Illusions bad ending part 2

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After escaping from Irrenia Elayne had to keep moving, going ever deeper into areas that wouldn’t be safe for her if her identity was ever revealed.  She had failed her mission, permanently ruined her family’s name and if anyone from Irrenia or its neighbour states discovered her burgeoning womb carried a half-blood child both would have been killed without mercy.  The clergy had strict laws and rules in place for dealing with such matters, so the only way Elayne could stay alive was to assume another identity.  No one could know that she used to be a Knight of Irrenia.  A knight who failed in her mission and got herself impregnated by an incubus.

In the forsaken border areas there wasn’t much charity going around and everything had a price.  Elayne brought only a small amount of money with her and one way to earn a few extra pennies was to let men use her body.  It wasn’t like her reputation mattered anymore as her honour was already ruined and her name tarnished  The only thing left was to surviving.  She didn’t have much choice in the matter and finally ended up in a small town.  Not many lived there as demonics and other unsavoury forces were roaming around.  That is the price people living outside Irrenia pay, as people wanting to worship dark gods and demons are also forced to move into such remote places.

Elayne had to make a deal with the local ‘militia’ for protection for herself and her child.  The word militia was wrong in almost every way, as it was more a band of misfits of every race who did whatever they pleased until someone stronger came along and took over.  Part of the deal was that Elayne entertained them from time to time, but as a reward she was protected from worse things and occasionally even got something extra for herself.

Tonight, there were two militia orcs coming over.  They’d agreed to pay Elayne in silver and, having as much need for coins here as in Irrenia, she’d agreed to take care of them both.  Elayne’s guests arrived early and had been drinking already, but they were large males and a few mugs of the lousy local ale didn’t have much effect on them.  The blonde woman was wearing a nice revealing dress with some lingerie underneath to please the males.  Elayne tried to get payment upfront, but didn’t have any luck as the orcs were keen to push her towards the bedroom door.  They’d come to have fun with a pretty girl not chat with one, so Elayne just kept a smile on her face and led her guests into her bedroom.

She had got used to be the militia’s favourite entertainer and realised letting the bastards use her body kept both her and her child alive.  When they got inside the bedroom the orcs were eager to get the fun started and removed her dress.  They wanted to see Elayne’s lovely body and her lingerie just made them even hornier.  Both were groping her body as they kept her between them, one kissing her directly on the mouth while the other smelled her blonde hair.  It was rare to find such a beautiful human woman in such a remote place, so they did everything to keep her around and secure her services for themselves.

Both orcs’ hands of were moving over Elayne’s body and she tried to calm their lust as best she could.  After all, they had the whole night if needed.  She willingly kissed both in turn and rubbed herself against their muscular bodies.  They were strong and tough males.  Her hands moved to their trousers and opening them slowly so she could pull their cocks out and rub them until hard.  Elayne was a bit worried as neither could be considered small, so she’d have to prepare herself to take them.  The orcs were grunting in pleasure as the woman’s fingers wrapped around their shafts and started moving back and forth.  The blonde had learned to pleasure cocks with her hands and experience had taught her to keep male visitors amused with such hand-play for as long as possible.

She felt the orcs’ hands moving over her slim body as rough lips teased her nipples.  Rough skinned fingers played with her tits, explored her buttocks and even started rubbing her clit.  Elayne moaned softly and pressed her body against orc behind her.  His hand was playing with her clit a bit too roughly, but it gave her some pleasure nevertheless.

Suddenly the orc in front of Elayne pulling her towards him, lifted her off her feet and positioned her at the best angle for penetration.  Elayne felt the orc behind her support some of her weight as his buddy took the lead and claimed the first real taste of tonight’s buffet.  The blonde cried out loudly as his thick member slid inside her womanhood.  The orc groaned like a beast in heat, a deep dark growl from the bottom of his belly like he was claiming her as his property.  Elayne’s legs hung over his arms as he rammed his cock into the panting and moaning woman.  Her pussy felt good around his member and her lovely soft moaning was like sweet music to his ears.  The orc rammed his pole as deep it into her as he could and grinned when that made her moan even louder.  She was panted quite heavily now, but seemed to be enjoying the feeling his strong cock was giving her.

