Elayne – Secrets of the Tavern

After wandering through thick forest, Elayne finally found a tavern in a small clearing. Earlier she had went past an empty village. It looked like there hadn’t been anyone living there for few years and there wasn’t any suitable buildings to spend the night in. Near the village was a small graveyard, which looked like it had been long forgotten. there was a big tombstone in the middle of the bushes but the names had worn off a long time ago and the forest had started to take the land back. There were some tracks in the village and also in the graveyard, but nothing that could be demonic. The footprints looked to be human, maybe hunters who had passed by.

Elayne was happy to find this old, quite remote tavern here and she really wanted a bath. She didn’t have too much money to spend, but a bath was something she really wanted right now. She couldn’t even remember when she had a good long bath last and by the gods, she would have one now. Elayne walked towards tavern building and noticed a few horses in the stable. They looked too nice horses for peasants to own and Elayne was curious. There was an old man in the stable
who was taking care of the horses. She said hello to him, but old man just muttered something back. This place was so remote, that maybe these old folk weren’t used to visitors anymore. Elayne had only one thing on her mind, a bath, so she didn’t wasted any more time with the man or horses and walked towards the door.

She entered into a small tavern room, it was quiet. The fireplace had a fire lit in it, making it a nice and cosy little tavern. Dirty and a bit smoky like those cheaper taverns usually are and an older woman sat behind the counter and smoked her pipe while watching Elayne as she walked in. She got up slowly and looked at Elayne.

Elayne asked to have a room and a bath. The old lady nodded and said that she could give her a room, but this isn’t one of those fancy taverns as centre regions have, so no baths in the rooms. If she wants to have a bath, she have to use a room downstairs that had a bathtub in it. Elayne didn’t want to start to argue and if she could just get her Bath, everything would be ok. So she agreed to the old woman’s offer. She got the key and paid the price. Her purse got really light, but at least she would get a treat for herself for once.

The old woman told her that her room was up on the second floor on the left. She would inform her when the bath is ready for her. Elayne nodded and went towards the stairs, while the old lady went to the door and yelled to her son to start warming the bathwater. Elayne walked slowly up the stairs as she wanted to see, the “son”. The same old muttering man walked in with his clumsy steps. There must have been something wrong on his legs, or in his head, She didn’t wanted to ask. The old woman yelled to him and tried to get him to move faster by hitting him with a broom. The old man didn’t even noticed and went on about his job. The whole of the time he was muttering something odd.

Elayne went upstairs and found her room. It was small. The window was nailed shut, the bed was creaking and floorboards were worn out. Elayne smiled to herself but at least she could sleep indoors for a change. She heard someone talking in the room next door. She couldn’t hear well enough to understand anything, but then someone left the room. Elayne peeked into corridor and saw cloaked person disappearing down the stairs. Soon she heard voices outside as this person took a horse and climbed on it. Moments after, there wasn’t any sign that this person had
even been here. Elayne didn’t care about it, she was just so tired from all that walking. A Horse would be nice to have.

Elayne checked her backpack and made sure that her sword stayed with her. Even in here. it was a bit odd that someone would leave the Tavern as sun was setting and night was coming. Elayne put her backpack under her bed and went down stairs as the old lady was calling her guests to come down. As she stepped into the corridor, she saw a young brunette haired female leaving from that room, where she had heard talking. She wore a cloak what looked like mage’s guild
cloak and Elayne started to wonder what business a young novice mage could have here. Both of them went down and the old lady had made stew with bread for her guests. It wasn’t much, but that’s the best that they could offer there. The old lady told, that the rabbit in the stew was caught yesterday by her son and it was tender.

Elayne watched as this novice mage took her plate, thanked her and went to find a place to sit for herself. She seemed to be cautious about the food and the other people around her. Elayne took her plate and thanked the old lady too, but she just muttered something and that made Elayne smile a bit. I guess that’s the local way to talk, just mutter something. The novice mage was more interested to know what the stew contained, as she mainly poked it with her wooden spoon. For Elayne it was the best that she had gotten in the whole time that she had spent in that remote location. The sky was getting darker as finally
the old boy came to his mother and again, muttered something odd and went back out. The old woman nodded to Elayne and told her that her bath is ready. Towels should be there waiting for her. It’s more than perfect timing for her, as she had just finished her food and got up from her table. The Mage novice was still trying to figure out what that stuff on her plate had been or she just isn’t hungry at all as she was checking the window from time to time. Maybe waiting for
something or someone.

