Knight Elayne – Forbidden areas

While passing through an old village, the local council of Elders asked Elayne and Chiana for help were asked for help.  The villagers who lived there were farmers and weren’t experienced in matters of combat against dark forces, so the elders asked Elayne and Chiana to help them to find the shopkeeper’s son.  He was last seen heading towards the mountains, with plans to hunt some small animals.  The mountain area had been a forbidden zone for generations, as old legends tell it was the site of a huge magical battle between human and demon Mages.

The battle lasted for several days while both sides tried to kill each other in every way possible.  Needless to say, the area wasn’t properly cleansed and there were still hidden traps making it a dangerous place to be.  The locals weren’t able to deal with that problem at all, so they would just avoid the whole area and keep warnings around the mountain so wanderers know to stay out.

Over the years, some people went to the mountain since legends also tell that there are raw gems, gold, silver and other materials that Mages from both sides want.  Some gems boost a Mage’s abilities, others change spells and perhaps that’s why those old spells are still active up there.  Legends tell since neither side could claim the mountain as their property, both sides left after losing many of their own on that ground.  The mountain had seen lots of blood and death already, but now nature has claimed that old battle field.  Maybe nature was the only winner in this long and bloody battle between Mages.  Some people went there to claim treasures for themselves, most were never seen afterwards and if someone did come back from there they are almost always out of their mind.

They spoke about trails that lead nowhere, hidden portals that carried them to another place, and about evil spirits living up on top of the mountain; long forgotten souls from the forgotten battle.  Elayne wanted to say, “No thank you,” to this request, since she can’t do much against spells and Chiana is more of a healer than a Mage.  For this task she would gladly take Lori with them, but she isn’t around this time.  Still it’s Elayne’s task to help the citizens of Irrenia to fight against dark forces, so she is forced to accept this mission hoping to find the shopkeeper’s greedy son sooner rather than later.  Chiana can do chants, charms and healing spells.  She claims to be able to render evil spirits into a more harmless state for short periods of time if needed, but actual attack spells aren’t on her list.  The Drowess said that if they put their faith in the Goddess her might will protect them on the mountain.

Since the terrain isn’t familiar to Elayne or Chiana they decide to leave their horses in the village.  They aren’t good in mountain areas anyway and if there are trails that lead nowhere or open portals it’s better to leave the horses behind and move on foot.

Traveling to the mountain area took half a day and luckily there were still usable trails, so climbing there was easier than struggling through thick bushes.  While going higher, they notice that nature has indeed claimed this mountain area for itself, but everything looks a bit different than in valley, like the old magical battle is still affecting the bushes, trees and plants.  Since night is coming, they need to find a suitable camp site.  The shadows start to grow and both of them start to hear whispers around them, like voices from the past.  Maybe these were the last words of dying Mages, or curses, pleas,  and cries of pain.  The women find the place where someone had camped recently.  The tracks weren’t  fresh anymore, but someone had been there.

Elayne and Chiana decide to camp in that spot overnight since it isn’t safe to wander around during the night.  The terrain isn’t familiar to them and they could easily fall down and no one would come to rescue them until it was too late.  Between them they collect enough wood for the fire.  The mountain air began to cool in the area with the sunset.  Whispers continue to grow in the shadows.  Darkness isn’t a problem to the Drowess and she can see movement around them.  Spirits, ghosts and remnants of broken souls are gathering around to see who is on their mountain this time.  Some are just curious, some want their help, but most of those spirits want them to go away.

Chiana’s eyesight grows sharper when the sun disappears behind the hills.  The Drowess can easily see how mist-like figures linger in the shadows, looking at them. Those spirits are tied to this mountain or are still guarding it to keep demonic creatures out.  There are lots of emotions around there, but the strongest is sadness.  Elayne and Chiana both  clearly feel it around them and its effects on them.  All those lives lost in that battle didn’t meant anything in long run.  Nobody claimed the mountain’s hidden treasures for themselves.  These forgotten souls continue with their own doings there, as their interest towards living people vanish.  Elayne can’t see them as clearly as Chiana, but maybe the Drowess is more attuned to them.  She has superior eyesight compared to Elayne and she is a cleric.  The Drowess prays for these fallen souls.  May the Goddess look kindly on these forgotten heroes and release them from their eternal suffering.

