Elven love

Sometimes there is safety in numbers when travelling in the countryside. Elayne had been asked to ensure that Chiana arrived safely at her destination, a smaller farming village where her healing skills could be put to good use. A plague of some kind had rendered almost all of the villagers unable to work, and a few had already died… mainly those who were already sick and the elderly, the ones who typically fall first to illnesses like these. It was rumored that the plague was caused by demonic creatures, so Chiana was requested for her training as a cleric as well as a healer.

Wearing the robes of her religious faction couldn’t hide the fact that Chiana is a drow. Her people were feared in many villages for the hit-and-run attacks they made by night. Drow live in cavernous cities built deep under the surface of the earth. Few humans have ever seen those ancient and dangerous places where death lurks in every alley. Those who are able to return to the surface world aren’t so keen to go back, and drow aren’t so keen to follow as the sunlight is blinding to them. If a drow wants to live under the sun, she has to get used to daylight, just like Chiana did after she made her escape from the Underdark.

After escaping the Underdark, Chiana put her past behind her and moved forward as a cleric and healer. Their faction isn’t interested in politics. Instead, they’re concerned with maintaining the health of the people as well as the overall peace around the country side. These peacekeepers are only one faction charged with patrolling the lands, the other group typically consisting of regular militia funded by nobles. Both sides have their own motives and both sides have different leaders giving their orders, some known to be fair, and some who are rumored to play into their own pockets. Generally, cleric-peacekeepers from the temples are thought to be above such pettiness, even if their individual pursuits may not always align with one-another’s. But recent power struggles in the capitals have been casting dark shadows onto the farm lands where life is simpler.

And so Elayne had been assigned to escort Chiana to her destination, as even wearing the cleric robes of her neutral religious faction, she might still be attacked simply for being a drow. Of course, there were rumors that demons had been seen lurking in the same area, so they might end up being attacked either way: ignorant farmers blinded by hatred, or demons simply wanting to cause havoc. Chiana is far from helpless on her own, but there is safety in numbers, and Elayne had been gaining notice in the royal circles.

At first, it was assumed that this mere girl would fail within a week and her family line would come to an end. But Elayne continued moving forward, proving that she carries the same blood in her veins as her father, who had been so feared on the battlefield. Elayne’s family has battled against demons for many generations; overtime, they have been blessed with a few traits that make them stronger and more dangerous opponents for demons. Elayne was already a talented swordswoman and the more she fights, the more she learns about her gifts and the ways of killing demons. Elayne also knows that true strength comes from allies and she has found a few friends already who have been able to aid her and who she helps in return.

Elayne, Ezri, and Chiana have been riding for the entire day, and there are still several days of riding ahead of them. The sun is beginning to set, so they need to find good place to spend the night. Chiana knows of a suitable location, and she has been leading them through some old carriage pathways. The forest has retaken this area that humans had claimed so long ago, and most of the old roads are overgrown with trees and thick bushes. Chiana seems to know her way, however, as they arrive at the ruins of a temple. The stone walls and pillars still stand as strong and proudly as the day they were made, but the roof seems to have crumbled long ago. Chiana explains that old journals told about this temple, how it had been abandoned in the last demon wars after a fire burned away everything but the stone structure. In the past, it had been a grand temple. Now, it was just a reminder of the old days.

Chiana laughs that there are still two good things to be found here: hot springs that possesses healing abilities, and the goddess’ protection, as long they stay within temple grounds. No harm will come to them while the goddess herself guards their safety. Before they enter the temple ruins, Chiana offers her thanks to the goddess and asks her to watch over them during the night.

After Chiana finished her prayers, the cleric allowed her companions to step onto the temple grounds. Elayne isn’t sure if Chiana’s tales are true or not, but as she crosses over an invisible border it feels like she had stepped through a spider web. There are no webs around, nor anything on her face or clothes, but she distinctly felt something. Elayne asks Chiana and Ezri to gather some firewood for the night while she checks the area, just to be safe. It’s not impossible for a protective barrier to be torn open by someone whose abilities are powerful enough. Chiana just smiles and nods to her, sure that there isn’t anything around that could threaten them.

