Knight Elayne – Strip Poker released :)

here we go, finally my revamp/sequel/however you wanna call it is done :D
58 pics instead of 33 in the original chapter from 2014 :)

and the previews…

can be found from webshop or directly HERE!

whats going on next? well the reworked ezri model is almost finished, patreons will get more previews the next days and the next set will be ofc with that genesis8 model :D i can just tell… it works like a charm, so much more fun and possibilities. btw this strip poker set here should be the last with old gen2 model of elayne also :) so better say goodbye, will redo the new one as good as possible… but never exactly ofc

thats it for today… few patreon/commission/cleanup thingies going on the next few weeks :) but i guess… in around 4 weeks next regular sale set should be available.

stay tuned!