Priestess Rinil – Saints or Sinners

Copyrights belong to Lady Adara


Rinil has been studing the legends of Aladel for a long time.  The founder of her sisterhood and one of the most beloved character in their history.  In many ways Aladel was thought to be holy by some of the sisterhood.  Rinil was like that at first, believing legends saying Aladel was the mightiest of all and when all her work was done she took her place within the pantheon of gods.

Aladel had revealed new ways of magic to the elves, bending and channelling it at the spell weaver’s mental command rather than using it as a crude tool.  A spell weaver had to have a gift within their blood to reach such skills and while not all had that ability, Aladel formed a sisterhood of followers to help and teach those who had.  Teaching others like Aladel had taught her first disciples.

The Sisterhood had several forts across the land, but its centre had always been the citadel created by Aladel herself.  Years ago, Rinil had got curious about how Aladel had actually built the citadel thousands of years ago.  After that sparked her curiosity, blind belief in legends was gone and Rinil wanted facts.  Aladel must have been a powerful being to create such a building as even now there was no elven spell weaver or priestess strong enough to try such a deed.

The most logical answer was that the original fortress was smaller and the Sisterhood had added to it over the years.  Rinil enlisted the help of a few sisters to carefully inspect the grounds of the ancient citadel and was stunned when the findings were analysed.  Firstly, all the walls and buildings within a large area looked to be partly attached to the bedrocks under them, as if the Citadel was formed directly by nature itself.  Attached that way, the fortress must be a lot stronger than others of the same age.  While the oldest parts were the original fort where it all had begun, many other parts of the surrounding Citadel were all of the same age.  Rinil realised the majority of the huge citadel must have been built within one brief era.

For some that would be proof of Aladel’s divine power and status as a living goddess, Rinil just got even more curious.  Such a powerful being could have done anything she wanted, so why did she help them?  Why had Aladel spent all that effort and when everything was said and done just left?  Glorified stories say Aladel’s destiny was to become a goddess, but why hadn’t she taken the crown and ruled as undisputed queen?

After years of research and being the target of countless jokes, Rinil found some old forgotten books that painted a much different picture about Aladel than the legends.  Rinil stayed quiet about her discovery as she already had more radical ideas than any would dream of saying out loud.  Aladel hadn’t die, nor had she taken a place in the ranks of the gods, Rinil felt that she had just left.  Powerful though she was, she didn’t want to be a celebrated war hero, nor queen of all the elves.  She just walked away from everything she’d started to hate, but left a tiny trail for those seeking the truth to follow.

Searching the library shelves, Rinil found a cache of carefully hidden diaries and annals that appeared long forgotten.  Rinil was sure these old books were copied from originals, but she couldn’t be sure how long they had been hidden from the eyes of other sisters.  After reading just a few pages she knew Aladel’s legends might all be whitewash, but to what extent she couldn’t say.  Also there was a chance the books she had found were lies and deceit.

In the oldest annals she read, Aladel wasn’t the leader of a great army in the beginning.  Her abilities were discovered when the original fort’s commander, the king of that elven tribe, had lost a battle and was about to surrender their lives to the vicious enemy commander.  That commander had been targeting elven forts one by one, wiping them from history and driving the elves towards extinction.  Their strongholds were getting fewer and the war was going badly for them.  Their enemies didn’t want peace, just surrender and slavery.  Their goal was to kill or enslave all elves and take their land.

Rinil was stunned to discover that same story, with small differences, in several different books.  In those tomes Aladel’s story began as the enemy commander murdered the elven king in front of his people.  After that, each tales had Aladel using weird powers to crush all the bones of every enemy soldiers, including their commander.  Then the rest of the attacking army tasted a different but just as cruel fate.  She summoned cursed winds to form a funnel into which all the enemy soldiers were sucked without mercy.  Aladel only calmed down once all the attackers were swept from the area.  In one book small Rinil even found mention of a ravine into which Aladel slammed these unlucky soldiers until it was filled with shattered corpses.

The texts seem to be written by people close to Aladel, as that was the only reason why they would have been allowed to exist.  Not destroyed but hidden behind other books awaiting the time when someone pulled them into the light and wiped the dust away.  Rinil studied the ancient handmade books for a long time trying to figure out if they were true or made to tarnish Aladel’s reputation.

