’t make him cum on her face.

Lori felt sad for Ezri. This was just pure torture for both of them. To give such orders just for fun didn’t sound very nice to her. But the sorceress felt she had to move on, as if she was caught watching, she’d be the one punished.

The third herb alcove was on the sublevel where slaves prepared all the things needed to satisfy the ruling couple’s needs. It was a beehive of activity, all these slave servants doing their tasks as one. These servants were more skilled and trusted than other slaves around this camp. They took care of many things for the owners and they had seen a lot over the years. They wouldn’t even slow down their pace when Lori arrived. It was all the same to them who filled herb alcoves, Lori or that old crow. She did what was needed and moved on.

The last alcove was in the master’s chambers. Lori hoped that he wasn’t there. The sorceress walked toward the last place she would like to go. Once she did this, she could go back to the other tasks.

The chambers happily seemed empty when she arrived. Lori walked toward the alcove and started to fill the specially made cups with herbs. The cups were mostly human skulls with the top cut open and some jewelry added to make them to look even more gothic. Apparently the master was having a blast with these herbs and liked to mix them into his wine. Lori noticed wine stains all over the alcove and started to clean them away with a rag. The sorceress tried to work as fast she could, but suddenly she heard heavy footsteps behind her and when she turned around, Lori found the slave master right there.

“Mmmh… You smell nice enough… Yes, you’ll do fine…”

The slave master looked at Lori and gave her his goblet with instructions on how to fill it with that darkish wine and strong herbs. From the looks of it, he had already taken a few of those drinks, but it made him no weaker. He was a lot bigger and maybe had a higher tolerance, so this would be just like drinking water for him while dropping other males to their knees.

Erac returned to the balcony to await his drink. A few moments later Lori brought it, and from that balcony she could see straight into the training circle. Slave fighters were locked into underground chambers for the night and training was done outside. The circle was covered with high walls and guards were placed on these walls just in case someone jumped or climbed the few meters up to try escape. The slave master was already sitting on his own sturdy chair.

Lori offered Erac’s goblet to him, and when he took it back, he pulled Lori to sit on his lap.

“I gave orders that I wanted to see you in here… You were ordered to wash yourself and have …hmm… cleaner clothes… If those are clean ones… I wouldn’t call those clean and I would prefer you without them…”

Erac said to the scared woman, now finding herself trapped here. The shaman had told her to wash herself before going to the main house and to wear clean clothes. They had all been his commands. She knew what this man was after. She removed her clothes in front of him.

“Better… Now it’s all better, girl… You know, there were three of you… I would gladly keep you all in here, in my camp… But I need to sell one of you away… One from three… Even if you all are such lovely human females… Lords are paying huge piles of money in gold for pure blooded females, or… As pretty as you three are…”

The slave master spoke casually while keeping Lori sitting in his lap and looking at the training circle while drinking that boosted wine. Lori did the math pretty quickly: the mistress took Ezri to be her pet slave so she might not be sold so fast, and Elayne might make money for Erac in the fighting pits and tournaments. So there was only herself on the line. She had no more pride left in her. The hunchback crushed it fully when he made her a common whore for him and his friends. She slid her hand into Erac’s trousers but wasn’t prepared for what she found there, but she had crossed the point of no return now. Erac smiled at her and accepted her silent offer.

Lori didn’t know that Erac had this unique trait and it worried the young sorceress. Two cocks on one male. Both of them reacted fast to her touch. She opened his trousers fully so the menacing beasts had more space around them. Lori moved to her knees in front of him and started to rub his cocks with her hands and lick them in turn. Erac seemed to like what he saw in front of him, and lust awoke in his dark eyes. He had only those cloth trousers on, so Lori easily saw all the nasty scars on his muscular torso. This man had survived lots of battles.

Erac sat still on his sturdy chair and let this young human female suck his twin cocks, while drinking his goblet dry. It was a hot day outside, but that didn’t seem to bother him at all. It just made him hornier, and this slave girl looked nice enough. He pulled the sorceress up from the stone floor and back onto his lap, but this time placed her right above his twin monsters. Before forcing her down on those spikes, he spit on his big hand and rubbed it over Lori’s groin. He enjoyed how this young female felt in his lap. So small, fragile and petite. She was older than his wife’s pet slave, who could barely take one of his cocks into her, and now he wanted to see if this darker haired beauty was any better than that young pet.