Elayne ponders how mad she would go if after her death she was tied to one spot for rest of time.  Wandering a place like this mountain without a body, feeling such agony day after day, looking for the way out from there.  In her line of work, it would be one possibility.  If she dies before her mission is completed, her family name will be disgraced for good.  All the work the other generations have done would mean nothing if the last person of her proud noble family fails.  She has to find a way to keep her family name untarnished and keep fighting until her mission is completed.  After that, who knows?

Elayne never thought about that moment before.  What she would do when she is released from her duty?  Will she be like those old battle scared war heroes, drinking every night to keep the screams quiet in their head?  Watching Chiana as she prays to long forgotten souls, chanting calmly with her gentle voice, Elayne start to plan her future.  If she survives all this, she might find some remote monastery, and maybe there she might find peace of mind.  Most likely there won’t be any decent man who would be interested in her, with her battle scars and nightmares.  She knew that after taking up the sword when her brothers were killed, that the option for a peaceful and pleasant life was taken from her.

The moon cast a smooth calming light over the surroundings, the air was cool and for some reason Chiana felt like dancing in the moonlight.  The spirits weren’t bothering them at all and Elayne didn’t feel their presence at that moment.  Adding a few more pieces of wood to the fire, feeling her body shiver while seeing the Drowess let her cleric’s robes slide down to the ground, to reveal her fully naked body to the moon.  Chiana’s moves are gentle, her steps soundless, her white hair looks more silvery in the moonlight. While Elayne wraps blanket around herself to keep the cool mountain air off, Chiana is dancing around without clothes as if the cold air doesn’t bother her at all.

Elayne starts to rethink her earlier plans about a monastery.  At least she should pick a place where she won’t be dancing fully naked in the moonlight.  Who knows, maybe later on when nobody looks at her anymore and there is the possibilities her beauty will be ruined somewhere along the path.  If she ever reaches the other side and is released from the duty.

While Chiana is dancing without music, she would say that she is dancing along with the celestial singing of her Goddess.  She honors her Goddess with her dance not feeling the cold air around her slender body.  Her senses direct her every move while hearing that celestial song in her mind, giving thanks to the Goddess from her protection today.  Elayne just feels colder as Chiana keeps dancing in the darkness.  Moonlight does make her look different and for a while she looks like a silvery flame dancing there.  Her skin color allows her to blend into the shadows and moonlight makes her whitish hair look like silver.  It has a truly ethereal feeling when Chiana is outside the campfire’s light, dancing only in the moonlight, blending with the shadows and from the moves she makes, she isn’t dancing for the first time.

Maybe she has allowed herself to be rendered into a trance by celestial signs and lets her Goddess use her body for this dance.  At least Elayne had never seen any like anything like it, and now she tries to imagine how demons would dance.  Chiana’s dance looks so light, lighter than air so Elayne wasn’t sure if her feet even touched the ground all the time.

Finally, Chiana dancing fades away and the Drowess sits down for a while.  She gave a small prayer to her Goddess again and after that she put her clothes back on.  She smiles calmly at Elayne who has guarded their campfire while the Drowess had her long dance.  The cleric said they can rest easy, as the Goddess placed her hand over them.  Elayne looks up just to be sure and sees nothing.  Still Chiana said something similar in that old temple area and it was true, so Elayne won’t argue with the Drowess.  The day had been long enough already, so a good night’s rest is what the young knight will easily take if offered.

Chiana laid down on her mattress and she fell asleep fast enough.  Elayne watches the surrounding area for a while.  Nothing moves out there and she doesn’t feel the presence of these spirits, so she lays down too.  Chiana is already asleep and, while Elayne is starting to trust protection of The Goddess, she still keeps her sword near her.

