Betrayal in the Priory

By Adara



After Old Chapel mission, Elayne had done a few other missions and returned with a  few demon hides for proof that demons in those places had been dealt with. She hadn’t told anyone how she survived from her first mission, but Elayne knew that if others heard about it, she might be in real trouble. Demons are rather easy to lure out from their hiding places when having the right bait for it and who could resist her lovely body when she removed her armour for the night or for having a bath. Smaller demons are easy targets after they have been lured out and close enough to cut their heads off. Bigger demons needs a bit more work, but she had to learn her new trade fast.

This time Elayne was summoned to meet her home regions priest, who deals with affairs of the Church in that region. She had met him several times when she was younger, as her family have served the Royals and Church for generations now. So this priest is more like a family friend to her, at least in her mind. The Priest wants to have a chat with her and talk about issues that concern the Church. Elayne hopes that he would bless her quest and grant some aid for future fights.

At least she could get reliable info about circulating rumours, that Souls of her late brothers are in the hands of demons and her task is to get them back. It’s something that her Family’s honour demands that she do. It won’t matter if she is the last of her bloodline and there isn’t anyone to carry on if she is slain, the old code sets the rules how noble families must act. Elayne’s bloodline is really old and heavily tied into nobility and a few times very close for royals, but now their family has fallen into a dark place. Elayne has a really huge task on her hands and she must stay alive to fulfil her task.

The Priory is looking as big, old, and dark gray as it has always been in her eyes. She had visited here just a few times before and earlier she had feared that old dark stony building where all these monks and priests live. This time it feels just as dark as ever, but emptier and not so big after all. There is dust almost everywhere and just a handful of monks try to work in that cold stony building. The Priest Teiros is waiting for her at the front door and he is happy to see her arriving there as asked for. Teiros gives her a little tour within the walls of the Priory and she notices how few people live there. Teiros tells her that the High Council have ruled that they won’t need a big monastery in here, as they are just a common priory in the marshes. Just a few smaller villages in that region, so this small group of monks is sufficient for this place.

Still, that small group of monks can’t do everything there to keep Priory in good shape and it’s become partly in bad shape already. She can’t believe that the High Council would actually ruin this old Priory just because it’s in a remote location with just a few small villages to support it. Surely the Church has funds to take care of all these priory’s which aren’t so close to the main region, where most resources are tied up and Bishops there are getting richer than ever. Something is really wrong and she doesn’t like what she hears from Teiros.

The older priest asks her to tell about her missions on the borderlands as he lead her into his private chamber. Elayne didn’t know what he wanted to hear about her missions, so she starts from somewhere that won’t tell some of the details to him at all. Like that first mission when she was lured into a trap by demons and she was used by them. Surely Teiros don’t want to hear that she has been tainted by demons. For lesser crimes the church had condemned several people to be burned at the stake. Teiros listens to her report about the missions on those remote locations and what kind of foul beasts she had seen there.

Suddenly someone knocked on the thick door and Teiros got up from his chair to see who is there. It’s one of the monks and there is something that needs the urgent attention of Teiros. The Priest asks her to wait for a moment here and he’ll go check what is so urgent that he has to come and see right now.

The Priest goes with the monk and Elayne is left alone in the private chambers. While she sits there waiting for Teiros, she looks at the items that the Priest has there. Some of those look like pretty ordinary things and many of those feel like religion based items of some sort, and few really odd items. She can’t even imagine what those items are for, but maybe she doesn’t need that information anyway. Elayne starts to walk around the room and check a few items more closely, as her curiosity has awakened. A few items look like they were used in some dark rituals and maybe these objects have been given to Teiros to safekeeping. She isn’t sure about it, but she won’t ask about it from Teiros. He has been here for a long time now and is more or less a family friend.