Lori trembled as she felt the big hand add his saliva to both of her holes as lubrication. She feared that his dual cocks would rip her open and make her bleed. She wanted to beg for mercy from this man, but as he was known as cruel and ruthless…

She felt his strong hand moving her into a better position with both hard cocks right beneath her. Slowly Erac started to pull her down. Lori wasn’t ready for this dual penetration yet. There was little time to do anything and the only thing that made it easier was that the hunchback and other males had stretched her several times with their thick cocks. If they hadn’t done that, this might have been an even more painful session for the poor sorceress.

Erac’s dual poles gained entrance into her. The young human female was panting from the pain, crying out loud from the feeling that seemed to cut deep into her soul. Both thick knobs had slid into her and Erac was pleased to see that this female could give him some pleasure with her slender and ever so pretty body.

Lori couldn’t move on her own, but that didn’t matter. Erac seemed to like setting the pace himself. Her body looked really lovely under the burning hot sun. Her smooth white skin looked like the most expensive silk cloth, clean and scarless, and small sweat drops made it look even hotter, like her soft body was covered all over with tiny jewels.

Lori was groaning from the painful feeling of two thick cocks impaling her at the same time, and the young woman tried her best to relax her body to ease the penetration. She thought that she wouldn’t be sold if she could satisfy the master with her body. The sorceress was like a ragdoll in the hands of this muscular male – his hands were as big as her face and he was grunting from the pleasure, while his members were sinking deeper into this dark haired beauty’s body.

Lori felt her holes stretched to meet this male’s cock sizes, and strangely it didn’t hurt so much after all. The first shock had faded and her body started to warm up to the fucking. She couldn’t say for sure how many times the hunchback and his guard friends had used her body for their own pleasure, but all that abuse gave her some more breathing room. Without that, she might have been in shock and those thick cocks might have been tearing her open. Erac was pleased when he noticed Lori start moving her body as much she could. The sorceress rode slowly on those twin cocks and leaned her hands on Erac’s chest. She panted more heavily and whimpered with pleasure as these shafts were rougher skinned than others and rubbed her inner spots in stronger ways, awakening her lust. The young woman rocked her hips and moaned softly while taking those cocks into her holes as much as possible. The hot sun made her sweat heavily and it was dripping down from her body at that point.

Her lovely firm tits were bouncing along with that nicely paced rocking on his cocks, and the master leaned forward to lick them. Lori’s sweat tasted salty and the half-breed male enjoyed it a lot. Lori was a pure blooded human and well worth keeping around, as long as she could take his spears into her holes and enjoy them. She cried out loud from the orgasm that hit her hard and made her even tighter. Erac groaned like a bull in heat and had to stop for a while as she had become so tight that his cocks could no longer move inside her. The young sorceress shook violently in his lap and the rough pleasure created such a wave inside her body that her whole body screamed from their brutal force.

Erac liked what he saw, but he wanted more, and pushed Lori out of his lap. His cocks were so hard that it almost hurt him. Those beasts gleamed in the sun from Lori’s moisture. The human woman didn’t know what was happening when Erac quickly pushed her indoors and directly onto his bed, setting her on her hands and knees so he could continue. Lori screamed sharply when those cocks went back into her.

Erac felt her tight body around his cocks again as she submitted to his will. From this position he could take her as hard and go as deep as he wanted. This petite human female wasn’t going to fight against him. How could she even do that when he could overpower her in every way? The sorceress squeezed the bedclothes in her fists while Erac took a firm hold on her waist, his thrusts strong and intense, his hard members going deep into her body and Lori crying out sharply every time those poles filled her holes again and again and again. The half-blooded male pulled the young sorceress hard against his cocks and enjoyed hearing the cries she couldn’t stop from escaping from her lips. Her slender body was fully under his control as long he kept a firm hold on her waist. Her body seemed to adjust quite well to his cocks and even if she wasn’t as intense and didn’t have same endurance as his wife Mistress Zri had, she did not bore him. She couldn’t be sold.

