Tavern – Bad ending

….Elayne noticed a large knife on the belt of the third ghoul and snatched it. She attacked the nearest creature and sliced its throat open. However, the nasty looking blade did little: When the woman tried to continue her fierce attack, the next fiend reacted quickly to her attack and countered effectively. Even when Elayne’s knife sunk into its chest, the ghoul’s hard blow on her jaw made her drop down on the floor. Dizzy from the hit, she couldn’t continue her attack after that.

The ghoul got a nasty wound on its chest, but like any other undead, it could care less about that kind of injury. It pulled the knife from its rotting flesh as its partner lay dead on the floor. Elayne was on her hands and knees, trying to recover, but it was too late: The ghouls were furious for her insolence, and for that she must be severely punished. Simply killing her wouldn’t be enough; they had something else in mind.

Elayne was still dizzy from that hard hit when one of the ghouls grabbed her firmly by the neck. She was pulled up from the floor and slammed against the table. Elayne didn’t get so much friends with that attack of hers and these dark creatures were more likely after her blood after that.

Cursed undead behind her inspected her smooth skinned and enjoyed it very much. He had lain in the shallow grave far too long and he loved to feel warm female flesh in his hands. So warm, so tender, so soft. Just like all those women so long time ago, what were ravished and murdered by him.

This blond woman have really lovely body and his lust for female flesh is driving him mad. Ghoul moves behind of Elayne and rams his hard cock into her again. She feels so warm and nice around his cock. Elaynes dizzyness is like pushed away, when she feels how roughly another pole is rammed into her and she tries to kick that attacker off from her.

Ghoul acts fast and takes firm choke hold from her from the behind. Elayne feels those smelly and dirty hands on her throat, but that force what those arms still contains is surprice for her. Strong fingers just wraps around her throat and cut all the air from her. Whole time this ghoul rams its dark skinned cock into Elaynes pussy and thrusts are violent, fierce and pace is getting faster moment by moment.

Ghoul let Elayne to slump back on the table as she is fading fast, but it keeps ravishing her with strong thrusts and punishing her for her attack against his friend. Elayne gasp air into her body and it haven’t tasted so good before. Young knight feels how this undead cutthroat forces its pole deep into her and causes more pain to her with every move. Other ghouls just grunts around their friend and seemly cheers for him to carry on.

Ghoul reaches his hand onto Elaynes tits and starts to play with her nicely perky tits. Her nipples are pointing downwards and his strong fingers grab on those. Elayne screams from the pain, as ghoul tweaks her nipples roughly. His brains might have been rot almost away over the years, but he still remembers how most women had so tender nipples and how they screamed from the pain, when his fingers attacked against on these lovely breasts.

Elayne wasn’t any different in that point and she cried out so nicely, that it was sweatest music for his rotted ears. This young woman offered so much enjoyment for them and the smell of fresh flesh was like a drug to these undead creatures. Ghoul kept ramming his hard member into Elaynes pussy even harder and blond woman wailed from the pain. She deserved it all and more, as she dared to attack on them with a knife.

Ghoul behind her wanted to impale her with it’s own lance and to kill her slowly with this agony. Make her to suffer more than she could ever imagine to be possible and a lot more after that. Thrusts became fierce and violent, while undead cutthroat took his own pleasure from this unlucky woman.

Elayne was screaming from the terrible pain what this merciless creature caused to her and she barely stayed on the table while thrusts were so violent. Young knight really feared that she’ll be splitted into two halfes  by this berserk monster, but then she slipped down from the table and ended up on the floor on her hands and knees.

That sudden change didn’t offered any help for her, as from that position ghoul behind her could ram his cock even harder into her and all that pain was making Elayne blind for everything around her. It was just her luck, that ghoul didn’t have any more endurance left and after few fierce thrusts, he unloaded his slimy foul seeds into Elaynes roughly used pussy.

Ghoul panted heavily, groaned from pleasure and felt that feeling once again. To empty his sacks into this sobbing womans cunt. Elayne felt how that slimy goo had filled her again and it was spilling out. Blond woman felt how that cursed slime tarnish her inner thighs and she knewed that her punishment wasn’t even started yet when she was pulled back up.

Seemly leader of these undead cutthroats wants his turn on Elayne and she can barely stand on her shaky legs. Young woman leans on the table and there isn’t really changes for escape, so she stay quiet and waits what fate have in store for her. Ghoul leader moved in front of her and just forced her to lay down on the table. Elayne didn’t have so much energy left, so she fought back at all and felt how her legs was pushed open again. Ghoul smirked to her when slid his hard cock into her well used cunt again.