While Teiros is still away, Elayne finds an old looking glass behind the shelf and is wondering why it is there. It’s dusty and dirty, like it has been in there for years at least. It’s very well done, it’s frames are carved from wood, nicely painted and it must have been really expensive when it was done. the Mirror part is dimmed, almost worn out and Elayne touched the surface softly with her fingertips. The surface is cold and maybe an old Master crafter had done that beautiful piece. She noticed some claw marks on the glass, but as she look into it, she notices that those claw marks seem to be inside of the mirror. Elayne is puzzled with that odd thing and tries to understand how that could be possible. The Glass part isn’t so thick that it would withstand attacks like those, but the backside is smooth and there are no claw marks to be seen. As the mirror is turned around few times in her hands, Elayne notices something else in it. It looks like the inside of it is foggy, as the glass seems to be just dirty, not so worn out as it looked at first.

Then something happens while her hand is pressed on the glass. She can’t see what happens well enough, but it’s like something hits her hand from inside of the mirror, from the middle of that mysterious foggy scenery. At first she feels those weird claws leave marks into the glass, pushing the surface against her hand. It feels weird and then Elayne feels herself become a bit dizzy. She puts the mirror down so she wouldn’t drop and break it. Room starts to spin and then the floor just disappears under her feet causing her to fall into a dark foggy pit.

That feeling last for a few heartbeats and after that she finds herself still standing in that room. The Mirror is back in its place, and Elayne doesn’t know how it ended back up there. Everything seems to be like it should be within the room, but now Elayne feels sick. She is disgusted and feeling violated. That weird mirror must be the cause of that feeling and Elayne feels she wants to smash it to pieces, but it might be cursed and breaking it would set loose some nasty evil spells from it. Maybe it tries to do just that, making the toucher of it feel sick and disgusted, so the poor victim would smash it to pieces to get rid of it.

Elayne moved away from that mirror and tried to calm herself with a glass of water. The young woman can’t understand what might have happened to her, but she knows that dark spells cause a lot of trouble for the people around the regions. She hopes to learn better ways to deal with those charms and to break those without getting herself into the trouble.

Teiros comes back while Elayne is drinking some water and nods a bit. He is sorry that it took longer than he imagined at first, but dealing with the Priory’s affairs takes more time than before. Teiros says that he should show her something and asks her to follow him. Teiros puts small key into a hidden lock and turns it. A small door in the stony wall opens and Teiros beckons Elayne to go first so he can shut the hidden door behind them. Elayne ends up in a small corridor that leads downwards and into an old cellar room. It’s quite a big room and it has more old odd items on the shelves. Teiros notices that Elayne is interested in the items around the room and tells her that those are here for safekeeping. Most of them are collected by other Priests and brought in here for binding ceremony.

The older priest smiles a bit as he takes one glassy orb from the shelf and tells Elayne that this is why he summoned her in here. This piece is really powerful, and now as she is in here he can finally do what he has dreamed of doing for years now. The Priest turns towards Elayne and she is beginning to have bad feelings about this. Teiros rubs the orb and it starts to glow with a smooth light. It makes her stop moving and she can’t do anything. Elayne can’t move her arms or legs or even speak.

Teiros’ smile grows wider and he puts the orb on the table in front of her. The Priest tells her that he knows certain things about her so she should listen to his proposal with an open mind and not turn him down right away. The older Priest walks around her looking at her body, stopping in front of her, he puts his hands on her perky tits. Elayne is shocked by this, but she is still helpless and defenceless. the old priest tells that he has been watching her for years now and seen her grow into really beautiful woman. He also says that he dreamed of the chance to take her virginity, but that young lad few years back ruined that dream from him. Teiros smiles and says that he dealt with that guy after he had left her. Elayne can’t believe her own ears and she feels the priests hands move on her body, inspecting her closely. He finds Elayne’s hidden dagger under her vest and he is smiling at her. After that he drops the main surprise into her lap.

Teiros knows what happened in that ruined chapel. He knows everything about it and also a few other minor tasks. He smiles and says that he can also prove it. He touches the orb with his fingertips, making a small move on its smooth surface and soon Elayne sees herself with the demons in that chapel, fully naked, letting those foul demons use her unprotected body as they want to and they certainly like to use her in many different positions. Teiros moves around her while Elayne is watching that infernal recording about her in that chapel. She can’t figure out how he knows, but this is her nightmare. What she had feared could happen.