Lori groaned loudly while those monstrous hard members rubbed her inner spots roughly and brought her orgasms in rapid succession. Whenever her body trembled and she screamed in ecstasy from the power of an orgasm, he was caught inside her and needed to wait a few moments until her body relaxed again. The human female was sweating heavily and her skin felt hot under his hands, so he decided to have her in yet another position, this time turning her on her back on his bed and climbing over her with his spears as hard as ever.

Lori panted heavily and could barely move her own body, just feeling herself manhandled into another position on that bed. This time it was easier. Lying on her back, he didn’t waste seconds waiting. He climbed over her, pushed her legs as far open they would go, and slid his cocks back into her. Lori moaned loudly and put her slender arms on his strong shoulders. At that moment, Lori couldn’t think of anything else but these hard poles going so deep into her and rubbing her so intensely that it drove her crazy. She couldn’t even think why these two cocks felt so good inside her and she just let her body take the lead. Her own lust for sex had strong control over her otherwise tightly controlled mind.

The first thing that mage students learn was to control their feelings, their mind and their body. All that was gone now. She just let her inner feelings demand more pleasure, more orgasms to take her again and again. She didn’t think he would damage her body with the rough treatment anymore. All the waves of awesome ecstasy climbed over her other feelings and any pain was suppressed behind it. Erac kept ramming his cocks into her with deep manly grunts, enjoying this young slave girl. If she was hurt badly the shaman had ways to fix such problems in even her most sensitive places. There were so many things the shaman could do, although she didn’t share those ways with her newest slave so soon.

The slave master felt her body tighten around his cocks and force him to let go at last, to shoot his hot juices deep into her holes, and then it would be done. He stretched her to meet his size, and maybe she would be mounted again by him in the near future. Slaves were there for their pleasure. Erac grunted heavily while finally allowing his load to shoot inside her, and that made Lori even wilder. Her body spasmed with a strength he hadn’t seen from her before, and it almost pushed him off of her. The slave girl groaned and moaned loudly when feeling her master filling both her holes with his hot sperm. This was the biggest reward a slave could feel. To know that her master enjoyed her body so much that he would pump his seed into her, wave after wave, and pulse after pulse. Erac stayed deep inside her for a long time, until he felt himself satisfied and the slave girl’s spasms softening. She had fainted from all that. Maybe there was still much for her to learn before she could be on Zri’s level. Mistress Zri truly knew how to make her man go crazy with lust and she had enough endurance to go through a whole night if needed.

There was going to be some small parties here the day after tomorrow, so there were lots for servants and slaves to do. Everyplace had to be cleaned and polished until it shined nicely. A few demon lords had been invited to these parties, as Erac wanted to keep their support for his efforts as strong as ever, and stop them from switching their support to his rivals. So there had to be enough of everything for their tastes.

There would be fights in their arena during the party, as demon lords enjoyed watching blood sports. They cared little for the lives of a few slaves, and the more deaths there were, the happier they would be. Erac knew that usually meant he would need more fighters after those parties, and he sent scouts to look for new recruits in the usual places. Most of the slaves were bought from other slavers, but some were hunted down themselves. It took more time, but sometimes the results were far better than trying to find gold nuggets in a pile of garbage.

Elayne and all the other fighter trainees were pushed to their limits, as the trainers whipped them harder than before to learn the tricks that might save their lives. Some would die, so some would live. The names of those who died were soon forgotten, but winners received rewards and lived to see another day, all in the service of their master. While training was harder, Elayne finally got to sleep whole nights as the guards kept everyone in their cells during the night.

Lori had her own orders which kept her busy cleaning the shaman’s hospital area. There was lots for her to do and while there were a few other slaves who did the same thing, there were still lots of area for them to take care of. The shaman didn’t care about Erac’s parties; she just minded her own business and directed the slaves to take care of those tasks that needed doing.

Ezri followed her mistress around the main building as she was told. She had Zri’s permission to use much smoother clothes than the others had, and she didn’t have as many tasks to do for the upcoming party. She was just a pet slave, and her task was to keep the mistress happy. Zri liked those parties, so she wasn’t planning Ezri’s training lessons as much during preparations for the party. Overall, Ezri had an easier time there than Elayne and Lori. Both older women (well, older in the outward appearance sense) had to sweat long days so that everything was taken care of for Erac’s celebrations.