While Chiana and Ezri gather firewood nearby, Elayne searches the ruins expecting to find some sort of demon or monster hiding behind the stone walls, just waiting for her to relax and put her weapons aside. She doesn’t find anything that could be an enemy… unless she counted the pigeons. In the capital, pigeons are known for their deadly aim – those flying menaces have ruined many dresses and coats over the years. A few pigeons over the campfire might have made a nice addition to dinner, but Elayne wasn’t sure whether Chiana and her goddess would appreciate hunting them on the temple grounds. Elayne finished making her rounds and was satisfied that there wasn’t anything threatening, but she did find the hot springs Chiana mentioned at the rear of the grounds. The young knight is relieved that the temple seems to be in nice shape, even if it had been abandoned for countless years.

When the three travelers reunite Chiana explains that these sacred springs are her goddess’ gift to her believers, or even to anyone who simply wants to rest here for a while. Though it isn’t common anymore, some newlyweds still visit the ruins to bathe in these sacred springs. The waters confer the goddess’ blessing upon their marriage, and their children grow stronger and healthier, though nowadays the trip is dangerous for a young couple on their own. Elayne had noticed that the trails leading here had been almost completely overgrown, so she understood how visitors might be rare.

Ezri started the campfire and soon afterward the sun had set behind the tall trees. Elayne keeps her sword nearby, just in case. Chiana just smiles silently. She can feel from Elayne’s aura how many dealings she has had with demons and understands why Elayne can’t relax right away, but if she keeps her guard up like that the entire night, she might be too exhausted the next day to be of any use. She would need her strength tomorrow and this is the best place to sleep tonight.

Chiana performs her evening chants while she starts making food over the fire. She used just a portion of their provisions as the base and gleaned the rest from whatever was nearby, whatever her goddess offered to them. There were plenty of edible roots, leaves, and berries all around in nature; one just needs to know where to look and how to prepare them.

While Chiana is preparing their meal, Elayne notices something in the forest. She could swear that she saw at least 2 pairs of red eyes glowing in the darkness. She isn’t sure what kind of beast or demon could be roaming about, but it seemed the creature really can’t cross the boundary of the temple ground. Maybe Chiana’s stories about her goddess are true. These woods are old and thick enough to hide whatever monsters want to hide there, but the temple grounds are still holy land and the might of the goddess seemed to be keeping the beasts away.

After finishing the stew that Chiana made, she knew just how to get Elayne to relax. She asks Ezri and Elayne to join her in the hot springs. Elayne can’t say no to a warm bath. It’s one of the things she misses most from her past. There aren’t many opportunities to bathe when she is constantly on the move performing missions for the royals or the clergy. Elayne agrees to join them in the bath, but when she reaches for her sword Chiana asks her to leave it and to trust in the goddess. Hasn’t she already proven her might and protection? Elayne is hesitant to leave her sword, but she takes a leap of faith and decides to trust Chiana.

Water flowed from the hot springs into a nice-sized, marble pool. It must have been expensive to build when the temple was still in use. How it could have lasted here for years without maintenance is one more mystery for Elayne. Chiana is the first to remove her robes and step down into the pool. The water is nice and warm, and with the evening air cooling down a small layer of mist is forming over the pool. Ezri is next to jump in, and finally Elayne enters the water. She enjoys the feeling of it, like her mother’s arms wrapping around her, giving her that warm and safe feeling.

Ezri is curious about the drow lands, the Underdark, so she asks Chiana about the place where her people live. The cleric smiles and replies that her race is led by females. All the strongest leaders are females, and it’s very rare for a male to lead his house – even if a male is the leader of his house, females are always of higher rank compared to males. She continues to explain that the drow have their own goddesses and gods. Each house serves one of the goddesses, so the priestesses have a lot of power there. Similar to the surface, some parts of the clergy are trying to displace the royals to seize power, but in the Underdark, religion is involved in everything and their goddesses are more present than the surface gods.

Ezri is listening eagerly to Chiana’s story about her kind when the young thief interrupts her to ask how they pick their mates down there. Chiana keeps the smile on her face as she slides closer to Ezri. The drow healer tells her that a female has the right to choose any male that she wishes and there isn’t much that the males can say about it. Matrons, the leaders of their houses, usually pick higher-ranked males, but they could also pick lower-ranked males or even slaves, though that isn’t so common. That’s a dangerous position for the lower-ranked and slave males since it’s always possible that a high-ranked female could kill him after she gets what she wants, but sometimes Matrons like to keep boy-toys around for their own personal use.

