Old Chapel – Alt ending

As the Demon Lord finally shot its unholy seed deep into Elayne’s womb, it grunted
from the lust and pleasure that this fragile female gave. Elayne panted heavily and
felt how this demonic being filled her pussy with its slimy seed. The Demon Lord
pulled its hard member out of her, and she slumped to her knees .

– Lick it clean. whore!

When the Demon Lord ordered this with its dark voice, those words pierced her
mind hard. Elayne seemed to snap out of the dark charm. Maybe she could fight.
Elayne forced herself to obey the Demon Lord’s whims, tasting that its sour and
slimy seed as well her own salty taste. While serving that demon, she tried to reach a
rusty knife that laid on the floor nearby. It wasn’t the best weapon, but then it was
the only thing she could get her hands on in short notice. She didn’t see her sword
and couldn’t start looking for it. The Demon Lord groaned from the pleasure, as
Elayne cleaned its once again hardening cock with her tongue and lips.

She waited for the right moment to grab that knife from the floor and when that
moment came, she made her move. She attacked and her knife hit its mark, but the
blade didn’t even make a scratch on its skin. Instead, it bent apart.

Elayne was stunned at its failure, only to miss the Demon Lord’s fist smashing
directly onto her jaw. It had noticed something was wrong when that woman wasn’t
as eager to please its member as before, so it was ready to defend itself when Elayne
attacked. After the punch, she dropped on the floor like empty sack.

The Demon Lord just smiled with a wicked intent, and opened a dark and spinning
portal. It lifted Elayne onto its shoulder and carried her through that portal. Elayne
will pay dearly for this.

When Elayne woke up, she felt a terrible headache and it was hard to breathe. She
looked around, but the room was dark.. The floor was uneven, and strange lights
blinkered here and there like weird blue flamed torches. As her sight got better, she
saw something in the shadows near the corner of the room. As she got up, she noted
how the air tasted awful in here. Her jaw was hurting, but that didn’t stop her from
checking what she saw in those shadows. From what she could tell, it was
motionless. As she moved towards the figure, she believed it was a dried body. It
had been a human female just like Elayne, but it looked horrible: Her stomach was
burst open from the inside out. Elayne couldn’t even imagine something like that
happening to her, but that dried body stuck the fear into her mind.

Elayne herself was fully naked and had neither weapons, nor food, nor water in
here. The room seemed to be one big cell and that dried body wasn’t the only corpse
that she found in there. There were at least seven or eight corpses, and all died in
the same way. As she was trying to figure out what could cause this, as well as what
she could use as a weapon in her escape, the thick stonewall started to move aside.
The Demon Lord entered, this time with two other demons. They were both much
larger, and possessed dark-red muscular bodies. Their smiles showed the most
malicious intent as the Demon Lord pointed to Elayne with its dark hand. Elayne
tried to evade them, but she was quickly forced into a corner with no escape. She
was then captured and dragged out from that cell into some kind of arena.

Elayne was tossed on the ground and some kind of crude sword was given to her.
The two dark red demons stood on the other side and waited.

– You’ll fight them. You win, you’ll live.. You lose, they’ll rape you.

Demon Lord made this stern command to the trembling Elayne with its gloomy
voice. It actually didn’t care what happens to her: she was just entertainment for
them. Hopefully she fights back and won’t give up so easily.

– P-please.. I-I beg you. I’ll do a-anything. I’ll serve you o-or anyone. B-but I don’t
want to fight or die!

Elayne made a weak plea for her life, but the Demon Lord didn’t care and just
vanished from that arena. The thick stony walls closed and there was no way out. If
she wanted to live, she would have to win against both those huge demons with this
old crude sword.

The Demon Lord surfaced high above in the stands, a place Elayne couldn’t get up to
without wings. It seemed like the Demon Lord wasn’t the only one in there: It had
turned into a spectacle, and she was just cannon fodder. The two demons growled
and walked towards Elayne, who was now forced to fight for her life. She tried to
avoid being caught by them. The demons just had loincloths on them and were
unarmed. But they could still kill Elayne in one hit if they wanted to. They were
rather quick when moving around the arena. Elayne tried to stay on the move and
score a hit here or there when she could, but soon realized that these creatures were
just toying with her and the fight was just a show.

Still, she tried to do some damage on them. She stabbed her sword into the nearest
demon’s calf muscle, but her sword got stuck. . While she tried pulling it out, the
other demon seized her. She flew into the stony wall and felt dazed by the hit. The
demons dragged her into the middle of the arena and lifted the stunned Elayne into
the air for just a moment. The dark red demons pulled their loincloths away and
their hard cocks waited for their prize. Elayne’s head cleared just as she was pushed
down the first demon’s cock. As it was forcing its way into her, Elayne screamed
sharply from the pain. The other demon moved behind her and directed its tool into
her backdoor.