Finally everything was done, and party guests began to arrive at his camp. A few higher half-breed merchants and other local tribal leaders arrived earlier, with the demon lords arriving later that evening. Erac had invited the three demon lords who controlled this area, but only two of them were announced. The third one arrived later, and Erac was unhappy about that. This lord was the most important, and there was a good possibility he wouldn’t arrive at all, but that was always the risk with him. The two other lords knew their value over all other guests and acted like it. They were pure blooded demons and only rarely did any half-bloods rank above them. They were the guests of honour at this party, so they got the best seats everywhere. Demon lords arrived on their own giant spiders, while others tended to use lizards or even horses for riding. Spiders were the lords’ favourite choice, as with them they could go just about anywhere they liked.

The celebrations started and were messier and more brutal than any of the parties Lori or Ezri had seen yet. There was little chatting between guests, but more showing who was higher ranked and who bent their knee for whom. Of course, Lori and Ezri were noticed from amongst the slaves, and the guests were keen to know where they were from and how Erac got such beauties as these. Even the lords were interested, and they offered to buy them off Erac if he would sell them. Lori feared the worst and hoped that they wouldn’t be sold to these terrifying demons. She had let Erac use her body to save her skin, but now she was less sure he would keep all of them here, rather than be persuaded to sell them to these lords.

This time it looked like Erac felt it better to decline but still show that he could get something as luxurious as pure blooded human females. While his guests didn’t like his answer, they were even more envious of his luck. Both Lori and Ezri were inspected thoroughly by the guests. Lori disliked being treated like a farm animal at market, but there was nothing she could do to stop it while avoiding punishment.

After the hierarchy had been established among the guests, it was time to have some blood sport in honour of the lords. Guests moved onto a balcony wide enough for all of them, where they saw Erac’s fighters ready and waiting for their commands, illuminated by torches around the arena. Elayne had been placed on the front line, so everyone noticed his third human female there. To make her look even hotter, they gave her clothes that covered just a small part of her slender body. On her neck was a collar; from there, leather straps went over her tits to hide her hardened points beneath, while other straps went down her back and were tied to her leather belt. Pieces of cloth had been attached to the belt to cover her womanhood as well as her behind. They were more revealing than covering clothes for her, but it was part of the show.

Before Erac gave the order to start the fight, the third demon lord, the guest of honour, arrived through a portal into Erac’s main hall, just in time to see the start of the bloody event. Elayne saw the figure arriving on the balcony. She had seen that demon lord before, or at least the same kind of demon. She didn’t have much time to think about it, as the command was given and the fighters started to spill blood on the sand of the arena.

Elayne had no problem cutting down those half-breed slaves who had commented at her in nasty ways. She did fast work in putting her opponents down. The sand quickly reddened as the arena filled with voices of fighters killing each other, grunting from blows, cries of pain as flesh was cut, gasps as metal cut someone’s throat open, guests cheering and grunting for blood. Elayne was in the middle of it and had to work twice as hard as the others just taking care of her own skin. Luckily she was a natural with the sword, while some of the other trainees weren’t so gifted. She showed for certain that she could be as deadly as the male fighters could be. Erac was surprised how well this woman fought. His wife had been right again; this blond woman was a real treasure.

Compared to human melee in their arenas, this fighting was a ruthless and brutal sport, where everything was legal and opponents were to purposefully kill in the bloodiest way. Elayne just did a fast job to keep her own hide secured, and left others to do showy kills. She fought to survive in this bloody nightmare. She didn’t much need show kills, as her slender body was a better eye magnet. Viewers didn’t care about her kill methods, they just loved to see her blood soaked and dancing in that arena with sword in one hand, shield on her other, using both to put her opponents down.

Finally the fight ended and bloody corpses lay on the arena, with few fighters left alive. Elayne was one of them, and had only few scratches on her skin. She was covered in blood, and felt exhausted and disgusted at this carnage, but she was alive. The guests were pleased to see so many slain slaves; some just saw them as animals, items, with no value on their lives at all. A dead slave was like a bowl that was thrown away when it broke. There were always more bowls, so why care if one was lost?