Then Chiana softly touches Ezri’s face and tells her that drow females have learned to separate mating from pleasure. Males aren’t necessary for pleasure, and not all males have the endurance to fulfill a Matron’s needs. Chiana whispers the last words as she softly kisses Ezri’s lovely lips. While the thief girl feels Chiana’s body pressing softly against her and the drow’s hands moving over her young body beneath the water, Elayne just watches Ezri begin to tremble from tingling sensations of pleasure.

Ezri can feel her pulse quickening and the water all around her just makes her more aroused. She truly enjoys kissing the drow and begins to follow her example, letting her hands touch Chiana’s dark-skinned body. Ezri moans quietly when Chiana trails light kisses along her neck, while her hand ventures to Ezri’s clit. Dark fingertips starts to rub it softly and in varying pace. Ezri closes her eyes and moans stronger from the pleasure. She is like putty in Chiana’s hands, the young half-elven girl is letting Chiana to do anything she wants to her. Her touch has awoken Ezri’s desire – it seems she enjoys the pleasure another woman can give her.

Chiana knows well how to ease someone’s pain, how to relax any person, and how to give pleasure. But it’s more than a duty to her, Chiana is enjoying herself almost as much as Ezri, whose young body is soon trembling from her first orgasm. The young woman’s moans intensify as she begins panting hard. She can’t get her head around how easily Chiana was able to make her feel so good, how easily she could give her that wonderful orgasm.

While Ezri takes a little break, Chiana pulls Elayne between them. The blonde woman hesitates, but only at first, finally letting go and allowing it to happen. Chiana holds herself against Elayne’s back and Ezri presses close against her front. Elayne feels both of their hands on her body and the pleasurable assault is something she doesn’t want to push away. Chiana rubs her own body gently against Elayne’s back while her hands slide slowly down the blonde’s thighs. The drowess presses her lips against Elayne’s smooth neck, one kiss following another, as the tender skin of their soft bodies glides together.

Ezri is kissing Elayne’s lips just like Chiana had kissed hers earlier, and her slim hands caress the blonde knight’s smooth, milky-white skin with gentle touches. Ezri presses her perky tits against Elayne’s rounder breasts, allowing their hard nipples to have their own little meeting.

Elayne is getting swept away by all the soft touches that her friends have been giving to her – not to use her, not to abuse her – just to give her pleasure and to share in enjoying this moment. There’s a time to keep watch for dangers, and that time isn’t now. Elayne mewls softly when Chiana’s slim fingers find their target and they begin dancing expertly on her clit. There’s no hint of roughness in her touch. It’s that exquisite sensation that lowers the last of Elayne’s defenses, and soon she too is welcoming the waves of pleasure that crash through her body.

As Elayne continues sharing deep, intimate kisses with Chiana and Ezri in turns, trying to return as much pleasure to them as they give to her, her thoughts begin to wander. Elayne knows that Ezri’s mother planned to bring her daughter into her line of work, into the brothels, but she escaped that fate before it was too late. She also knows that Ezri has been with a man, so she isn’t a virgin, but it seemed that she was more than comfortable making love to women. Elayne couldn’t possibly imagine what Ezri must have seen already when she was younger, but now they’re both alone in this world. Forming their own group is the best solution for both of them.

Chiana is still a mystery to Elayne, as she refuses to talk about any personal details. She couldn’t help but wonder about Chiana’s past while she listened to the story Chiana told Ezri about the drow matrons. Could she have been a high-ranking member of some house, perhaps even a matron? Maybe she was just close enough to the matrons that she knows more about their ways. Her mannerisms suggest that she’s been too-well educated in the ways of the drow to be someone of lower-rank, but why would a drow ever leave the Underdark and seek shelter in the world above the surface?

Elayne’s thoughts are interrupted the nicest way she could imagine, her body screaming from pleasure as she’s unable to do anything more than moan loudly from orgasm. Her body quakes from shock waves of such pleasure that the young knight can’t contain herself. She had heard of “the elven touch” or “elven love”, but had never experienced anything like it before. Chiana really does know where to touch and what to do to wash away a person’s every worry with waves of pleasure.

