Sorceress Lori -Sold to Demons – Bad Ending

( parts 1 and 2 )


….. Lori leant on a bookshelf and tried to push the awful feeling away.  While trying to clear her head she noticed that a reddish infernal portal was opening from that old book.  Lori dropped to her knees as the portal’s swirling made her dizziness even worse.  She tried to drag herself away from the book and yell for help, but didn’t know that nobody would hear her cries as she had been “sold” to demons.  Two greenish demons stepped through the portal and spotted Lori right away.  They have a certain task to do and like their task a lot more now a young and lovely human female is within their reach.

Lori tries to push the dizziness aside so she can raise the alarm and get help from the other mages before it’s too late.  While the young sorceress is slowed by the cursed portal, the demons are unaffected and move without problems.  They catch Lori easily as she tries to cast a spell on them, interrupting the young woman before the spell is ready.  One firm hit renders her almost unconscious and Lori feels something put around her neck and locked in place.  Dragged towards the table, she notices the demons throwing books and papers to the floor.  Lori sees them kick the bench away from the table and then the sorceress is pulled from the floor, only to be slammed face first onto the table.

Such rough treatment keeps Lori off balance and she can’t fight back as she would like.  Pressed against the table, the sorceress feels someone tearing her clothes to pieces while she’s in that more or less helpless position.  A few strong pulls and her lovely smooth skinned butt is revealed to these cursed creatures.  Lori tries to defend herself by casting a spell against the demons, but realises to her dread that she can’t use her skills.  The choker on her neck prevents her using magical powers and as Lori pushes against it, a burning feeling starts around her neck.  She tries again and it becomes really painful.

The demon behind her doesn’t waste any more time and Lori feels his hard demonic member penetrate her roughly.  Pressed tightly against the table she can’t move in any direction and demon behind her is panting heavily.  His cock goes deeper into the young woman’s pussy with every thrust and Lori cries out loud from the pain.  She doesn’t understand how this could be happening in here.  Demons couldn’t get in the tower without help from someone and there should be spells that detect all enemy creatures no matter what.

Lori smells the sulphuric stench coming from the creatures and feels the demon’s hot breath on her neck.  His demonic pole goes so deep it causes the sorceress increasing pain with every thrust and Lori’s body starts trembling from the waves of agony.  The demon seems to enjoy taking his time with her and the brunette hopes someone will come and rescue her soon.  It must be just matter of time before someone will come to her aid.

The other demon grows rather impatient waiting for his turn with this lovely young female, but his friend just takes his time and enjoy the feeling this tight pussy wrapped around his hard cock gives him.  Lori feels humiliated when she notices that the demon isn’t just doing it quick and going forward with his plans, rather he keeps his thrusts long and calm, making sure his manhood is buried as deep inside her as possible and if that hurts her, then the more the better.

The library is filled with deep masculine grunts mixed with Lori’s anguished cries as she is roughly ravished in a room she thought to be one of the safest around.  The young sorceress feels the demonic cock moving within her pussy, harder and larger in size than anything a human male could have without magical help, it’s something she couldn’t even imagine.  Only demonic creatures could have this kind of destructively shaped and sized tool to use against females.  This demon seems to love hurting her and at that moment it’s hard to say which he enjoys more, the feel of her tight pussy around his cock or causing her more and more pain.

The young Sorceress pants against the table and sinks her fingernails into its wooden surface, as if trying to force the pain through her and it into something else.  The demon grunts become even deeper and his pace grows faster.  Lori fears that he’s gonna fill her womb with his demonic seed and make her pregnant.  Still that is the least of her worries as she fears these demons are going to kill her after they have had their fun at her expense.

Lori feels disgusted by the idea that this cursed creature is about to fill her up, but she is kept tightly controlled and there isn’t anything she can do to prevent it happening.  The demon grunts loudly into her ear, making it clear that he’s really enjoying her lovely body.  Then the demon roars and with one last fierce thrust he buries his hard cock into her pussy and starts to unload his essence deep inside her.  Lori cries in humiliation as she feels the warm flood filling her up.  While the creature is planting his seed in her, he removes his hand from Lori’s neck where it has been the whole time.  Lori just sprawls on her face as it’s now too late to do anything.  The deed is already done.

