Knight Elayne – Forbidden Area – Bad Ending

copyrights belong to Lady Adara


Elayne walked in front and kept her hand on the hilt of her sword.  It wasn’t an effective weapon against spirits, but it gave her a tiny feeling of security.  Chiana put her faith in her goddess and repeated short prayers the whole time they were tracking.  She prayed for peace for the restless souls and protection for both of them.  The young knight is pretty sure their target was possessed and directed here by something.  His footprints lead them forward and while there were plenty of other trails, he didn’t seem to care about them at all.  If he was treasure hunting, he must have already known something and was heading towards a specific place rather than wandering around clueless.

Suddenly Elayne felt the old trail give under Chiana and herself.  Both of them fell to the ground and started sliding down the slope where the trail used to be.  There was quite a drop waiting for them and eventually both ended up falling into a floating portal.

The girls dropped into a corridor between time and space.  There was nothing they could do to stop their fall and any movement they made while falling ended up making them spin faster.  They have fallen into a dimensional trap created hundreds of years ago by some demonic mage and there aren’t any clues as to where they will end up.  Both scream in horror as the whole situation is starting to affect their minds.  While the corridor might have stayed like it was, Elayne and Chiana feel it collapsing around them and that makes them fear they could end up trapped between realms in an area that doesn’t even have a proper name.  Some mages have studied such places between dimensions where there isn’t anything and there are lots of theories as how to use such pockets between realms.

The corridor grows narrower, or at least that is the feeling the girls get while falling through it, then suddenly a flash of bright light rendered both of them senseless.  Eventually Elayne started to regain her consciousness.  Someone is shaking her and it feels like she is in the middle of a thick fog.  Moments later the fog in her mind starts melting and she sees Chiana shaking her awake.  The young knight sits up and realises they are in a really weird place.  Around them is an alien desert with three suns in the sky and dunes of red sand as far as their eyes can see.  Needless to say, it is pretty warm there with three suns blasting away at full force and the sand is also hot.  Chiana pulls Elayne up as they can’t stay there or they will die faster than they can imagine.  The drowess has noticed a rock formation behind them which could give some cover against the suns.  They just need to get there as safely as they can.  All their items and weaponry are missing and are nowhere to be seen.  They just have their clothes left and it felt like they are slowly cooking inside them.

The sky isn’t blue like in their own realm, so they must be somewhere else and most likely any creatures that live here might be as hostile towards them as nature is.  There are weird red and violet lights in the sky that could be similar to aurora borealis in their world.  While moving towards the rock formations they notice black lines in the red sand here and there.  Elayne inspects one more closely and discovers it is like sand, but black.  Chiana looked at it too and thinks it might be petrified ash.  There are thick veins of it running through the lower parts of the dunes.  Perhaps some huge fire burned everything in its path and left huge amounts of ash everywhere after the fires had gone.  Over time that petrified and became part of these dunes.  Such information doesn’t help them much as neither knows where they are at that moment.  Chiana has a thought about their possible location, but doesn’t dared say it out loud.  While studied to become a healer in the monastery she read lots of old book to learn about human beliefs.  She hopes she is wrong when she remembers an old legend told about a place like this.

It takes longer than expected to reach the rock formations and the women are lucky to find some cover from the intense heat.  The rocks are also reddish in colour and decorated with really old carvings.  These are impossible to read, as they girls don’t know the language and they are partially worn away anyway.  The origin of the carvings looked more demonic than anything the pair have ever seen and it worries them.  Chiana is almost ready to admit that she might know where they have end up.  This might be Asrius, the dimension that demonic creatures call home.

There is a small opening on one side of the rocks that promised some cover from the suns.  At least it will give them shade as they are without proper gear, food or water.  If they don’t find something to drink quickly they will be in real trouble.  Elayne notices that in the corner of the opening the sand is hiding a small hole from their eyes.  It disappears into the rock formation and Elayne and Chiana aren’t sure where it leads or if they can get back out, as crawling backwards isn’t the easiest thing to do especially when in a hurry.

While they are curious enough about the hole they don’t want to take any risks until Chiana spots a sand clouds moving on the horizon.  Soon enough it is clear there is something moving within the cloud and it is coming their way.  The gap in the rocks where they are right now won’t conceal them very well and the only place they can really hide is down the hole in the corner.  They don’t like the idea, but decide that hiding in a tight cavern can’t possibly be worse than ending up in the hands of whatever demonic creatures are coming their way.  Elayne starts digging the sand away and then pushes herself into the tunnel.  It is only tight at the start and widens out after few meters.  Chiana waited for a moment before following Elayne, who is already waited at the other end.  They are now in a small cave that has some interesting plants in it.  While they don’t have much room to move in this weird place, at least the plants have created some moisture and it is a lot cooler than outside.  Both of them are unable to figure out why this small pocket is a lot cooler and had moisture in it, while outside it is just burning heat.

Both are more than happy to find a place to cool down and don’t care how it is possible.  They are in a different dimension, so maybe there are different sets of rules.  What is even more pleasing is the fact that the plants growing there are edible.  They taste bitter, but moment by moment the moisture they contain make Elayne and Chiana feel better.  The bitterness seems to be the plants way of protecting itself, as both of them noticed that after eating a several in a row the bitter taste becomes stronger until it leaves a burning feeling in their mouthes.