Elayne wakes as the morning sun rises.  Chiana seems to be up already and is doing her morning prayers.  While having a small breakfast they plan how they will move along this mountain, how they should avoid those old spells and what might be still there.  While nature is twisted in this area due all that magical warfare in this place, they can’t be sure if something darker still lingers somewhere here.  It would be more than possible since they have already seen twisted spirits who felt like they had been human originally.  As the sun climbs higher it pushes the colder air away and the women starts to move forward again.  They have tracks to follow that they believe belong to the shopkeeper’s son.

Elayne wonders why he came here in the first place, since she hasn’t seen many animals that would be worth hunting here.  Thinking about it more and more, she believes that the reason is one of the oldest.  He wanted to get those treasures in his hands and wanted some fame from it.  People from nearby villages know the legends about this mountain very well and Elayne could see fear in their eyes when they spoke about the mountains.  Only fools would go into this area and believe that the mountain would give up its treasures easily to any taker.  Elayne and Chiana keep following the tracks they assumed belong to the villager, but they had to be careful which paths they use.  Time ruined many pathways and as they go higher, nature gets more twisted from all the magical waste that is buried in this sand.

Those ripples in time and space grow so strong that even Elayne can easily feel them.  The closer to the portal she gets, the more she can feel its energy on her skin.  It is easy to move there with these feelings and while the sun is up, but not all magical traps are so easy to avoid.  Also, for some reason, the tracks they had followed the whole time end up at a dead end.  The path stopped right at a rock wall.  At least it looked like a rock wall, but as Chiana walked forward to be sure about the wall she feels there is a portal right before the wall and it makes her wonder who’s tracks these are.  There weren’t so many fresh tracks around they could follow, but the weird thing about these were that some villager would walk directly into a stone wall.

Elayne and Chiana check the surrounding area to be sure that there aren’t any other tracks that could have been wiped to hide the true direction.  There weren’t any other tracks. And why would a shopkeeper’s son try to hide his tracks now?  His tracks were followed from the base of the mountain and their camp site was more than likely the one where he had rested.  Chiana is thinking another possibility out loud, that someone had possessed him that night and made him walk directly to here.  Earlier his tracks felt like he was looking for a route higher on the mountain, but this morning his tracks were leading towards this place like an arrow.  No hesitations, he just walked here and into that portal.

Elayne didn’t like it, but they needed to take the same portal if they wanna find this villager.  Chiana agreed and before they step into the portal on the rock wall she makes sure that she has all her tools and items with her.  It wouldn’t be nice to end up in the middle of spirits and find out that a talisman used to repel various entities is missing.  Everything seemed to be in its place and Elayne steps through the portal first with her sword in hand.

The portal seems to transport her a lot higher up the same mountain and the tracks continue forward from there.  Nature is looking weird up here.  There are spots where trees as well other plants are twisted to look more demonic than normal.  There are also large areas where there isn’t any life at all.  Just dry and dead sand.  Chiana is looking at all this and tells Elayne that these are effects from some of the deadliest spells she has seen.  These blasts have killed everything in the areas where they hit.  All animal life, plants, trees and humans would have been killed in the same blast if they had been in that area.

While following the tracks forward they find the remains of an old skeleton.  Time and nature had almost eaten it and there were only a few pieces of bone left.  One of those is a skull, with a massive crack in it.  Elayne and Chiana can’t be sure if that crack is the cause of death for the person or if it had been made after death.  Magic can be felt around here easily and Elayne doesn’t like this place at all.  This place should truly be off limits to everyone, since this is an old battlefield and at the same time the last resting place for many unlucky persons.  The young knight wouldn’t like it if someone walked on her grave and started digging around to loot some valuables.

It’s just respect towards those who didn’t leave this mountain that no one should step onto this ground anymore.  Chiana can feel how the spirits aren’t happy about these newest visitors.  They should move forward and look for the shopkeeper’s son as fast as they can from here, since a second night on this cursed ground would be really very dangerous for them.