As the first demon pulls his cock out and moves away, the second eagerly moves in to take his place.  Lori cries out again when she feels another demonic member sliding into her.  This time it’s easier as she is already stretched and well lubricated.

Another fierce mating begins and Lori tries to push it all from her mind.  Just endure it and take whatever these demons have in mind for her.  Maybe they won’t kill her if she doesn’t fight back.  When the demons notice the female become more passive they smiles as it’s easier for them and rest of her clothes are pulled off.  Lori isn’t fighting back any longer, so within moments she is totally naked and the demons are posing her in another position.

The second demon lifts her onto his lap and directs his mighty tool deep into her pussy.  Lori feels like a ragdoll in their hands as they manhandle her with ease, like she doesn’t weight anything to them.  Then Lori is bent towards the first demon until she is lying backwards in midair with only strong demon arms keeping her up.  They could release their hold anytime and she would fall back first to the stone floor.  That would be really bad, but the demons seem to be more horny than interested in hurting her at that moment.  The demon between her legs keeps vigorously ramming his cock into her well used pussy while his friend forces Lori to open her mouth and allow his pole to use it.  The sorceress knows the danger of such a position as the demons could drop her in anytime, but there are other ways these cursed beings could hurt or even kill her.  Mostly, Lori hopes they will just use her and let her go, but partly she hopes these beasts will slam her against the stone floor and kill her.

Grunting harder the demons use her roughly, treating her like a meatbag made just to be ravished.  Lori lets them use her anyway they like as she doesn’t have any options left.  Nobody has come to rescue her and if accepting their claim over her body and allowing them to use her however they want gives a small chance of staying alive, she’ll take it.  As she’s submitting to their will and isn’t fighting back anymore, the demons concentrate on enjoying her smooth milky white body.  Lori can feel demonic hands explore more of her body, playing with her nipples and slapping her tits as the creatures keep ramming their cocks into her pussy and mouth.

After a while she is pulled upright, but still in the air, as the demon behind her wants a second go with her before he’s satisfied.  Lori wraps her arms and legs around the demon supporting her while the other demon is getting ready behind her.  The young sorceress feels his cock sliding into her darker hole and sharp cries escape her lips.  The two well hung demons squeeze her between them, using her like she’s just a toy to them.  The brunette pants more and more heavily while taking them both at the same time.  It feels so wrong to allow these cursed creatures to tarnish her body with their stench, to fill her holes with foul seed and ruin her good name.  At first the pain kills any pleasure, but soon her gratification from the carnal act grows too strong and Lori is crying out loud in pleasure.

Her mind tried to block the enjoyment and pleasure for as long as possible, but the flesh is weak and her body gives in to carnal lust.  The two demons are now panting heavily as, sandwiched between them, Lori cries out like a common whore in the cheapest brothel.  The young sorceress lets these beasts ravish her again and again, filling her holes with their hard poles and wanting to feel their warm floods deep inside her sweaty body.  Her body has betrayed her mind, lust triumphed over reason as carnal pleasure makes all her pain disappear.

Lori feels the two long cocks going deeper into her, filling her like never before and while her own sweaty body trembles with waves of rough orgasms the demons unload their seeds into her once again.  Screaming with pleasure, Lori’s slim figure shakes and bucks as she climaxes for a long, long time.  The demons let her slump to the floor where she continues trembling in pleasure.

The demons have had their fun with her and now it’s time to continue their mission.  One demon opens the portal back to their realm while the other lifts Lori onto his shoulder and both demons leave the messy library room behind them.  They have got what they were after and a lot more.  The deal with Margot is made and Lori pays the price of Margot’s ever growing hunger of power.

Arriving in their realm with their prey, the demons carry Lori through darkened corridors and into an oddly shaped chamber.  It looked to be an ancient lava pocket that had been modified into a room of some kind.  Lori is dropped there and another creature comes in.  This new demon seemed to be older than other two and of a weaker race as its body seemed less strong.  It limps around the chamber on its clumsy left leg, plucking items from shelves carved directly into the walls.  Lori is tired and still in pain from the rough treatment she got from the two demons that now guard the door.