Elayne didn’t care to ask and she walked towards the room where tub was readied. She found the bath tub, full of warm water and she just couldn’t stop smiling. She undressed herself quickly and slid into the water. It was heavenly for her and Elayne could rest for a while, while washing all that dirt from her skin that she had gotten from all those long trips. A Horse would be a good help for her, but she didn’t have one and that novice mage might not want to sell her horse to
Elayne. Also there was one little tiny thing, Elayne didn’t have much money left anyway.

Elayne lay in the bath tub and felt how the warm water took away all that tiredness, making her legs feel better again. She could wash her hair at last and sometimes she really missed the time, when she had plans to be married with some noble man. That was just a dream now to her and there isn’t any noble men, who would marry her at the moment. If anyone would know that she had been seduced by demons and allowed them to abuse her, she would be in deep trouble. It wouldn’t matter if she had been under the spell of them or not, she is touched by demons and the Church had only one judgement for those. That is Death.

Warm water fondled her body nicely and Elayne could put all her worries aside for the moment to relax and take that moment just for herself. The whole room started to be more or less full of steam that had risen from the warm water. The water didn’t feel like it was getting cold at all and the bottom of the quite large tub was still hot. Elayne thought that the water was getting heated under that tub, one level down from that room. That just felt even better for Elayne as usually the bath water went cold after a while and she had to get up eventually. Now the water stayed nice and warm, so she could enjoy her stay as long as she wanted or someone told her to get out. At least she paid for the bath and bath is what she is going to get.

The novice mage had eaten as much she wanted to eat of that stew and it tasted good, while it looked so odd to her eyes. She was getting bored, as here in the middle of nowhere nothing really happened and her friend hadn’t returned yet. Maybe he wasn’t coming back at all so she could return to her room. He should be back here for the morning and should
carry more information about the lantern that they had dug up from the old graveyard.

The novice got up and returned to her room upstairs, while wondering why anyone would like to have that old lantern. It had some old runes on it, but that’s it. No other markings about what it does and what its purpose is. It’s just old crude lantern with rune markings. She stared at it long enough, like it would just pop up and tell its secrets to her willingly. The novice mage took it in her hands, tossed and turned it, while searching for clues, but found nothing.

As it seemed to be only way to figure out what it does and why someone sent them to get it, she lit it up. It started vibrating softly and it seemed to change its colours slowly. As the flame inside of it warmed it up, those smooth colours started to darken and the vibrating stopped. The novice mage just stared at it for a while and was curious as to why it didn’t do anything. She didn’t notice that the air had started to change within her room and it was thickening fast. When
she finally noticed something, it was too late and that mystic force made her submit into its will.

Back at the bath tub room, Elayne had been thinking that she could stay in here for few days more, take closer look at the village and graveyard, but the only thing that she really wanted was this bathtub. One of those few things that she missed from her old life. She hadn’t even noticed that she had been in there for over an hour and she thought that the old lady would come knocking on the door when her bath time is over. She relaxed a little too much in there and fell into a light sleep. It’s more like a cat nap than a deep sleep, but still she completely gave up to her tiredness and her eyes were shut little too long.

As Elayne was falling to sleep, upstairs that odd mist had already moved into the whole level and was moving downstairs, capturing everyone who was within its reach. The old lady and her son were subdued fast and the mist sank through those old floorboards easily. It felt that something was hidden under there, something that it wanted to reveal.

In the novice mage’s room, that same mist started whispering to her soft words and making sure that she’ll be under its control. The novice couldn’t do anything to prevent it anymore and lantern just got stronger moment by moment. Voices whispered in her ears things that made her feel hot and aroused. The novice started to rock her body slowly as if dancing with someone and while doing that, started to remove her blue cloak. Undressing herself under the control of the strange old lantern and dropping her cloak on the floor. She continued dancing and her hands moved on her own body, like someone else would have been in there touching her lovely figured body. Her hands removed also rest of the lighter clothes that she had under her cloak and soon she dance in her room fully naked. Her hands moving on her body wildly, keeping her aroused and driving her into the next phase. She moaned softly while dancing and those voices, that
whispered words into her ears, had changed to become more intense, more hornier and a more nastier type.

She feels how something directs her to her bed and almost tosses her forcefully on it on her back. She pants softly, like waiting for her lover to come and take her right now. Right here and as roughly as her lover wanted. She lay on her bed, legs fully open towards the door and her fingers were rubbing her clit manically. She was trembling and moaning from the pleasure, as if something had woken up from the depths of the ground. That odd mystic mist had woken up
something from the past and brought it back into the present day. Something had got up into upstairs and it followed that pulsating mist and mage’s cries of pleasure. It felt her through that door and felt that she was ready for it. The novice mage
saw how something opened the lock and the door was pushed open. A dark figure entered her room and she felt like she had been waiting for him all along.