The rock cavern feels like the best place for both of them to hide and they just lay on their backs for a long time.  Outside it was burning hot while in here it is nice and cool.  While they were walking through the reddish desert they had got plenty of sand in their clothes, and if it had just been sand it would have been OK, but there is something else within it.  Chiana felt it first, an itching like something moving between her skin and clothes.  She started searching around and finds that her clothes have carried some sort of larvae in here that had now awakened from a long dormancy.  The small worm like things are eating the fabric of their clothes and as they eat they grow.  As they get bigger they eat even more and the women discover the holes in their clothes are growing and that the worms oozed a slime that had a weak acid like effects on their skin.  The worms are all over their bodies and eat at the fabric of their clothes faster and faster.  Neither Elayne nor Chiana is sure if they will stop when there isn’t any more fabric to consume, or will the worms start eating flesh.  Given the rate the worms are growing and eating their clothes, they could be eaten alive really quickly.

They don’t like these odds and as there isn’t enough room to get rid of the worms in the small cavern they have to get out, hoping the desert heat will render the worms inert.  This time Chiana crawls through the tunnel first with Elayne following as fast as she can.  Elayne felt the worms wriggling on her skin and is disgusted.  It’s not a nice feeling being covered with worms and fearing they’ll soon start eating your flesh.  Chiana gets out, but Elayne struggles when the remains of her clothes get stuck on the tunnel wall.  She reaches her hands towards the opening and hopes she can pull herself out as there isn’t much of her clothing left.

Elayne feels someone take a strong grip on her hand and she is pulled from the tunnel.  Outside again she feels that terrible heat.  It was so nice in that cavern if only those worms hadn’t got the idea of having an all you can eat buffet on their clothes.  Elayne is dragged out by a tall demonic creature that looked at Elayne as if he was surprised to see women there.  The creature is tall and slim, but really strong as Elayne is dangling in the air from one hand as he studied the human female like he is deciding what to do with her.  Chiana has already been dragged away and is held on her knees by two more human sized demons.  They all look curiously at the tunnel as if wanting to know if holds more of these females.  One thing the women got right was that the burning heat makes the hungry worms go inert and they fall to the sand.

After a while the demons are fairly sure there aren’t any more females hiding in the cavern, so force the women to follow them around the side of the rock formation to where six other demons and their huge black scorpion like riding beasts are waiting.  Elayne and Chiana get lots of attention from the rest of the demons, while the leader of the pack seems really pleased to see two beauties like these females.  The demonic beings talk amongst themselves for a while, maybe explaining where they were found and that there were only two of them.  The leader gives a command to tie the girls tightly over the back of the rides, as they might be valuable.  The tall demon seemed to be gifted with size and brute force, but not much reasoning, whereas the leader of the pack seems more suitable for combat.  From the look of his racial features the tall demonic creature could be a threat to him if raw strength is the only measure that counted.  Two others in the pack are from the same race as him, while the rest show other racial types and mixed bloodlines.  The demons who caught Elayne and Chiana are mixed blood ones.

Elayne and Chiana’s situation is spinning out of control and things only get worse for them with every turn as now they have ended up in the hands of demons and barely have enough clothing left to cover their assets.  Those pesky worms hadn’t been able to eat every stitch of their clothing, as the heat took care of those greedy worms when the women came out of their hideout, but what remained of their clothes leaves so much eye candy for these demons that it would be just the same if girls were totally naked.  After securing both women over the back of those huge scorpions the demons continued their travel across the hellish hot desert.

The giant scorpion mounts are really fast, faster than either girl had gone before and the only thing securing them are leather straps that kept them near the weird shaped saddle.  The huge scorpions are nothing like horses so the saddle aren’t anything like they have seen before either.  With their hands tied behind their backs there isn’t much the girls can do in the situation anyway.

It didn’t felt so burning hot when the scorpions are at full speed, but their legs throw lots of sand into the air so breathing is difficult and the girls are being more or less constantly sand blasted.  They just have to try and keep leaning downwards as much as they can to protect their faces from the reddish sand.  The riders don’t even notice the sand flying around, as it is natural for them and their bodies have adjusted to the harsh elements.

Every moment spent on the backs of those nightmarish beasts was slow and agonizing torture for both ladies.  Their clothes were almost eaten away, they couldn’t cover their faces with their hands, they were tied tightly to the saddles and there was sand everywhere on them when the demons finally arrived at their destination.  It looked to be another rock formation that formed a canyon with rocky walls.  It gave suitable cover for this band of misfit demons and soon enough both women noticed they weren’t the only ones in the canyon.  There were few good places to rest in that desert, so travellers usually use the same spots at nights with only the strongest demonic creatures taking the risk of crossing the desert during the dark.  This canyon descended deep below ground level and looked like a busy trading post for all kind of creatures.

Elayne knew her hair must be filled with fine sand, but for a while was just happy they were finally slowing down.  There was reddish sand all over them and it made everyone look more or less the same.  The demons stopped at a big cavern opening and some other creatures came to tend to the giant scorpions.  After the girls were pulled down, the mounts were lead into a side chamber where there were a few more of the same kind of beast.  Chiana noticed some weaker creatures being lead towards that chamber.  They looked like slaves, but not valuable ones.  The drowess watched as the poor slaves were thrown into the chamber like pieces of meat.  They were just that, living and breathing meat, but still just food for the scorpion beasts.  Both women heard the dying howls of those poor slaves, but soon enough there were no more cries from that part of the chamber.