The older demon limped towards Lori and starts to check her injuries, not caring if he causes her more pain.  He was ordered to fix her for some reason and he does what he is told.  Lori screams in pain as a dark rounded stone is placed on her belly and dark magic starts to heal her body.  It is a fast, but painful, experience for Lori as the old demon just mutters something to himself.  The old demon checks her collar and places a red stone into it.  It is a precious jewel like a ruby and starts slowly pulsating after it is attached to Lori’s magical choker.  After that the old demon is satisfied and he limps away.  The greenish demons pulled her up and make her walk between them.  One demon walks in front while the second makes sure Lori won’t try to escape.  Where could she go while they are in an ancient demonic fortress?  Lori doesn’t like walking around totally naked, but she isn’t given a choice and while walking sees numerous other demons moving and working in this cursed fort.  Many are from lower demon classes, half-breeds and some have various kinds of disabilities.

Then there are strong and muscular warrior demon soldiers.  In comparison, the creatures dragging her around are slimmer and faster moving, so must be some kind of hunter demons.  Lori can’t be sure as there is so little info about demon society or the demon races.  Pushed onwards she finally walks into the bigger space yet, more a huge cave than just a chamber.  In that huge room, she noticed different kinds of demonic items, weaponry, shelves full of potions and in the middle of the room a big stone table covered with maps and papers.  At least they looked like paper as first, but as Lori gets closer she realises most of the documents are written on sheets of leather, some of which looked to be big pieces of human skin.

The hunter demons leave Lori in the chamber and once they disappear into the darkened corridors a darker demon emerges from the shadows.  It is big and muscular, one of the demon lords who lived in this ancient fortress and plan the conquest of the realm of humans.  Lori watches the menacing figure walk towards her and it surely enjoys seeing something as lovely as Lori.  Trembling with fear the young sorceress wants to flee, but her legs are frozen and she isn’t able to move at all.

The Demon Lord walks in front of her and studies her with small reddish eyes.  This demon looks old, but still strong and Lori sees many scars on its rough skin.  He has been in many fights and some of the wounds he’s suffered in the past would have killed the strongest human male.  One wound alone looked enough to make a warrior bleed to death.  The scars make him to look even more menacing and Lori is sure this demon is going to kill her soon.

The demon lifts its hand to Lori’s collar and smiles as the reddish jewel had stopped pulsating and now glows brightly.  It opens the lock with a soft touch and as the collar opens Lori feels part of her soul being ripped from her.  She drops to her knees and trembles in terrible pain as she realizes that her magical powers are gone.  The demon laughs at her and looks at the collar with a wide smile.  Then it pulls Lori back to her feet with its free hand and throws her onto the huge bed behind her.  She ends up on her left side on the lumpy bed, while the demon lord walks towards the bed and removes the reddish jewel from the collar.  He throws the collar away as it is now useless to him.  Lori trembles in pain and fear as the demonic creature lifts his hand over his face and crushes the jewel within like it was a fruit.  Reddish liquid drips into his mouth from his fist as the Demon Lord literally eats her magical powers and now she has none.

After taking her powers it is time to take her body and the demonic creature moves onto the bed where the deeply shocked Lori lies on her side.  He isn’t into any foreplay, so just pulls Lori closer, forces her onto her back and pushes her thighs open.  The young sorceress tries to act and crawl away from the bed.  Lori even manages to kick him in the face which causes him to stop for a moment, but as she turns and tries to escape she feels a strong hand on her ankle pulling her back.  The demon groans in anger, if this girl wants to play rough it suits him very well.

Lori is pulled in front of him and the Demon Lord moves over her.  The slim human woman is easy to control in that position and the demonic creature thrusts his hips against hers.  Lori screams sharply as she feels his big thick demonic cock forcing its way into her.  Luckily she was already warmed up and stretched by his demons servants, so the Commander’s cock slides into her quite nicely. It is certainly the biggest pole she has ever taken willingly or by force and it pushes her to the limits of what she can handle both mentally and physically.