Elayne walks in front and keeps her hand on the hilt of her sword.  A sword isn’t an effective weapon against spirits, but it gives her a tiny feeling of security.  Chiana is putting her faith in her Goddess and she repeats small prayers the entire time they are tracking.  She is praying for peace for the restless souls and protection for both of them.  The young knight is more or less sure their target was possessed and directed here by something.  Footprints are leading them forward and while there are plenty of other trails, he seems not to care at all about those.  If he were treasure hunting he would know something had already headed towards that place, rather than wandering around clueless.

Suddenly Elayne felt the old trail give under them.  Both fall to the ground and slide down the slope from where the trail was.  There was quite a drop waiting for them, and both of them end up falling into the portal.  The girls drop through and find themselves on the other side of the mountain.  This side seems to be where the demons were while the battle raged on.  They have accidentally found a direct portal right to the opposite side of the mountain and Chiana gave thanks to Goddess they are alive. The Drowess noticed earlier that some of the portals stayed in one place, while some moved on their own around the mountain area.  Moving randomly around that area was perhaps a side effect of some spells?

The women got up and started to look around.  There had been some buildings a long time ago, but now there are only a few stones remain.  Chiana felt that this side reeked of evil spirits.  So many demonic creatures were slain in this area during those long days and while most of those spirits were too weak to do anything to them, they still hated everything that is living and walking on their ground.  Elayne also felt that hostility and they needed to find their way back to the village.

Chiana felt something from a higher level and the Drowess explained the feeling to Elayne.  It’s something that was part of nature, but twisted by this darker force that lurks in this area.  The Drowess felt that the shopkeeper’s son is close and they should look into this before leaving the area.  Elayne agreed they should find something that they can tell the other villagers, even if it is only that he’s alive or dead.  Elayne pulled her sword from its sheath and moves forward along the old pathway that lead to the higher levels of this mountain.  The area near the infamous mountain pass area where the main battle happened.

From that area it spilled all over the mountain and ripped holes in the time and space continuum.  Elayne smiled faintly when thinking that Lori would be more than thrilled to be here studying everything about this mountain.  When they arrived on top they find more of these weird looking plants growing wildly there.  Chiana noticed a figure further into that area, partly hanging on a wall of rock.  The vines are kept this figure up and against that wall.  When Elayne and Chiana walk towards this figure, they notice it was the missing shopkeeper’s son.  The young man was hanging on the rock wall and vines were partly covering his body.  Chiana made a quick charm to see his condition better and finds that these vines were leeching his life-force from him.  Elayne reacted fast when Chiana told her those findings.  The young knight’s sword swung in the air and cut vines with every slash.

With every hit there was a high pitched scream from those vines.  It didn’t take much time for the vines to attack Elayne and Chiana, to protect their food source and these women will be next on its menu.  Elayne tried to defend herself as best she could, but when she cut one vine, two more attack and they are quickly overpowered by this twisted plant.

Chiana wasn’t sure if she had anything that could help them against these plants, and Elayne had already lost her sword.  Soon both of them are pressed against the rocky ground.  The sun moved behind the mountain peak and shadows began to grow on this side once more.  From those shadows rose dark figures, slowly taking their demonic form and these spirits seemed to feed themselves from life-force of living people.  This time it’s the shopkeeper’s son, whose life-force was used to make more usable bodies for them.

Finally the spirits had taken on solid form and they are pleased to see two more living females to feed on.  Their life-force will give a much needed spark to tear down barriers between this world and the cursed plane to where they had been banished.  They fought so hard and paid the heaviest price for this mountain, so the old demonic lords claim this place belongs to them.  With these life-forces, they will finally be strong enough to cast a spell that will allow them to walk on this ground whenever they want.  The spirits want their own domain in this land and the price for it was already paid in full.

