meanwhile in the blog 39

just a little update in general and about ezris new set… its going on and its going fine :) 35 pictures done, lets see how many we get after the scenery changed now… maybe maybe maybe its going to be a 70pic set this time… but cant tell for sure and wont promise anything. completeley rebuilt her old attic room from ages ago… i think it was… 2016? or something and ofc i built a slightly updated version of it :D patreons already got first part of the pics as usual

going to update those preview pics more in time for public in future, thats a better way than slamming all 4-6 previews  out on release day :)

and another thingie that i wanted to tell about. during the last months more and more people asked/complained about why there are no more text stories and layouted stuff just picture sets. now i saw even a pirate complaining about and that honestly made me laugh a lot :D seems those guys are not the brightest candles in the box

short explanation: it is told by the elders that a month has 4 weeks. i always cut out 1 week to learn new stuff, 3 weeks remained earlier to relase one set + story layout. as pirating got more and more i decided to change this. 1 more week cut off to work on some commissions to close the financial gap.

that made 2 weeks on each set and 90% of commissions stay private. there is simply no reason for me to put any time in more detailed sceneries or writing/correcting and layouting those stories.

dont get this wrong its no rant. for me things stay the same with that commission week as i reached green zone in terms of money long ago. i still improve my skills and thats what i care for most. i have the story in my mind that i am rendering and having fun while on it… its simply a lost week for detailwork on sale sets each month. but i am pretty sure you still prefer to get b-movies instead what it could be in future. just do me the favour and dont complain about it :D

longtime patreons still get some candies here and there the good old fashioned private message way :)

stay tuned!