The Priest just smiles his evil smile and sees how her defences are weakening, he has all the cards against her and he starts to lure her into his service. Teiros tells her that he knows what happened to her brothers and might find out who did it to them. He’ll share his information with her for certain services and he isn’t hoping to get only her sword. The old priest is lusting for her young body and he has been lusting her for years now, but now he has the means to get her under his thumb.

Elayne can’t move or speak yet and is still seeing herself being used by those demons again and again. Teiros smiles and asks her would she work for him now. He says that she can’t attack him in here and if she does, he would be forced to show this recording to the High Council and she would be surely be damned for good. Also her Family would be disgraced forever and there won’t be any chances to redeem her brothers souls from the hands of the demons. The Priest also taunts her with the usual sentence what ”stained by Demons” gets from High Council. She would be publicly burned at the stake, but before that she’ll be inspected by demon seekers. That means more likely cruel torture for her if she ends up in their hands.

Elayne trembles from fear and there isn’t any way she could turn his ”offer” down and take the risk that Teiros would give that recording to High Council. She wants’ to save her brothers souls and make those guilty of treason pay for his or her crimes.

The priest waits for a moment and then puts his hand back onto the orb, releasing her from its hold and allowing her to move again. Elayne is trembling from fear and she forces herself to say that she’ll serve him. Teiros smile is as wide as it could get on his evil face and he tells her to show him more of her lovely body. It was the only thing that interested him while she was reporting about those missions to him in his study. Elayne again got that disgusted feeling, but she had to obey his commands and starts to remove her clothes. Teiros is really pleased to see Elayne obey his commands and her body looks even lovelier in front of him, than in that crude recording.

The Priest moves to touch her soft and tender skin with his hands. It can be seen how much this older priest lusts after her lovely slim body, he is basically drooling over her and can’t keep his hands away from her smooth milky white skin. It’s been his dearest dream to have her in his hands and to do to her what any man would like to do. As Elayne takes the last pieces of her clothes off, Teiros spends some time inspecting her again. His fingers move around her body and there might not be a place where his fingers haven’t visited later on, as he is meticulous while he is studying her smooth skinned slim body. That just makes him drool even more and Elayne felt disgusted  that she had to allow him to touch her in that way. It’s just creepy to let that nasty old priest touch her and let him inspect her body like there could be something wrong with her.

Teiros is so thrilled as his dream is finally becoming true and this young blond woman is truly one hottest girls that he has ever seen. Maybe that’s why he has stayed near to her all that time in the past and hoped to get a chance for this. Still servants of Church can’t have relations with females in this way, but it’s known that men in higher status don’t care about certain rules and can make problems just disappear when needed.

Finally Teiros stops his creepy inspection and tells her to go on her knees in front of him and let him feel her lips on his skin. Elayne forces herself to do what she is told and kneels down in front of him. Teiros watches the young fully naked woman in front of him and he loves the sight. He opens his dark robes and lets them slide down to the floor while revealing his own naked body to her. The old man isn’t the lovely sight Elayne is. His skin is a bit gray and hairy. It can be seen from him that he sits a lot and his back is bent a bit more than slightly. Teiros cock is already hard and ready for the action. It’s bigger than Elayne even imagined and she starts to believe that she isn’t the first woman who has been forced to serve him in this way and the Priest might have played with the dark arts to have some benefits for himself.

At first when she arrived at the Priory, Teiros seemed to be that same old priest who she has known all those years, but in here in the hidden chamber he looks more sinister and evil than anyone could imagine. Who would believe her if she claimed that the old Priest in this Priory is in the dark side and is using dark spells to cause harm to others. Elayne starts to fondle his hard pole with her hands and it is hard to believe that a cock this large would belong to a man of his age. It’s hard, strongly veined and slightly curved upwards.

