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Thief Ezri – Interrogations Chapter2 released :)

here we go again, next part of ezris little voyage… 36 pics for 6 bucks as always :)

and the previews

can be found from webshop or directly HERE!

took alot of time, those tentacles are not difficult but timeconsuming to do as they are pathed and morphed for every single picture. means 2 or MAX 3 pics a day… even if its fun… it takes really long :)

so… next will be to finish up all needed gamepics (around 20-25 more) then first beta version can be bumped out to public :) that should happen within march as adara already finished most other things on it. next week i am starting to work on next commissioned mini series…

that all for now, crawling back into my render pit :D

stay tuned!

Priestess Rinil – Harassment released :)

heyhey, this time is Rinils turn :) 24 pics for 4 bucks

and a few previews

can be found in our webshop or click HERE!

rest of the month is dedicated to Ezris next chapter, tentacle fun included :D and ofc always working on additional gamepics, rough first version of our second game is also planned for this month :) fighting system and looting working pretty well meanwhile.

enjoy and stay tuned! :)

Thief Ezri – Interrogations Chapter1 released :)

finally its done :D 51 pictures for the usual 8 bucks… and a loooot of finetuning in this one! :)

and a few previews

Can be bought in our webshop or click HERE!

What should i say… took longer and got way bigger than i planned it :D hope you like it, should be a new little step on the quality ladder :)

Next in line is a small Rinil set or straight forward for part 2 of Ezri. Next game will get a bigger picture update next week so there should be a first version available during the next few weeks :)

Thats it for now… enjoy and stay tuned!

Adara3D – Snatched & more released :)

today its Adaras turn with releasing new stuff :)

and the previews

Ever wanted to look into another dimension? Katie, Nemi and Amy got an invitation to witness the moment when barriers of dimensions would allow mages to look into other side, but things aren’t going like it was planned and portal is hijacked by other being.. When Katie and her friends arrive to location, everyone have vanished and things are starting to go sideways when this creature from another dimension takes these newcomers as his new targets.. and break them one way or another…

can be found in shop as usual. available in 2 versions…
regular version, 82 pics for 6 bucks can be found HERE!
supporter version, 133 pics for 8 bucks HERE!

and we have two brand new text stories, continue and ending of the demon kingdom series we already released from part 1-3 during the last years.

Chapter4: Elayne and Lori have to complete their mission in that drow trade city and escape from there, if they value their own lives or Ezris. At first they should find the target item, get it into their hands and avoid drows that would gladly kill them.. Also finding out familiar faces from there.. The Underdark is huge area and it’s a long way home if they even manage to escape the trade city..   can be found from shop or HERE!

Chapter5: Final key in hand, they have now means to open last Tower of mages. It have been sieged for years now and demonic hordes haven’t been able to crack it open with brute force.. So, Erac plans to open the gates with keys and take powerful seat within demon lords as an rewards.. That is his plan, others might have different plans and Elayne, Lori and Ezri are in the middle of all that.. If things go badly, three women are first ones to see it and where they could run when things fall apart? … can be found HERE!

or simply checkout Adaras new Gumroad shop :)

alot of textwall to read but you finally made it, my next chapter should be released next weekend so stay tuned :)

2019 Bundle released :)

as every year, here you go for the 2019 All-in-One Bundle :)


Sorceress Lori – Harassment
Knight Elayne – Cursed Forest Chapter 3
Knight Elayne – Harassment
Priestess Rinil – Sun, Sand and Sex
Knight Elayne – Cursed Forest Chapter 2
Sorceress Lori – Interrogations
Thief Ezri – Sleazy Bonus Reward
Knight Elayne – Beauty and the Priest
Knight Elayne – Cursed Forest Chapter 1
Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter 3 Part2
Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter 3 Part1

11 Chapters in overall, worth 62$ discounted with 30% down to 44$!