Elayne 11 – Treacherous Illusions



Elayne had proven herself to officials who were at first in doubt about her skills and abilities to fight against the demons. However, she provided enough evidence from the “scalps” she collected along with info about demonic sleeper cells. The reluctant knight could hold her own and actually put up a good fight. She was granted the right to use the heraldic symbols of knighthood such as her family coat of arms, along with some charms that could come in handy when doing battle.

Elayne was also getting better rewards from missions and from kills when she could provide suitable proof of them. This didn’t necessarily lead to access to the royal treasury and arsenal. All she had were the armaments left behind by her father and brothers, for she couldn’t use anything that officially owned by the Royal Order. She got official permission to carry the marks of the Knights of the realm from the Royal Diplomat. Her hard work had been noticed and she was retaining her family’s honor better than anyone expected.

Still, some see her as just a mercenary, a sword for hire, because of her background and the fact that she didn’t have any other choice. Would she have served the kingdom, were she not forced to do that? Would she just take her belongings and have others deal with the mess? No one knew. Elayne was forced to fight for her family’s honour, and had been blackmailed to do missions for a certain Priest. She had to walk on a very narrow tightrope. Should she fall, she’d be dishonoured and greeted with a fiery death.

Elayne got a reminder of that as she was leaving the town where she met this Royal Diplomat. She was en route to her family’s estate to pick up some armour and other equipment that she was now allowed to use. She was walking down the road when she ended up at a market area where the townsfolk were gathered and shouting curses at someone. As Elayne looked to the centre of the action, she saw a woman who had been tied to the stake. She looked to be from the servant class and was in terrible shape. People were shouting at her, insulting her, calling her a demon worshipper and the reason why the crops this season were ruined.

In the middle was a dark cloaked figure, a member of the clergy, who shouted her crimes out loud, sentenced her to death and slammed his torch into the kindling surrounding her. She cried, screamed for help and claimed her innocence, but none of them helped her. Not even Elayne. Clerics had the right to be judge, jury, and (sometimes) executioner, but she didn’t like it. That could be her, if people would figure out what she had done: Let several demons use her body, filled her womb with disgusting unnatural seed and serving a corrupt priest who allied himself with demons. She could very easily be that poor woman burning on the stake, with townsfolk cheering for her painful death.

Elayne walked away quickly as tears flowed down her cheek. She prayed for the soul of that poor woman and feared for her own. The clergy fed the people’s anger and fears with tales of horrible demons, and they would always find proof of evil deeds if need be. Nobody was safe from them.

Elayne walked as far way as she could, hoping that the distance could erase the sight from her mind, but she felt that the cries of pain and vision of this woman burn would haunt her for days. Day was turning into night, and she noticed some rain clouds coming this way. Still, she continued on her path and didn’t want to stay anywhere near this town at this point.

The rain started gently at first and Elayne continued forward, thinking that she might stay on the edge of the raincloud. But when it started looking gloomier and heavier, Elayne had to look for shelter. There was no point to continue traveling on those muddy roads and her clothes would be soaking from water. It was an easy way to get sick, making her an easy target for demons.

For a while Elayne had to search for shelter. Eventually, she saw an old farmhouse between the big old trees near the edge of the forest. Rain forced her to go into that building, which seemed to be abandoned and empty. The windowpanes were in pieces and the roof could have been in better shape, but at least it was something that could offer her better shelter than the old trees around it.

Elayne went inside, and before doing anything else, searched it thoroughly. When she didn’t find anything, she started to shut the windows. Some had still working shutters, but on few she had to use other means to seal the openings. There was a fireplace in the main room and it looked usable.

She lit a fire, and after a while, the room started to warm up. All that moisture was pushed out and Elayne could relax for a bit. The rain was becoming heavy outside and strong winds rattled the old building. The roof was leaking from a few spots, but the main room seemed to stay warm and rather dry as she sealed off those windows. Elayne looked around and estimated that nobody had lived there for at least a few years. It was built well enough, but when it’s abandoned like this, it wouldn’t survive for long without someone maintaining it.

She had just a small lantern with her, so that and the fireplace were the only things that gave light for her. They felt so small and insufficient against the darkness outside. Storm clouds covered whole sky and it was slowly moving towards to the town she came from. For a moment, she hoped that some God was angry for the deed that she witnessed. She could only hope and pray.

As she was looking out behind the window shutter, someone suddenly entered the room. Elayne was startled about the new arrival and pulled her sword out. The person noticed the hostile Elayne and informed her that he came in peace. He was just looking for some shelter from the rain. His clothes looked really wet and she knew that feeling all too well. She lowered her sword and allowed him to move in front of the fireplace. He removed his soaked cloak off and Elayne had to admit that this fellow was quite good-looking. So handsome, in fact, that she decided to put her sword back into its sheath.

He talked this and that while warming up his cold hands. He was on a road near town, when this awful storm forced him to find shelter. It was almost impossible to continue travelling in that weather, as the roads were flooded, muddy and so slippery. A falling tree branch could knock a traveller down, killing them. He cursed the weather to be a witch’s storm, as it was so rough and strong. Elayne didn’t say anything about the woman who was burnt to death, but she started to think: Could that woman have been a witch? Did she call the storm winds to avenge her?  And while she was thinking, why did his boots look so clean if the roads were all muddy and slippery?