Those who managed to stay alive were allowed to wash themselves before stepping in front of the guests. This young blond woman was especially wanted. Lori had seen part of the fight, but she didn’t want to watch it and see her friend be killed there. She was relieved to know that Elayne survived and was fine. That also meant she had proven herself a skilled fighter and that her value kept climbing higher.

It took time before the surviving fighters were escorted up to meet their master’s guests. If they behaved well enough, they were told they might get something to eat from the tables. Elayne received a new set of clothes, clean and dry, though it covered little more than the previous outfit. Some guests wouldn’t care if she had walked in there as bloody as she was in the arena, but the mistress disliked that idea.

Guards stayed close by in case some of those fighters tried to attack the guests or their owners. They were unarmed, but after that nightmarish scene someone could snap and go berserk. The event had cost Erac a lot, but in his own mind he was certain that it was well worth it. Elayne had proven to be a natural fighter and she would make lots of money for him later on.

Elayne stood on one of the spots they were told to, and noticed that demon lord again. He was as big and reddish as the last time she saw him. The blond woman kept her eyes down most of the time, but she looked up when told to and saw that same demon staring at her from the other side of the room. He was always somewhere there and looking at her. It felt like Elayne knew who he was, and that he knew Elayne.

She was touched and groped by many of the guests, and had to endure it all. Most of them were stunned by the fact that Erac had three beautiful ladies here and didn’t tell where he got them. There was no way they would be found in the middle of nowhere and caught easily by his scout riders. No one believed that could be true, and said that he must be hiding something.

While Elayne stood there, she also got some much needed rest after all the dancing on the bloody sand. The blond woman could swear that she could still feel that sand on her, on her skin, on her hair; she wanted to wash herself a few more times to be sure. But those grains of sand weren’t the worst thing making her nervous. The demon lord was staring directly at her, and she didn’t know why.

As evening turned into night, the slaves were finally led back downstairs and the guests continued their fun upstairs. On the way, one of Erac’s personal guards pulled Elayne out of the line and told her to follow him. She was led back upstairs and into a room that didn’t promise to be very good for her. There was a big bed in the middle of the luxurious room. At least it was not a dirty dungeon, she thought, trying to find something good from this. The guard left her alone and shut the door behind him. Elayne was looking at the room and was worried about what was going to happen here. There were no clues other than that bed. This room was most likely reserved for guests.

Elayne was kept waiting for a while until another door opened and Lori was pushed in by another guard. Elayne started to be more worried, as while Lori was there too, she seemed to be as much in the dark as Elayne. They didn’t talk much, as they didn’t know if there was someone listening in. Lori was also wearing light slave clothes, that covered a little bit more than Elayne’s, but still revealing a lot of Lori’s lovely body. The sorceress didn’t even care anymore what rags she was told to put on, or be without; she was always on someone’s target list. The girls just sat down on the edge of the bed and all they could do was wait and see what would happen.

There was no way to measure how long they waited there, but it felt like a small eternity, and the fear inside both of them grew. The reason they were there could be just about anything, but on the bright side they weren’t in a jail cell. While they had time, they inspected the room. The doors were strong, and nobody could get in or out of the windows. They couldn’t escape from here. There was still a third door which was bigger and more decorative than the partially hidden servant doors they had entered.

Then suddenly the third door opened and Erac stepped into the room, speaking to someone behind him.

“Like I promised … sire… Hopefully you’ll be satisfied with them…”

Elayne saw that familiar demon lord walk in. He nodded to Erac, who left just as his guards had done. The women were left with this reddish demon, who walked closer to the human females with heavy footsteps.

“You are mine this night… and it’s up to you two… What I pay to your master for this night… If the payment wasn’t what he likes, I think that both of you will pay for it… In one way or another…”

The demon growled in an odd sounding voice. Elayne looked at Lori and then toward this demon. She opened the small buckles of her clothes and let them slide to the floor, standing there fully naked. Lori followed her example. The demon lord had the right to use them for the whole night, and he planned to take it slow and enjoy these rare beauties. He sat down on the heavy chair and ordered them to show what they could do together. Elayne moved closer to Lori and pulled her toward the bed.

