Dark eyes in the Forest


After taking care of the situation in the Tavern, Elayne continued her mission to check this remote region. As the old building was tainted by demons, there could be more of those foul beasts and she would have to hunt them down. The day had been rather hot and the surrounding area was peaceful. There were no signs of demons or other humans whatsoever. It felt like she was all alone out there.

Elayne walked for hours, searching for tracks that she could follow, but there wasn’t anything belonging to demons. Of course, they rarely move openly at this time of day, so that didn’t help. There might be demons around there, but they were likely lying in wait.

She had been following a small path in the middle of the forest and found herself at a spot on the riverside that seemed too wide. She needed to get across and this part didn’t work. She didn’t want to end up swimming across,, but she might not have a choice when the time comes.

Elayne cut her way through the thick bushes to reach the river, hoping to find a bridge or something that she could use to go over it. Before long, the sun is setting and she hasn’t found anything yet. The bushes slowed her down a lot, requiring her to cut them down with her sword. She eventually got sweaty from swinging her blade for hours, eating her strength quickly. Tired, she needed to camp out and make a fire for the night.

Thankfully, there was enough wood for the fire, and she could take a swim to wash herself off. After all that hacking, she felt dirty, with leaves just about everywhere on her, including her clothes and body. Elayne especially hated feeling them stuck in her long hair, which made a bigger mess when she tried to get them out. She was itching all over the place, making matters worse.

The sun was going down when Elayne lit her campfire on and got her little camp ready for the night. As the sky grew dim, she cooked something for herself from the small rations available. At least the place wasn’t that bad for camping.

The quiet day turned into a quiet night. The moon rose and Elayne started to take off her clothes, as she wanted to have a bath and wash those bits of leaf out of her hair. The water seemed so dark and deep in the moonlight, but as everything around her seemed so quiet, she just wanted to relax for a bit. The next day could be as hot as it was today.

Elayne walked to the shore and slowly entered the water. It felt cold at first, but she didn’t mind that part at all. Her legs were hurting from all that walking today and she got a lot of scratches all over her body while cutting her way through those bushes. The cool water washed all the dirt away, and she felt better . It wasn’t a real bath, but it was the best she could do in the middle of the forest.

Little did she know that there were eyes in the bushes watching her really closely. They had been stalking her the whole time that she had been in the forest.

After Elayne washed herself, she started to get up after hearing something from the bushes, as if someone had stepped on a stick. She rushed to get out of the water and reach her sword, but before she managed to reach her weapon, a spell was cast on her. Elayne calmed down and just stood in the water. Drops of water moved downwards on her smooth skin. Her lovely perky breasts were firmly pointing outward, and the water had made her nipples hard.

Now her skin was wet and cool evening breeze made her quiver, but she was too entranced to notice. Something from the bushes came into the light. It was a small troll who had an old wand made from blackened wood, with some worn-out symbols glowing slightly on its surface when the troll held it up. The troll grinned widely, showing its sharp teeth. It was really happy with its catch for tonight.

Its scratchy voice told Elayne to come out of the water and let it to see her fully. She obeyed and came nearer to the campfire’s light. The knee-high creature was really pleased to see a fully naked human female in front of it. It kept holding the wand up in the air while watching her with a certain grin on its face. Its loincloths started to feel a bit tight for some reason. It waved the wand and told the human bitch to get on her hands and knees. Elayne obeyed like a doll, stripped of her own will.

The troll rejoiced and came closer to touch her body. She felt like some magical creature, and it really enjoyed touching this smooth tender flesh with its greenish rough fingers. It really loved to play with Elayne’s tits that hung free.

It finally put the wand away and began licking and sucking those lovely soft tits. Rarely did a troll like it get a chance to play with a human female as beautiful as Elayne.: It certainly didn’t own that wand: It was too big to have been originally made for trolls, and it’s definitely too powerful for this lowly race. Perhaps this little troll found the wand somewhere, or stole it off someone.

The troll kissed Elayne’s lips and smirked at her. Elayne was still under the spell and couldn’t do anything while it played with her. Elayne’s lovely blond hair was a real marvel to it, causing it to inspect each lock for a while before moving onwards. There was so much more to see with this prize. The troll touched her back with its dirty hand and felt the moisture from her soft skin. She was still wet from the water, and yet she was still so warm and soft. The creature seemed to love its new pet.