Elayne and Chiana were pushed forward by the leader of the pack.  He seemed to be more of a sub-commander amongst the demons and smelled a nice reward coming his way tonight.  The women were lead through black stone corridors to a wider chamber where his boss seemed to be waiting for a report.  He was huge, bald and had only one eyed, which glowed a greenish colour.  His muscled torso was covered with battle scars and he started studying the women with his one working eye.  There was huge scar down the right of his face that ran through his eye socket blinding him on that side.  He wasn’t that impressed with the women, but was interested enough to hear the sub-commander’s report.

They talk together for quite a while and studied a piece of leather with strange marks that was on the table.  It was obviously a weird map of some kind as the sub-commander pointed at the women and then at a spot on the leather.  Elayne and Chiana couldn’t understand any more as while it might look like a map the girls didn’t know how to read it and the language these demonic creatures spoke was something they hadn’t heard before, but then Elayne and Chiana are not experts on demonic dialects.

The meeting seemed to be over and the sub-commander left the chamber as the big demonic creature walked towards the women to inspect his new finds.  He seemed curious about them and ripped off the remnants of their clothing.  While both seemed to be females and had soft flesh he was most interested in their skin colour.  Night was coming and there were bad things out there.  Nasty winds usually picked up at night and if someone didn’t have suitable gear on those winds could easily tear flesh from bone.  Another thing was the coldness of the desert at night.  Freezing temperatures and howling winds were a bad combination for most of the people here and only the strongest could survive outside during the night.

Satisfied with what he saw, the Commander called some of his personal guards and gave them a few short commands.  After that the girls were dragged to a chamber that to the women looked like a garbage yard, but was obviously more of a rest and recreation place for demons.  Elayne and Chiana were forced to their knees in front of some wooden stocks.  Squatting with their buttocks on their heels their heads and hands were placed in small holes, then heavy planks locked them in place.  There was no way to get out without help and it was immediately clear they have been placed there as recreation for the mixed breed demonic beings.

Two lines immediately formed in front of them and they had no other choice than to satisfy the horny misfits wanting to have some fun with the new females.  Fortunately, there was a solitary guard who kicked away any bastards who tried to take any other liberties than what was on offer.  Seemingly, the commander had only given permission to use their mouths, so as not to ruin their bodies with full-on sexual assaults.  Elayne had feared they would be ravished by the Commander, but now she really wishes that had come true as this option was much worse.  These bastards were dirtier and sloppier drunks than any human males and their drinking habits were disgusting.  Elayne didn’t want to know what they drank, but it was something much thicker and blacker than any wine she knew of.

The demons pour some of the liquid onto their shafts before making the girls take them in their mouths.  It was unlike any drink either woman has ever come across, really strong and at least for Elayne kicked really hard.  Chiana’s drow heritage made her more resilient to many poisons and drugs, but eventually the drink started working on her too and soon both girls were literally drugged out of their minds.   Bearing in mind that they were there to service every single male with their mouths such a thing might have sounded appealing, if only they could think clearly enough to have ideas like that anymore.

After many hours the effect of the black goo started wearing off, leaving Elayne feeling like gangs of demons were wrestling inside her head and wanting to be sick.  Chiana had recovered quicker, but her head felt just as bad.  Their lips were swollen, there had bruises all over their faces and their hair was matted with dried seminal fluids.  They were still locked in the stocks and both realise that their bodies have been in that humiliating position for so long it would be agony when they are finally able to get up.

There are still a few drunken bastards sleeping around the chamber, snoring heavily like the sloppy pigs they were.  Both women had been spared any other usage, but their mouths were pretty well done in.  It was a miracle that both their jaws were still in their proper place and not dislocated by some demonic party animal’s over enthusiastic oral rape.  The women had a chance to look the stocks over one more time and found them to be as sturdy as they looked.  They could keep one of those demonic beast in place, so two human ladies were helplessly trapped.

Later, the halfblooded demonics started waking up and soon they were staggering out of the chamber, which looked even more messed up than when Elayne and Chiana were dragged in.  The girls were left for a long time, until, hours later an older person came to release them from the stocks.  This one was clearly of the female gender, but maybe too old or highly positioned for the party animals to fuck.  She didn’t care how painful it was for them to get up.  She just forced the girls onto their feet and dragged them to another part of the caverns.  When they finally arrived at their destination Chiana realised this female was a healer and under orders to nurse the two prisoners back to full health.  Her chambers were smaller than many others and mostly filled with stuff Chiana would like to study more closely, but it was unlikely she would get permission for that.

Firstly, the old healer checked how badly their faces had been treated during the night and the women realise their lives had been saved by that single guard.  Without him, their facial damage would have much worse than it actually is.  Healing bruises and such is easy for the female demon and soon Elayne and Chiana are looked better than when they arrived in the caverns.  Then, both are pushed into an even smaller chamber next-door that has a pool in it.  On closer inspection this turns out to be a hole in the rock floor filled with maggots.  The old healer gestures for them to jump into the pool, but Elayne doesn’t like that idea at all.

Chiana doesn’t know what to think about the squirming maggots and hesitates too.  Fed up with waiting for the women to move, the old healer just pushes them into the maggot filled pool.  Human and drow sink into the middle of it and both feel thousands upon thousands of maggots and other insects crawling over their skin.  Uncountable maggots writhed around their bodies making it impossible to protect their intimate places from the squirming white larvae.  Elayne screamed in horror and while Chiana didn’t liked the feeling any more than Elayne, she is more shocked than scared to feel something like this so suddenly.