Lori blushed, remembering her first time between girls. She got her first experiences in that field in the mage’s tower when her own tutor seduced her. She was three years older. There were many pleasure filled nights in their chambers. Lori could still remember her gentle touches, but also the feeling when the tutor left her a year later for another young recruit. Lori couldn’t remember what happened to that tutor, as she filled all her time with studying, wanting to see the world as a sorceress.

Lori smiled softly at Elayne when the blond woman leaned forward to kiss her. She was relieved that by now Elayne had washed all that blood off herself. They shared gentle kisses while the demon lord watched them from his chair. Elayne’s nicely tanned hand moved on Lori’s slender body, making the sorceress moan softly. She felt Elayne’s kisses move from her lips toward her neck, her most sensitive body part, aside from her womanhood. Lori’s hands moved on Elayne’s body, wanting to return the favour, to give the same gentle pleasure back to her. She felt so soft, but still harder. All that training in the fighting pits made her stronger, and it felt good on her.

Elayne moved slowly next to the bed while keeping Lori near her, and then pushed her gently onto her back. Lori felt her heart beat stronger and faster, while Elayne seemed to know exactly how to make her moan with pleasure. Lori moved further onto the bed and Elayne followed her with a smile on her face. She crawled slowly over Lori and let the demon lord feast on the view of her naked body. Two completely naked women on the same bed, making out together and letting this male watch. Who wouldn’t like to watch that?

Elayne moved directly over her friend and gave her a long passionate kiss. Soft lips met several times and two bodies softly rubbed each other. Lori’s slender hands moved on Elayne’s back and slid between them while still moving downwards. Elayne seemed to enjoy it, softly moaning between their long kisses. The blond woman found her friend’s fingers to be surprisingly skilled at this, and a new side to Lori was revealed to her. Lori knew a few tricks to make Elayne moan more strongly, her fingertips moving on her friend’s womanhood in ways that made the blond knight’s body even more aroused. At that moment, neither of them even remembered the demon lord watching and most likely enjoying the view.

Lori let her fingertips play with Elayne’s nub and kept Elayne trembling even more as her breathing became stronger. The sorceress felt Elayne’s body get hotter and rubbed more eagerly against her, their lovely firm tits pressing against each other’s. The dark haired woman rolled Elayne onto her back on that big comfy bed. The young knight didn’t fight back, as Lori knew how to do it so nicely that it just felt natural. She didn’t even realize or believe that Lori could have knowledge of this kind of pleasure and be so good at it. No wonder she had stayed so many years inside that mage guild tower of hers. Elayne would have stayed there too.

The blond woman panted softly while Lori was on top of her, pressing hot kisses on her lips, chin, neck, shoulders, and moving down from there. Elayne lifted her hands to Lori’s shoulders while she moved lower and lower, kissing her friend’s hot skin with her soft lips the whole time. Elayne liked it so much, and she really wanted to feel Lori’s lovely lips on her mound of Venus. She opened her thighs for her, and soon soft moans of pleasure escaped Elayne’s lips. Lori had reached her target and Elayne liked the way her tongue moved on her womanhood. She felt how wet she had become and it felt especially nice when the sorceress slid two of her fingers into her, so she could rub her inner parts while teasing her nub with her tongue.

Lori felt her friend shake more strongly, her body fully aroused. Her silky passage was so hot and moist that she could have been ready for just about anybody. Elayne gasped for air when she felt her friend prolong her pleasure by delaying the moment of climax. The blond woman sank her right hand fingers into Lori’s hair and played with her own nipples with her left hand. Her nipples were so hard, but still so sensitive, that even small air currents gave nice tingles all over her body. Elayne wanted to reach her climax, but still wanted more of this most enjoyable torture that Lori was so good at. Lori was on her knees and the upper part of her body was closer to the bed, while licking and sucking Elayne’s pussy, just to make her friend cry out from pleasure. The sorceress had to admit that she liked feeling Elayne’s body react to her touches.