Legends made Aladel look like a holy person who lived like a saint and fought battles with honour and pride.  These few books made Aladel look like a normal, living person who had feelings, problems and worries.  A person who seemed affected by the loneliness her powers caused.  While those few books didn’t detail her entire life in that long gone age, they showed enough and proved that, as in the legends, Aladel lived amongst the elven for a really long time.

Rinil didn’t wanted to tell others about the books, as she feared the Aladel’s most fanatic followers would burn them without a second thought.  That would be shame as they could be real treasures, pieces of true history and the sisterhood’s heritage.

The priestess noticed several cryptic clues within the text and after working on them for weeks she was finally able to discover some well-hidden notes.  These were concealed by magical charms and in them was mention of a certain place within fortress, a spot on a wall that was actually a hidden door to Aladel’s private chambers.  A place she used when she was stressed and needed a moment to herself to calm her suffering soul.  It took a day searching the oldest part of the citadel for Rinil to find the spot mentioned in the books, and even then she wasn’t sure she was in the right place.  It was a small corridor with walls made from stone, behind which were rooms still in use today.  That didn’t matter if Aladel was as powerful as the legends said and Rinil placed her trust in the old notes.  She wove the spell described in the books, then touched the wall gently and released it.  At first nothing happened, but then a door started to form in the wall in front of her.

As the young priestess was looking curiously into the room, two other priestesses came around the corner and walked towards her.  Rinil almost panicked as she didn’t know how to shut the door so others wouldn’t see it.  She didn’t want to share her information yet, but now she was caught by these two sisters.  Rinil didn’t have time to react, then was shocked when the women just kept talking and walked right through her.  They hadn’t noticed her in any way.  She must be like a ghost to them.  Relieved, the elven priestess laughed nervously.  Aladel had created an interdimensional pocket for her panic room, a place she could rest for a while without leaving the ground of fortress.

Rinil stepped through the doorway and it closed behind her as quietly as it had opened.  It was quite a big room and the priestess felt really strange, but if as she believed it was an interdimensional pocket size didn’t matter.  Everything there had once belonged to Aladel.  Rinil smelled the air and it tasted like fresh tea.  Then she found a small silvery cup on the table that still had warm tea in it.

– Welcome back Princess Eradan, you haven’t visited for a while.  We are glad to see that you are well again…  A soft voice said to Rinil, completely startling the elven priestess as she thought she was alone.  Turning quickly towards the voice, Rinil saw a young woman standing in front of her.  She looked friendly enough and smiled as if she were seeing a long lost friend again.  She was wearing a sleeveless dress that reached the floor.  The fabric looked like thin silver sheet but acted like cloth.  It was unlike anything the priestess had seen before.

– W-who are you?  Rinil managed to ask while sensing that this young woman might not be what she appeared.  Something felt weird about her and why had she called her “Eradan”?  Why did that name sound so familiar?

– Princess, are you playing some type of game?  Fine, I’m Celah…  I’m a caretaker of this citadel and I watch over Aladel’s children…  The young woman answered Rinil’s question, surprising the priestess again with more information.  Nobody had said anything about a “caretaker”, but maybe they don’t know all of Aladel’s secrets and what lay hidden in this citadel.

– Caretaker…  and what?…  children?…  Does she have children?  Rinil was really curious now and completely forgot how this strange woman had surprised her.  She also remembered that Princess Eradan had been the daughter of the elven king brutally murdered on the night Aladel was discovered and had later become one of her trusted allies.

– Yes, I maintain this citadel and guarding its secrets…  A full time job, but we manage…  Children?  Aladel?  No, not real children…  She felt that would not be wise…  She saw all who carry the gift in their blood as her children…  Just like you Eradan…  The young woman smiled and touched Rinil’s arm gently.  The priestess wasn’t sure if this woman was alive or not.  She spoke and moved like she was, but something about her suggested she wasn’t.  Suddenly, a small needle formed from Celah’s finger and she took a small sample of blood from Rinil’s arm.  The priestess jumped away from this weird thing and prepared to defend herself, but Celah seemed more interested in her test.