Elayne felt how this thick cursed cock went into her and how cocks rough surface rubbed her inner parts strongly. Her several times ravished body was trembling from the pain and her ordeal seemed to continue on this dirty table. Ghoul leader grunted from enjoyment, as it loved to feel her tightly around his hard member and it almost felt Elaynes humilitation and her pain from her eyes. It felt pleasure from seeing his victims agony and moved his big hand onto her throat. Elayne tried to push that arm away from her throat, but ghoul leader was a lot stronger than she was, so it was just one futile attempt more on her list.

Ghoul leader took his time on her and kept choking Elayne with his hand, while pulling her onto half sitting position. In that position she is in most weakest and he could control how much air she got into her. Sadistic creature groaned from the pleasure while looking at her straight into her eyes, allowing her to get just that much air into her lungs so she won’t faint and kept thrusting his thick member into Elaynes cunt.

Ghoul leader seemed to enjoy more from choking her onto the brink of unconsciousness. Her body felt like more open for his hard cock and Elaynes pussy seemed to get tighter when she was forced to have an orgasm and lack of air made her a lot more easy to control. Ghoul panted heavily while watching her eyes and enjoying to see her humiliation, her pain and her agony filling her pretty blond head. It made ghoul leader to go over his line and pumped his slimy load of foul smelling seeds into her loose pussy. Yet another load to fill her womb.

After that, he just opened her hand and let her to slump on the table like ragdoll. It smile was wider than ever before and this girl is gonna be their slave for a long time. They have a lot of time in their hands now and lots of wicked ideas to torment these women.

She was dragged outside to the Tavern’s backyard. The other undead kneeled by their fallen friend and checked its injury. They weren’t so happy on how the gash turned out. Still, it seemed to be closing up and the ghoul would be up again shortly. It placed its own hand into the wound. It’s bleeding stinky black goo, something that might have been blood years ago. It forced its thick fingers into the rotten flesh, looking for something in there. It eventually pulled out two thick and nasty worms and grinned malevolently. It grunted to the other ghouls gathered, and a couple moments later another woman was dragged downstairs and into the backyard.

Amidst a dark sky the moon shined in full glory and gave its blessing for the evil that was to come. Elayne was dragged to a sturdy table that had been made from a thick log and was forced to lie on her back. Lori was placed next to her and both women were held down tightly while the ghouls surrounded the table. The previously wounded ghoul walked towards the women and pushed the worms against the lips of both of them. Elayne and Lori were forced to open their mouths as the heinous worms snapped their small jaws filled with tiny sharp teeth.

As Elayne and Lori’s mouths opened, the worms made their way in, wriggling forward and looking for somewhere specific to settle. The women panicked as these worms tasted really awful. They tried to fight, but the ghouls were too strong for them. The worms moved further down their prey’s throats, biting into the flesh and making new homes out of their hosts’ bodies. As the worms disappeared from sight, the ghouls finally took their hands off the women.

Elayne and Lori shook violently, screaming from the pain and coughing blood out of their mouths. Eventually, the shaking stopped and their bodies relaxed. They continued lying on their backs while the ghoul who gave them those worms smiled maliciously. It leaned forward and whispered darkly to them.

– You’re now our slaves, bitches. Your bodies are our property, for our little worm friends will make you obey our every command. Now, open your legs, whores.

Elayne heard those words loud and clear, and while she tried to fight it off, tried to do anything, but nothing worked.  It felt like her body was controlled by something else. She screamed from within on her own mind from the horror as she felt her legs open for these beasts. Elayne looked over, and saw Lori in the same predicament. Her lovely white-skinned thighs were fully open for these foul creatures.

– You two will keep the Tavern running, and we’ll kill the visitors that pass by. You’ll make men forget their wives with your tender bodies, and then we’ll rip their spines out. Any women that come by we’ll take into our nest and enjoy their lovely company until they die. Serve us well, sluts, and we’ll reward you.

As the ghoul spoke, it moved its dirty hands on the tits of Elayne and Lori. It nods to its friends with a wicked sneer: The dark initiation could now begin, and both women would have to endure being repeatedly violated once more.

– It’s time to play a game. You girls run, and we’ll hunt for you.  If you two can avoid being caught, you’ll be spared for this night. If we catch you, we’ll partake in using your bodies however we wish.

The ghoul nodded to its friends to let them free. Elayne, able to control her own body again, looked at Lori. The creatures took a few steps back as their leader had given its orders and both women jumped down from that table. They had a tiny chance to avoid being abused again, so they took it and ran away from these nasty monsters.


part 2 ->>

While the women moved as fast as they could, the ghoul leader began chanting in a dark voice. It wasn’t immediately clear what was being called, but soon dark reddish eyes appeared from within the darkness of the surrounding forest. First, a few pairs appeared, then many more surfaced until unholy creatures that were once men rose from their shallow graves.

