Knight Elayne – Game of Mischief

Copyrights for the story belongs to Lady Adara



Sometimes hunting demons isn’t as easy or straightforward as it could be. This time the demon was more keen to escape and save his hide than to take his chances with three furious ladies. Elayne used everything from throwing knives to flowerpots to nail him, while Lori blasted away with nasty fireballs, and that young thief girl with a crossbow was planting her bolts all too close for his comfort. He could only trust his agility to keep himself out of their hands, and it was getting harder and harder.

These three hunters were making his escape attempts impossible, and soon it was check and mate. There was no place to run anymore. He had only one card left up his sleeve. He pulled a gem from his pocket and yelled a warning to his hunters.

“One step closer and this gem will explode with force none of you have seen before… if I go, you all go too..”

The girls stopped in their places while trying to figure out if he was just bluffing. Lori knew all too well that special gems with magical charge could pack a really big punch, but she couldn’t tell this one for certain. Elayne was more willing to take the risk; he could have used that gem much earlier against them, if that had been his plan. The demon sensed Elayne shifting towards attacking and made an offer.

“I’m tired of running… most likely all of you are too, but I propose… we settle this battle with some other way than… swords, bolts and blood along with an exploding finale… let’s say… we take those cards and play three games… your side wins two times or more… I surrender, take my head or drag me into jail… I’m done with running… but if I win two times …you let me go and you won’t see me in this area… never again… what say you?”

Elayne couldn’t believe her own ears, that that creature of darkness could offer such a deal for his own life. Just two out of three games… There were playing cards lying on the table near them, in an old worker’s barracks that had been abandoned for a while now. Most of the villagers had moved out temporarily when this demon’s presence had been detected. So, most likely, none would find out if they really sat down and played cards for the outcome of this “fight”.

Elayne wasn’t sure about it, but she didn’t want to go up in a big boom and it would be a nice change of pace to drag him into jail and let the officials deal with him. He might even go pester someone else and she could get his head later on.

Lori and Ezri agreed to play the game, so Elayne accepted the offer. He smiled nervously and slowly put his gem back into his pocket. The girls had the perfect moment to nail him against the wall right now, but the demon trusted the female knight’s sense of honor.

Slowly the women put down their weapons and sat down around the table. Lori took the cards and counted them. A few were missing, but the deck was still usable. She dealt. The demon picked up his cards last.

He had no plans to leave his fate in the hands of… fate. He threw bait for them, promising something that he’d never allow to happen, and they took it. While Lori was inspecting and shuffling the cards, he had weaved a subtle and silent charm that would turn the table to favor him. He might not be a warrior type demon, but he was a trickster, and this was what he did best.

He let the girls win the first round, so they were confident and more open for his influence. The cards were shuffled again for next round. He was working silently with his charm. He needed a bit more time to get what he wanted, but it would happen as long they didn’t notice anything until it was too late. The demonic creature strung out the game to gain time for his charm, and after a few moments he took the winning hand. Both sides had one win, so the third and last round would settle the outcome of the fight. The cards were on the table. Elayne did everything she could to win, so the demon would end up either in jail or one head shorter.

Before the cards were revealed, Elayne started to sense that things weren’t as they should be and before she could act on it, the demon smiled maniacally and Elayne was slammed against the floor. The young knight was shocked to see that her own friends were to blame. Lori and Ezri were attacking her and ripping her armor off. The demon laughed while watching these two puppets distract Elayne, as he tried to get into her head, just as he had gotten into Lori’s and Ezri’s. The knight wasn’t as easily charmed as her other friends; something in her was blocking the effects. The trickster demon switched to another, more potent charm.

Elayne had a hard time trying to fight off her friends’ hands and reaching her sword so she could cut the demon’s head off and end this. Lori and Ezri weren’t that easy; they knew her all too well, and Elayne didn’t want to hurt them. Her hope to get free on her own proved futile; all her attempts were blocked.

The young knight was kept on the floor while her armor was removed piece by piece. Elayne felt the demon try to get into her mind, like he did with Lori and Ezri moments ago. The trickster really loved the chance to have all three hunters as his slaves, to be his footsoldiers causing havoc amongst humans. Since his attempts to break into Elayne’s mind weren’t going well, he changed his tactics. Maybe he could slip in while she was distracted with other things…

Elayne noticed a change in her friends. Ezri’s fingers were rubbing her clit with soft varying rhythm, and Lori’s hands were playing with her tits, while her hot lips pressed kisses onto her neck. The blond woman wasn’t able to move at all; her friends kept her tightly between them. As Elayne was forced to submit, Lori and Ezri moved forward with the demon’s plan. Soon the floor was covered with pieces of clothing. Ezri’s fingers continued to do their magic on Elayne’s womanhood. The young knight wanted to deny it, but her body was clearly aroused. Ezri and Lori knew the best ways to render Elayne powerless to fight back.

