Ezri – Don’t get caught



The night lures all kind of creepy crawlers out of hiding. The streets of this particular small city were quiet as someone moved stealthily on the rooftops of its buildings. Only the guards moved around on the streets and they didn’t want to find out that someone was moving above them with possibly something nasty planned. The figure moved rather easily within the shadows, looking for something.

A thunderstorm made its presence known from the distance and the figure had mixed feelings about it. Storms like that easily hid the noises made from movement, but the rain made those roofs slippery. Ezri didn’t like the idea of falling down on the pavement, so she had to find something to steal before the storm would drench her.

She climbed atop one tall building and its roof was nice and flat. She hadn’t seen the building before. She smiled to herself, as it was quite safe from the guards and there were skylights. Lights were on in one room, but Ezri didn’t notice anyone in there. She quietly inspected the skylight more closely, while staying within shadows just in case. Someone could be in that room and look up just when her face appeared. Her first rule was, ‘Don’t get caught,’ the second was ‘Don’t be seen.’ These really basic rules kept her out of trouble.

The room looked so inviting, it almost called out her name as she noticed some jewelry lying on the table, along with a few candlestick holders that looked to be silver. There were many other things that she could easily to sell for few coins, too. It was like a treasure room for her. Ezri looked at the dark sky and then at that skylight. She would have to move fast and everything would have to be just right.

– Don’t be seen. Don’t get caught.

She took a small knife from her belt and started to unlatch the skylight. She failed to notice that something had been watching her the whole time and it certainly didn’t like what was happening at this moment. Ezri forgot that danger could come from inside as well as outside.

As Ezri got the skylight pulled open, the dark figure made its move and flew above her, dropping down and pulling the surprised thief inside. She ended up on the floor. The only thing that saved her life was her own reflexes. She managed to curl up and roll a little bit to avoid getting from that fall. She only got a few scratches and bruises from the fall, but she didn’t have time to look around and figure out what the hell made her to fall.

Then, something rushed in and removed Ezri’s knifes from her belt, before slamming her against the floor. A vampire hissed above her while looking at this young thief broodingly,

– Answer me correctly, girl. Your life depends on it. Are you after those trinkets on the table? Or are you after me? Are you a thief or a hunter?

He was surprised. He thought that this was another vampire hunter, but she looked too young. He had to admit that this girl was quite petite and pretty. Looking at her eyes awakened something within him.

– A…thief…

Those were the only words Ezri could utter to this dark creature who was ready to rip her throat open with his really sharp teeth. His hand was choking her, keeping her in place. She could barely breathe.

The vampire smiled widely, as this girl wasn’t any threat to him. He thought to amuse himself a little bit. He pressed his finger onto Ezri’s lips. She felt his index finger’s sharp pointed fingernail slightly touching her skin. He muttered,

– Keep your mouth shut, and maybe I’ll let you live,.

And moved his hand down through her clothes, shredding them open with his sharp fingernails. Ezri was horrified to feel this fiend expose her body like this. She shook in fear and kept her mouth shut like she was told. He was really pleased to see more of this young girl, as tearing her clothes away revealed her really petite body. She was slim-figured, and her breasts looked incredibly firm. What really made him more horny than hungry, though, was her incredibly tiny waist.

Ezri experienced his hands moving all over her smooth skin and inspecting every scar, mole and beauty mark on her body. She felt more like cattle to this creature. At least she was treated like it, given that this inspection wasn’t particularly gentle or erotic. Then the vampire got up from the floor. Ezri was also pulled up, only to be forced on her knees in front of this dark creature. He grinned and opened his pants, so his staff would get some playtime. He hissed through his teeth,

– Suck it, girl. Do it nicely, or I’ll rip your head off and use your throat to please me!

Ezri felt both of his hands pushing her head against his groins. She had to open her mouth and allow that disgusting cock to slide into her mouth. It tasted awful, and it looked like a few years had passed since it was last washed. She had no other choice, though, so she tried her best to please him. She had grown up in a brothel, so she knew some tricks. However, she lacked actual practice, since she hated being there and worried about ending up like her mother or the other women in there.

Ezri was kept on her knees in front of this vampire, while his hands kept the girl’s head firmly in his grasp. He enjoyed someone else sucking him for a change. He controlled everything: pace, how deep his cock went into her mouth and body movement. He could snap the girl’s neck at any moment, so the thief had to submit to his desires to stay alive.

When his strong arms weren’t blocking her view, she could see a little bit of the room they were in. She suspected that it wasn’t a typical apartment in the building. Perhaps it was this vampire’s nest, or one of a few where he could rest. The skylight had thick cloth drapes that prevented sunlight from entering the room. There were steps that led to the roof, with a door on the side that seemed to be strongly locked up with latches. There was old furniture lying about in the room, including ancient chairs, tables and chests. There was also a really huge bed that could have been made for the King.

Ezri’s jaw was hurting a lot at this point, for the vampire had forced her head into a difficult position to keep her subdued. All it would take was one swift move from the vampire and her neck would be broken. She feared for her life the whole time, but that was the one thing this vampire wanted. He enjoyed seeing this young petite girl fear for her pitiful life. While her oral skills weren’t so good, the rest of her body was loud and clear: Ezri was mortified.

The vampire started panting silently, immersing himself in the situation while Ezri unconsciously freaked out. He had seen so many women in his long life, having sucked the life out of them and feasting with their warm blood. Every one of them was deathly afraid. But this time the thief was lucky: he had already taken someone else’s life shortly before meeting Ezri on the roof. He desired the body over the blood.