– Welcome, my friends! Come feel their soft flesh. They are your prey. Hunt them down and enjoy their lovely warm bodies.

The ghouls’ leader laughed and stood next to the table where girls had lain moments ago. It had summoned old victims to join the hunt and eventually take their turns on the two supple and naked young ladies who were trying to escape.

Running in the blackened forest with bare feet wasn’t an easy task and the ghouls seemed to cheat. Elayne and Lori noticed that more ghoulish creatures rose from the ground all over the forest. They had to change direction a few times to avoid being captured. The full moon in the sky didn’t give that much light and both of them had been already ravished, so they couldn’t run as fast as they wanted.

The fiends had them surrounded and every possible way out of the tavern grounds was now blocked. Lori was already out of breath and Elayne wasn’t doing any better. The girls stopped running for a while and looked at their hunters. They weren’t moving that fast. In addition, the area where they were standing was still rather large to maneuver around. If they worked together, the women might avoid being captured by these creatures.

Elayne and Lori were leaning on the trees near the edge of the forest and watched the ghouls get closer to them step by step. They were in every direction and moving towards the pair. Elayne could hear the leader still chanting in the distance. The girls would have had a chance if they were armed, but of course there weren’t any weapons. That would be too fair.

The pair had to continue running again and Elayne started to worry, as the forest was so filled with ghouls that it felt like the place was purposefully attacking them: Trees were preventing them from going forward and slowing them down. It was as if the whole forest was twisted by the darkness, giving the ghouls’ leader the chance to control it.

At one point, the trees lifted their roots upwards and both girls stumbled onto the ground. Elayne managed to get up first, but Lori was as lucky, having the wind knocked out of her. Roots and vines latched onto the sorceress. Elayne saw the weeds pull her ally up into the middle of the air, her hands and legs pulled apart to resemble a giant X. She was made to resemble an offering to dark gods. Elayne tried to help by getting them off, but eventually she had to back off as other vines were coming after the knight. Lori was already caught and every moment that Elayne wasted was a step closer to her own demise. So she abandoned her partner and ran away.

The ghouls were getting closer to Lori and she screamed in horror. She couldn’t do anything, as those vines had coiled around her tightly and she wasn’t able to get her arms or legs free by herself. The creatures surrounded her and dirty rotten hands groped her warm body. They aren’t wasting any time at all: The first ghoul moved between her legs, guiding its hard member into her pussy and jamming it in one fierce thrust. Lori howled sharply from the pain as the first one took her in that painful position. A second brought its dirty cock to her lips and forced her to open her mouth. Her cries were now muffled and the young mage could only feel the pain of being debased once more. A hard cock was moving deep inside her pussy, its owner grunting from the pleasure. Muddy hands were running down  her thighs and hips, over her firm tits and around her head. Another cock assaulted her mouth and Lori could only endure its awful taste. The terrible smell was certain to burn into her memory forever, assuming she lived long enough.

Elayne exited from the forest as the trees became more aggressive and forced her to return to the field. She noticed Lori’s screams suddenly cut out and worried about what happened to her. She sadly hoped that the ghouls had killed the sorceress, as it was the least worst option. But she feared that these undead creatures weren’t keen on being so merciful.

It was easier to run on the field, but there were also more ghouls. The sheer number made it more apparent that there was nowhere to run from the beginning. It was just a false hope as well as a reminder that dark minions always cheat. Elayne decided to change her tactics and ran against the zombies, attacking them as much as she could. She hoped that it would rile them up so they would kill her right then and there. Better to die than to be their slave.

Elayne struck the ghouls at every opportunity, screaming like a banshee, but she only slew two ghouls before they took her down. Elayne tried to fight back as much she could but one ghoul had already pulled her onto his lap and held her arms down. Two other creatures lifted her hips up and took a firm hold of her legs. Elayne was forced to open her thighs for the fiends. As one moved between her legs and rammed its cock into Elayne’s pussy, she screamed from the intense pain. These undead creatures were filled with lustful thoughts at that moment, not caring about the prey they captured. The knight was kept in the air and several rotting hands rubbed all over her smooth-skinned body.

Elayne felt the ghoul’s hard shaft go deep inside her, scraping her inner walls. It then leaned forward to lick her exquisite tits. She cried out in anguish from the pain and humiliation. The fallen knight smelled fresh dirt and realized that these creatures had risen due to the leader’s chanting. When the fiend between her legs was finished, it was pulled away so another can have its turn.