Teiros is waiting to see what she can do and Elayne is forced to do more than fondle his cock, so she opens her lips and lets that hefty knob slide into her mouth. The old man just groans when he feels how his cock is sliding into her hot little mouth, and the priest puts his hands over her head. As she continues licking and sucking his pride and joy, his fingers slide into the middle of her blond hair and the old priest is really enjoying himself with her mouth. Teiros moans a bit while looking downwards to see how his cock enters her hot and moist mouth over and over again. Her lovely tits are just waiting a little lower and he loves to watch young women on their knees, his cock deep into their mouths and of course, these little birds should be fully naked like God himself had intended them to be when a man and woman are making love. Teiros groans and can’t remember anyone else who was better with her mouth than Elayne. Of course he had taken virginity’s from several young ladies, a few nuns and abused countless married women through the years, so Elayne isn’t his first and certainly not his last cunt to use.

Maybe because Elayne is the only one that Teiros had lusted after for years and had not made any moves on until now after securing the ace up his sleeve and forcing her to be his servant. The priest groans from the pleasure as this young female knight serves him very well from that position. Teiros feels how his spine is starting to melt and he pull her off his cock so he could spray his seeds on her face, to taint her beautiful noble face with his seeds and his hands in her hair keeps her on her knees while he is spraying his load on her face and perky tits.

Elayne feels how the priests seeds stains her face and trickle from her chin down on to her firm tits. Teiros seems to be pleased for his handy work and shows her that his member isn’t going soft so easily, it’s still hard and ready to continue its assault on her.

He smiles at Elayne and tells her to get her nice bum onto that dark surfaced table and lay on it. Elayne obeys his commands silently, but feeling disgusted by the man. His seeds smells as bad as those demons foul seeds had tasted and smelled, so that is only one proof for her that Teiros has been playing with dark forces and made an alliance with them. She can’t prove that to the High Council, but if Teiros is allied himself with dark side, are there others within High Council who have done the same?

Elayne will just have to play by his rules as she sits on the edge of that table and places herself laying down on it. It feels cold on her back for a while, but it’s nothing compared to what Teiros might have planned for her. The old priest smiles while watching how lovely this young female is. Her slim body is strong, her firm tits are pointing upwards and her thighs are something to kill for. Not even goddesses in heaven have such lovely thighs as she has. He walks closer to her and places his hands on her smooth skinned thighs, spreading them for him and then starts to play with her pussy with his fingers. Elayne whines a bit when she feels how those fingers slid right into her without warming up first. Then Teiros goes much closer to her pussy, so close that he can lick her nicely shaved pussy while moving his finger in her at the same time. Elayne has to keep her thighs open for him, while laying on that dark table as the priest is eating her. Elayne tries to fight it, but he is rather good with his tongue and soon poor Elayne is moaning softly from the pleasure.

His  fingers moves really nicely in her, rubbing the tender spots inside her and making her body feel pleasure. Elayne moans from the pleasure and her first orgasm is closing on her. Her perky nipples are rock hard and she is gasping some air into her lungs, while wanting to have her orgasm now. The Priest seems to know that she is about to release her waves of pleasure and slows it down so he can adjust it a bit. Her lovely body trembles from the pleasure and Teiros is prolonging it with his tricks. Elayne pants and moans, but refuses to beg him to give the orgasm to her. She fears that is what Teiros wants her to do and she wants it so bad, but giving into his tricks could lead her into more serious problems.

Teiros continues teasing her and tells her to ask for the orgasm if she wants it, if not, he’ll just continue his work with other tricks. Elayne remembers how she felt in the hands of the demons before. If forgetting all that demonic side, she enjoyed it a lot and loved to feel those hard members deep inside her pussy, riding hard on them and feeling like a full woman while having sex. It was just sex, not making love. Elayne is about to beg him to give her that orgasm, but something makes her shut her mouth. Is it her own pride not to beg anything from him, even she might get easier treatment because of it, or is she forced to keep her mouth shut by someone. Still she won’t say anything and priest doesn’t care about it anyway.

