Elayne – Mirror world


…Then something happens while her hand is pressed on that glass. She can’t see
what is happening all that well, but it’s like something is hitting her hand from the
inside of that mirror, which resembles some mysterious foggy scenery. At first she
feels those weird claws leave marks into the glass, pushing the surface against her
hand. It feels weird, and Elayne herself starts feeling a bit dizzy. She puts the mirror
down, so she wouldn’t drop and break it. But then, the room starts to spin around
her, and the floor suddenly disappears underneath her feet, causing her to fall into a
murky darkness.

It felt like she fell endlessly, but then still her speed slowed. She ended up in a
strange place, where she could only see odd purple mist all around her. Then she
hears a dark growl somewhere from within. At first, it was just one growl, but then
she heard more surrounding her. She tried to draw her sword, yet it’s gone. Elayne
could have sworn that it was by her side earlier.

She tried to find something from her belt what she could use to defend herself, but
there wasn’t anything suitable she could use. The growls become louder and closer
than before. Suddenly, something attacks her: A humanoid demon ran at her and
knocked her down. As Elayne tried to get up, another demon attacked her and tore
her clothes open. After another round of the same attack, Elayne can’t even get
herself up off the ground. Three or four nasty demons – she can’t tell how many
there were, they moved too fast – were all attacking her in turns and tearing her
clothes  to ribbons, exposing her.

The blond warrior tried to fight them off as best she can, but there were really more
than four demons in there. The mist helped them attack in different directions
whenever they want. They toyed with with her, keeping her off balance the whole
time, rendering her defenseless.

As the final pieces of her clothes were torn asunder, she was fully naked in the
middle of that purple mist. The growls deepened. Elayne got a moment to catch her
breath and look around her. She couldn’t see what was going on, but suspected that
these nasty creatures were planning another game. She felt torment by the growls
around her..

Suddenly, something jumped on Elayne, and she hit the ground again. She fought as
much as she could, but as one of the demons got her down, others follow. The
creatures swarmed her, forcing her to open her legs and allow one of them to slide
its hard cock into her pussy. Elayne screamed when she felt that first cock find its
way into her body, but soon another was trying to conquer her arse. They kept her
hands and legs down, so she couldn’t defend herself in any way. The fighter-turned-
victim wastied up, and the creatures took their prize. Elayne gasped for air as the
second cock entered her.

The demons fucked Elayne with such a steady and fast rhythm that all she could do
was cry out loud from the pain and pleasure. They violated her body and kept her
down so she couldn’t get the upper hand. Her blond hair was yanked, her head being
forced back as far as it went. One of the demons shoved its member down her throat
while another kept slapping Elayne’s lovely firm tits.

What was so strange for Elayne in all this was that she couldn’t those demons fully,
even when they were keeping her down and violating her body as wildly as possible.
Maybe it was this dimension that they lived in. The magic in this place was probably
why Elayne could see only parts of them around her and why she believed that there
was a lot more than three or four attacking her.

They lusted her beautiful white smooth skinned body, driving them insane. As one
of them unloaded its load inside her body, there was always another waiting in line.
They all wanted a turn in raping this lovely human female, playing with her firm tits,
biting her rock hard nipples, humiliating and exploiting her as they pleased. She
touched their cursed mirror, marking her to be pulled into their world of demonic
lust. Here, they were in power and women like Elayne were always very welcomed
as “guests”.

Elayne panted and groaned from the humiliation, as she couldn’t do anything to
prevent this from happening. There were just too many of these demons to fight, so
she chose to submit to them. She could not believe how fast she became their toy.

Her ordeal continued for a long time until the demons let her go  after using her in
every way they could think of, as well as a few other ways they invented. She was
released from their hold, allowed to return on her own world after enduring such
rough abuse. Maybe these demons have done this to other unlucky victims in the
past. Will someone ever tell the world that they got roughly violated by the demons
in the mirror?

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