Thief Ezri – Don’t get caught again




There are two kinds of thieves in the world.  The first have fast fingers, even faster legs and can almost disappear into thin air.  The second talk a lot without saying anything, fill your ears with lies, then takes everything from you with a smiling face and in return all you get are empty promises and more things to worry about.

Ezri has quick fingers and knows how to stay hidden from the guards that are always hunting for thieves and other trouble makers.  It was cold that evening and the day hadn’t been good for her with just a few light purses snatched.  If she wants to sleep in a relatively safe place, in one of the safe houses the Thieves’ Guild maintain, she needs a few more coins.  Nothing is free for thieves like Ezri.

While the sky is darkening, she notices a trader recently arrived in the city from the north whose goods are mostly pelts and other northern items.  He seems rather tired and has parked his wagon in front of the rental stables.  After arguing with the owner for a while about the price, he pays and replaces his purse on his belt.  It looks heavier than the other purses Ezri has stolen today and could be her meal ticket for a few days if she is lucky.

The trader is middle-aged and already had a nice fat trader’s belly.  That usually means they won’t run so fast or far if she manage to snatch their purse.  As he and the stable boy sent to help him, start to move his wagon into the inner yard Ezri makes her move and hides behind three drunken commoners.  With the drunken fellows walking in front of her the trader doesn’t notice the slim half-elf girl and luckily he isn’t even looking when Ezri’s slim hand makes its move.  Already tired and busy with his wagon the trader is also distracted by the dirty song the drunks are singing and doesn’t notice when his belt becomes lighter.  The purse disappears under Ezri’s cloak and the young thief moves away with soft but fast steps.  She continues forward, keeping herself in the shadows of buildings.

Ezri heads towards the crossing point of two streets where she will be out of the trader’s eyesight.  She knows the trader will notice his purse is missing anytime now and she is smiling broadly when she reaches the crossroad and what seems like safety.  Turning the corner she almost bumps into 3 guardsmen walking the other way.  Ezri looks at them with a guilty expression on her face and the Guards stare back.  Ezri’s luck seems to be running out as these are the Cardinal’s Peacekeepers, tough athletic and religious minded Temple Guards who don’t let their target get away.  The other town guards mainly work for the Royals and aren’t keen about chasing thieves and troublemakers as long as the temple guards will do it.

Ezri walks past the guards as they look at her as if they want to ask something.  Then Ezri hears the trader angrily shouting about a thief that has taken his purse.  Ezri reacts instantly and runs, the Guards follow and she starts planning how to escape their reach, preferably sooner rather than later.  Temple Guards are fit and well trained, so she’ll have to be clever as she can’t outrun them.  Few thieves have actually out run the Temple Guards, the rest were caught and after that haven’t been seen anymore.  So if she wants to keep her skin untouched, Ezri had better find a way to disappear and fast.

Luckily Ezri remembers a building she can use for a quick entry and exit.  That will slow the guards down a bit and then she can hide in the sewers to escape from the men.  She crashes into an old wooden building, runs through the front room and slid through a hole in the back wall.  Nobody lives in the house at the moment, but it is often used for meetings and such.  It’s a good place and has many more or less hidden ways to escape from it.  Ezri ends up in a muddy back alley and carries on running.  She has bought herself a few seconds, but the guards will be after her again very soon as she can hear them smashing the old door down with fierce blows from their swords.

She isn’t waiting for them and reaches another alley where there is a sewer access.  She runs to it, pulls the cover up and jumps into the sewers.  The sewer cover slid back into place as Ezri continues running in another direction.  She has some knowledge of how the sewer tunnels go here, but she only knows a small portion of the tunnel systems.  It’s filthy down there and the rats are bigger than most city cats.  Built in the distant past, the sewers were originally escape tunnels from the city, but now they are just places where all the muddy and filthy water goes from top side.