Teiros smiles with his evil smile and asks Elayne would she like if his friend joins in, and after that Elayne hears heavy footsteps from the other side of the room. She turn her head towards those voices and sees a heavy built and nasty looking demon lord emerge from the dark corners of the cellar room. Before Elayne has a chance to say anything, she is moved into a better position on that table by priest so they both can abuse her at the same time. Teiros gets up and moves his mighty tool between her legs and takes a good firm grip of her hips, before starting to penetrate her lovely pussy. A smooth shaved, wet and hot pussy is waiting there him to take it and Teiros groans from the pleasure, when his cock enters her for the first time. If he hadn’t cum on her face before, he might have cum on her thighs right now. He had been dreaming about this longer than he can remember, so it’s really an enjoyable moment for him. Elayne feels how his hard and thick cock slides into her and it’s like made from steel with all its hardness, but still it’s warm, heavily veined and a quite big manly member.

The Demon lord smiles it’s foul smile and revealing it’s deep yellow and greenish teeth’s to her, while pulling her head over the edge of that table. Her head is set on the edge in a position, that the Demon could easily force her to take its cock into her mouth. Strong demonic hand keeps her head at a certain angle and Elayne’s jaw is forced fully open, and as that foul tasting and smelling demonic pole is filling her mouth. Elayne can’t even imagine that moment in her head. Her ”family priest” and Demon lord are abusing her on that dark surfaced table. The Demon’s other hand moves on her perky tits and Elayne feels it’s rough skinned hands pressing, pulling and squeezing her tits. It’s like her tits are been torn off of from her body and it feels really painful.

Teiros is filling her pussy with his tool and he is really taking his time with Elayne now. She isn’t a noble born woman from old family line to him, she is just a common whore who is there to be fucked and filled up with their seeds. The old priest rams his cock deep into her pussy again and again, while letting his hands move on her thighs and belly. She is so slim figured. A perfect slut and he thinks that the demons who raped her the first time in that chapel, were enjoying it too as much as he is now. The Demon groans with its deep voice as its rough surfaced cock moves in her mouth just as it likes it. Elayne is feeling how her body is abused and almost torn apart by these two. Traitor Priest and his unholy Demon ally.

She is forced to take the demons cock deep into her mouth and that beast is really pushing it so deep, that she can’t breathe well. She gasps air into her lungs every times when she gets the opportunity for it. Elayne feels how Teiros is ramming his cock as deep as he can get into her hole and she can hear him muttering that she’ll be carrying his bastard child within her whore womb. She’ll be tainted for life and her offspring will share her mark of shame. She can’t reveal the father of her child without revealing her crimes against the Church. He can easily cover himself from accusation as he has something that Elayne doesn’t have. Allies who thinks in the same way as he does.

The old man is grunting from lust as he is feeling Elayne’s lovely tight pussy around his hard cock, how it stretches to meet the size of his cock and how nicely it wraps around his member. Teiros really thinks that her pussy is the most perfect one for his cock and he is really enjoying playing with her firm tits. Especially he loves to play with her nipples as she squirms in a sexy way, when her nipples are pulled, tweaked, twisted and bitted. The priest grunts and pants heavily while slamming his hips against her hips at a rough pace, but then the Demon lord fed up with waiting, wants some more action for himself too. Her mouth isn’t enough for it anymore and it pulls its demonic cock out from Elayne’s mouth.

She gasps air into her lungs while the Priest and the Demon go through quick negotiation about her. She is laying on her back on that table until the Demon pulls her off from it when the negotiation is over. They have now other positions in their minds and Teiros goes on that table and pulls her to suck his cock again. It’s gleaming on Elayne’s own juices and he forces her to take his hard member into her mouth as she is bent over between the Demon and the Priest. The Demon Lord is pleased to see Elayne’s lovely butt in front of him and pushes it’s hard member right into her without any warnings. Elayne screams from the surprise and the pain, as his thrust is violent and that cock isn’t so smooth surfaced as the other had been. Teiros keeps her sucking his tool by taking firm grip from her blond hair. She sounds lovely as she screams from pain, as that demon forces it’s mighty cock into her from the behind. The old priest really loves to hear her cries and to feel her lips around his mighty pole.