– Interesting…  To our knowledge, Princess Eradan died in the arms of her husband, with Aladel at her side…  but here you are…  your blood isn’t lying…  You are related to Eradan…  one of her children?  We knew that would be possible…  We have been watching you…  and we…  left those books for you to find as we knew who you are…  Rinil…  daughter of Eradan…  Every bit of you is the same in every way as Eradan was…  It can only mean that cycle is starting again…  Celah smiled at Rinil, then moved towards a side table where different coloured stones lay on a black chassis.  She rearranged the stones and then turned towards Rinil.

– It’s ready for you, Eradan…  Do you want your usual settings or Aladel’s?  Celah asked as casually as if she were asking “is the sky blue or black?”  Then she just looked at Rinil and awaited her answer.

– ermm…  the usual…  please…  Rinil responded not even knowing what Celah meant.  All she knew was that this place was where Aladel went to rest when she was stressed and torn up from conflicts around her.  She hadn’t known others used this room, but guessed correctly that only Aladel’s inner circle knew about it.

– Right then, get on the bed and lay down…  Relax…  The young woman said to Rinil.  The priestess went to recline on the nice comfy bed.  It had a huge furry pelt on it and appeared to be sturdy.  She didn’t know what to expect at all, but the instant she laid down the chamber disappeared and she felt soft touches around her body.  It felt weird at first, but soon Rinil started to enjoy the feeling of nice warm hands massaging her all over.

She forgot everything about Aladel, questions melted away from her mind and her passionate hunger for knowledge was pushed aside for a while.  Before she even noticed, the hands had removed all her clothes and the massage became more intimate.  She panted softly and felt her body warming.  It was like laying in the arms of an attentive lover, feeling their touches on her body as they let her enjoy the pleasure.

That continued for a while, until she noticed three males emerging from the darkness next to that bed.  Well-build males with muscular bodies and well hung too.  They looked a little strange, for one thing the first looked like he was made from steel, the next was like gold and the third was as dark as the night sky.  Rinil didn’t felt she should be afraid and liked how they watched her lying there fully naked.  Her nipples were already pointy and rock hard from the massage.  Her body ached to be touched, her breathing quickened – she wanted to be taken by those males.

They climbed onto the bed with her.  Rinil moaned softly as she felt their touches, their kisses on her lips, on her neck, tits, belly, thighs.  Then one of these mysteriously silent males went between her well-formed thighs to worship her womanhood with lips and tongue.  It almost made Rinil sing in enjoyment.  She trembled with pleasure at the way this man’s skilled tongue made her feel.  Rinil just panted and moaned as unfamiliar feelings rushed through her body like a whirlwind.

The other two males were on either side of her and Rinil started rubbing their members with her hands.  Their poles got hard and strong really fast.  She lay on her back, one male between her legs and the others kissing her lips, chin, neck and fondling her perky tits as her hands were stroking their lances faster and harder.  Images came into her mind that an elven princess had once laid on this same pelt and felt the same manhoods in her hands just as now.  It made her tremble softly as the male between her legs climbed over her.

Rinil opened her legs fully for him, placing her hands on this steel skinned man she stared directly into his dark eyes.  The priestess cried softly as his thick member slid into her womanhood, stretching her open.  Rinil’s hands took a firm hold on the male over her.  She moaned and groaned as, thrust after a thrust, the man filled her with his spear.  His body felt so strong and even the steel like skin felt so warm that Rinil forget herself in that moment of pleasure.  Panting, moaning and crying out loud at the feeling of a muscular man taking her with passionate pace.  It was like bodyguards taking payment from a princess in a most pleasurable way.

The priestess panted faster as she felt her body preparing for the waves of pleasure that would rush through it when her orgasm made her feel like she was exploding from inside out.  It didn’t take long.  A few fierce thrust and she was gasping air into her lungs as her hips bucked wildly.  The male let her catch her  breath before leaning backwards and pulled his priestess into a position where she had to ride his pole.  Rinil impaled herself and enjoyed the feeling of having him deep inside, his thick cock filling her up in the most pleasurable way she could imagine right then.  The elven woman rode him enthusiastically until the two other males wanted some fun with their little princess.

