Sorceress Lori – Beyond Death

By Adara


After Lori had delivered that old lantern into hands of her field instructor, she got another assignment, and instructor said that task would be an easy one. They had learned that the old long forgotten graveyard has a crypt where one of their guild members stashed some old relics and other items, so they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. They have been waiting there to be picked up for years now, and now the guild librarians had found clues about those items. Of course the Mage’s guild wants to get their items back and Lori was sent to pick them up.

She got map what showed where the old cemetery is, but when Lori finally finds her way to that part of the region, she finds that the forest has swallowed the old cemetery almost fully. The forest didn’t grow over that ground over night and it makes her task of finding that certain crypt even harder.

She isn’t too happy with this task, and thick bushes makes her search for that entrance into the crypt even harder. The sun was already setting when she finally found an old crypt door that looked promising. At least it had all the markings on it like it should, but the thick door is jammed by roots. Lori binds a few simple spells to clear her way and to get the door open. She had to redo the spell a few times, until roots were cleared away from the door and she is able to open it.

Air inside the long forgotten crypt smelled damp like in old cellars. There was stairs down and Lori looked around the surfaces of the walls and ceiling in the light from her ring. She wanted to be sure that it was safe to enter there and that the old building won’t just cave in, when she enters there. The stairs seem to go deep into the ground so maybe the crypt rooms are still untouched by the tree roots. There had been plenty of those crypts long ago as noble families buried their kin in them. For some reason the Royal’s had moved their Capitol into another place and this cemetery was abandoned. Noble families were more keen to take care of their living relatives, than taking care of their buried relatives in here, so the forest took back what the people stole from it a long time ago.

Finally Lori found the entrance into the crypt and much time was wasted as forest had grown so thick. The wiser choice for her was to go down there in the morning, but it seems like it will start to rain really soon and she didn’t have a suitable camp made up yet to spend a night outside and stay dry and warm, so Lori made sure that her horse is secured and safe from the worst of the rain before going into the world of the dead. The stairs go really deep and the old walls still hold off the ground, that is trying to push through and fill the whole underground crypt.

The first room was rather boring with few stone coffins, lot’s of old painted pictures of old deeds, but those are mostly worn away by time. Lori knows that there is a hidden door somewhere, but she needs to find the hidden lever. Librarians from the guild couldn’t tell any details, they just said that there is a hidden door. Find it, get the items and get back. It sounded so simple to them. Go, get it and come back. Even a monkey can do that. The only light source what Lori had was her guild ring and that isn’t very strong, but it shows enough. She tries to save her powers for the moment, when her spells are truly needed. It’s just stupid to waste all her mana in small spells and ending up with a problem that needs some spell binding, but she doesn’t have enough mana for it. So she needs to search the whole of that rather big front room with the light from her small ring.

It’s raining heavily outside and she can hear how the wind is picking up. Thunder is rising up outside but at least here is pretty much dry. Dirty and dusty, but dry. Also her horse has water resistant blanket over it, so it’s happy enough as long no tree’s fall on it.

Lori searched for the hidden lever up high, checking coffins, torch hangers and then she starts to inspect the engravings on the walls. Finally, after crawling in that dust and sticking her hand into small holes, she found the old locking lever and she presses it down with small smile. It takes some time as mechanism could be full of dust, but slowly the hidden door starts to open from her left side. It get’s jammed when it’s half way open and there’s no way that Lori could open it fully. It just won’t move further in. She needs to slide herself in through that opening and find out where those items are.

The hidden door leads into a dusty corridor and Lori goes forward, while trying to be extra careful as there could be traps against grave robbers. Someone would say that Lori is also a grave robber, but she won’t think about it right now. She didn’t plan to get poison dart in her body any day soon, or be the target for other deadly traps. The corridor leads her into an inner chamber where there seems to be more stone tablets on the walls, just for names, useless titles and dates. Nothing that could give a hint to her where those items are. The chamber has three alcoves, all have three wooden doors and they seems to be locked. All the door’s are painted with dark colours, rather regular in shape and model, so those aren’t giving any clues to her. Lori searches the whole inner chamber for keys and as she can’t find any, she needs to cast a spell to open those locks.