Ezri keeps running with the taste of blood in her mouth as it’s only a matter of time before the temple guards figure out where their thief went.  Some sewer accesses aren’t wide enough for a grown man to enter, but a young slim figured girl can easily slid through even if it’s a smelly and dirty place to go.  It’s a dangerous place to be if you don’t know where you are going or how to move down there.

The young thief runs onwards, trying to gain more space between her and the guards as fast as possible.  They must be in the sewers by now and hunting her again.  Ezri ends up at a weird looking blockage in the tunnel.  She can’t say for sure if it was built or formed on its own, but once she finds a narrow tunnel through it she doesn’t have time to think.  Either she uses it to get past the blockage and put more distance between her and the guards or leave now and try to find another path.  Both options have risks, but Ezri decides to take the narrow tunnel.

Ezri crawl into the filthy tunnel and wriggles her way through it as fast she can.  It’s a tight fit for her and the guards won’t be able to follow her.  It is hard work getting through the tunnel and when Ezri finally reaches the other end she feels someone take a firm hold of her hand, pulling her from the tunnel.  At first Ezri is sure the Guards have found their way in front of her and her career as a thief is over, then she sees who is at the other side and truly wishes it had been the guards.

She is pulled out of the tunnel by a demonic creature with rodent like features.  The muscular creature drops Ezri to the ground in what seems to be some kind of nest for four nasty looking beasts.  The nest is built in a larger room and most corridors leading into it are blocked with garbage scavenged from the tunnels.  These blockades will slow down attackers and make it easier to defend the nest, limiting access while ensuring there are always other ways to escape if needed.  This doesn’t help Ezri at all, as at that moment the demonic creatures are pulling her into their midst.  Ezri notices a rather big pile of bones, many of them human, so these creatures certainly are meat eaters.  She tries to get a knife from her belt to defend herself, but as soon as she manages to draw the blade the demonic rodents easily disarm her as they are really strong.

Ezri has heard lots of stories about beasts such as these lurking in the sewers and hunting for humans.  They take people who won’t be missed quickly if they are missed at all.  Poor people and vagrants are easy targets for these beasts, killing humans for food as they do their cursed work to destroy human cities from the inside.  If dark forces are planning an attack against the city, it’s better to know their weakest link and use that to crush the defences.  The demonic creatures smell awful and are dirty from living in the sewer tunnels for so long, but now they have got a nice treat in their hands.  Ezri ran into their lap all on her own and these beasts are pleased with the fact there was no need to hunt and their prey is a pretty girl.  That wakes other urges in their mind and as they surround Ezri they can do whatever they like with her and she can’t stop them.  Their hands moved over her body and her clothes are removed piece by piece.  Ashamed at feeling that many hands on her, Ezri tries to fight back as much as she can, but that just arouses these demonic creatures even more.

The young thief feels dirty hands on her bare body, moving over her warm smooth skin like they are spellbound by it.  She is like a flower in the middle of a field of garbage.   The beasts move closer and Ezri feels her space for even the smallest movement reduced to zero.  These lower forms of demons are breathing heavily and that brings nasty images into her mind of what can happen to her and what they could do to her.  She feels their hard cocks pressing against her nude body through dirty worn trousers and the young girl knows they will use her body to satisfy their sexual hunger, but will they kill her before or after the deed?  Some demons like to kill their prey and then ravish the corpse.  Ezri has seen the kind of mess such dark creatures leave when they go into a blood frenzy and judging from the state of those corpses death wasn’t swift or clean.  Ezri trembles from fear and panic starts to get a hold of her, but there is nothing she can do as the four demons have her surrounded and are now drooling over her lovely body.

One by one the demonic rodents get rid of their remaining clothes and Ezri saw their hard cocks with her own eyes.  As the demons rub their deformed cocks Ezri isn’t sure she can survive all four of them, as with the bones in mind she knows they might be really rough with her.  She probably isn’t the first female to fall into their hands, as the creatures seem to know what kind of enjoyment human females can give them.  That thought causes her to panic and she grabs a piece of old bone as a weapon, but before she manages to do anything with it one of the big rodent creatures behind her hits her with his nasty looking whip. His first hit lands on her back and makes her scream in pain.  It makes her drop the bone, but that isn’t enough for the nasty old demonic creature whose whip sings more times until after four nasty hits Ezri seemed more eager to surrender.