The touches changed from gently and loving to ones more demanding and filled with lust.  The steel male kept her riding his pole while the gold skinned one moved behind her trying to find the perfect angle for penetration.  Mixed feelings twisted and turned inside Rinil’s mind.  She feared what was happening, but part of her wanted it so badly.

A squeal escaped her lips as a second manhood entered her body.  Steel man was under her and his pole was filling her womanhood, so his golden friend decided to use her darker hole.  The priestess cried out as a mixture of humiliation, pain and pleasure made her body felt things it had never done before.  Rinil felt dirty and primitive as the lustful males used her like a common whore, then she groaned as the golden male grabbed her the hair and forced her head backwards as far as it would go.

Rinil closed her eyes and let herself go.  It was useless to fight the flood of feelings pushing in on her from all sides.  Everything from fear and horror, to a lusty pleasure she had never experienced before.  She couldn’t decide if these were her darkest fantasies or Eradan’s.  If what Celah said was true, that she was a lookalike for Eradan, perhaps every bit of her was identical and these fantasies were shared between two women of different eras.

The males’ hands moved over her lovely slender body and they used her as their sex-slave.  Her honour was tarnished and her purity ruined as her carnal lust awakened until all she wanted was to keep riding between these men.  Moaning and groaning from the pleasure every movement made her feel.

Eventually she was released from the double penetration as the dark as night third male wanted to join the fun.  This darker skinned male stood next to the bed and positioned Rinil on hands and knees on the soft sheet.  He pulled her close to him and sank his member in her womanhood.  Rinil smiled and started panting heavily as she took the third male inside her body.  The young priestess’ fists grasped the bed linen as the third male’s great lance squeezed into her.  His hands moved over her back, letting his fingertips dance over her sweaty skin as she felt his mighty tool going even deeper into her pussy.  Rinil’s breathing got faster and faster and she could do nothing but let him take her.  The third male felt how tight she was around his cock and grunted in pleasure.

The steel skinned male moved in front of her on the bed and made her suck his rampant cock.  Rinil didn’t get a change to decline and the males used her however they wanted.  The priestess tried to serve the steel male as best she could and his hand behind her head ensured his member went as deep into her mouth as he wanted.  Her body was trembling again as moment by moment another orgasm started building.  Rinil felt every fierce thrust the dark skinned male behind her made, his mighty lance impaling her, producing waves of pleasure she had never felt before.

Impaled between the two males, Rinil couldn’t say how long she shook with the force of that orgasm.  It was the strongest the priestess had ever experienced and she felt like she was exploding with lust.  Every muscle in her body started to spasm and her mind lost its grip on reality.  For a while the men continued using Rinil like a whore, the dark skinned man ramming his lance as deep into her womanhood as he could while the one in front kept her mouth busy with his tool.

Eventually they released their hold and the priestess slumped onto the bed.  Rinil was tired and out of breath, so didn’t resist when the steel skinned man pulled her over and made her take his thick member in her darker hole.  The young priestess wasn’t able to fight the strong hands and this time she got to ride his cock with her back towards him.  The male under her groaned as he loved the feeling of her tight asshole squeezing his member.  Her slim body looked lovely from that angle, but the gold skinned man wanted to join the party and forced Rinil backwards towards his steel skinned friend.  Rinil was unable to do anything to protect herself from these brutes and ended up laying on the lap of steel skinned man.  The golden male smiled while making sure her thighs were fully opened and his friend’s pole was already inside her.  Then Rinil cried out again as the gold manhood slid inside in her pussy.

Her whole body shook softly as two muscular bodies press against her, one under and the other over her.  Their movement seemed to take a rhythm, one sliding into her as the other was pulling away and that combo made her groan even louder as she was pushed towards another fulfilment of pleasure, yet another orgasm for her tired and well used body.  Rinil gasped air into her lungs as she felt the males’ hot lips on her neck, on her breasts, on her nipples.  Hands were touching her like they owned her slim body and the priestess loved it.  She eagerly welcomed the pleasure, the enjoyment of the pure carnal lust that was driving her insane.

The darker skinned male moved next to her, positioning himself so she could serve him with her mouth.  Rinil was completely lost inside her own lust and just started screaming around his cock when the orgasm exploded inside her body.  Her slender body shuddered strongly and all the world fled her eyes and mind for few moments.  For that small moment she was alone with pure pleasure.  It felt warm and wonderful.  Nothing to fear, no need to fight, just lay there and let gentle waves carry her home.