The old healer watches and waits, while keeping both of them in the pool.  Whenever Elayne or Chiana try to get out she slaps their hands hard and forces them back under the surface.  Elayne is disgusted by the feeling of of thousands of maggots swarming on her body.  After what feels like an eternity to Elayne and Chiana, the old healer allows them to crawl out again.  While the experience felt awful and disgusting to Elayne, she noticed that both of them are now clean, the maggots having more or less washed them.  Even if she fancies being clean later, she won’t want to experience such a “bath” again any time soon.

The old healer checks the women over and once she’s satisfied, they are lead from the pool chamber.  This time Elayne and Chiana find themselves in a small corridor with walls of the same black stone they have seen everywhere.  The healer gestures for them to wait in a small alcove while she continues towards a door and goes through.  The girls now have a chance to study the rocks around them.  It is deep black with a glass like surface and feels much like obsidian in their realm.  All these caverns have been cut directly into the hard rock, but neither Elayne nor Chiana can tell for certainly how as if this material is as hard as obsidian it would have taken a bit more than a few tools to make these tunnels.  The walls are too uneven and rough to be made with magical tools like those the drow use within their buildings, which is why their cities have survived for thousands of years.  One other thing bothers Chiana, as while her magical abilities are second to none something in this realm is messing up her power and she can’t use any spells here.  She has tried using her skills a number of times, but without any luck in any attempt.  That makes her even more certain they are on the home world of the demons, or at least one of those.  Asrius is known to be the oldest of the demonic realms and if they are that deep behind enemy lines there won’t be any sudden rescue missions sent for them.  No one even know they have ended up in this realm.  The mountain had been forbidden from all for good reasons and now Elayne and Chiana must be added to the list of missing persons.

Suddenly, the old healer comes back into the corridor and snaps her bony fingers.  The women are commanded to go through an opening and find themselves in a huge cavern, just like a big hall in any court.  There are plenty of warriors around, but it is fair to say that all these demons all seasoned warriors and most likely hold very high ranks in the demonic hierarchy.  The women are pushed into the middle of the hall and Elayne notices that the demonic beings there are a different to others she has seen.  They don’t show much lust for the females’ bodies as the lower demonics have done, but rather plain old contempt for them.  These demons don’t think members of the human race are worthy to be in same space as them.  Drows are more like them and most serve dark gods, but even that isn’t enough for these demon High Lords.  These seasoned veterans of countless of battles, don’t give respect to any weaker beings.  All weaker races are meant to be killed and wiped from history for good.

To them, Asrius is the only place that has a right to exist.  That is their belief and it’s their goal.  The High Lords stay quiet while the old healer presents the two naked females to the one who sit on the throne.  Elayne has a bad feeling about this and Chiana isn’t sure about hierarchy positions any more.  There seems to be layer after layer of Lords in demonic society and always some older, stronger and higher lord controlling other creatures beneath him or her.  Chiana isn’t surprised to see that there are plenty of female commanders amongst them.

The old healer gives her report to the Overlord, who sits on his throne and watches the two mortals in front of him as if they were flies in his web.  Why would an immortal being like him be interested in these two puny females?  Elayne swears she can feel the Overlord’s eyes moving on her body, inspecting her without coming down from his throne.  This might be the reason they were partially protected, healed and cleaned, even if it was in the most disgusting way Elayne could imagine.

The figure on the throne barely moves, but his presence can be felt strongly all around them.  The old healer is sent away and the girls are left in the middle of that ancient hall.  Demon Lords are not polite when it comes to expressing their opinions and Elayne is shocked to see how intense things get.  A few of the Commanders even get into fist fights where blood is spilled as power, cruelty and domination are the only things they are after.  Even if such demon lords aren’t keen to taint themselves by having lower creatures like these women in their beds, or ‘taking’ them anywhere else, they are even more brutal towards their own kind.  While no one is killed, egos are bruised in the worst ways.  Elayne and Chiana stand rooted on the spot as the high born Commanders voice their opinions to the Overlord.  It’s more like loud growling to Elayne and Chiana’s ears.  Any of the blows given or received could easily kill a human, but these monstrous demonic creatures are able to survive even harder hits if needed.

Finally, it seems the Overlord has heard enough talking and his hand rises from the throne’s armrest, where it has been whole time.  As the hand rises the loud growling changes to silence one could cut with a knife.  A horrifying deep voice boomed through the hall and while it is a short blast when compared to the ranting the commanders gave their leader, it is effective.  The Overlord gives his order and lower ranks accepted it and if they don’t like it, they don’t show it.  Elayne and Chiana are lead out of the hall by two warriors, this time along a wider corridor.  Everywhere there is sand and bits of stone, perhaps even bone fragments.  The demons don’t seem keen to do house cleaning or even cared about it much and it’s the first time Elayne even notices it.  There is a lot of that sand and it’s getting everywhere.  It would be futile to wipe it off, as it comes back in soon enough.  That one problem with living in the middle of desert.  The girls are lead into a round room that has old runes on the walls.  The women are pushed inside, while the two warriors stay outside.  One by one the runes activate and start to emit a yellow light.  When all six are glowing it is like the girls have fallen into a deep pitch black cave beneath them.  A heartbeat later Elayne and Chiana finds themselves in yet another new place.