Our knight in bathtub woke up when she heard a soft thump from somewhere close. It didn’t come from outside or from below. It sounded more like the tavern side and Elayne feels like her hands and legs are so heavy. Almost too heavy to move and she figures that she fell asleep in the tub. It is a bad place to sleep in and now she fights herself out of the tub. Elayne hears another thump and now a dragging sound. Like something heavy was being dragged on those worn out
floorboards. The air within the tavern feels so odd and dense, as if something is making them lie down and let it happen. Elayne felt dizzy but she managed to get herself on the floor beside the tub and now she reaches towards her belt where she keeps herbs what sharpens her senses and keep her awake.

Those small soft thumps stops behind door of the room and she drags herself towards her belt. Something pushes the door in and tears the latch that had locked the door to pieces. Two dark skinned creatures move into the steamy room and Elayne see’s demonic ghouls entering the room. Her belt is so close, but she can’t reach into it. These ghouls, more undead creatures than demonic in nature, see’s this fully naked young female on the floor and moves towards their
prey. Elayne feels now how the air had gone even denser, it’s like a soupy mist that hits her hard. Elayne makes her final try and manages to get the belt into her hands, just as these ghouls drags her away. Elayne put all the strength she had left into her hands and takes the herbs from her purse. Her hands are shaking badly but she get’s the herbs into her mouth and eats them. The Ghouls drag her into the tavern side where Elayne see the old woman and her son, both are
already slain and laying dead on the floor. Elayne is dragged towards the table and these ghouls just lift her up on it. A third ghoul who was waiting for them in here, comes to the side and put it’s dark skinned hand on Elayne’s body. It seems to be interested in this young female and as the old woman wasn’t of any use to them, Elayne could be fitted into the part of their plans really nicely.

Her tits are played with as dark dirty fingers touch her hard nipples and someone’s hands move on her inner thighs. The air is so dense in there and acting like a spell that keeps all living things calm and show no resistance. Elayne feels how her body is inspected roughly and she moans softly when someone’s fingers finds their way inside her pussy. That moan was just spontaneous from her and she can’t even control her own body at that moment. She is like a rag doll
on that table for these ghouls.

Elayne can’t know that these ghouls are from the Taverns past. Within this building, many of guests were raped and murdered by former owners of this tavern. The angry Villagers had enough and one night, they attacked the Tavern and killed the whole murdering gang. All traces were removed and bodies were buried deep in the Taverns ground. Something had awaken them and now they are continued their evil deeds. The old woman might have known what lay
deep under the tavern and maybe her son also, but they weren’t offering any pleasures to this reawaken evil only death. First one of these ghouls moved between Elayne’s legs and smirked with its evil face, while making it’s unholy member go into this lovely young woman’s body. It seems to enjoy its first woman for years and it leans over her, so
it could lick Elayne’s lovely firm tits with its two tipped tongue. It’s like a lizards tongue and maybe that guy had wanted to look different and cut his tongue.

Elayne feels how the first hard member slides into her and how disgusting that feels. It won’t be any better, as this creature leans towards her, just so that it could lick and suck Elayne’s firm tits. It began to remember how the deed is done and it’s smirking at Elayne, while ramming it’s cock deep into her pussy. It remembers those women, who were raped by him
so long ago and after that he cut their throats open. Bodies were dragged outside into middle of forest where wolves and other animals ate the evidence against them.

Elayne couldn’t help herself at all as she starts to moan and pant while the ghoul rams it’s unholy tool into her time after time. Elayne feels how her tits are played with during that time. At first the ghouls from the past were to be the murderous type, but now they remember bits and pieces from their past, how they tortured innocent women who rented the room at the Tavern, they are becoming more hornier than murderous. Elayne’s lovely legs are kept fully open for this first
ghoul who is about to plant his cursed seeds into this young female. Dark mist around them keeps Elayne in an aroused state and her body is kept on the table in that position as long as they want it.

Elayne pants and moans from pleasure, as the first ghoul unloads its unholy seed into her waiting womb. It grunts few times and feels that it’s deed is done. It’s foul seeds are deep within this unlucky woman’s body and it presses a final kiss on Elayne’s lips. After that it moves away and a second ghoul moves between her legs, but the third one wants to have some fun also, so they turn her on her belly on that table, and in that position the poor woman is spit roasted between two foul smelling ghouls. Elayne feel herself turned into whatever positions these ghouls like, like a ragdoll in the wind. She cries out loud as second ghouls thrusts his member into her and leans over her while keeping its strong hands on her hips, forcing it’s hard member as deep as it will go into this lovely lady, as other ghoul is forcing it’s foul tasting cock into Elayne’s mouth.

