meanwhile in the blog 38

small update: working on Ezris revamp to Genesis8 and ofc… improving her :) oh i can see some people cry but nevermind… i have to move on again :D patreons already had some good ideas that i used… but long story short… here you get a comparison screenshot. a few small ajdustments have to be made on weekend and on monday i am starting with first renders for “her” new set

YES the bright skin will remain for the moment as it adds way more grace to her… and scales way better with different lights in sceneries. YES she maybe looks a bit younger again, but i am sure that is just a mistake and not intended :)

anyway… gen8 will be helpful for animation and makes so many things so much easier for me to work with in future… elayne is next on my list after this chapter will be finished in june. then step by step all the other remaining girls

stay tuned!