It licked its dark green lips while moving behind her, and found something it really liked: her private place. She smelled so good from there. The small troll inspected her pussy for a while with its rough fingers and then started to lick it.

That made Elayne to moan softly and tiny creature hissed with glee. It wanted to have some fun with its new pet bitch, plus its loincloth had been tight for some time now.

It continued licking her pussy, getting it wetter. The troll enjoyed her salty taste and kept going. The sweat off her skin could have been finest nectar that the dark gods could offer, as far as it was concerned. Elayne moaned softly at first, but soon enough she started to pant while the creeper licked her pussy like a madman.

Elayne groaned from the pleasure at an increasing volume, while the troll’s tongue worked on her tender pussy faster and more aggressively than anything that came before it. Not even her own fingers were as rapid. She panted heavily and her moans grew in intensity, Elayne’s body began trembling from the pleasure. If it kept up at this rate, she would orgasm very quickly.

The troll’s tongue and fingers kept attacking her pussy and ensured her continued enjoyment. Soon enough Elayne began gasping and her body shook and spasmed. She shrieked in pleasure and the waves of an orgasm moved within her slim body, making her feel like she was exploding into pieces.

The creatured seemed to had enough of this foreplay. It ripped off its loincloths, moved in front of Elayne and brought its cock to her lips. It ordered her to suck it and Elayne obeyed. Now it was the troll’s turn to groan as it felt this woman’s lips around its stiffening member. The creature was well hung for its size, maybe even monstrously hung against other knee-high creatures. But compared to humans, it’s about as big as two fingers together. No wonder its loincloths had started to rub it in a nasty way.

As the troll groaned from the pleasure, it suddenly seized up in alarm after hearing something come out of the bushes. Three other trolls of the same size had heard and smelled what was going on here in this small camp next to the river.

The troll who captured Elayne jumped to argue with its own kind and seemed to defend its prize: She was its catch and its alone. But the other three trolls weren’t so happy about that. The argument almost comes to blow, but the defending troll eventually backed down and allowed its kin to join the party.

Still, it won’t surrender its dominance to the other trolls. So it ordered Elayne to lay on her back on the ground. She obeyed the order dutifully.

The leading troll rubbed its cock and moves between her legs. It had waited this moment for so long and didn’t want the others to take it away from it. It seized its opportunity and thrusted with all excitement. Elayne felt the troll’s cock slide into her and moaned softly.

The other trolls came closer after removing their loincloths and start to play with Elayne’s lovely firm tits. While two of them play with each of her tits, a third one, older and scarred-up, moved towards her head, bringing its cock on her lips.

This particular scarred troll pulled her down using her blond hair to suck its member. It treated her more roughly than the one who “found” her. To this troll, Elayne was just another creature of light to abuse and kill, nothing more. It had tasted human’s flesh in its foul mouth many times and after tainting this female, she would be its next meal.

Elayne laid on her back on the ground, feeling her tits being toyed with, her hard nipples being licked by rough tongues and bitten by sharp teeth from time to time. She also felt that small yet manly member moving inside her pussy while another was thrusting harshly into her mouth. Something prevented her from seeing her attackers and kept her in an aroused state.

What would she have said if she could see herself being brutally abused by these 4 knee-high trolls in the light of campfire? The leading troll felt its load was ready to fly and kept its fast paced rhythm up until it could no longer hold back. It groaned loudly from such pleasure and shot its seed into Elayne’s pussy.

Slimy greenish goo pumped into Elayne’s wet pussy. As the first troll pulled out with satisfaction, the scarred troll moved down and took its place, basically ripping it off her. Elayne’s legs were open nicely and her pussy was there eagerly waiting for the next assault.

The maimed troll flashed an evil smile and rammed its member inside her with one fierce thrust. It had almost the same sized cock as that first troll, but for Elayne it was just something that she barely felt inside of her, just like that other troll cock. Troll females might have a hard time with these guys, but then, has anyone ever seen a female troll?