This time it’s an even bigger and more ancient looking building.  They aren’t in the desert anymore as there is none of that sand anywhere.  The portal trip has made both of them feel a little bit ill.  Sooner or later they may get used to this style of travel, but for that to happen they first have to find a way to survive all this.  In front of them is a tall figure, a bony looking male who looks at the new specimens with disgust on his face.  The figure points at them with his bony finger, then signals them to follow him.  He walks rather slowly on his slim legs, but Chiana warns Elayne right away not to try and fight it out.  She had noticed protection runes all over the room and the same runes in the corridor.  If they attack anyone, it will be noticed straight away and the only thing they don’t know is what happens when runes activate.  Both agree on one thing, it’s not wise to test it yet, so they just follow this tall demon figure.  The girls walk behind him until Chiana steps onto something weird.  Her feet go through the stone floor.  Her leg is stuck and the tall figure don’t seem to care.  He just walks forward and as Elayne tries to help, Chiana’s other feet goes through the stone floor too.  The drowess is scared about it and a strange feeling starts to spread from her feet to everywhere inside her body.  Before she can say anything about it to Elayne, something pulls her through the floor really fast.  Elayne is unable to save her friend as she is snatched from her side.  One moment she was there, both feet stuck in the stone floor, then a split second later she is sucked through a piece of floor that seems to be as solid as that under Elayne’s feet.  The young knight is going out of her mind as the tall figure walks forward like nothing had happened.  Elayne feels anger building up inside her and she just doesn’t care anymore.  Something snaps inside her head and she gets up, takes few running steps towards the figure and is about to jump into the air so she can vent her rage at this place with a blow against this creature’s neck.

Elayne wanted to hit the demon so hard he’ll fall to his knees.  She planned to continue her attack with a few kicks to his head and anything else she might be able to do afterwards, but as she’s just about to jump into the air the floor under her gives way.  One leg goes through a floor that now feels cold and slimy like a weird gooish puddle.  It makes her leg go numb so fast that her other leg is also sucked through.  Elayne knows what is happening as she saw it happen to Chiana.  She can feel the same numbness spreading quickly across her body, rendering her unable to fight back in anyway.  Moment later, Elayne is also sucked through the floor and darkness engulfs her mind in a thick, pitch black cloak.  Time and space are lost completely from her mind.

Slowly the darkness fades away and Chiana is first to wake up.  Both women are in same room and seemingly on the same bed.  The drowess rises to a sitting position and wonders how they ended up there.  They were in a corridor and then she was pulled through that strange floor.  A numbing feeling spread all over her body starting from her legs and she felt like she was dying.  Like something had drained the lifeforce out of her, then pulled her bodily through as well.  Chiana reaches out to Elayne and wakes her up.  The room around them is dark, almost pitch black with only a few small candles giving any light.  Chiana doesn’t like the fact that her natural ability to see in pitch black has been blocked.  The bed feels kinda nerve-racking to them, almost like countless tormented souls are screaming into their ears.

As the girls are about to step down from that bed they suddenly hear a deep voice from somewhere in the room.  The same one they heard earlier in that huge chamber.  The voice of the Overlord.  – I know your races…  human and…  drow…  Yes, I do remember your races…

A dark figure started moving around the room and the girls pull back onto the bed as now they don’t wanna jump off.

– Others…  my followers…  Commanders of my legions…  They don’t like your kind coming here at all…  and they wanted to kill both of you right away and feed your worthless bodies to our warbeasts…

While Elayne and Chiana have heard things like that a few times in the past, something in this person’s voice makes them tremble with fear.  Now they start to understand why some of the higher Lords were going nuts over them.  Both of them had noticed that those demons didn’t want their bodies in the way other demons around here seemed to.

– Some wanted to rip your skin off while keeping you both alive and awake…  Seen that happen and trust me…  you wouldn’t like that at all…  Others thought you two should have been thrown into the breeding pit to produce more…  fighters for our cause…

The dark figure walked around the room while staying outside the range of Chiana’s ability to see in darkness.  He won’t allow her to see him, at least not yet.

– There were a few who wanted to open portals to that mountain again…  and take what is ours…  Yesss…  we know where you came from…  and I have to say, that I’m really glad…  as I can continue my work again…  finally, I can claim that mountain for myself…  and gorge myself on all the power that lies inside that mountain…

The Overlord talks more about his plans before finally moving towards the girls.

– You two…  I’ll make both of you serve me and become weapons that will bring down your worthless kingdom…  but now…  I remember the joys females of your kind offer…  I was there when the war for the mountain was going on…  I was there to kill your puny mages…  I ravished many human females during the time I spent there…  they were tasty…  so sweet and lovely…  such pleasure breaking them into pieces…  both their minds and their bodies…

The Overlord steps forward and reveals himself to his new toys, Elayne and Chiana.  He is tall, a lot taller than any demon either has seen yet.  His skin looks rough, like it has been burnt by this worlds fires, his face is like the face of death himself, but while the Overlord’s body seems rough and crisp looking, it is really muscular even if his age is showing.  The demonic fiend looks at the naked girls with reddish eyes and smirks at them, remembering all the fun moments he has had during earlier meetings with females such as these.  Those didn’t go so well for the unlucky females as he was one of the original demonic mages who fought on that mountain and has learned many things about human females while torturing his unlucky prisoners of war.

The demonic creature moved forward and released the spell he had been weaved while walking around his prizes.  Chiana, a spellweaver herself, hadn’t even noticed he was preparing a spell as centuries of spellweaving had made it as easy as breathing to the demon, something he didn’t even think about it.  There is nothing the women can do to prevent it hitting its targets.