Elayne tried to free herself from the hold of those vines, but she doesn’t have any luck with that. Chiana waits as their captors came closer so she can use her chants of blessed words to drive them away, something that would likely repel the vines as well.  There were five spirits solidifying into more corporeal form, and they moved closer to these females to see more clearly what their pet had caught this time.  It’s not that easy to advance their plans as its rare someone comes here, and only just enough to feed them and keep their plans alive.  Dark spells ready, they just needed enough life-force to power them and they can finally claim the top of the mountain as their own.  It would make it easier to lure villagers here and they can attack at any time they feel like it, even in the daytime.

The Drowess waited until all five are close enough and she was about to start her chant when suddenly something touched her from behind, making her lose her voice.  She is unable do any chants without her voice. A sixth shadow stepped forward behind her.  It had noticed that this one was a cleric and kept an eye on her just to be sure, since she might be dangerous to them.  Chiana was shocked to find out that she couldn’t make any noise at all. These demonic lords, who once walked on this ground, fought for it and died on this sand were finally coming back to claim the mountain for themselves.  The Drowess felt these old lords laugh at the helpless women.  A young knight who is disarmed and a cleric who is now unable to do any chanting.

– Brothersss…  shall we feast on these femalesss..  before using their life-force to claiming this ground to be oursss?..  Our young friend here..  with hisss help, we have our bodiesss back..  and these femalesss..  while they aren’t worthy to be on thisss sacred ground..  we can use them like we want..  as it’sss our right as supreme beingss..  their fate is to be ruled by usss..  Their lifesss belongsss to ussss..  Brotherss..

One of the biggest figures said to the others in his eerie voice.  While their bodies are still morphing to look like the bodies they had so long ago, they still aren’t as solid as Elayne’s and Chiana’s.  Their bodies are still partly transparent and most likely they can’t have real bodies just yet.  They were limited to moving inside the shadows, and while the sun is still up it isn’t shining on this side of the mountain.

The spectral demon lords are more than interested in having some fun with these mortal females, before their life-force is used up to make their plans come true.  Before they gave up their lives to take this mountain as theirs, these demonic lords loved to torment all the other lower races.  Especially human females who were their favorite subjects.  While they were somewhat ugly for their taste, the were effects on the morale of human males when they had to watch or hear their suffering.  Lamentation of their women was something those males couldn’t handle very well and at times these dark lords liked to hear that sweet music of agony.

Elayne noticed that the portals must have had other effects on them.  They haven’t been up for more than a few hours and they got up with the morning sun was rising, but now the sun is setting behind the horizon and it’s getting darker.  These spectral demonic lords seemed to get stronger with the darkness rising. The girls noticed uneasily what they were wanting from them before they end up like the shopkeeper’s son.

Vines removed clothes piece by piece from Elayne and Chiana while these forgotten lords were feeling like it was time to make new musical masterpieces this night with these fine new instruments.  Elayne was pulled from the vines and just to be sure pushed a few meters away from her dark skinned friend.  The young knight felt a strong hand on her throat and it choked her the whole time she was pushed backwards against an old stone column.  Her arms are forced over her head and Elayne felt the stone surface moving under her wrists.  Two hands were forming from its stone and tie her arms tightly to that spot.  The demonic lord’s smile grew as he looked at this nice figured young female.  Her skin was so soft and it smelled of the sweetest scent of the world.  Life.

Invisible hands force Elayne’s legs open and it was like something held her legs in the air.  The young knight could feel how she was being set up to be used by these terrifying beings.  Her arms locked over her head and something had lifted her legs, leaving her quite helpless.  Her body and all its beauty were within the grasp of these demonic spirits celebrating their fortune as their plans are finally fulfilled.

The first demon lord moved between Elayne’s legs and let this young human female feel his member forcing its way inside her body.  Elayne cried out in the pain at the sensation. It felt surprisingly hard, so cold and all that energy made her feel a weird tingling inside her womanhood.  His pole felt so big and it forced her body to stretch around as he forced it deep inside her. His purpose to make her feel pain and cry out. Elayne responds to his cruelty with cries.  The demonic creature smiled, while he enjoyed the first tunes of that sweet music are made.  He remembers how easy it was to make these soft fleshed creatures sing to amuse him. Ramming his cock deep inside her pussy, his hands move onto Elayne’s defenseless breasts.  Her nipples looked really sensitive.