From room one she finds few more stone coffins and by using old burnt out torch, she manage to get the lid open a bit to see the inside of those coffins. Just old dried bodies in those, no hidden items. Lori starts to wonder that if someone really hid something in here, that person must have a key to get into this side of that hidden door. Also real knowledge that this place goes deep and in here they could hide something. Lori is wondering that if someone really planned to
put those items in here, as if they were hided in here in hurry, she could have found them already or someone else could have found them already. Something in this isn’t fitting together and the details are pretty odd.

The second door leads into another chamber with old jars, containers, wooden boxes and a few old books. Lori checks those books first and those are in an old and weird language. She can’t understand anything in those. They look to be worn out old leather covered books, but nothing really special about them. Some collectors might pay a few coins for those but the Guilds Librarians would take those for free. Still why should she carry useless books with her.

Old jars are just dirty and don’t containing anything important, just like those containers. Maybe someone has brought something in here with these and just left them there. The room looks to be just a storage place for regular and pretty useless stuff. If those would have any value, they wouldn’t be in here. Still someone has cared enough about those and locked even that room. That must be one greedy bastard to leave garbage like that behind a locked door. Lori searches the whole room for hidden objects, but there aren’t any.

Behind the third door she finds another corridor that leads her into a bigger chamber where there is at least 6 stone coffins in a circle. In the middle of the room is a dark wooden table and Lori can see another alcove on the other side of the room. That chamber looks to be more decorated than the other rooms. The room has torches on the walls and Lori takes one of those.

She lit it up and put her ring away. As she walks towards the table in the middle, she feels something changes within that room, but when she turns to look around to see, everything looks to be same. The room is quiet and a bit scary with all those dark surfaces. Coffins are also stained with dark colours, but time has made that colour fade away. Lori didn’t
like this at all and she hurries her steps a bit. She finds out that the alcove that she saw, leads into a smaller room behind this and it has shelves around it. There is plenty of odd figures, items and talismans. From there Lori finds items that she is looking for. Nicely stored on those shelves’ and there is everything that is on her list. She wraps those items in cloth and puts them into her backpack. After that, Lori looks at the other items and takes few of those for herself. Who would miss those in here as it seems that nobody had visited here in a few decades.

As she steps back into decorated coffin room, she walks a few steps and notices that a few coffin lids are opened and are empty. Lori doesn’t know what is happening and she just wants to get out of here. Those coffins were closed when she went into the other room and now they are opened. She notices a dark figure on her left side and another on her right side. In front of her is that corridor that leads out of that room, but she must get into that first if she wants to escape with her salvaged items. As she takes a step towards the corridor, the figures takes two steps towards her and Lori uses her torch to keep them away. While she is backing away from those creatures, that seemed to be humans a long time ago, but now they aren’t so human anymore. What kind of dark spirit has possessed them and made them rise up. While Lori is trying to figure out what kind of creatures these are, she walked backwards so she could keep these fiends away from her with her torch, then she stumbles onto a third creature. It won’t waste any time at all and grabs a strong hold of her with its cursed hands.

Now Lori can see a lot more closely what these creatures are and they look to be some kind of lich’s. She had read old legends of those creatures, but these aren’t fitting into the information that the guild has about them. Maybe it was an old experiment gone wrong and the bodies have been buried in here, so nobody will know anything about the failed test.

– Yesss… Fresshh womann.. we’ll connverttt herrr inntooo uss.. Herrrr blooddd isss stronnggg.. it’sss givingg it’ss strenghtt to ussss..
Lich behind Lori hisses and they drags her back in the middle of the room. Lori tries to fight herself free, but their holds are too strong for her alone. She doesn’t want to become one of these, not now, not ever and she tries to wriggle herself out from their hold, but then one of the lich’s hit her hard in the face. Lori is dazed and for a while she is seeing stars.

The Lich’s pull her near the table and start to tear her clothes away from her. Lori is still a bit dazed from that hit, when she figures out how they are going to “turn her” into their own. Her clothes are torn to pieces and she is forced to lean over that table, her hands are slid into old metallic manacles and she is helpless in that position. She can feel their rough hands on her smooth skin and all three lich creatures starts to chant something weird. Lori tries to look behind her and then she wished that she wouldn’t have looked. As lich behind her had opened its pants and pulled its old cock out.
Their chants seems to be waking up their dried members into full glory again and that Lich has a big one. Lori is panicking and trying to pull her hands out of those manacles by force. It’s no use and the creatures just laugh at her futile attempts.

