Treacherous Illusions – Bad Ending

He talked about this and that while warming up his cold hands. He was on route to the nearby town when this awful storm forced him to find shelter. It was almost impossible to continue travelling in that weather as roads were flooded, muddy and slippery. If he moved via the forest, any falling tree branch would knock the traveller down, and there was possibility of death, fast or slow, in that. He cursed the weather as a witches’ storm, so rough and strong it was. Elayne didn’t say anything about the woman who was burnt to death, but she started to think about things. Could that woman have been a witch? Did she call the storm winds to avenge herself?  Why did his boots look so clean if the roads were all muddy and slippery?

Elayne had a bad feeling about it and pulled her sword up, releasing the charm within the sword. She knew that it would do damage to demonic creatures and evil spirits, but to it should be harmless regular humans. If this guy is just a common jerk she’ll kick his arse back outside. If he isn’t human, then the charm would give him a rough ride.

The charm erupts from her sword and hits its target with such force that it makes him scream in agony. The male was thrown against the wall and the power of the charm tears his outer surface to pieces. Force waves burns his cursed body as never before and mangle him until his humanlike appearance is torn to pieces. As the demonic creature slumps down to the floor he looked like a piece of meat and thinking him dead Elayne finally put away her sword. Her whole body shivering and she tries to calm down. Little does she know that her charm didn’t killed him, it just mutilated, burned and deeply scarred him, but he is still alive. Given time to recover from the blast, his rage pushes away the horrible pains his body felt after all that terrible force.

It’s time to make her pay for everything and he waited a while so she would in right position for him to take down. It was bad luck for him that Elayne noticed he is still alive and tries to use her sword’s charm again. Already drained dry from the first attack it didn’t worked anymore, so Elayne needed to attack and try to kill him like usual. The incubus reverted into his original demonic form and naturally his movements are faster than Elayne, so he is merely toying with her, dodging her swinging sword without much trouble until she is captured by him.

While the young knight fought back with everything she had, she was fighting a battle she couldn’t win anymore. Still she tried to fight him off, but he was getting stronger with every heartbeat and she was getting weaker. Finally the young knight was tightly pinned down and the fight was over. Now the incubus had to make decision what he would do to her.

She smelled so lovely… The incubus wanted to kill her on the spot, as she was a threat to them. She was a hunter, and all hunters had to be killed on sight. Her death would bring some nice perks in the ranks of dark minions. His strong hand lifted her head by her ponytail, and the incubus licked his lips. Should he just cut her throat open from ear to ear, or should he enjoy her lovely young body first? A heartbeat later, the incubus had made his choice and cut her clothes open with his sharp dagger. Elayne was kept on the floor under his strong hold.

She felt the cold blade cut her clothes open. She couldn’t do anything to stop her attacker from that position. Elayne was pinned tightly against the floor and the incubus could do what he wanted to her, as long as he kept his hand or knee on her neck. The young female knight felt how easily she was kept down and how little she could do. That whole time, she felt the incubus cut her clothes to pieces with his dagger.

Soon she had nothing left on her, and the incubus was pleased with what he saw in his hands, a young and very sexy female lying on the floor. He got up fast and pulled Elayne up with him, but before she could do anything to him, she was dragged forcefully towards the table, and the incubus made her lean over it. Elayne felt the dagger’s sharp blade ready to cut her if she decided to fight back, so she had to submit to his will. The incubus smirked while moving his free hand on her smooth skinned back.

So lovely, with smooth and warm skin… The softness of her skin was easily felt. Usually the incubus charmed his victims to submit to his will, but this time he wanted to make her feel it all. Force her to submit. Feel her anger, pain, shame and maybe even pleasure. The incubus moved his free hand onto Elayne’s neck again, and took a firm grip as a reminder that he could snap her neck into pieces if he wanted. Elayne was kept in a rather unbalanced position, and cried out loud as the incubus forced his hard cock to slide into her roughly. Her thighs were pressed against on the edge of table and incubus wanted to keep her moving space as limited as he could.

The incubus kept her firmly in that bent over position, from where she couldn’t fight back so effectively. Elayne tried to maintain some kind of balance, but it was a difficult task while this demonic creature kept thrusting his hard member deep into her. Every thrust he made was rough, and even if the pace was slower at that moment, she wasn’t enjoying it at all. Elayne couldn’t be sure about it, but it felt like the incubus could control the size of his cock, and it felt like it was growing inside her.

Long and strong thrusts sank deep into her. She cried out from the pain every time his hard member went as deep as possible without damaging her womb. Elayne felt how the incubus stretched her to her limits, and his every move inside her made her gasp or cry out. Pace was still moderate, but it was enough to keep her unbalanced, and she couldn’t put much energy into fighting him off. His demonic cock had grown so thick that her feelings grew mixed. That thick cock rubbed her tender inner parts while moving inside her with that moderate pace, and that caused her body to become aroused. Into that pleasure mixed pain from what the incubus caused her with his thick cock and from pressing her against the edge of the table. She also felt shame from all that. She should have been fighting him off of herself and killing this foul creature, not being his sex toy or enjoying this cursed deed.