In the woods, Lori was still held like a saltire while the undead used her holes for their own enjoyment. One ghoul was between her legs and another used her mouth. Meanwhile, other fiends played with her body, moving their hands on her silky skin, groping her soft yet firm tits and licking her hard nipples while waiting their turn. They were all grunting and groaning from the pleasure, as they haven’t ravished anything like this beautiful young mage for ages.

Even if the bodies of these creatures originally belonged to normal and honest men, they were now undead and thus bound to the ghoul leader’s commands. Of course, there were those who made a pact with the dark forces and got to keep their lust for revenge. Lori’s old lantern merely opened the way and allowed the dark pact to be fulfilled.

The young mage felt hopeless in this situation. With two cocks inside her and hands all around her, all she could do was endure the foul stench and taste of rotting flesh and musty earth that came from them. .When one ghoul unloaded its cursed seed into her pussy or mouth, another ghoul took its place. Lori eventually became dizzy and numb from the abuse before losing consciousness. The fiends didn’t notice or care about it, and carried on as usual.

After the current pair of ghouls had finished their torture, the vines put her down on the ground, and she was dragged back to the Tavern. She wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

Back in the field, Elayne felt a third ghoul cum inside her before being dropped down on the ground and turned on to her hands and knees. She was panting and feeling the slimy goo drip out of her pussy down her inner thighs. Another undead fiend moved behind her and shoved its hard pole into Elayne’s reddened pussy. Before she could yelp in pain, though, she was forced to take another cock into her mouth. The two monsters were using her like a toy: The ghoul behind her kept her in place with a firm hold on her hips, while its friend used her ponytail to control how fast and deep her face was being impaled. The creatures around her were groaning in anticipation of her flesh and they were more than eager to release their vile seed on her face or in her pussy.

Even if Elayne was disgusted from the taste of rotting flesh and their savagery, her body had yet again betrayed her, becoming very hot from pleasure. Elayne wasn’t sure if this was the doing from the worm she was force-fed just a short time ago, or if she had simply grown to enjoy this kind of sex in her travels. Much as she tried to suppress it, her own lust began to reveal itself to her tormentors, and her shame merely amplified her arousal.

The two ghouls groaned in pleasure when their unholy seed were released into her. Load after hideous load was shot onto Elayne’s face while more was planted deep into her worn-out pussy. After that, Elayne was picked up from the ground and forced back into the Tavern.

Though it knew that the result was inevitable, the Ghouls’ leader was still more than happy to see that both women had been caught. It was then time for final part of their ritual: A dark initiation into their circle. Lori was woken up as she was placed on the table again next to Elayne. It was an old sturdy table that had enough space to keep two naked women side by side on it. The leader continued its dark incantations, binding Elayne and Lori into eternal slavery to the darkness. With it, the women lost all thoughts and memories of their previous lives, knowing only their current state of servitude. A mark was placed on a hidden part of the bodies to obscure their new allegiance.

Once both women were branded to be servants of the darkness, the ritual moved to its conclusion where the ghouls were allowed to use both of them however they pleased. With a swift motion of the leader’s hand, four ghouls attacked on Elayne and Lori. Both women were on their backs, receiving hard cocks inside their pussies and mouths. The leader just cackled and walked away. It had secured a new ghoul army for its own use, while the Tavern would stay open from this point forward as a front.

In turns, numerous undead moved between the women’s thighs and sank their hard cocks into their somehow wanting cunts and throats. Lori and Elayne gasped for air while the ghouls’ members slid into their mouths repeatedly. The creatures’ grunts from the pleasure of raping these soft-bodied women filled the dark night, mixing with the victims’ cries. The nasty creatures seemed to enjoy hearing the agonizing noise their new slaves were making.

– Enjoy them, my brothers! Use their soft bodies as you will!

Encouraging its brethren to abuse the women’s bodies and fill their worthless wombs with cursed seed, the ghouls’ leader laughed triumphantly over the powerless Elayne and Lori, now fully under its control. It watched the two take care of its soldiers and accept the debasement their white-skinned bodies. It will be so easy for these two to seduce even the wariest of men.

The ghouls will need more victims, and these two will help them with that. The creatures couldn’t move during the daytime, but these women will light the lantern every night and grant them a feast from the flesh of unlucky visitors. Perhaps they could keep a few males as slaves to do heavy work for the girls during the day, controlled by those same worms. In time they won’t need the power of the lantern to get up again, as every kill they make grants them more power. Soon enough, everything will be as it was years ago.

The women were kept on the table and fully exploited by the ghouls. They were moved into many different positions and their screams echoed in the dark forest around them. Taken from the behind, the women’s arms were pulled backwards, legs pinned against the table and forced to groan as hard as they can while ghouls contested which one of them could last longest. Nobody cared about the poor ladies in the debauchery: They were just some flesh bags, made for their use.

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