Elayne is in the middle of the sea of pain, as the demons cock is almost splitting her hips in two, while Teiros is pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Also the demons rough hands moves on her smooth milky white skinned back and it’s claws leave marks on her body. She hears how that Demon is grunting from the pleasure with it’s really deep voice and Teiros is taunting her by telling her how other girls have been raped by him around the village or this Priory. Teiros tells her that he has been lusting after her and every time he has raped some girl, he has been thinking about Elayne. Her lovely perky firm tits. Her slim hips. Her angelic face. Her lovely pussy that feels like hottest pussy ever.

Elayne feels how anger builds up in her and she wants to rip his throat open, cut that monstrous cock of his off and stuff it into Teiros own throat. After that she could be ready to start really nasty treatment for him, but as much she wants to kill Teiros in that spot or bite his cock off, she can’t, as she needs to rescue souls of her brothers and also keep her family’s name safe. If Teiros even hint’s that she is tainted, all is lost for her. She has only one option left and that is to serve him and wait for the right moment for revenge.

As Elayne fights with her own inner demons, the Demon lord pulls out his cock and pushes her into the lap of Teiros. The Priest slides on the edge of the table and tells her to climb on his lap and take his cock into her pussy. Elayne mutters something, but obeys and is helped by Teiros and Demon behind him. She gasps for air as she feels how the Priest’s cock slides back into her and fills her up. She trembles from fear, as she doesn’t know what these two have been planning for her. She finds out soon enough, as the Demon moves behind her and is forcing it’s hard member on her darker hole. Elayne figures out what the plan is and tries to escape from it, but it’s too late. She is kept in her place and the Demon starts to force his member into her tight darker hole. She is screaming and crying from the pain, as that region of her body feels like it is on fire. Her tight butthole is forcefully stretched to meet the size of this demons member and she already has the cock of the priest inside her. She cries and pants, while trying to deal with the pain. Both men grunt from the pleasure as they feel how her tight holes gets tighter when pain hits. Teiros groans while continue his assault on her pussy, while the Demon’s pole slides deeper into Elayne’s body.

Something happens to Elayne, and pain just disappears and she feels how the two big cocks move in her in varying paces. The Demon behind her, Teiros under her and their members have sunk really deep into her holes. She doesn’t even know how it happened, but it happened and she is impaled by these two bastards in that room.

Teiros licks her firm tits like they could be covered in honey, while the Demon behind her takes it time while moving it’s monstrous pole inside this unlucky human female. Elayne feels their hands moving on her body, the tongue of Teiros on her tits, sucking her nipples, as well as she is feeling the Demon’s slimy tongue on her neck and back, while it’s claws leave reddish marks on her white skin. She can’t even move by herself and these guys do it for her. As they move at varying paces. One moves in as the other moves out faster or slower, she is constantly out of balance and as the pain is blocked, everything that she feels is pleasure and that just builds up within her faster than ever.

That rough abuse makes her cry out loud from the pleasure, panting heavily, groaning from lust, crying from the heat and wanting more of their cocks. Feeling how those strong hard members fill her holes again and again, that makes her even horny and she starts to get a series of strong orgasms between these bastards. She can’t fight against her body that betrays her and enjoys the roughness, making her tremble violently as orgasms hits her slim body. Every muscle within her body twitches and tightens while those big series of waves of pleasure rages within her body. The Demon and priest feel that twitching on their cocks and they can fight against their own orgasms for a while, but then enough is enough and this horny woman makes them cum deep within her. The room is filled with loud grunting, groaning and cries of the pleasure.

Elayne is pushed to lay on the table again, as Teiros gets up and he has had enough of her at this time. She is really lovely but he still has his limits and the good side is, that she is now his servant, so he can use her again later on when he feels the need. The Demon Lord isn’t satisfied yet, and he turns the still heavily panting Elayne into a better position on that table. She is now laying on it on her belly. Her hands are pushed up and her butt is nicely shown. The Beast from the darkest holes of Hell takes its place behind her and rams it’s thick dark skinned demon cock deep into Elayne’s abused pussy with one fierce thrust. Elayne screams loudly and almost jumps off the table when the demons hard member stretches her hole on its limits again. Her whole body trembles. She is panting heavily and she looks first at Teiros as if asking for help, but the old priest won’t help her in any way. Then she looks at the Demon just like begging for mercy, but that dark skinned beast won’t give any. It just takes it’s pleasure from her body, without caring if she is willing or not.