Then suddenly Lori’s fingers lost that delicate control over Elayne, and the blond haired woman reached her climax. She was crying out from ecstasy and didn’t realize at first what had happened to Lori. Elayne trembled on the bed, while Lori felt strong hands taking a firm grip of her waist and a hard cock sliding deep inside her. The sorceress moaned against Elayne’s womanhood and had to stop playing with Elayne, as she needed all her attention back for herself to relax her body for this demon lord who had decided to join them. Lori was first to take his mighty member, and the young sorceress felt the difference of his pole from a human male’s cock. Elayne noticed what had happened, that Lori had been taken while pleasuring her. It still looked quite arousing to watch from that angle, how Lori’s slender body was arched nicely while her upper torso was kept against the bed and her rear was up and high. The demon lord’s hands were on her waist and he was moving inside her with slow thrusts. Lori whimpered and moaned, while relaxing her body to accept this thick demonic cock inside her.

Its strong features rubbed Lori’s inner spots in ways that she couldn’t fully understand, and that pleasure made her cry out with every thrust. Elayne got up and moved next to her friend, trying to help Lori by caressing her body with her hands. The demon lord felt how nicely his cock fit into this dark haired woman. There weren’t many things in this world that could be better than using human females as sex toys. So soft, so fragile, and their lovely flesh was so tender and tasty…

Lori panted heavily when she finally felt her body stretch for him and start to feel really good. Elayne’s hands moved on her hot skin, trying to lure some of the demon lord’s attention onto her. For a while Lori was feeling that demonic shaft go terrifying deep into her, that it hurt her and she knew that this demonic creature just loved to feel it too. Her agony was pleasure for him. The sorceress had no other option but to take his pole into her inner sex, and that tiny spark of pain at the end of the thrust was mixed with much stronger pleasure. She finally reached her own climax and while she was moaning loudly from it, the demon pulled his cock out of her and let Lori slump down on her right side. He pushed Elayne on her hands and knees in front of him and put her to sucking his cock. Elayne submitted and took the demonic cock in her mouth, tasting Lori’s saltiness on it.

The blond woman sucked his cock as best as she could in that position for a while, before the demon roughly turned her on her back on the bed and climbed over her. Elayne opened her legs willingly for him, and moments later it was her turn to feel this hard pole going deep inside her silky passage. It was truly nothing like those half-breed males’ cocks. The blond woman felt this big demon leaning over her, ramming himself deep into her pussy, and making Elayne realize how it felt to be a whore for demons. She lifted her arms to his shoulders and cried out loudly, his thrusts were going so deep. His pace was average, but his strength was beyond compare. His cock was unlike any other and rubbed Elayne’s inner spots just as it had for Lori.

She let it happen and allowed him to take her fully, so he would be pleased and pay the price Erac hoped to gain. It was all the same to Elayne; if she had gone downstairs, she might have been taken there, in a dirty dark cell by some guards or older and more skilled fighter slaves. Here at least she was being taken on a clean bed, and at least she partly enjoyed it. It had been a while since she had felt a bed under her that was not just some thin mattress. The blond woman panted heavily as the demonic creature took her roughly against that bed. Her body felt like it was shaking apart as his thick shaft moved inside her, stretching her nicely and making her body tingle all over. The demon lord grunted heavily as he enjoyed the feeling of going so deep into the depths of her passion. Every thrust made her scream even louder and her tanned body shook from pleasure more and more strongly. Her skin felt hot and sweaty, her womanhood stretched around demon cock, and she was so wet that even a cock of that size moved easily inside her. Elayne couldn’t think about anything else but this mighty demonic shaft inside her. It made her whole body sing tunes of pure lust. The shaft’s rough surface was driving her insane with the amount of pleasure she felt, until she felt a huge orgasm exploding inside her.

The demon lord moved again and left Elayne to shake on the bed with the waves of her climax, her body was spasming violently, like her muscles were trying to tear her body apart. It was Lori’s turn to please the demon lord with her body. This time, he lay on the bed, pulled Lori over him, and told her to ride on his cock. The sorceress obeyed and climbed to a better position while helping the hard and slippery cock find the proper angle into her. She let it slide inside her womanhood and a long moan escaped her lips. It felt so marvelous, and her body was ready for it this time, so it easily went deep into her. The young dark haired sorceress leaned backwards while taking some support from her arms placed on his legs. She started to rock her hips and pant along with the rhythm of her riding on his cock. The demon lord liked to watch her firm tits bouncing along at their own pace. Her nipples were rock hard and Lori’s insides felt like they were becoming tighter around his personal tool. Lori’s reaction to pleasure made the demon lord groan heavily. Both of these women felt tight and nice around his cock, and there would be problems if he needed to pick a favourite slave. Both of them felt so good around his pride and joy.