While two ghouls are taking their turns on her, Elayne feels those herbs finally start to work and she starts to regain control over her own body. It starts from the tiny things, but the effect is building up fast. The creatures haven’t noticed any change in her yet and they just are reliving their cursed memories from the past. How they robbed travellers on the road, in the forest and in the tavern. They killed their victims if they felt like it, and had fun with numerous females who just disappeared afterwards. After this band of cutthroats had got their hands on one girl from the
village, the villagers had had enough. Now it was their turn to make the villagers pay for their actions. The Ghouls don’t know that the village is now empty and their current unlucky victim isn’t so helpless as they think she is.

Elayne feels ghoul behind her starts to pick up the pace and a few moments later, it shoots it’s sticky load into Elayne with a loud groan. The third ghoul is looking at its mate and maybe planned to take its place when second ghoul pulls away, but Elayne has had enough of that. She had noticed a large bladed knife on the belt of this third ghoul and grabbed it into her
hand. She rolled away from the table and with one fierce jump, she toppled one of the ghouls and slashed its throat open. Elayne continued her attack and the second ghouls loses its head and the last one takes that blade into its chest. It groans something like curses on her before falling on its rotten knees and then fully on the floor. All three ghouls lay on the
floorboards, again in a dead state. Elayne makes sure of it and beheaded the other two ghouls. Three ghoul heads are lifted onto the counter and then Elayne remembers the novice mage. She might be in trouble and Elayne runs to get her sword from bath tub room. It’s laying on the floor, just where it was left when the ghouls dragged her out of there.

She was lucky enough to have that herb along with her and was able to take it just in time, before her fate was sealed. Elayne ran back upstairs and found two ghouls in the corridor. She does quick work on them and cuts them into pieces with her trusty sword. The ghouls are rather slow against the furious Elayne and she barges her way into the novice mage’s room. She sees her laying on the bed, fully naked and one of the ghouls above her, ramming it’s dark skinned unholy cock into her already abused pussy. There is also two other ghouls who seemed to have done their deed already on her and were waiting for their friend to finish up so they might kill her or toss her into the hands of the others downstairs. Elayne screams from anger and impales two ghouls with her sword into the wall. The Ghouls are surprised completely and they are easily
nailed to the wall with her sword. Elayne attacks the third ghoul and tears it off of its helpless victim. The Ghouls might be slower than Elayne, but they are still stronger than she is. the last ghoul fights back and hits her in the stomach, which makes poor Elayne drop to her knees. The Ghoul takes it’s dark saw bladed knife from its belt and walks toward Elayne.

She is now defenceless, as her sword is pinned in those two ghouls on the wall, but then she hears something. A soft desperate voice from the bed, the novice mage says just one word. “Lantern.” Elayne didn’t understand right away what she was saying, but as the Ghoul gets a firm grip of her long blond hair, she sees the ancient old lantern on the side table and it’s on at the moment. Elayne see’s the ghouls arm is up in the air and his knife is ready to be sunk into her chest. Elayne put all her remaining strength into one desperate kick and knocks the side table enough to cause the lantern to fall down. It’s enough to make the flame die out. The last of the ghouls starts to groan with pain when the flame dies out and it’s knife drops onto the floor from its hand. Also its grip on Elayne’s hair is loosened and she is able to grab the knife from the floor and ram it into its owner’s throat. It’s groans are literally cut off and as lantern isn’t on anymore, the dark mist starts to go away and the ghouls lose the energy that keeps their rotting bodies alive.

As mist goes away, it’s hold over Elayne and the novice mage is lifted. Elayne is panting and goes to check the novice who is lying on her bed. She is roughly abused, she is covered with foul dirty seed and she has that same thing deep inside her as Elayne has. Our knight isn’t so happy that her relaxing moment was so roughly disrupted and bad thing is, that she needs another bath.

Elayne introduces herself to her new friend and learns that her name is Lori and both of them are pretty much the same ages. Elayne helps Lori up from her bed and then both of them go back downstairs to have a bath. Lori says that she has herbs that will take care of the foul seed and prevent it having a place to hide within their bodies. Elayne smiles and likes the idea of that. She wouldn’t want to have a half blooded child whose father would be a dead ghoul. The idea of
that was not tempting at all.

While having a bath together, Elayne felt happy to have a new friend, and maybe someday she might have to ask a favour of her. Lori is also thrilled to meet someone like Elayne and wants to hear everything about her travels there.
This might be a beginning of beautiful friendship..

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