Lori cries and begs for mercy, as the first Lich is settling himself behind her. This creature won’t feel any pity or want to give mercy to this sobbing female, just ravage her and take her strong blood to feed it’s hunger for power. One sharp thrust makes it’s big member force its way into Lori’s body. The young mage cries out loud from the pain and feels that cursed cock force it’s way deep into her and stretches her to her limits. She pants and cries as this lich uses her
body for its own pleasure. Two other liches are waiting their turn patiently and that is something that they have learned well. Waiting patiently.

– OOhhh.. P-please.. n-no.. aahh.. I’m bursting.. p-please.. slower.. aaaahh..
Lori begs while feeling how that big lich cock is almost tearing her apart and she is kept in that humiliating position. Her hands are tightly secured in that dark wooden table and Lori feels deep scratching marks from the wooden surface under her hands. Maybe she isn’t the first one who has been turned into a thing like them in this manner. Rough hard hands moves on her body, while the hard cock goes deeper into her pussy thrust after a thrust.

The young mage cries loudly every time when this Lich creature rams it’s hard tool deep into her and this cursed person seems to have a lust for tender female flesh. Lori feels it’s rough hands on her tits, playing with her nipples, making her cry out loud with its fierce thrusts. She’s defenceless in that position and her body trembles from pain and pleasure in the hands of this cruel Lich. The cursed being behind Lori wanted to hear her cries and wanted to enjoy her while it was its turn. Lori panted from the pain, but still she had started to feel strange pleasure from that rough abuse.

The old cursed being enjoyed feeling this young female in its darkened hands. It had been a long time since it had a chance to feel something as soft and tender as poor Lori. The Lich loved the feeling that this young female gave it, she felt so hot and tight around it’s hard member and the creature kept it’s fierce pace up with unnatural strength. Lori panted, groaned, cried out loud and she was already sweating hard, when she felt the creature behind her had suddenly stopped and started to pump it’s thick slimy goo deep into her womb. She had got several orgasms already and that had weakened her a lot.

As one Lich pulled it’s softening cock out of her, Lori’s hands were finally freed and she was tossed to lay on her back on the same table, but her hands were tied again onto it with those same manacles. The second Lich pushed her thighs open for it and it smirked it’s evil smile to the weakened woman, while sliding it’s upwards curved cock into Lori’s already well opened pussy.

Lori started to cry out loud again and panted heavily, as another Lich was taking her hard on that old, but sturdy table. The Lich’ were telling her, how their seeds will turn her into one of them and she’ll join their cursed ranks. Still she wouldn’t be turned into one of them over night, she’ll be their pet as long as they want her to be and after that, they turn her into accursed being. That isn’t something that Lori really wanted to think and imagine herself to be a cursed half-Lich. Damned from all grace and mercy. Living within these crypts deep in a long forgotten cemetery.

The young mage panted heavily, as she felt how this second Lich took her with long and strong thrusts. It’s hard cock was rubbing her inner pleasure spots hard and soon her young tender body was trembling from the orgasm once again.

– Ohh.. n-no.. no.. aahh.. not.. again.. arhh.. arhh.. Ahhhh!!!!

Lori cried out as an orgasm made her scream from the pleasure just like a common whore. A whore who enjoyed been ravaged by those cursed beings. Lori felt it’s hard member sliding so deep into her, that would have scared her if she was standing next to that table and just watched it, but she was on that table and took that cock in her own body, while screaming from pleasure.

The first Lich was smiling with it’s partly rotten and dried face, when watching how this young female served them on their dark and crude altar. It moved next to her head and put its semi-hard cock on Lori’s lips and just made her open her mouth for its foul cock. Her hands were tied on the table, but the rest of her body was still usable and so these Lich’s used her as long they wanted to.

Lori panted as much as she could while she sucked that foul cock and wrapped her legs around that second Lich’s waist. Her body was trembling from the pleasure at that moment and the pain had just disappeared from her mind. She just felt her body was on fire from the flames of pleasure, her skin was sweaty and two cocks were filling her holes. One in her
mouth and second buried deep in her pussy.