The vampire felt that fire building up within his loins before finally shooting his cursed seed into Ezri’s mouth. Wave after wave of his slimy load landed in her mouth, on her face and over her lovely tits. He was pleased to see that he had tainted this young woman with his essence, but that was just the first part what she had to endure. The creature pulled up his little sex toy from the floor and pushed her towards his bed. There, he usually played with his prey before sinking his teeth into their necks.

Ezri realized where this vampire was pushing her and started to panic. She begged for mercy from the vampire, but was instead thrown on the bed, landing roughly on her back. Something grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands up and splaying her on the bed. She was defenseless in that position. At the front of the bed, the vampire stroked his cock while looking at her slim legs. Her smooth skin seemed like the most expensive silk, while her body looked so warm and inviting. She looked so lovely that the vampire thought maybe he could make her his slave, playing with her every night until her beauty fades away and her blood was ripe.

Ezri didn’t know what the vampire was thinking, but his lecherous staring made her dread. He took his time undressing his clothes and revealed a body that was covered in tattoos, curses and scars from numerous fights. He then got on the bed and went straight to business, pushing her legs open and taking position over her. The creature snickered while rubbing his thick cock against her pussy for a while before ramming it in there. He hissed menacingly,

– You’ll enjoy my cock. I’ll bury it deep into your cunt and you’ll love it. If you last long enough, I might let you go. If you dare attack me tonight, I know a few friends who could rape your brains out, tear you to pieces and eat your flesh. They would certainly love to do that for you.

Ezri feared such a despicable death more than what she was about to face. He took a firm hold of her neck before forcing his cock into the young woman’s pussy. Looking straight into her eyes while his thick cursed cock was sliding into her bit by bit, he just sneered at her predicament. Ezri gasped, as that cock felt ridiculously big. It stretched her wide open and she felt it going deeper into her body. The beast just looked through her, feeding off her fear, pain and shame. She panted slightly and thought her pussy was going to tear from the thickness.

Then the vampire started moving in and out of her. The inexperienced thief began to moan, unsure if she felt pain or pleasure. She was scared that this inhuman creature would rip her limbs off and rape her torso several times if she did something wrong. She suffered in shame as she squealed like a slut, for this foul creature knew a few nasty tricks that made women howl in pleasure. Her painfully swollen tits bounced along, and her breathing was becoming heavier by the moment. Ezri let out a small yelp when the vampire went from moving to ramming his cock deep into her. She shrieked from enjoyment as her whole body felt little more pain than pleasure.

The vampire changed the mood with a snap of his sharp teeth near her neck and picked up the pace. Again, Ezri returned to the horrible reality in fright . She laid on the bed, hands still secured above her head by some dark magic while this fiend took her harder than before. His thick member moved harshly within her pussy and she let out an inexplicable sound. Tears were running down her cheeks as she could hear something whispering evil things into her head. She didn’t want to know what he was planning. Ezri could see every detail of those unnatural teeth, as they were so close to her that he could have easily sunk them into her throat with a slight movement.

The vampire grunted while thrusting his hips against Ezri’s, relishing the feeling that this young cunt gave him. It felt so fresh and tight, just the way he likes it. Ezri’s lovely tits moved to their own rhythm, and time-to-time he licked her tender nipples with his tongue. Her body was hot with moisture and her blood ran wildly through her veins. All it did was excite him more. Ezri feared that he’d tear into her as he feigned raising his arm to attack a few times, just to spice things up. Ezri could see lust from his eyes, but she didn’t know why.

As the vampire took her even harder on that bed, she screamed in pain every time his awful cock pierced deep into her tight hole. Ezri was helpless in this situation. She shamefully admitted to herself that she came a few times already, but he wasn’t done.

The scourge grunted heavily while laying between her legs and ramming his staff into this inflamed pussy repeatedly, making her cry like a banshee, shake in terror and feel her life hang by a thread.

Suddenly, Ezri noticed that her hands were free and the vampire had pulled his cock out. But it was for nothing: He quickly flipped her over, forcing her on her hands and knees in front of him. Ezri panted from exhaustion and didn’t have time to react to the sudden change of position before she yowled as his thick cock penetrated her yet again. He growled like a beast in heat with each thrust. Her butt looked so shapely from that position, but her back was also looking sexy as well. All Ezri could do was scream and groan from the “pleasure” of being taken from behind.

She felt his hand move along her bare skin, his sharp fingernails almost leaving scratches on her. She was glistening in sweat as his hand moved towards her neck. Ezri felt the strong fingers wrap around her neck pull her up with ease. She knew that he could just crush her windpipe at any time. She was kept in that position, knees barely touching the bed and bosom hanging in the air. Ezri suspected she would be killed when this was over.

The vampire roared while thrusting his hard member deep into this young plaything. His pace had become so fierce, it looked he would split this thief in half. His hold on Ezri’s neck was strong and rather painful, so it just added more horror into her voice. He enjoyed hearing this young woman showing anguish and desire at the same time.

Finally, the pleasure became too much for the vampire, and he shot his second load into Ezri’s sore pussy. He groaned loudly from the release, enjoying every second. The would-be thief had served him well. Since he wasn’t hungry, he merely kicked the whimpering girl off his bed and told her to get out of his nest. The fiend continued lying on his bed while Ezri struggled to pick up her clothes as fast as she could between her sobs. Suddenly, she felt an unseen force fling her out of that room. Before she could understand what was going on, the door closed and locked. She wasn’t sure if it was another vampire trick or if something else had been watching them.

Ezri ended up in a small corridor where she got dressed in what remained of her clothes.  Seeing the thunderstorm booming right next to the town, she made a quick escape. She hoped to never meet that vampire again. The odds were likely that next time, he would be hungry.

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