Then Elayne jumped back into play after she had rested. She came behind Lori and let the young sorceress lean on her, while Elayne helped her to ride on this thick pole. The demon lord’s hands had gone to Lori’s waist, while Elayne’s were playing with her friend’s tits, and Lori turned her head to the side so she could share hot and intense kisses with Elayne. Her right hand went up in the air and grabbed Elayne’s blond hair while her left hand was on the demon’s arm. The young sorceress liked how pointy and hard Elayne’s nipples felt as they rubbed against her back. Hard cock moving inside her, her body shaking with lust, feeling her friend’s hands playing with her tits and hearing that deep manly grunting under her. She didn’t think she was a slave nor a whore at that moment. She felt like a woman. Her body trembled roughly while smaller orgasms made waves inside her, and it just added more tightness to her pussy. Her inner muscles were twitching and getting tighter in a way that told her a bigger orgasm was closing in. She didn’t wanted to reach her climax just yet and so she got up to rest. She helped Elayne take her place so the demon lord wasn’t denied any of his pleasure. He was more than glad that he had demanded both women to himself.

Elayne started to ride his cock, and the blond knight was as tight a fit for him as her friend was. The demonic male grunted heavily as the lovely figured woman leaned against his chest with her arms. Her hips were rocking over his cock at a faster pace than Lori’s, but Elayne’s goal was to make him reach his climax. Lori had moved her hand onto Elayne’s pubic mound, rubbing her nub with her fingertips, and that made her blond friend moan even more deeply. Both of them were sweaty already, lusting for that cock inside their bodies. Elayne rode harder in his lap, taking his hard member deep into her, and it felt like it was growing bigger, or was her silky passage getting tighter around his spear? Either way, both seemed to be reaching their climax, so the demon lord finally gave up to these young vixens, shooting his juices deep into Elayne’s uterus. Wave after wave, pumping his load into this screaming blond woman. Elayne felt the hard cock fill her with seed and it made her orgasm go off again. The blond woman’s body trembled violently over him and her womb was filled with his juices.

Moments later, Elayne lay on the bed on her back, panting heavily and exhausted from the wild ride. Lori continued pleasing the demonic male and she didn’t let his cock go soft at all. The young sorceress used her mouth and hands to keep his sword ready for another round. She didn’t mind the salty taste of Elayne’s pussy on it, or the slimy goo on its surface that was his sperm. He had shot quite a big load of that into Elayne’s womb, so it might be possible she’d be carrying his child. Erac wouldn’t like that idea, but if Elayne was bought from him for a really good price he wouldn’t care what the demon lord did to her after that. Use her or kill her, all the same to him if he got paid beforehand.

Elayne was still out of the picture, but Lori was ready and willing to continue the ride. Demon Lord looked at how eagerly this young woman impaled herself on his hard member once again and started to ride on him vigorously. The sorceress lusted to have his cock deep inside the depths of her passion. She groaned when she felt her pussy being filled again with his thick cock. It felt so good inside her that she almost lost her mind over it. That overwhelming pleasure had muted her common sense and awakened her hunger for sinful satisfaction.

He let the sorceress ride a while, and then he wanted to have more say on the pace, so he pushed the dark haired beauty onto her back and climbed over her while she eagerly opened her thighs for him. Again his hard member sank into her depths and lust made her eyes roll back while she groaned from desire. The demon lord was pleased that this slave girl served him so well, and soon her friend joined the game again. The blond woman moved between Lori and the demon lord, so the girls were face to face, and it gave the lord the option of switching from girl to girl as he liked. He seemed to like that offer and took the girls in turns. Elayne and Lori shared kisses while one got more of this hard lance inside her, and then it was time to switch again. He wasn’t lucky enough to have dual cocks, but he managed well enough with the one he had. That one kept these two slave girls wanting more, and their night just grew longer and longer.

The demon lord had monstrous endurance and could easily take a third girl. Maybe he had tried that already, but on this night he didn’t have enough luck. There was still enough fun in these two vixens who served him eagerly. Erac might get his payment after all.