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2020 Bundle released!

as every year, here you go for the 2020 All-in-One Bundle :)


Paladine Elayne – Endgame
Paladine Elayne – Mission failed
Paladine Elayne – Rescue mission
Knight Elayne – Hangover
Thief Ezri – Strip without poker
Knight Elayne – Strip Poker
Thief Ezri – Interrogations Chapter2
Priestess Rinil – Harassment
Thief Ezri – Interrogations Chapter1

9 Chapters in overall, worth 62$ discounted with 30% down to 44$!

Paladines: Endgame released :)

first paladines triology is finished now :) third chapter coming up with 60 highres pictures

and the previews of course

as always can be found from our webshop or HERE!

enough paladines for the moment but there will be more, dont worry. lori as apprentice, some bad ending stuff and so on on my list :)

so whats next? i still dont know :D tomorrow the 2020 bundle will be released for my shop, then i am going to finish up my first prop for sale, working off some commissions and a bit more of basic animation learning :) if everything runs smooth i will start next chapter (with story… at least we planned it) next week. not much to tell beside that… another year in render mines starts, lets go for it :D

enjoy and stay tuned!

Paladines: Endgame peeks 02

ongoing in my rendermines… on 35 pics now… patreons got their peeks and two more public previews in gallery :) beside that still working on my first saleprop, gladly i got help offered by a very expierienced vendor so its going to be alot easier to start with all this :)

enjoy and stay tuned!

meanwhile in the blog 41

update time! :)

uncropped version can be found in gallery

so finally everything is ready to render next set! :) scenery again done completely on my own. demons have been completely revamped, some minor tweaks on elayne again and built my first own demonGEN, check it out! :D

also got used to substance painter during those last three weeks. going to sell the sceneries i create in different shops from now on, would be a waste of time and money if not :)

enjoy and stay tuned!