Elayne saw his evil smirk as his hands reach for her breasts and there was nothing she can do to stop him.  Cold fingers touch her firm tits and soon Elayne screams loud enough for his taste, while her left nipple is twisted hard.  That really produced a shock of pain and her cries were loud and sharp.  The demonic lord played with her tits, twisting her nipples in the rhythm of his liking while impaling her body with his hard cock.  He didn’t let this woman have a moments rest and kept the pressure growing the whole time, while composing his style of song.

While Elayne was pulled from the vines first and made to sing for them, the three other spectral beings were looking at Chiana, this darker skinned young beauty.  They remember her kind and Drow are a vicious race if needed.  They can endure huge amount of pain without crying and it was hard to make battle hardened drow break.  Sadly, this one was also a cleric and it would be dangerous to let her sing like her friend.  She could do chants to attack them and that wasn’t what they wanted right now.  So her magical gag stayed on and she was unable to speak or scream.  While one of the biggest part of their enjoyment of her is taken away, there was still carnal lust over her lovely body.

To have such a Drowess as Chiana was quite a thrill to these dark entities, who haven’t seen much movement in this area for ages.  Their targets had mainly been animals and some adventurers who didn’t believe the legends to be true.  Hope for getting rich quick turned into terrible agony within these vines.  Chiana was pulled from the vines and the Drowess felt their strong hands on her body.  Pinching, slapping and clawing her soft skin, while she couldn’t do much more than stand on the spot.  The demonic ghosts don’t give her much room for moving and kept her in a defenseless position right in the middle of them.  They effectively used their spectral bodies to contain her on that spot.  When she has enough space to punch someone, her hand doesn’t meet its target since they morphed into a more mist like state, while other parts of their bodies are kept solid enough to keep the pressure on her up.

Chiana felt how these hands are treating her roughly, her body is slapped several times, her perky tits are pinched by these ghostly creatures and she felt someone’s fingernails clawing her back.  Scratches made on her back were to mark her as theirs.

The Drowess felt her arms being pulled behind her back and she was forced to her knees on the ground.  It was clear what they want her to do at that point.

– Put your mouth to better use than chanting your worthless chants, cleric…

One of the wraiths whispered directly into her ear with its raspy voice.  Chiana felt anger and lust in his voice.  He really wanted to kill her right here, right now, but his lust for enjoyment had taken control of his mind.  This demonic entity really hated the living, any living person who walked into their lands.  Land where they still continue their war of ownership with the other ghosts Elayne and Chiana saw earlier.  Seemly the demonic side was going to win their eternal fight and claim this land to be theirs forever.

The Drowess was forced to open her mouth for these beasts who wanted to feel her mouth around their manhood after so many years of waiting.  Night was coming and the only lights are from rocks around them.  The old demonic ruins had awakened to emit their eerie glow over this celebration.  Chiana felt a strangeness around her, like an image from the past, old bodiless voices, all chanting dark rituals and worshiping old Gods.  She felt how they might have pumped enough energy into this ground that, in time, the battle will be won by their side.  The demon lords had rigged the game, while losing their lives they gained an opportunity to continue their unholy life in another form.

Chiana felt her arms were being kept behind her back by an invisible force as these cruel wraiths used her mouth however they wanted.  From time to time she could barely breathe, but that didn’t mean anything to these ghosts.  They allowed her to breathe just as much as she needed to keep her conscious.

Elayne was still hanging by her hands from that column as the second of these beasts moved between her legs, ramming his manhood into the young knight’s body.  He surely liked this era, with the female knights.  Like the first one earlier, he had a few nasty tricks to keep Elayne “singing” for them.  The blonde woman cried from pain and felt how humiliating this position was for her.  Kept in this position, arms locked to that column by her wrists, she was hanging in the air while something kept her legs open.  Her breasts had taken several slaps already, her nipples were tweaked randomly and someone had clawed her soft skin with sharp fingernails.  Since Chiana wasn’t allowed to use her voice, Elayne is forced to sing for both of them.