Elayne had suddenly realized the trap being sprung on her. However, before she managed to get her hand back on the hilt of her sword, the man attacked her with fierce strength, being faster at figuring things out. While he had appeared to be ordinary yet strikingly handsome man, Elayne failed to notice until now some critical details. She slammed against the wooden wall and her head suffered a slight concussion. The attacker then revealed his true face: That of a handsome-looking demon, probably an incubus. Elayne wasn’t given a moment to catch her breath as the sex demon continued its attack on her. It yanked Elayne away from the wall and tossed her face first onto the floor.

While Elayne’s head spun with the wind knocked out of her, the incubus pondered its next move: To kill her right then and there. She was a Demon Hunter, instantly marking her for death. The demon pointed its snake-like blade at her chest, but its lust for female flesh got the better of it. As it stood, Elayne was already disarmed and dealt with, so it thought best to perform what its true nature demands.

With a crooked smile on its face, the incubus put its hand into small pouch on its belt and threw some dust in the air. It flashed, and Elayne felt its effects instantly. The demon uses that cursed powder to make its victims to see it as their lover, boyfriend, husband or that dark handsome stranger who would lift them off their feet and take them away. With that dust the creature’s victims submitted into its will without a fight and Elayne was no different.

The incubus pulled her up and started to undress her quickly. It wanted to enjoy every inch of her lovely body before killing her. Elayne was still feeling dizzy and was under the impression that a lover was undressing her, but she couldn’t quite see who it was. Piece by piece, Elayne’s clothes dropped to the floor and the creature was soaking in the view of her naked body in all its glory. It felt it had stumbled upon one of nature’s masterpieces.

The incubus was surprised at the strength of Elayne’s will, as it seemed like she already saw through its illusion. She wasn’t a typical peasant woman, who is easy to lure, use and then leave after getting bored. This woman seemed to recognize his demon form, and not care. It didn’t matter at all, however, as she’ll be dead soon enough. The demon pushed Elayne into leaning over an old dusty table as it took position behind her. It put one hand on her shoulder and another on her hip, while sliding its cock into her waiting pussy. Elayne felt her lover enter her suddenly and it made her moan a little.

Elayne was kept against that table. She felt her lover’s hands on her warm skin…Wait a minute. She didn’t have a lover. She never had one. All she had was this admittedly handsome demonic creature grunting behind her from the joy and pleasure. It certainly loved to feel this young and sexy woman around its cock.

As Elayne started to fight back, the incubus pulled her arms behind her back and locked them there, as well forcing Elaynes face against the table surface. She cried out in pain, as it almost dislocated her shoulder while making sure she stayed in place. It grunted heavily and enjoyed the feeling of her wet pussy.

Elayne felt this bastard’s pace was going faster, its thrusts becoming stronger and its hard member going deeper into her.  She fought back as much she could, tried to kill the enjoyment, the pleasure, that lovely itching feeling just before an orgasm would explode and make her whole body tremble. She tried to use the pain to cancel out or weaken the pleasure, but she had forgotten that she was facing a sex demon. It knew all too well how to make a woman to have an orgasm, even by force.

Elayne tried to fight off the inevitable, but in the end she let go, and her body started to tremble. At first it was soft and gentle, but it got stronger and turned into delightful convulsions. Elayne squealed from the pleasure and shook like a leaf in the wind.

The incubus laughed and released her hands from its hold, pulled its cock out and forced a heavily panting Elayne to lay on her back. He threw some more of that cursed dust into the air to keep her subdued, as she was much harder to control on that position. He wanted to enjoy her tight pussy a little bit longer before killing her.

Elayne was again under that illusion – or was it an illusion? – and she willingly opened her legs for this incubus, who eagerly continued his task. She purred and growled as the feeling of a hard cock moving deep inside her, in and out with such intense rhythm, made her groan and pant like never before.

The sex demon took her much more fiercely and played with her perky tits while ramming its cursed cock deep into this young female knight’s pussy. It really enjoyed violating her lovely body and almost tasted her blood in its mouth when they kissed. Soon it’ll unload its seed into her pussy and then impale her with her own sword. All Demon Hunters must be killed, even if they are as lovely as Elayne.

The incubus was so deep in its own pleasure and scheming, that it failed to notice that the second dose of its illusion dust was even weaker than the first. Elayne saw right through it again. Her mind was stronger than the demon believed and now she was able to do something.

With one fierce movement, Elayne gathered all her strength and attacked her violator. She was armed just with her fingernails, but those were enough when she targeted the face of the incubus. She made nasty scratches on its face, which caused it to pull out from her under the shock of pain. It was surprised by her sudden attack and hobbled a few steps back as the strike blinded its face for a while.

Elayne used that opportunity to roll off the table and on the floor to get her sword. The incubus roared in anger and noticed that this young knight had her sword back. She was far more dangerous than it expected. It lurched out in an attack, wanting to rip her throat open with its own teeth. But Elayne was faster this time: She held up the blade and activated one of the new charms from the Royal Diplomat attached to it.

The enchanted sword released a wave of sacred light that knocked the incubus down and forced it to flee from the site. The same wave moved in every direction, causing all dark minions to flee or be killed by this holy magic. It covered the whole building, and as the sex demon fled from the scene, the okace felt a lot more tranquil. Inside, there weren’t dark minions of any kind left. Still, the charm was weak: Stronger demons might be able to resist its effects.

Elayne stayed in the main room and kept her sword ready just in case the incubus came back. At the moment it seemed that it wouldn’t come back so soon. She got dressed again and wanted a bath so badly that even the cold rain outside sounded nice. Elayne didn’t want to risk being attacked again if she goes outside even to take a natural shower, however, so she had to wait for a better opportunity. Her sword stayed near her for the rest of that night.



Story By Lady Adara

Edited by Andi Guinness

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