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2023 Bundle released!

as every year… our bundle! 30% discount just on my own shop, nowhere else :)


Thief Ezri – Xmas 2023

Knight Elayne – Addicted to Demons II

Knight Elayne – Addicted to Demons I

Knight Elayne – Walk the Dog II

Knight Elayne – Young Courtesans III

Knight Elayne – Young Courtesans II

Knight Elayne – Young Courtesans I

Paladin Duties III

Knight Elayne – Tamed & trained VI

Knight Elayne – Tamed & trained V

Priestess Rinil – Prison Break

Thief Ezri – Vampire Lessons I

Thief Ezri – Walk the Dog I

13 Chapters in overall, worth 74$ discounted with 30% down to 52$!

get it from our WEBSHOP!

enjoy and stay tuned, 2024 is ahead and a lot of stupid things will happen to our ladies :D

Xmas2023 released!

surprise surprise! just in time i have this open commission ready for you :D 20 pictures including elayne, ezri and a nasty christmas grinch! :D patreons already got it a few days ago but here you go!

and the preview(s)

you can get it from webshop or directly HERE!

guess thats it for 2023! year bundle will come up the next week with the usual discount of 30%…

have a gooood new year and all the best for 2024, and thanks for all your support! :)
enjoy and stay tuned!

Addicted to Demons Chapter2 released! :)

Young Lady Elayne further down into the rabbithole! :) A minor demon shows up in this chapter, time to get things started! :D 33 pictures in 4K included

and some previews

you can get it from our webshop or CLICK HERE!

next two chapters will get rougher… :) but in december i will work (and finish!) on a smaller public commissions, 20 pictures, christmas themed… will do my very best to release it in time, at least in december! previews for patreons asap :D

but for now enjoy and stay tuned!