The young knight’s voice started to get hoarse from all the screaming and the demonic lords knew well enough how much noise these fragile fleshbags can make, so they let her rest her voice for a while.  Her arms were freed from the pillar, but she was kept up in the middle of the air.  Like some invisible force kept her up while these spectral lords used her body.  The blonde woman’s upper torso was pressed downwards and in that position, she was forced to serve these males with her womanhood and mouth.  Elayne felt how her mouth was filled with this cold member and she was made to suck it.  Her arms hurting, her body was aching and now there were two ghosts ramming their cocks into her.  Both of them gave shock like pulses to her and the strength of those were totally random.  The shocks made her body shiver, tremble and a few times she shook violently, since those pulses are stronger than she can handle and usually hit in places where they give the worst feelings.

For a while Chiana was kept on her knees serving those evil spirits, but then she was pulled up from the ground.  The Drowess was picked up like she didn’t weight anything to them and was placed between two demonic creatures.  Her arms were freed and Chiana placed them on the shoulders of the demonic lord in front of her to get some support from falling.  The Drowess gasped air into her lungs when she felt two manly members slide into her.  She would have cried out loud in shock, but she couldn’t make even the smallest of sounds at that point.  Two eerie cold poles were entering her holes and her slim body trembled with the pain while two demonic creatures groaned with pleasure.  Her body felt so nice and tight.  The Drowess felt these males using her with varying rhythms and kept stretching her to her limits.  What scared Chiana the most about these spectral demonic creatures was the fact that they had learned to focus energy well enough to take more solid form, and after that trick, it is pretty easy to make adjustments to some part of them.  Chiana gasped air inside her, feeling that they were growing their members in size.  While her body adjusted itself to their size, they made themselves larger and soon they were pushing the Drowess to her limits.  She couldn’t handle all this and every move inside her body gave her monstrous amounts of pain.

Chiana couldn’t remember if she had ever felt such pain before and it was wearing her down.  She couldn’t think properly while this mortifying fear kept her its prisoner.  She feared that these evil wraiths will split her in two with their spears.  The agony she felt was something that the Drowess could never describe in words.  It was beyond every word that she could think of at that moment.

The spectral creatures were getting from her body, which seemed to be enduring their tormenting well enough, and she certainly looked to be ready to go out of her mind.  Her eyes had rolled backwards in her skull and every movement inside her made her tremble strongly.  She would have screamed her lungs out right about then, if she could have.  These eerie beings almost heard her screams, felt her anguish just from looking at her face.  Her agony is drawn on her pretty face, which pain has morphed to look like something terrifying.

Elayne also felt how the demonic ghost between her legs was making his spear ever larger while it was inside her and that caused Elayne to scream in pain.  They weren’t the smallest cocks in the beginning and now they are upgrading their tools of destruction.  The young knight trembled in fear and pain, as this manly member that radiates eternal coldness all around it just kept growing, stretching her womanhood to its very limits.  These monsters loved the feeling when fragile females’ bodies tremble in pain.  Pain caused them to go into shock while both women are kept conscious.  Fainting would be an escape from their torment and the demonic creatures had learned how to ease up their rhythm so victims wouldn’t faint during play sessions.

The blonde woman is kept in mid-air while her womanhood and mouth were being used.  Chiana is kept between two spectral beings and moved by those cruel creatures at the pace they liked.  Chiana wasn’t able to move at all in that position, while these two monstrous poles moved inside her body.  She would have screamed like a banshee, but her magical gag was kept in place to prevent her doing any cleric chants.