The trickster demon enjoyed the show, waiting for the perfect moment to make his final assault on Elayne’s mind, letting her friends work for his benefit. The young knight moaned softly, feeling Ezri’s fingers dance on her womanhood with unimaginable speed. Lori was rubbing her whole body against Elayne while kissing her passionately, demandingly, making Elayne feel the warmth of her skin. Elayne made another attempt to snap her friends out from that charm. Her words were her last weapon. She hoped that her pleas could awaken some resistance within Lori and Ezri, that they would release her just for a moment.

But the young knight’s words to her friends were no match for the trickster demon’s charm. Ezri laughed softly as Elayne’s body wriggled and her moans deepened. The slim figured half elven girl’s fingers had given her her first orgasm, and now she decided to take her reward. She moved quickly, sitting over Elayne’s face, making her lick her tender womanhood. Ezri’s voice trembled softly, moaning from the pleasure as Elayne served her with her tongue. Ezri’s hands moved over her own naked body, fingertips sliding on her skin, ending up on her tits and rubbing her nipples. Lori moved between Elayne’s legs and started to lick her womanhood in turn.

Ezri moaned and panted while enjoying herself on Elayne’s face, still fondling her own body, feeling the hotness of her own skin under her fingertips. Their touches made her body shake softly, prolonging the waves of pleasure Elayne was giving her. She groaned while moving her hips over Elayne’s face, getting her to lick just where she wanted. Lori’s fingers moved as deep into Elayne as they could go, while the sorceress licked and sucked her blond friend’s clit.

The girls played with Elayne, pushing her deeper into the pleasures of their carnal games, until the demon finally decided that it was time for him to join the fun. The trickster gave a silent order to his new servants, and both of them quickly obeyed. Ezri and Lori stopped what they were doing and pulled Elayne to sit on her legs, keeping the panting knight tightly secured in her position by her arms and hair. The demonic creature gave Elayne no chance to start fighting again. Before she could react, he pulled the blond knight up from the floor and made her suck his hard demonic member. Lori and Ezri put their hands on her neck and the demon’s own hand pressed the top of her hair, pulling and pushing her head the way he wanted.

The trickster demon enjoyed the view immensely. Earlier these women had been hunting him for his hide, but he had turned the tables and was now feeling the female knight’s hot mouth around his hard member. It was a wonderful feeling indeed. Her fully naked body looked so sexy in that position, while her reddish lips pressed around his shaft, his tool moving back and forth within her mouth. Two of her friends were helping him ravish this beautiful female knight, rubbing their bodies against her and fondling her lovely body as much they could, while keeping her arms tightly secured. He truly planned to take his time with her.

The demonic male groaned from pleasure, but he wanted more, something that would feel as hot or even hotter around his pride and joy. He gave another command to his slaves and Elayne was again dragged into a new position. This time Lori lay on the floor on her back and Elayne was forced to serve the sorceress with her tongue, while her hips were kept up for his pleasure. Demon moved silently behind Elayne, enjoying the moment while letting his fingers slide over her smooth skin. It felt so soft and tender, and smelled so lovely. His hands took firm hold of her hips. The human female was ready to be taken. Lori pulled Elayne’s face against her womanhood with both hands while Ezri’s slender hand helped her new master’s hard pole gain entry into this lovely blond warrior woman.

He started to slide his cock inside Elayne’s nicely figured body, groaning as he felt her warmth around his tool. Elayne panted against Lori’s slit. The demonic male groaned loudly, making his shaft slide as deep as he could go. Lori reminded Elayne to keep parting her lips with her tongue. Ezri’s hand rubbed the demons balls for a moment, and then she wanted to join the fun too.

The half elven girl smirked and sat over Lori’s face, who eagerly started to please Ezri just as Elayne was pleasing her. Lori couldn’t hold Elayne’s head between her legs anymore, so Ezri took that task onto herself. Ezri moaned softly from the pleasure her friend gave her while keeping Elayne’s head between Lori’s slender thighs.

The trickster demon groaned loudly, ramming his member into the blond knight’s womanhood, taking his enjoyment from carnal pleasures while humiliating this demon hunter as much as he could. He kept talking about how he would drag Elayne into their outpost and sell her body to every demonic creature who could pay for the ride. He would make sure that everyone knew that she had submitted to their lust, selling her lovely body to every demon, screaming from the pleasure that only demons knew how to give. and being their breeding stock. She would be serving them whenever they wanted her, day or night, unable to deny access to her body any longer.

Trickster panted strongly, feeling Elayne’s hot skin under his hands, her body fully aroused now. Her mind was still fighting back, but her body had given up the fight. He wanted to make her mind submit to his will. He had to humiliate her more. Without warning, he pulled his member from her silky passage and forced his lance inside Elayne’s puckered rosette. Elayne screamed and her body shook from the sharp pain of that vile assault. Sharp and fast lashes inside her body struck like lightning. She felt his hands reach for her firm tits, hanging downwards and aching for teasing, her nipples tender for touch. Elayne cried out loud while his pole drove deep inside her darker passage and his fingers played with her nipples.