Every time Elayne was about to have a moment when she reached balance and might do something to attack, the incubus pushed her off balance once again with his dirty tricks. She had to lean so low on the table that if she didn’t kept herself up with her own hands, she would have been slammed against that table surface, and the situation might have been even worse.

The incubus grinned behind her while grunting from the pleasure, his hard member sliding so nicely inside her, and her body purely divine. She felt really tight around his monstrous cock, and the incubus loved that feeling when making his cock go as deep as possible into these human females. He had ravished many human females over the years, and Elayne felt like she would be one of the best fucks. Not the best, but clearly one of the five best girls yet.

The incubus enjoyed her body and also her mixed feelings. She was in the middle of waves of pleasure, pain that felt like lightning, and shame from the knowledge that she herself enjoyed this lecherous act that had made her body so hot and aroused.

Her arms were shaking more and more with every thrust he made. Cries of pain had changed into cries of pleasure and shame. She panted faster and her resistance was futile. She had more chance of becoming more aroused and feeling more pleasure than of actively fighting against him and that carnal lust. Her battle against this incubus was almost already lost, and her slim changes were crushed when the incubus picked up the pace and took her at much faster pace.

Elayne felt how that monstrous thick cock rubbed all those inner spots within her all at once, causing her body to start trembling from pleasure. She was forced to have an orgasm and there wasn’t anything she could do to prevent it anymore. She panted heavily and had started to sweat. As her pleasure grew stronger, her mind grew darker, and she couldn’t fight back at any level. Lust filled her mind and made her cry out like a common whore. She felt those strong arms on her body, this beast’s monstrous cock going so deep into her, pushing her forward into dark waters of pleasure.

A few more fierce thrusts and she felt her body trembling to pieces when her orgasm finally exploded within her with full force. Her young slim-figured body shook like never before, and she cried out louder than she had ever done in the past. The incubus loved to feel how tight her inside became while that orgasm made her go almost berserk. He had his own task to continue, and he really lusted to feel her tightness around his hard cock, so he prolonged her orgasm as much he could. It didn’t matter to him at all when Elayne’s arms gave up and she slumped against that dusty table and continued panting and screaming from pleasure.

The incubus grunted from lust and pleasure while sinking his mighty tool into her pussy with hard thrusts, but he wanted to see her face while he ravished her body. The incubus pulled his member out from Elayne and pushed the weakened female knight on her back on the table. He pulled her into position to continue his lustful task.

Elayne didn’t notice at all that she was pushed onto the table and her legs were opened once again. She panted heavily, and when this thick demonic cock found its way back inside her hot, wet pussy, she gasped for air into her lungs almost instinctively. The incubus resumed ravishing this young female with a fierce pace. Elayne’s cries filled the whole room, and none could say that she was a knight that killed demonic creatures for a living.

The incubus enjoyed the view that opened in front of him. Of course, her back was nice too, her skin so smooth and hot, but her front side was really enjoyable. Same lovely smooth skin, so hot under his hands, and her bouncing tits moved nicely along with his rough and fierce rhythm. Her skin looked even lovelier when she was sweating, and as he rammed his cock into her, she was pushing her body against his, as if answering to his movements. Elayne was turned into just a common whore for this demonic creature who grunted more and more heavily between her legs.

Elayne wrapped her legs around her attacker so she could have him as deep as possible. Her mind was filled with lust and she just groaned for more. She had already gotten one strong orgasm and there was another one coming soon. The incubus felt the changes in her body and smirked at her. This proud knight wasn’t anything more than just a whore. A whore that wanted to have his cock deep inside her pussy and enjoy it. She enjoyed it even if he rammed his hard member into her and caused her to cry out from the pain.

The incubus leaned forward so he could lick her nipples. Elayne’s nipples were so hard and pointy that he wanted to have a taste of them. While the incubus licked her tender nipples, his pace slowed, but still his thrusts went deep into her pussy. It kept Elayne moaning and groaning from pleasure, while the incubus played with her milky white tits. The demonic creature fully enjoyed her young sexy body, as this knight showed signs that her mind was clearing out from the mists of the lust. He felt that it was about time to continue with faster rhythm.

The incubus moved his hand onto Elayne’s throat and started to take her yet again in a more demanding manner. Elayne had noticed that she was lying on her back on that table and could do something to fight him off, but the incubus was faster again. His hand was already on her throat, so all he needed to do was add enough strength into his hold, and she’d submit to his will soon enough.

Elayne felt this beast ram his thick cock into her pussy with savage rhythm, and he also started to choke her hard enough that she had trouble breathing. The incubus seemed to enjoy tormenting her and just feeding himself with emotions from her. Her horror, fear, lust and pain felt so good to him, that he continued to choke the young woman as long as he enjoyed it.

Elayne tried to get that hand lifted from her throat, but her strength was fading faster than she expected. The incubus seemed to keep her as a toy for himself, and allowed her to have air into her lungs from time to time. To Elayne it felt really horrible, as she didn’t know what this creature was thinking or planning, or what he wanted from her in the end. She had to assume that this demonic creature was planning to kill her sooner or later, but hadn’t really decided how to do it yet.