The human woman lies on the bed screaming in pain like a banshee while the demonic commander forces his favourite lance into her fragile body.  He enjoyed feeling this woman around his cock and wants to see just how much punishment she can endure before her mind shatters or her body bursts open.  Lori isn’t his first human female and he enjoys tormenting these females with his cock.  It gives him a lot pleasure in so many ways.

The demon’s heavy body easily pins Lori in place and allows him to continue his assault on her.  Lori’s sharp cries are like the sweetest music to his ears and the Demon Commander takes his time enjoying her sweet body as much as he can.  Slow but strong thrusts make the helpless female scream in pain.  Panting heavily, Lori gasps air into her lungs while trying to get used to the huge rod in her body.  Lying on her belly on the lumpy, foul smelling, bed she claws at the dirty linen sheets until her fingernails nails break and still she keep clawing, trying to claw her way out of this awful position where she can do nothing more than suffer.

The demon lord groans loudly with pleasure and keep ramming his cock into her with strong thrusts.  She is really worth the deal and has already endured a lot more than most other human women have been able to take.  The Commander really likes her slim body and how it trembles under him so strongly.  Her body language shows every bit of the anguish and agony he is causing her, but to be more enjoyable for him she must endure a lot more.

The demon takes her at a faster pace as he moves his hand to her throat.  It’s really easy as the demon is a lot taller and bigger in every way compared to Lori.  His arm length allows him to hold her by throat so he can control her breathing, so he can make her agony even stronger.  The young sorceress feels the cursed demonic lord ramming his hard member deep into her aching pussy as he starts choking her.  Long strong fingers wrap around her throat preventing air reaching her lungs and blood flowing to her head.  The downside to this is that Lori is more or less muted and the demon commander really loves hearing her scream.

So while he enjoys feeling her body fight to get air into her lungs, she is silent and if she can’t cry out her sweetest music can’t be heard.  Her voice seems so sweet to him, a real gem in his eyes and he would rather lose one way of controlling her if he can regain another means of enjoyment.  The Demon Lord stands up and pulls Lori with him.  The sorceress is like a ragdoll to the strong demon and he can make her do whatever he likes.  The Commander sits on the edge of his bed and drags Lori onto his lap.

His strong arms don’t give Lori much option and she feels as if she is in the middle of the biggest sea of pain any human can imagine.  Her entire pelvic area hurts and parts of her legs are already numb.  For that reason she moves rather slowly and clumsy.  The demon doesn’t care about that, he just uses her body like she was his toy.  That is all she is at the moment, a toy to be played with, a toy to break and discard afterwards.

Demonic hands force her to take his hard cock in her pussy again and Lori cries out sharply. She is almost blind from pain and can barely move within his lap, but she doesn’t need to worry herself about that.  The Commander’s hands move her as much and as fast he likes.  Lori places her hands on his chest and leans against him to get some kind of support while she’s forced to ride that monstrous cock.  It goes so deep it surely must damage her insides.  She can taste blood in her mouth and while being forced to do this wild demonic ride she hopes this large and gruesome lance will kill her.

The demonic Lord knows exactly how much these human females can take and what will cause their fragile bodies to burst open.  Human are fragile when compared to demon races.  Most of the human are weaker than usual demons, but they have some good sides which is why demons like to play with them.

The demon lays on his back as in his lap Lori is made to keep riding his massive cock, crying out with every small changes in his thrusts.  Faster, deeper, slower, even deeper and whatever else the demon commander can think of.  The chamber fills with demonic roars, girlish cries and sharp female screams.  Panting heavily from pleasure he is soon ready to fill her mauled womb with his seed.  For that he wants to change to another position, but Lori is so used up she barely understands what is happening as she is tossed onto the bed.  Her mind as well as her body is being pushed to its breaking point.