After all, the Church taught that trolls like these were created with dark magic and were made for one purpose only: Evil deeds, More often than not, they just terrorized and spied on villagers. Most of the time, these tiny creatures were used as lookouts, as they were too weak and small to have any other reasonable use. No one taught this could understand what this motley crew was doing in the middle of the forest. Runaways? Failures discarded by a summoner?

Elayne laid on her back and moans from the pleasure under the trance that prevented her from seeing these trolls. She wasn’t sure if what she was experiencing was true or just a dream. The only thing on her mind at that moment was pleasure. She loved how her tits were being twisted, licked and nibbled. She didn’t think much of the sharp tiny needles around her nipples, the small hands pulling and pushing her lovely firm tits, or one of the trolls stabbing its hard member as deep as it could into her pussy.

The disfigured troll felt how hot and wet Elayne’s pussy was around its cock. The woman panted and moaned from the pleasure, while the trolls had fun at her expense.

The first troll repositioned itself behind Elayne’s head and brought its semi-stiff cock to her lips, telling her to suck it hard again. The spell forced her to obey again and the greenish troll member went back inside of her mouth. Elayne tasted her own juices from it, but the slimy troll goo overpowered it with sourness.

The other two trolls hated that this “first” troll could get another round with her mouth, as they hadn’t got any action yet. The old troll took its time with her, having more experience with females of this kind. It knew what kind of pleasures these human women could give, but it’s hard to get a chance to have fun like this when you’re such a small creature.

The old troll was licking its dark greenish lips and enjoying the smell of Elayne’s pussy. The scent was like a drug to it, and she felt so hot. Her firm tits were at this point full of tiny scratches and bite marks that the other two trolls had made on her soft skin.

This particular pair was feds up with the “leader” and wanted to have fun with her mouth, but the troll who found her refused to give up so easily. It fought back against its kin out of stubbornness.

The scarred troll was oldest and wouldn’t quit with Elayne until it was ready. It planned to shoot its seeds into this woman’s pussy and shortly afterward cut her throat open with its sharp claws. After that, the feast for these tiny beasts can start.

As the three other trolls growled each other, the old troll imagined how it was going to eat her flesh. It let other trolls settle their dispute. It won’t waste its time on them.

One of the younger trolls noticed the dark wooden wand on the ground and tried to get it into its hands. The troll who had it first fought back and used its sharp claws to wound the other’s arm. Soon all three were fighting amongst themselves, biting and clawing at each other. The wand kept moving from hand to hand, as they all wanted it.

The disfigured troll, about to shoot its load into Elayne’s waiting pussy, didn’t care about what the other trolls were doing. It just took its own enjoyment out of her. After a few more fast-paced thrusts, it forced its member as deep as it could into her, groaning from the pleasure, while its foul seed was pumped into Elayne’s pussy.

It panted heavily while pulling its softening cock out from her and watched as greenish goo dripped out. It sneered, pleased to see the result of its “hard” work.

Finally, the old troll turned its attention to the other three, but by then it’s too late. It watched the wand fly across the air out of the fighting trio’s and into the campfire. They weren’t quick enough to snatch it from the flames before it got too hot to touch.

The flames licked the wand’s dark surface and for a few moments, it looked it was resisting. But then it began glowing and after a few more minutes it exploded.

The blast released a shock wave that spread throughout the surrounding area and was strong enough to knock the trolls unconscious. It wasn’t strong enough to hurt Elayne, but the spell that kept her under that strange trance was now broken, and Elayne could now see her attackers .

Four unconscious trolls laid on the ground, fully naked, and their party seemingly interrupted. She quickly figured out what these bastards had done to her, As these small creatures woke up, Elayne was ready to thank them with her sword. Soon enough all four trolls were cutted into pieces splayed all over the ground.

She felt sick feeling that greenish goo dripping from her pussy onto her inner thighs. After making sure that there were anymore creepy trolls around, she went back into the river and washed herself off again.

From there, she noticed that she walked a lot less than she thought she had: There was barely a mile of thick bush when she swore she went through three.

Elayne turned her head, and noticed and old bridge under the moonlight. She didn’t remember seeing that before. Perhaps those disgusting trolls had tricked her with some magic. They paid a heavy price for their little party, but in Elayne’s mind they got what they deserved.

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