The young knight fought back as much she could, but she was punished fast for everything the incubus counted as a try to get him to back off from her. The incubus rammed his cock into Elayne’s pussy more violently than before, his hand was choking her harder, and his facial expressions told a harsh tale. He truly enjoyed to see how she was fading, and the incubus fed himself from Elayne’s agony.

Everything started to fade away from her eyes as she slipped to the unconscious side of the border. The incubus smirked and pulled his cock out from that almost motionless body. He admitted that it was better when she was more lively and active than this, so Elayne was pushed on the floor, and this time she was pulled to lie on the middle of the floor on her belly.

There was a black rounded handle on a small hatch on the floor. Down there was a small cellar for storing food and other small stuff. The incubus tied Elayne’s hands onto that handle, as he liked to see her in that position. She was barely breathing and conscious as the incubus looked at her with a smirk on his face. He moved behind her, made sure that his cock was hard enough to continue his assault, and this time she would get one hellish ride of her life.

The incubus lay over her and slowly slid his cock again into her well used pussy. Elayne’s breathing changed a bit, as her body reacted to his cock, and he started to move slowly in her at first. He wanted to get Elayne to wake up first, before the final run could start. The incubus took his time while waiting and kept pace slow enough, that he could enjoy how hot her pussy felt around his hard member.

Elayne woke up to reality and found herself on the floor, her hands secured to a handle on the hatch, and this demonic beast over her. She felt his body weight on her in that position, but when the incubus noticed that Elayne was awake, he picked up the pace and caused her to cry out loud once again. She had nowhere to run, no way to fight him off, no way to block him, or any other options, other than submitting to his will.

Elayne felt like this beast wanted to split her into two halves with his thick cock, and that pace was fierce. It wasn’t so enjoyable to her, but the incubus loved every moment of it. He grunted like a sex maniac and made his cock go as deep as possible from that position. He enjoyed making her cry out from pain.

His hands moved on her smooth skinned body and his fingernails left small scratches on her soft milky white skin. Finally the incubus decided what to do with her and as much as he wanted to kill her after ravishing her roughly, he felt that it would be better to put her into shame, and to carry his demonic child. She would have to escape from her own people into the badlands, or her own kin would sentence her to death, to be burned at the stake. Some priests weren’t so friendly to young females who consorted with evil minions. Even claims of it were enough; “evidence” of such acts were found by investigators, and then the truth was tortured out from her.

In Elayne’s case it would be even clearer, as she had been impregnated by a demonic creature. Her fate would be sealed, and the incubus really liked that plan, letting her own kin kill her. He’d be there watching, and searching for another prey for himself.

Elayne didn’t know what the incubus had in mind, as her mind was full of flashes of pain and pleasure. She felt how demanding his thrusts were and how this thick tool almost split her into two halves. She was panting, groaning and crying out loud while lying under him. Just lying on her belly on that dirty floor, and him taking her hard and fast from behind. His endurance was really on a demonic level. It might have been possible for him to continue this pace into morning, but she couldn’t take it that long.

Suddenly the incubus pulled away again, but only for placing poor Elayne onto her back on that floor. Her hands were still tied to that handle, so her lovely firm tits were fully exposed and within his reach.

The incubus didn’t waste any time as he forced her legs open and continued in his plans to tarnish her good name forever. Elayne felt this incubus lay over her, his thrusts so strong and fierce that she hadn’t felt anything like that before, but also she felt this incubus lick and suck her hard nipples. He seemed to love to lick her tits while making his hips meet her hips time after time.

All that had eaten Elayne’s will to fight. Her strength was gone, some parts of her body were numb, most of the parts were hurting, and she was ready to die already. It must have been his main goal in the end, to fuck her brains out, fill her womb with his seed, and then to kill her. Elayne didn’t care anymore as the game was over already and she couldn’t fight back even if she wanted to. She had been manhandled roughly from the start and she couldn’t even know how long this incubus had used her as a mattress.

Finally the incubus felt that his seeds was ready to fill her womb and with a loud demonic growl he tarnished her good name. He unloaded wave after wave of his hot cursed seed into Elayne’s pussy, staying over her a long time. He was panting heavily; Elayne panted heavily under him, awaiting the last hit that would kill her. The incubus just smirked and gave her one last kiss before getting up from the floor. The incubus had a big smile on his face as he walked out of the old farm house leaving Elayne lying on the floor, tied and fully naked. The incubus left her to deal with any aftermath, maybe her own people would kill her, burning her at a stake so she’ll know the pain those flames cause. Flames that couldn’t be as tormenting as the blessed charm on her sword, but being burned on a stake would be a slow death and a fitting end for a hunter like her.

Elayne was beaten up, tired as hell, in terrible pain, and her arms were still tied to the handle, but she would have to get herself free soon, if she wanted to prevent being impregnated by that bastard.

She wasn’t that lucky, and when Elayne finally got herself free, that cursed seed had found its target and had become strong enough to block the effects of those herbs she had used before. She had only one option left: to flee from the kingdom. If someone found out what had happened, there wouldn’t be fair trials, or neutral hearings. It would be a death sentence for her when it was noticed. She had failed on her mission and now her family name was ruined forever.