Elayne was bent on that table and the Demon kept her in her place with its strong arms. There wasn’t much that Elayne might have done and the Demon rammed his spear deeper into her roughly abused pussy harder. She panted and cried out with pleasure that that huge unholy member made her feel. It was something that she hadn’t felt ever before, and Teiros watched how the unholy beast defiled the noble born woman on that table. He was smiling as Elayne cried from pleasure. The old priest just watched as his ally used the blond woman’s body for its own enjoyment and nobody could deny that She didn’t sound like she didn’t enjoy it herself.

The Demon grabbed her hair and pulled her up from the surface of the table and forced her back to go in an arch. Elayne gasped for air and tried to keep herself in balance, but the demon’s thrusts were rough and strong. Her feet had trouble to staying on the floor every time the beast rammed it’s tool deep into her. In most cases those thrusts lifted her up into the air and she was just kept up by Demon’s hard pole and that strong hand what kept her back arched by the firm grip of her hair. Elayne was defenceless and powerless to do anything, as her legs were usually pressed against the edge of the table and the beast did to her whatever it wanted to do. The Demon Lord grunted from pleasure as her body continued to have orgasms and she cried out loud from pleasure the whole of that time.

Then the Demon decided to take her from another position before filling her womb with its unholy seeds. He just pulled his member from her, pushed her back onto the table and turned her on her back. Elayne was tired, sweaty and her body was partly numb from all the abuse but one of the few feelings that she felt still was pleasure. The Demon opened her legs again and made her watch how it’s unholy cock slid into her pussy. The long and thick demonic member started to fill her hole again and poor Elayne just lay there taking it all. His rough hands played with her tits which were nicely in its reach. It made her tremble more and Elayne’s nipples got the hardest treatment. Those claws left reddish marks on her soft milky white skin and made her fear that the Demon was going to rip her tits off in that spot. If she would have been someone else, the Demon might have torn her apart limb by limb, but as she was Elayne, the Demon just abused her and left some scars for her to remember him by. She won’t get harder cock from any human males outside of this Priory, so she might want to have another go with this demon, or so this beast thought and it would like to abuse her more later on.

The Priest watched how Elayne was abused by his ally while drinking some wine and admiring her lovely body. Her so milky white skin wasn’t so white anymore. Bruises and reddish marks were all over her body and the Demon was eager to make more marks on her, while ramming it’s cock deep into her. Elayne felt how her body was more than mangled by the Demon and she really feared that soon enough she would be branded for good to be the servant of the dark forces. Every time when the Demon’s slimy tongue and foul smelling teeth’s touched her firm tits, she was afraid that it wanted to bite it off. She was so tired, that she just lay on that dirty table and let the beast do what it wanted. Soon though it grunted heavily again and shot a big load of unholy seeds into her womb. After that it just left her lying on the table and walked off. The Demon Lord disappeared back into the darkness again. Teiros had been watching her the whole time and he wanted to do one thing more. He didn’t touch her in any way and just walked to the side where her head lay and started to rub his own cock and watched Elayne with an evil grin. The old man kept rubbing his own cock until he came one last time on her face and tits while she lay on that table. Covered in her own sweat and the sperm of the demon and the priest, and her whole body was full of reddish claw marks. She leaked seeds from both of her holes and now her face had a nice fresh mask of sperm.

The Priest laughed a bit because now he was happy. This noble born beautiful woman was branded to be their slut, and the old man was planning more ”meetings” with her for the future. Local village girls weren’t as good sex toys as this proud noblewoman is. She must do whatever it takes to protect her own name, her family name and rescue her brothers souls from somewhere out there. That wasn’t a small mission for this young knight.

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