The young knight was forced to feel how this demonic lord changed the form of his spear in order to get it as deep as possible, impaling her with his spear.  This young human female was the first in ages for him and when their plans go forward there will be more females that will share a fate with hers.  When they are able to move on this mountain more freely, they will have more effect on the surrounding areas and they can lure in anyone who gets close enough.  A few moments later, the demonic lord who used Elayne’s mouth for its pleasure moved off and the young knight is able to cry out loudly once again.  She pants, groans and cries sharply as the creature between her legs took her at a faster pace.  The demonic being grunted with lust, he desired her flesh, wanted to paint these rocks red with her blood and have her skull on his trophy pile.  There will be time for that, but it’s wasn’t now.

Elayne didn’t know how she was kept in mid-air.  It was like some invisible force that moves her into whatever position these demonic lords want.  When the second spectral demon is taking a break, Elayne had a chance to look at Chiana, whose current situation is much worse than hers.  Her slender body was kept between those brutish creatures, huge poles are forced into her holes and she was powerless to do anything to make them to go easier on her.

The Drowess was pushed to her limits, physically and mentally.  Her mind was on the edge of collapsing and it could happen at any moment.  Maybe her own strength as a Drow and being cleric has kept her mind together until this moment, but everyone has their limits.  Elayne isn’t doing any better and partly she wanted to give up.  Death would release her from her duty and her pain would end.  The other half of her doesn’t believed that, if she died here in their hands, her soul will be theirs to command for eternity.

While the third ghost demon lord was wanting to take his share of enjoyment from this young female, Elayne was released from the invisible hold that kept her in that helpless position.  She took her chance in that moment, feeling the hold release she used whatever energy was left in her body to dive towards her sword and put everything on that one card.  Her body screamed in pain as she forced herself to move, but her gamble pays off.  She managed to get her sword off the ground and into her hand so she can release the charm within it.

A burst of blessed energy erupts in the area and hits all of them, vines, spectral beings, Elayne, Chiana and the shopkeeper’s son.  The vines pull back as fast as they could and it sounded like it was screaming if that was be possible.  While the spectral demons were stronger than the vines, even they were pushed back and their spells neutralized for a while in the area where the surge of blessed energy erupted.  That made them stagger back and they partly lose their solid forms.  Also, Chiana was released from their hold and she slumped down to the ground while the demonic lords are driven away from them.

The charm on the sword is limited in power and it just forced these strong spirits away from them.  They are too strong to be fully forced into leaving them alone.  When the charm is depleted Elayne fainted from pain, slumping to the ground next to her sword.  The ghostly demons were hurt and now they want to rip both women apart limb by limb.  They growl in anger and while they don’t get more energy from shopkeeper’s son, they think that they will now be able to leech the energy they need from these two females.

Chiana had a few moments of breath and the magical gag had been removed from her, so as Elayne slumped to the sand she used that moment of freedom to do an eviction chant against evil spirits.  She had tried to use it earlier, but the gag had prevented her.  Now she was able to use it and the chant made the spectral creatures lose their solid form, while driving them into their hiding places.  While the knight’s charm on the sword had hurt them, the cleric’s chant is powerful enough to do actual damage to them and force them to leave.

The Drowess continued her chanting until she is sure that all evil spirits are driven away and then she rested for a while.  Every move she made was really painful and she had to take care of herself first, before she is able to help Elayne and the shopkeeper’s son.  Chiana used her healing chant to make sure Elayne was getting better and there won’t be any other problems.  The shopkeeper’s son was barely alive, as almost all his life force has been drained from his body and he was out cold.

With the area cleared of evil spirits they realised they needed to rest before they can move down off the mountain.  Finding a suitable place where they get cover from the cooler air they soon had a little camp fire going.  The night was dark and it feels long, so Chiana and Elayne had time to deal with the situation.  While they had yet again survived, events have shaken them up pretty badly.  The Drowess was sure that the evil spirits can’t step into this spot that night, but she does a protection chant for them just in case.  The hand of the Goddess will be their shield while they rest.

In the darkness of the night, Elayne is shown how a softer and gentler touch undoes the damage that cruelty leaves behind.  These silent moments just make the bonds between them stronger and remind them that they are stronger together than alone.