The Lich’s had turned her into a slut with their dark magic created cocks. Lori groaned loudly as she felt the second Lich shoot it’s thick goo into her with loud grunts. After that, the Lich’s untied her hands and she was pulled up from the table, but she wasn’t up for more than few moments. The third Lich had lain on the floor on its back and Lori was placed to ride on it’s hard cock, but that wasn’t enough, as the Lich who fucked her first now moved behind her and wanted to feel her darker hole around it’s hard tool. The young mage was already tired from all the abuse, but when she felt pressure on her backdoor, it made her try to get up. She might have succeed, but her legs were so tired that she couldn’t get up fast enough. She screamed from the pain, as thick cock forced its way into her suddenly, and for a moment, that pain froze her whole body for few moments. The Lich’s didn’t care about it at all and the Lich who was earlier between her legs, now came in front of her and pulled her face up, so it could make her lick and suck it’s semi-soft cock.

Lori just had to endure it and soon enough she was again moaning as loudly as before. She is turned into a slut for three cursed half-Lich’s. Her body is now ravaged in every way and she seems to love it. To feel one hard cock going deep
into her pussy, another one in her darker hole and one in her mouth. Three cursed beings fill her holes and make her body tremble from unearthly pleasure that she hadn’t ever felt before. Dark magic makes sure that those cocks stay hard and thick enough to stretch her holes to her limits, which it’s making her scream even louder from pure lust.

Rough hands moved on her sweaty slim figured body and Lori felt every touch, even softest touch felt like it could be as hard as a slap. Lori’s body is that tender and her own lust has betrayed her. That roughness had gone so over her own limits, that she just let it go and let those creatures abuse her more and more. The young mage panted heavily and moaned loudly from the lust, while two thick cocks are buried deep into her tight holes. Before she had feared that those huge cocks would tear her to pieces, splitting her into two halves, but now she doesn’t care and she pushes her hips against those thick cocks willingly.

The Lich behind her pulls her hair forcefully, so he could lick her neck and while doing so, her back is forced into an arch. The Lich under her loves to lick and bite her tender nipples, that are so hard and pointing upwards, as an indicator of her being deeply aroused. She moans like never before, while these beings treat her roughly and the Lich in front of her makes her  take his cock as deep she could in her mouth.

Then out of the blue, one of the creatures announces that they will keep her “alive and well” as long they want. Lori is such a lively pet and they will enjoy more from her if they allow her to stay in her current state to be their fuck toy. Something wakes her up from her pleasure filled clouds and her lust for those cocks starts to fade. Lori has had enough of it and she starts to act like she’s fading from fatigue. The Lich’s just take their enjoyment from her and after they all have cum in her, they are about to drag her into darkness where she would be their slave. Lori had waited for that moment, when she could make her move, and while the Lich’s had their fun with her, she had waited and rested for a while and did some spell binding to save her own skin.

One of the Lich’s is trying to reach her to drag her into a cell, but Lori felt that now was her time to act. She lifted her hand up and made her ring light up directly into the Lich’s eyes. It yelled from shock and maybe that sudden direct light hurt it a bit, but that bought some more time for Lori who cast her spells and freed flaming fireballs from her hands. One fireball for each Lich. As the cursed creatures were surprised by her completely, those fireballs hit straight onto their targets and it was their time to scream from unnatural pain. Normal flame wouldn’t cause pain like the fire what was created with magic. Screams of Lich’s filled the chamber and Lori had to cover her ears for a while, that was how sharp their screams were. It felt like a small eternity to watch how those cursed creatures burnt to ashes. At first the fire ate their dried flesh and caused them to fall down on the floor. As flames ate their cursed muscles, they couldn’t move at all and all they could do was scream from pain. The pain was something that they had caused to others and killed people after torturing them in various ways. Now this young mage surprised them and sealed their fates for good.

The air in that chamber was thick from smoke and it caused Lori cough. Smoke prevented her seeing further than her own arms length. She moved away from those piles of ashes just in case and retrieved some of her clothes from the floor. Some were ruined, but some of them could be saved. She needed clothes as people would start to say nasty things if she rides back into the mages guild fully naked. Maybe she’ll just wear what she can salvage and get more on the way.

In the morning the rain had already stopped and Lori climbed back up. She was tired, beaten, couldn’t fully sit down and her clothes had seen better days. At least she got those items that she had been searching for.

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