– Don’t worry pets…  the spell’s passive in nature…  I like to prolong this kind of fun for my own pleasure…  not rip you to apart too quickly…

The tall demonic male stopped at the side of the bed and his manhood slowly grew stiffer.  It’s been ages since he’s had an opportunity to have any action with females like these two.  Elayne and Chiana just hope they can find a way out of here by playing along for a while at least.  At the moment it’s better just to let it go and hope for the best, as every other option seems even less appealing.  Elayne is first to move towards the Demon Lord, as while she’s scared out of her mind she has to find a way to stay alive if they ever want to escape.  What scares her most is that his manhood keeps growing until it is bigger than any she’s seen before.  It’s long and thick with a surface that is oddly rough and smooth at the same time.  She can see dark red veins glowing through the even darker skin and his pole feels a lot hotter than Elayne thought possible.  It’s like this Overlord has raw lava in his veins.

Chiana and Elayne now realise what he meant by his words earlier, as without magical aid he would quite literally impale them with his spear.  Elayne’s hands moves softly over its surface, rubbing it slowly as the young knight is really nervous about what is going to happen next.  The Overlord seems to love the feel of her soft hands on his pride, feeling her nervous actions, tasting her hesitation with every exhale she makes.  All those small details are part of his own pleasure, he loves to see the fear and horror in the eyes of females that are most inferior in every way.  Inferior even at a racial level when compared to demonic bloodlines that defined higher beings from the moment they were created.  They are the only ones destined to rule all these realms, to kill the weaker races and keep a few suitable races as their slaves.  Chiana presses her soft lips against his hardening shaft, kissing it, worshipping it, licking its unnaturally smooth surface and feeling the veins throb even stronger, making his pride and joy feel even warmer.

Elayne hates the thought of giving herself to this foul demon, letting him plunge his monstrous pole into her and tarnish her body with his touch.  While she could try fighting to the bitter end before allowing this beast to take her, it wouldn’t be much of a fight and would end within a few heartbeats at best.  Once again the young knight swallows her pride and lets things happen, hoping she’ll find a moment when she has a chance of actually winning.  Elayne and Chiana’s hands move over the long cock, worshipping it as the best they can, kissing, licking and sucking it in turns.  The Overlord takes his time and lets these women please him.  He could easily kill them both in many ways, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.  He feels how the blonde woman’s nature is calling her to fight, making her bend and wait for the moment for a strike, she is quite strong in mind and takes her mission all too seriously.  The demon enjoys the fear leaking from Elayne’s mind, knowing that even though she serves the Royals she would most likely be burnt to death if someone discovered even a bit of this.

This drowess is another story and might be more trouble in the long run, as she feels like a spellweaver.  In time her power could resurface and there are no clues as to how strong she could be.  It is much better to keep her natural powers blocked until she serves him.  Could he ask for a better pair? – A knight who serves masters who would kill her in a heartbeat and a drowess hiding behind healer’s robe.

Chiana feels the fear inside her mind too, but she can control it much better than Elayne.  The drowess forces herself to serve the demonic male for more or less the same reasons as Elayne.  Currently both of them have few options and must do whatever they can to survive this.  But by acting together they might get themselves out of this mess.  Chiana is as disturbed by the monstrous cock as Elayne.  It strikes fears into both their souls as they imagine what kind of agonies that weapon of mass destruction will inflict on fragile bodies such as theirs.

The Overlord moves forward with his plans and decides the young knight will be the first to feel his lance going into her womanhood.  He slams Chiana onto her back with one arm and pushes Elayne over her on her hands and knees with the other.  That way he can keep the drowess nicely controlled for a while.  The Overlord adjusts Elayne’s position until it is more to his liking and the blonde woman feels his hands sliding on her back.  The Demon Lord’s fingers moves on her smooth skin, his fingernails leaving small scratches on it.  It’s like he’s drawing symbols on her milky white skin and Elayne trembles in fear, as the whole time he is drawing onto her back his monstrous cock is sliding inside her, stretching her womanhood wider than ever before.  The spell the Overlord released earlier has been waiting and allows him total access to these women.  Elayne feels it strongly, but she’s busy crying out loud from the pain.  His pole is so thick that it goes well beyond everything she’s experienced in the past and her whole body is soon trembling in agony.

The young knight’s fingernails sink into the leather like bedlinen as if she is trying to push part of the pain down her arms and into the bed.  From her front row seat, Chiana can see Elayne’s anguish and tries to soothe her body with gentle touches and kisses.  They are in this mess together and only by acting together will they have any chance to escape.

The blonde screams like never before as, bit by bit, the Demon Lord mercilessly forces his cock even deeper into her.  Elayne trembles from the terrible pain while feeling pleasure as Chiana’s skilled fingers play with her clit, rubbing it at varying rhythms to give comfort and pleasure to her.  Without that small help Elayne would be on very thin ice mentally.  The demonic creature grunts in pleasure behind blonde woman as he feels how nice and tight this human female is.  It’s just like he remembered and more.  This young female knight is so much fun in bed that it would have been a real waste to kill them without thinking about it first.

With his spell in place, he can ram his spear as deep as he wants without fear of literally tearing Elayne apart.  While it allows her body to stretch, it doesn’t reduce the pain and soon the young knight is hoping someone will just kill her already.  He’s inflicting mind ripping agony by making her body accept his mighty tool inside it and the only thing that keeps Elayne’s mind together in that sea of pain is Chiana’s gently touch.  Finally, Elayne feels the demon behind her stop for a while to take a break.  She can’t guess how deep his cock has already been rammed into her, but it’s like nothing she’s ever felt before.