Elayne was panting heavily from the first shock when she suddenly felt that second
hard cock seeking its way into her darker hole. This time she screamed for a much
longer time as the demons started to move her between them. At first it was slow-
paced, as their cocks were massive compared to her rather slim body. It became
clear that Elayne wasn’t their first human female toy, as the demons knew how to do
this without damaging her badly…yet.

Elayne felt like she was just a doll at the end of a stick. With every thrust, their tools
went deeper and her painful cries filled the arena. The demon in front of Elayne
licked her lovely tits with its long black tongue and it seemed to like their soft flesh,
so much so that it bite her nipples hard enough to leave bite marks on her smooth
pink skin.. Elayne cried out in pain, and her womb felt like it was on fire.
The demons’ pace picked up when they felt that this female had gotten used to their
huge cocks and it was time to fuck her brains out. Elayne groaned and moaned
loudly while taking both cocks into her body. With the pain subsiding, the roughness
of the demons’ members was giving her more and more pleasure.

The demons kept ramming into her tight holes and her slutty moans echoed off the
walls of that cursed arena. Then they stopped, and Elayne was told to go on her
hands and knees. She wasn’t given much time to obey, so she was roughly helped
into that position. The first demon took its place behind her and it rammed its
mighty spear into her hard. She cried out sharply when that thick demonic member
felt like it impaled her whole body with one savage thrust. The monster cock was
stretching her pussy beyond its limits easily, but she didn’t feel any pain then. If she
did, she certainly didn’t care. Elayne’s hands were trembling while the demon
behind her kept fucking her with long fierce thrusts.

The second demon sat in front of Elayne and told her to serve it with her mouth.
Elayne obeyed as much she could, and the rough pace made her whole body move
back and forth. Her firm tits were also swaying along to that savage rhythm as the
demons kept abusing her body. As their hands moved around on her smooth skin,
which looked milky white in the light, their claws left reddish scratches. The demon
in front suddenly gripped her head firmly and started to facefuck her. It didn’t care if
she choked or not, for she was there to be raped by them. Her tits were slapped,
pulled and tweaked by these rough demons, which made her squirm every time they
were targeted.

Soon enough, the first demon cummed into her pussy. Elayne felt that thick member
explode deep inside her and filled her with that big warm flood of unholy seed. The
second demon didn’t waste any time when its friend finished and pulled the tired
Elayne onto it’s lap and pressed her down on its cock. Elayne moaned yet again as its
thick cock slid easily into her roughly abused and extremely well lubricated pussy
once again. She panted heavily as she was made to ride on it. The demon under her
did almost all the work, moving her tired body up and down with its strong arms.
Elayne gasped for air every time its demonic member was rammed deep into her,
and she could barely breathe right while the cock pulled out for another thrust.
Tired and trashed, Elayne was at this point just a ragdoll to the demons, as well as
others who watched the “show.”

Elayne cried out in pleasure when another orgasm hit her. She had lost count
how many orgasms she got from that session, but these demonic creatures had
unnatural endurance and an appetite for human females. Elayne kept moving up
and down on the demon’s pole, and her firm tits swung along with the irregular
pace. She was panting, moaning, groaning and crying from the pleasure like a
common whore in the back alley.

However, that wasn’t enough for them, and she was pulled up yet again. She was
held up in the air, and the demon who laid under her previously directed his mighty
spear back into her extremely loosened pussy. Her body had gotten used it, and now
it was easier to take it all in. Still, that long and thick cock made her gag for air and
nothing could prevent her from doing so. The demon swung her into different
positions on its lap and she moaned like a whore, until she was forced to lean
backwards, facing the other demon who then eagerly seized its chance. Holding her
torso together, they skewered her in her over-stretched mouth and pussy as deep as
they could.

Elayne felt like she was being held on a thread, and that the demons could drop her
on the ground anytime they want. Her body trembled from the pleasure of
helplessness as that position made her cum again. Elayne was fully at their mercy,
and she relished the different kind of feeling that it gave: That of being a sex slave
for these creatures.

The demons continued fucking Elayne in that position and her body was on full
display to everyone watching. She was harshly manhandled in the arena and after
an intense ride, the second Demon shot its load deep into Elayne’s womb. They let
her slump to the ground and left as “victors” in “triumph.”

Elayne was then dragged back into her cell where she wait until she is needed for another
arena fight. There wasn’t anything what could prevent her becoming pregnant now.
Maybe that will happen sooner than she would like to..

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