She is lifted back onto her shaky legs so the filthy creatures could continue their plans and it seems that little whipping session has made them even hornier than before.  The vile beasts surround her again and their dirty hands move over her body while they seems to be thinking which of them will be first.  The rodent demon in front of her takes the initiative and lifts her into his lap.  Ezri feels how roughly she is being manhandled and tries to stay upright by placing her hands on the demon’s shoulders.

The rodent beast doesn’t wait for permission from his kin, he just rams his hard member into Ezri’s pussy.  The young thief’s cries fill their filthy nest as she feels the unnatural cock go into her as the creature moves her up and down in his lap.  His hand grasps Ezri’s hips as he takes her with a brute force she hasn’t felt before, holding her in the air most of the time and then forcing her into his lap so his demonic cock slid even deeper into her.  Ezri trembles with pain, fear and from pleasure too and the demon realises something about his roughness is getting her aroused.  Varying the speed and depth of his thrusts to maximise his pleasure, the demon also enjoyed the young half-elf’s struggle against the feelings his demonic cock triggered as it rubbed against her inner pleasure spots.  Panting slowly, Ezri can’t understand why her body suddenly feels like this.  Why the demonic cock rubbing against hidden places inside her is causing the most intense waves of pleasure she has ever known, but she knows she shouldn’t enjoy it.

Ezri moans and groans as the first rodent demon takes her with hard thrusts.  The other three demons aren’t happy waiting their turns as they all lust after burying their cocks in her pussy.  Just playing with her body isn’t enough for them, as their kin’s heavy panting reveals the awesome pleasure this young thief’s body is giving him.  Every moment Ezri’s moans get louder and louder as she tries to fight against the overwhelming pleasure, fearing she will lose the fight sooner or later. She fears that these cursed beings have cast some evil charm on her to make her body give in to their lust and fears what they will do to her after they have all taken turns with her.  Will she still be alive when the last one has finished with her?  Will she want to be alive after endure it all?

The second demon growls angrily and pulls Ezri shoulders towards him.  The first one allows his kin to join the party and they pose the helpless girl between them with her back towards the ground.  Keeping her in midair, the second creature forced Ezri’s head to tilt further back so he can use her mouth and throat to satisfy his needs while his kin fills her pussy with his tool.  Ezri screams in fear as she is pulled forcefully backwards and placed into a position where they could drop her anytime they liked.  At the very least that would knock the air out of her or perhaps kill her if she was lucky.

The second beast forces Ezri’s mouth open and an awful smell assails her nose as the new rodent demon comes closer.  That stench isn’t as bad as the taste when the demonic cock fills her mouth.  Ezri feels her stomach turning over and over and barely manages to keep it down.  Her jaws are forced painfully wide by the demonic cock as the creature uses her mouth just like his friend is using her pussy.  Ezri can feel the rodent demon’s cock sink deeper into her pussy, causing her more pain with every thrust he makes.  The young thief can’t be sure about these beasts, they might drop her to the ground in the middle of sex just for the fun of it.  In that case she would hit her head hard and Ezri starts to hope they really would drop her.  Kill her right now and after that she won’t care if they tear her body open.