A few moments later he starts moving again, back and forth inside her and the pain starts to fade as her body finally adjusts itself around his cock.  She can’t believe that the long thick pole is actually jammed deep inside her.  It feels weird, so hot and thick.  Filling her in new ways and making her shudder every time the cock rams into her as deep as the Demon wants it to go.

– Can you imagine it…  girl…  been dragged in front of your judges…  they’d condemn you to be burned at the stakes…  after taking my lance, they wouldn’t need ropes to tie you against the stake, girl…  they’d just ram that pole into your cunt and roast you up really good…  I’d imagine those judges…  would ravish your lovely body themselves before and after sentencing you to death…  mmmm…  your body is so sexy, petite and perky…  I’d forgotten how soft human females are in this position…

The demonic being leans forward and whispers his words into Elayne’s ear.  Taunting her with her fears, rubbing her face in the ugly truth and the whole time moving his cock inside her slim body.  The blonde knight panted more and more heavily while vicious images inside her head torment her further.  Members of the clergy dragging her into their inspection room, stripping her and then ravishing her time after time until she confesses her crimes against the kingdom and everything that is holy.  Then a public show trial judgement and after that jailors having their fun with her body until it was time to burn away all her sins.  That couldn’t be any worse than feeling the demon lord’s huge member moving deep inside her, taking her in ways no one has ever taken her before.  Chiana is trying to help as much as she can, but seeing what is happening to Elayne makes the fear grows stronger inside healer’s head.  Elayne is pressed tightly against her and it’s not like she could move much anyway as the demonic creature has almost literally impaled her on his pride and joy while enjoying all the anguish he’s causing her.

The young knight pants heavily, clawing at the thick bedlinens with her fingernails and crying out loudly in shame.  Agony.  Fear.  Pleasure.  She tries to fight it, but her body eventually betrays her and pleasure starts to build.  The blonde woman starts to enjoy been taken by this terrifying creature.  To feel his thick member moving deep inside her, getting this strange hot cock in her pussy and feeling his touch all over her body.  The Demon Lord truly knows how to utterly take a human female while not breaking her in two.  Elayne groans loudly as her slender body starts to shake and the demon behind her seems pleased, but isn’t impressed.  Elayne can barely stay on her hands and knees above Chiana as the tremors in her body get even stronger.  The Demon Lord pulls his spear out of Elayne and tosses her to the side.  It’s Chiana’s turn to feel his pole going into her waiting pussy.  A drowess should have more endurance for this sort of thing compared to a human, something he is more than happy to test right now.

With Elayne roughly pushed aside, Chiana finds herself to being set upon next.  The demon takes a firm grip on her throat, like it wants to keep her securely positioned for just a moment more.  Chiana sees the huge cock coming closer and then it finds its target with ease.  The darker skinned woman sucks air into her lungs when she feels the knob of the cock pressing against her womanhood.  It looks even thicker than earlier and if she thought she had any chance she would pull herself out of harm’s way.  The healer saw what that weapon had done to Elayne and had almost felt it moving inside the human’s body.  All her senses were screaming inside her head to roll off the bed, to avoid the monstrous pole, but whenever she moved even a little bit the demon’s hand closed on her throat and started choking her.  That also prevented her from screaming and it looked like Chiana would finally start feeling the same as Elayne felt moments ago.

The thick cock forced its way inside her womanhood, stretching it fully open as the drowess’ body slowly allowed him to gain access into her.  She trembled in horror and pain as the pole just kept going further and further inside her, violating her body on so many levels.  The Demon Lord smiled widely and grunted as he felt the surprisingly strong drow body adjusting itself around his cock.  His member was tightly squeezed with every move inside her, providing his pride and joy with a more intensely pleasure filled massage than any hand job could ever give.

The demonic creature rammed his member in, forcing her body to accept it as there aren’t any other options left.  The healer tries to breathe, her lungs are burning, the demon just leans forward and licks her lips with his slimy tongue.  The drowess is a ragdoll in his grip, her body screams in pain as the demon lord takes her roughly and only when Chiana starts to go limp is she allowed to breathe again.  Chiana greedily sucks air into her lungs as the demonic creature between her thighs pins her on her back and continues taking her with a vigorous pounding.

The demonic male took his time with Elayne, but now his lust demands raw carnal pleasure and Chiana’s body has to deal with it.  Like Elayne before, The drowess cries out loud as the old demonic being roughly ravishes her.  She feels his thrusts becoming more demanding as his thick and long cock forcing its way even deeper into her body.  That scares Chiana out of her mind as Elayne is still sprawled on her side and barely moving after receiving a much less violent assault.

– You aren’t any sort of healer that I know…  your body is far stronger and more trained than any sloppy healer could have…  I can feel your tightness around my cock, girl…  I love to feel my member buried deep in such a body…  it gives such pleasure…  soft flesh…  tender and easily ripped to pieces, but still…  nicely strong and nice for…  carnal pleasures like these…

The demonic creature said to Chiana, while forcing her body to accept even more of his pole.  The drowess was nailed against the bed with every thrust he made.  She feels every movement inside her so clearly that her mind starts blowing apart from pain and pleasure.  Her drow body has adjusted to his pole far faster than Elayne’s and Chiana quickly gets into the pleasure zone.  She can’t stop herself squealing with joy as waves of carnal pleasure crash around her slim body.  Every thrust he makes causes Chiana’s perky tits to bounce along to the rhythm.  She is panting heavily and the old demon lord grunts with enjoyment.  He pulls Chiana from the bed like she is a toy for him to play with and while standing on the black obsidian floor he keeps ramming his pole into Chiana as forcefully as on the bed.  This time he just moves the petite framed female in his cock himself.