The roughly used priestess lay on the bed, her body aching all over.  There wasn’t one place that hadn’t been affected by that passionate mating.  She lay on her back and felt the men’s sperm leaking out of her.  From her pussy, from her darker hole, she could swear she could taste it too.  Her body was tarnished with cum and for she didn’t care.  There was no sign of the men, she was completely alone and she was fine with that.

– Session is over, you can get up now…  We hope that you feel relaxed…  Suddenly Rinil heard the young woman’s voice again and noticed she was fully clothed.  No males in the room and she was probably untouched.

– Yes, it was all…  illusion…  A charm…  in your mind, but made to feel real…  Celah explained when she noticed Rinil’s confused state.  The priestess nodded quietly at this strange woman as she tried to understand how it could have felt that real.  She had seen and experienced illusions before, but never any as real as this one had been.  Yes, she was untouched, but she still felt the relaxing effect on her body.

– It’s time for you to go now Rinil…  daughter of Eradan…  and we need to continue our work…  There’s lots for us to do today…  The young woman said in a gently voice as she smiled at her guest.

– A-are there other…  rooms like this?  Hidden?  Can you tell me?  Rinil asked, her curiousness awakened again.  While she feared this strange woman wouldn’t answer to her, she had said there were secrets within citadel and Rinil wanted to know more.

– Yes, there are…  Plenty of rooms…  Halls hidden from sight…  Aladel’s private chambers…  War council chambers…  and much more…  and no, Rinil…  we won’t tell you where they are…  Aladel locked and sealed most of them before she went away…  Too dangerous for children to play with…  Rinil was stunned to hear Celah’s answer.  At first telling her there were many things hidden from view, then shooting down her hopes by saying most were locked down by Aladel herself.

– Right…  OK, I’ll find a way…  to locate those and open them…  Rinil thought as she finally got up from the bed and walked towards the door, as Celah wished her to do.  Now Rinil wanted to inspect the citadels maps and old legends for hints of other hidden rooms.

Celah just smiled at the young priestess.  She had been watching her for years and knew from the day Rinil joined the sisterhood that she was just like Eradan.  Celah had been here ages and nobody knew.  That certainly suggested another reason this ancient citadel had survived since dawn of elven times.  The sisters weren’t the only ones maintaining Aladel’s home.

The priestess walked through the door and end up in the corridor again.  It closed behind her like earlier, hiding the room from sight again.  As Rinil was about to walk away, she heard another voice.  Two high priestesses waiting for her.

– We know that you have found a hidden room…  and most likely were able to open it…  Share the knowledge with us…  The older woman said calmly, wanting to know what she’d seen in there.  Rinil’s rank was still low and her ideas and studies were radical, maybe too radical for some.

Rinil was about to reveal what was behind the hidden door, but then decided to keep the knowledge to herself.  If these women know about the hidden room they should also know how to open it.  If they weren’t able to do that maybe it wasn’t meant for them.

– It’s there, yes…  Open it yourself if you can…  I won’t tell you what’s behind that wall…  The young priestess answered and the two older priestesses weren’t happy to hear it.  They knew about the room, but no council member could open it.  Rinil was the first in a long time that had been able to do that.  The young priestess’ studies were known to them and some factions inside the sisterhood wanted her gone.

The High Priestesses weren’t able to get Rinil to tell what she knew about the room as now her idea Aladel might be out there waiting to be found seems proven.

That gave Rinil the strength to continue on her path and the High Council was unable to force her to reveal any details.  She was protected by the sisterhood’s rules.  They couldn’t kick her out, they couldn’t force her to abandon her studies, so the only way to please everyone was to allow Rinil to take a quest to find proof she was correct.  She must go outside and search for more clues about her theory.

Rinil was happy with the arrangement.  Certain fanatics were glad to see her go and the High Council was satisfied because peace and harmony had returned to the citadel.  They still wanted to know what was behind the door, but might get that information later and at least they can keep it secret.  After all, if Aladel’s most fanatical followers heard about it they would be worshiping that wall like they worshiped the statue of Goddess Aladel.