Elayne gasps for air while enjoying the after effects of her powerful orgasm and the blessed waters of the hot springs just prolong that lovely feeling. Elayne whispers something to Ezri, it’s Chiana’s turn to be the one screaming in pleasure. The drowess realizes what the other girls have in mind and she gladly surrenders herself into their hands, but not before leading them out of the water and onto the marble around the pool.

As they settle onto the warm marble, Chiana pushes Ezri down to her back. The young thief girl watches the white-haired woman descending between her thighs. She fondles her own perky tits while enjoying the gentle kisses that Chiana gives to her inner thighs on her way towards Ezri’s honeypot. The young half-elf shivers as soft drow lips are pressed against her clit. Ezri whimpers as the cleric’s tongue dances on her most sensitive spot. She pants softly, enjoying how Chiana’s slim finger is entering her slowly, moving so nicely inside her, and then a second finger joins in just as gently as the first one. All the while, Chiana’s tongue teases her clit, and from time to time she presses her dark lips against Ezri’s smooth, lighter skin to sample a taste of her. Ezri is moaning openly, with one of her hands on her own tits, fingertips playing on her rock hard nipples, while her other hand is on Chiana’s head, fingers buried in her white hair, and her slim thighs tremble from the ecstasy that this drowess is showing her.

Though Chiana went on her hands and knees between Ezri’s lovely thighs she had left her hips raised just for Elayne. She wasn’t about to just wait and watch the show. Elayne’s left hand started on the dark-skinned girl’s back and slowly made its way up, while her right hand went directly to the drow’s pussy. The blonde woman was finally able to reciprocate the pleasure Chiana had given her. It didn’t take long before Elayne could feel Chiana’s hips moving to meet her fingers, and she seemed to enjoy it as much as Elayne had when the drowess made her quiver with delight. The young knight could feel Chiana’s heat against her hand. The drow’s lovely back stretched into a full arch and she moaned deeply against Ezri’s muff, which just added more tingling to the thief girl’s body, causing uncontrollable cries of lust to start escaping from her lips.

Elayne placed a tender kiss on Chiana’s lower back, licking her hot skin like she would be teasing her friend. Her left hand had slid underneath Chiana’s body to play with the drow’s firm tits, while the other continued rubbing her clit. But Elayne changed the positioning of her right hand to slide, at first, one finger into Chiana, soon followed by a second. Elayne kept stroking her insides, searching for that one certain spot that would make Chiana scream like a sex-maniac. She found it, and her touch had an immediate effect on the drowess. Chiana’s body started to spasm and she ground her hips against Elayne’s hand as hard as she could.

Chiana’s nipples were hard enough to pierce the finest armor, and Elayne’s fingertips played frantically with them. She added a third finger inside the cleric, forcing her moans louder and louder. Elayne kept fucking her fingers into Chiana, varying her pace, and the poor drowess could only to cry out in bliss, trapped between the two ladies. She kept pleasuring Ezri with her fingers and tongue as much she could, and only few moments later both of them reached climax. Ezri and Chiana cried out loud at almost the same time as their bodies began to convulse with each shockwave of pleasure. Elayne could feel how strongly Chiana’s body trembled and how lustful her groans were when the drow’s climax was at its peak.

Ezri was still reeling from her thunderous climax when Chiana climbed up from between her thighs and cast Elayne a lustful glance. She was enjoying the game they were playing and lured them into a new endurance test. They were all on the warm marble paving and Chiana had arranged them into a daisy chain, with Chiana’s head between Elayne’s thighs, Elayne’s head between Ezri’s legs, and Ezri’s head between Chiana’s legs. Another way to make sure that everyone gets more or less as much of pleasure they can.

None of them thought about surroundings anymore, none of them cared where they were going. There was just that moment, that night of pleasure when Elayne and Ezri were taught the joys of elven love. There was no needs for males when they knew the joys of that game.

Later on that night, after they had bathed again, all three went to sleep together under the same blanket. Of course, that just lead to another round of their enjoyable game. By morning, Chiana had to admit that these girls learned well the art of elven love. After this, their nights might not be as lonely as before.

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