In that position Ezri feels as if she is on the edge of a cliff and the drop would mean a sudden end to her.  The two lower class demons are grunting with pleasure as they take their time with her.  It’s not every day that a sexy young girl jumps into their laps and they don’t have to hunt for prey.  The rodent demon between her thighs picks up his pace and starts panting really heavily.  Ezri feels the change of his pace and realizes he’ll shoot his load into her very soon.  She doesn’t like that idea at all and starts to wriggle in an attempt to get his cock out of her.  Ezri’s desperation gives her the much needed strength to force her hips to move how she wants and not like he likes.  Feeling his spine almost melting with pleasure, the demon rodent gasped air into his lungs and relaxes his grip.  Feeling herself not being forced down so hard, Ezri managed to slip his cock out of her pussy just as his load sprays onto her belly, over her perky tits and even as far as her throat.  He shoots wave after a wave of sperm onto her smooth skin, tarnishing it with yellowish coloured liquid.

Moments after the first demon starts to unload his seed the second groans as loudly as his kin and starts filling Ezri’s mouth with his seeds.  The young thief is in trouble and has to swallow it all if she wants to breathe.  If possible, it tastes even more disgusting than the demon’s cock, but she doesn’t have the option to complain, just swallow it all or choke.

The first demonic creature lets go of her and her small butt hit the dirty ground.  The sudden shift in position almost snaps Ezri’s spine in several places and forces her neck into an awful position.  She sees stars and the pain makes her incoherent, so she is an easy target for the other two demons.

Before she even notices, she is rolled onto her hands and knees on the ground.  Both the remaining demons wants to have a turn in her pussy, but after a short argument they find common ground and Ezri screams sharply when the third demon slides his oddly twisted cock into her reddened pussy from behind.  Ezri leans on her hands and pants heavily, while the third demon uses her with hard paced rhythm.  It’s at least as fast a pace as the first demon, but this cock is twisted and more deformed than the others have been.  The demonic beast takes a firm hold of Ezri’s neck and rams his favourite tool into her well used pussy while keeping his pace high.  The young thief girl cries out from pain as she feels his awfully strong hand around her neck.  This beast could easily snap her spine if he wants to.  He leans forward, directly over her and Ezri feels his hot and heavy breath on her back.

This cock isn’t rubbing any tender spots that trigger sensations of pleasure, it just causes pain that gets worse until it overwhelms all Ezri’s other feelings.  She fears they’ll keep raping her until she dies and maybe continue after that, only more violently.  This demonic rodent just wants to cause her even more agony and she cries out from humiliation and pain.  They might be lower class demons, but they have same demonic desires as other stronger demons.  The rodent creature slams Ezri’s face against the dirty floor, smearing filth onto her pretty face while slowing the pace of his hard deliberate thrusts.  The thief girl trembled with fear and humiliation.  Her face forced directly against sewer waste that smells a lot better than these creatures living in the middle of the muddy and filthy nest.  After a while, he pulls away and rolls Ezri into a sitting position in front of him.  Then she is ordered to rub his hard twisted member with her lovely hands.  She obeys, doing whatever she is told to do.  A few moments later the demon starts to pant heavily and shoots his slimy yellowish seed onto her face.  Wave after a wave of sperm hit Ezri’s face and from there most of the slimy seed trickled onto her chest.  The demonic beast is pleased to see the young thief girl humiliated and his foul dirt on her lovely skin.

The forth demon has become rather pissed off at being the last in line, but at least she is still alive and breathing.  He moves towards her, intent on making Ezri suck his hard member before he buries his pole in her pussy.  Ezri sits on the dirty ground and is pulled towards the awful stinking cock.  The demonic creature orders her to suck his cock, but before Ezri can start something happens.  Two barricades are smashes to pieces and 3 temple guards enter the chamber with swords in hand.

The same Guards that were chasing Ezri have found the foul nest.  Needless to say, their sights are not set on a common thief now there are much better targets in view.  The rodent creatures don’t take the attack on their nest well and a battle starts between them and the temple guards.  In the midst of the commotion Ezri realises a chance for her to escape has presented itself.  She picks up her clothes and makes sure the purse she snatched is still there, a purse that she has now earned every coin of.  Ezri slips through a hole in the opposite blockade, leaving the men and demons to kill each other.  She doesn’t care about either side and happily disappears into the tunnels with her clothes and looted purse.