Knight Elayne – Tamed and trained Chapter2 released! :)

there we go, second of many more parts released! :) 36 pics in this one

Teiros decides to use his dumb nephew for Elayne´s further training and has even more diabolic plans for them. Some more previews

can be found from our webshop or HERE!

btw i reworked the faq section, especially the commissions. from now on pricier but also an interesting new option… check it out :) enjoy and stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Knight Elayne – Tamed and trained Chapter2 released! :)

  1. Jürgen

    Looks awesome like always but can you tell me when you are returning to your famous ‘classic Hibbli’ sets where were all those stories and such goodies. Everyone offers picture sets, You used to offer a lot more.

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