The Demon Lord gets up and using raw strength forces Lori into a standing position, her back against him while leaning on the stone table with shaky arms.  The only thing preventing her from slump down with fatigue is the Commander’s arms.  He easily keeps her upright and firm while he slides his cock back into her from behind.  The horny demon groans with the pleasure of feeling this nicely stretched pussy around his cock again.

With steady thrusts he starts taking her again.  Lori’s voice had become raspy and her cries almost silent, but now he makes her scream more and more.  Her body is sweaty and her head hangs down between her arms.  She is so tired that she cannot hold her head up any longer.  Her legs are wobbly, but as long as the Demon Lord is holding her up, that doesn’t matter.  The demonic creature rams his pole in her at an even faster pace and Lori’s lovely cries become more like the croaking of crows.

The Demon Lord loved another thing while she was riding him moments ago.  Her lovely perky tits had moved alluringly with the pace he had dictated.  Now her firm tits are moving just as nicely to his rhythmic thrusting and in this position he can easily play with them.  Long arms allow many things and while the demon is certainly enjoying her this last time, he feels her body start to sag.  She is so tired that body is shutting down.  That doesn’t matter to him at all and he keeps her upright as long as needed so he can unload his cursed seed into her worthless womb.  After a few final thrusts he unloads his seeds into her and allows the roughly used woman to slump to the dirty floor.  Lori is motionless and barely breathing anymore.  The Demon Lord is surprised she still lives, even if only barely.  He smiles and has something planned for her, but now she needs healing.  The Demon Commander growls and lowly demon servants come to pick her up and carry her out from their lord’s chamber.

Eventually Lori wakes up and the terrible pain finally fades away for a while.  The young woman feels better again, but fears another treatment awaits her and that this will continue until the demons allow her to die.  The same clumsy legged old demon that examined and healed her before enters and starts to heal her again.  Muttering something to himself again he eventually goes away, all without talking to Lori.  Why waste his time speaking mindless toys?  After a while these toys all become more and more mindless.

Lori is lead back to the demon lord’s chamber and this time she is tied to a pole. It is an old stony pole that Lori doesn’t remember seeing the last time, but she’s more worried about what they are going to do to her.  Chains secure Lori to the pole with her hands behind her back and the demon servants who brought her leave the room.  Moments afterwards the demon lord walks in with someone else.  Lori isn’t sure what is going to happen, but she has a feeling she’ll find out soon enough.

As the demons get closer, Lori sees that the other person is female.  The demoness looks really awful, like she is rotting to death.  Her hair has partly fallen out and her body is falling to pieces.  No wonder the demon lord loved ravishing Lori so much and took such a long time enjoying her.  The demon lord and his companion stay to one side as another person walks into the room.  He’s wearing dark robes with old occult markings on them and his raspy voice is chanting within the hood that hides the dark priest’s face.

The priest walks towards Lori, chanting all the time as his dark psalms weave a really nasty charm around Lori.  She isn’t a sorceress anymore, but knows all too well when someone is casting a spell and now she’s the target.  Continuing his chants, the priest walks around her a few times before moving to end the spell and release it onto Lori.  Finally, he stops in front of Lori and touches her forehead.  At first she doesn’t feeling anything, but then things start to change and Lori feels something pulling at her.  Something really powerful is pulling her up and it’s too late for her to realize that her soul is been torn out of her body and driven into the glassy jar the dark priest has in his other hand.

When her soul is pulled out, Lori’s body slump down like it is a ragdoll made of flesh.  Just a mindless corpse that will live for a short period of time without a soul inside it.  The priest nods to the demon lord while securing the glass jar where Lori’s soul, her inner essence, is now stored and the demoness smiles at her master.  The Demoness’ spirit sheds her old ruined body and it falls discarded to the floor.  Her shadowy essence drifts towards Lori’s lifeless body.  The spirit looks at the new body and with a smile approves it.  Moments later the blending is over and the demoness controls Lori’s body.  Marks like small horns grow from her forehead and her eyes become more demonic.  In time Lori’s body will start to decay, but they’ll just find another new body and the cycle will start again.  Lori is still young and her body is strong, so why shouldn’t it last as well as others have.