The drowess feels herself hanging in the air, kept up by his arms and nothing else.  Her legs are places on his arms, while his hands are on her waist.  In that position he can adjust everything just as he wants.  Angle, strength and depth of his thrusts and Chiana can only cry out in pleasure.  The dark skinned female feels like she isn’t even a part of this terrible mating, she’s just a piece of meat for him to stick his pole in.  Like Elayne, his spell allows her body to stretch beyond its natural limits and that is only thing allowing this vile mating to be possible for either woman.  Without it, both would have already received injuries that would result in their deaths.

The demonic creature grunts noisily and unbelievably his pace gets even faster.  Chiana’s cries have become one long high pitched scream and his dark chambers are filled with both their voices.  A few thrusts later the demon lord groans loudly and his hot semen starts to unload into the drowess.  Wave after a wave of seed is pumped inside Chiana, who is more or less on the verge of unconsciousness.

When he is finally finished with Chiana, the drowess is dropped to the floor, but the demon’s lust isn’t satisfied yet.  Elayne has been allowed to rest, but now it’s her turn to be taken again, but at least this time it might be easier for her.  The Demonic Lord climbs onto his bed and lies on his back, his mighty pole showing no sign of going soft.

– so…  my pretty human girl…  ride this like your life depends on it…  as it truly does…

The Demon Lord commands Elayne.  Seeing just how roughly the male had used Chiana before declaring he wanted her, the young knight silently obeyed, as there wasn’t any reason to resist anymore.  He’s already tarnished her honour and in some odd way her body wants more of the thrilling ecstasy she’d feel with his member deep inside her again.

The blonde climbs over the demon lord and guides his long pole into her already stretched womanhood.  It slides smoothly into her and Elayne starts panting again, but this time more slowly.  She rides his lap, rocking her hips back and forth, hoping that her performance pleases him.  The length and thickness of his cock makes her job hard as she can only move a certain amount, but obviously the human woman is trying her best to please her new master.

Elayne can see Chiana lying on the floor like a piece of cloth that has just been thrown away.  She can’t help her friend in any way other than to distract this horny demonic male from further abusing the drow’s body.  Born into the nobility, Elayne feels utter shame at allowing any demon to do this to her.  There are certain rules amongst her class and she is also a knight, sworn to serve her king and hunt demons.  She isn’t just ruining her own name with this sexual act, she is ruining her whole lineage.  Her noble family’s name will be forever tarnished because she’s willingly pleasing this unholy creature with her lovely body.

Her sense of duty and strict rules of mission clash with her femininity inside her head.  There isn’t much chance of help from her kingdom and waves of pleasure keep tormenting her reason the whole time she is riding this demonic creature’s cock like a maniac.  He just watches how intense the young knight’s movements are, how eagerly she takes his cock deep inside her body again and again and again, while beating herself up for betraying her vows, her mission, her kingdom and her family.

The Demon Lord groans in pleasure and lets this driven woman ride his cock for a while, then he flips her onto her belly on the bed and rolls over her again.  Sliding his member into the well stretched pussy that has given both of them so much pleasure, Elayne starts panting heavily against the thick bedlinens as the demon lord once again takes her from behind.  This time he’s ramming his majestic cock so deep into her womanhood that she’s screaming out in lust and pleasure.  Making her beg for more of his cock…  Begging to be taken even harder…

Hearing such words from the mouth of a once proud knight makes the demon lord shoot his second load deep into Elayne’s most sacred place.  Filling her so completely with his seed is a fitting end and proves that she has allowed this shameful thing to happen to her.  She gave up and took his entire cock inside her womanhood, pleasing him with her body and allowing him to tarnish her very womb with his semen.  She’s no proud and pure knight anymore.

The Overlord gets up from his bed and studies the girls.  Both seem too weak to become sex slaves, but that doesn’t matter as he has other plans for them and will get his enjoyment from them one way or another.  He walks to an old shelf and take two mirrors from it.  He inspects them carefully and once he’s satisfied walks to Chiana.  Pressing her hand against one of the mirrors, it flashes briefly.  Then the Demon Lord moves to Elayne and her hand is pressed on the other mirror.  After another brief flash the Overlord smiles to himself and places the mirrors on his black obsidian wall.  He starts drawing symbols on the mirrors’ surface as his deep dark voice chants one of his nastiest spells.  Figures start to form in the mirrors.  At first the pictures are small and fuzzy, like thick mist is covering the view, but soon enough the mist moves away and the figures take form.  In one mirror Elayne can be seen floating in the dark void behind the mirror’s surface, while Chiana is in the other mirror.  Both are utterly naked and obviously trying to understand what has happened to them.

They can see the Overlord, his bedroom and their ravished bodies lying there.  Another part of the old demonic mage’s spell activates and their bodies gets up.  Both pairs of eyes are glowing with a reddish light and the Overlord laughs.

– So my pretties…  You will serve me, one way or another…  This way I can enjoy your physical bodies whenever I like…  and I can also do the same to your souls…  I’ll ravish you both in the cursed realm where you are now banished…  I’ll send your bodies back to the realm of humans and make them lure the rest of your friends here…  In the end, “you” two are going to make sure the human armies aren’t prepared for our final assault…

The Demon Lord smiles as he talks to the mirrors.  He can play with his new toys in so many inventive ways while their slave bodies are fulfilling his orders elsewhere.