The trickster demon pulled her up in the air from between Lori’s milky white thighs. He was no fighter class demon, but he was easily a lot stronger than most human males his size. Elayne found herself leaning against the demon, who had pulled her into his lap and kept her up in the air, taking her body without problem even in that position. The young knight’s legs bent over his hands, her back pressed tightly against his chest. That left her front side fully open. Anyone that walked into that room would see her beautiful body in its glory. They would also easily see demonic cock moving inside her darker hole.

Lori and Ezri had been playing their own pleasure filled game together while the demon male had his fun with Elayne, but now he commanded his toys to join the fun. Both girls wanted eagerly to serve their master. Ezri sank onto her knees and played with Elayne’s womanhood again. The young half elven girl’s tongue danced wildly on her clit and felt the blond woman’s silky wetness around her slim fingers. Elayne quivered from the feelings this thief girl gave her, making her moan even louder in the demonic creature’s lap. Lori moved next to the young knight and caressed her firm breasts with her hands and mouth. The sorceress sucked Elayne’s tender nipples softly in turns, while moving her fingertips slowly and gently around on her perky breasts.

Elayne was caught in a mix of feelings – pleasure, pain, fear, humiliation and lust. Her body shivered from waves of pain and pleasure in turns. Every thrust the demon made caused her to cry out sharply; every gentle touch from her friends made her moan in pleasure. He kept her in that humiliating position while her friends fed her lust with touches only another woman knew.

Ezri’s slim fingers moved inside Elayne’s wet womanhood, rubbing those soft spots inside her and causing most of her gasps and moans. The thief girl’s talented fingers made her body tremble from lust and teased her as long as she could, keeping her on the edge of orgasm. The blond woman could feel Lori’s hot lips around her areolae, aching for more touches, more playing, more everything. The sorceress’ fingers were dancing around her firm and pointy nipples, pulling them upwards just as her lips did. Elayne panted heavily, her body submitting under the heavy assault of a hard manly pole moving deep inside her darker passage, a thief girl’s fingers inside her womanhood, her tongue dancing its fierce dance around her clit, and a sorceress giving attention to her firm breasts.

The whole time, the trickster demon tried to wear her defences down and gain entrance into the young knight’s mind, as his lance had gained entrance into her body. His own lust had grown, blinding him to the fact that something still blocked his attacks. The young knight was much stronger than he believed, given how Lori and Ezri had fallen into his trap so easily. The demonic creature grew arrogant, believing that he would crack her at last and make her his slave. He groaned from the pleasure and wanted to release his load into Elayne’s womanhood, tarnishing her honor with it.

He carried Elayne back to the table, placing her heavily panting form on her back, and rammed his shaft inside her womanhood. The blond knight cried out loudly, feeling his hard manly pole go inside her again, her body sending waves of pleasure in anticipation of her fulfillment. Ezri kept her on the verge of orgasm, but denying her every time, and now her body screamed for it. Elayne panted heavily, moaning loudly as if insane from pleasure, wrapping her legs around this male to get him even deeper inside her. Lori and Ezri came to both sides of her, keeping her arms above her head and giving kisses in turn to her greedy lips and perky breasts.

The trickster demon took her against that table with fierce pace, feeling in his spine that soon he would spill his seed. Her honor would be tarnished and if the dark gods allowed it, she would soon be carrying his child. He enjoyed seeing this blond knight in that position very much, lying on her back before him, her thighs fully opened for him, her womanhood tightly around his most favorite tool.

A few fierce thrusts more, and they both reached their fulfillment. Her lovely body trembled violently, her back arching from the force of her huge orgasm. A long and deep moan of pleasure escaped from her lips and no man or god or any force within their realms could prevent it.

The demonic creature shot his load deep inside Elayne’s womanhood, wave after wave of foul seed, groaning like never before and forgetting to keep up his charms.

For a while he panted with his eyes closed, feeling good for himself, until noticing that something wasn’t right. With his charms dropped, Ezri and Lori had broken free from his command. When the trickster realized his error, it was already too late. A strong shock wave from Lori kicked him against the wall and knocked the air out of him. Before the demonic creature could escape, Ezri nailed him against the wall with one well aimed bolt from her crossbow. The trickster demon was nailed to the wall at his groin, effectively disarming him, and also preventing him from making any more charms.

For a moment the ladies let him suffer from the pain, feeling that agony throughout his body, before Elayne felt strong enough to remove his head from his shoulders with her sword. After dressing up again, all evidence of happenings were piled up outside and set on fire by a few fireballs from Lori. Only the demon’s head was kept to claim the bounty.