The second orc didn’t want to wait any longer and roughly pulled Elayne out of his buddy’s lap.  Elayne was surprised when it happening, but with both of them lusting after her body it was making them greedier than usually.  Allowed to stand on her legs again it was obvious the orc behind her wanted his share of the action, but also needed to keep his friend happy so they wouldn’t come to blows over a mere human woman.  So, before ramming his thick pole into her waiting womanhood he bent Elayne forward to offer her mouth to the orc who had almost gone berserk when his enjoyment of her pussy was so rudely interrupted.

As Elayne felt the new orc cock force its way deep inside her womanhood the other orc pulled her face towards his crotch and made her suck his rampant member.  The position wasn’t optimal, as it strained her neck painfully and caused her throat to gag as her leg muscles struggled to keep her balanced.  She knew her slim human body felt tight to the orcs and from their deep voiced groans it was clear both orcs enjoyed using it for their pleasure even if she didn’t like that sort of rough handling much.  At least she was now experienced enough to just about deal with their size.  

Maybe after their wars were won by their side they could all have their own personal whores from Irrenia, thought the orcs.  Elayne just tried to relax as much she could and allowed them to use her body.  She felt the strong orc member rubbing her inner spots more and more, causing her body to start trembling.  At first, they were soft and smooth tremors of pleasure, but they grew stronger moment by moment.  She felt her body getting ready for an orgasm and in a strange way it felt right to be taken by such strong males.  To feel their mighty cocks inside her pussy and throat.  Two strong warriors using her and taking satisfaction from her body.

Suddenly both orcs pulled away and Elayne had an instant to catch her breath.  She was frustratingly close to reaching her own orgasm, but had been denied at the last second.  Then she was roughly slammed against the table and stretched across it in preparation for the next assault.  The young blonde panted noisily and tasted blood in her mouth.  Maybe a small cut on her lip she’d got from somewhere.  Grunting heavily, one orc took position behind her and took a moment getting his member lined up.  He was already sweating heavily and held Elayne tightly on her spot.  Moments after that Elayne screamed as, with one fierce thrust, the orc rammed his hard cock as deep into her as possible.  He groaned in pleasure, lust for her body keeping him ramming his pole deep into her again and again.  His greedy hands started moving over the human’s slender body as he savoured how tight her inside felt around his spear.  The blonde screamed at every thrust he made.  She felt how monstrously strong this horny orc was and how lust gave him even more power to do his deed.

Trapped between table and a mountain of orc flesh, Elayne feared his body weight would crush her bones and leave her crippled.  Even the silver coins she’d been promised for sex weren’t nearly enough to cover healing if they broke her bones.  Minutes later the orc was panting heavily and his thrusts were becoming shorter.  He started to groan loudly and Elayne realised he was finally going to shoot his load directly into her womb.  She trembled from the pain as his weight slowly crushing her against the table.  It was becoming too much for her.

Finally, the pressure was removed as panting orc pulled off her and Elayne felt a flood of slimy orc semen spill from her womanhood and run down her inner thighs.  Elayne’s relief was short lived as the second orc flipped her over on the table.  Now laying on her back, the second orc took his place between Elayne’s thighs.  She felt another huge mountain of orc flesh climbed onto her as he slid his member inside her well lubricated pussy.  Grunting happily, the orc started panting directly into her face.  Elayne was going to have a hard time dealing with his smelly breath, but the only thing he cared about was the pleasure the blonde whore’s body was giving him.

Every thrust he made slid Elayne across the table and he had to keep pulling her back towards him.  To the young woman it felt like she was being ravished by a battering ram as orc’s strong arms kept her in place.  His slimy tongue licked her perky tits, his teeth played with her nipples and Elayne feared she’d be torn to pieces if he kept that pace up.

There wasn’t anything Elayne could do to make him stop, so she tried to relax her body and endure it.  The table under her started creaking as if on the verge of breaking apart and Elayne knew that feeling too.  Blinded by his lust, the orc was ramming his pole deeper into her stretched pussy and didn’t care if anything broke, just as long as he got his enjoyment.

For Elayne, the time under the two weighty orcs felt like an eternity, like one after the other they were crushing her until something broke.  Fortunately, the table’s legs were the first to crack and Elayne was released from being slowly crushed by the orc.  He didn’t waste any time, just pulled Elayne up from the floor and tossed her towards her bed.  Positioning herself on all fours, the blonde hoped she won’t be crushed under his dead weight this time.  It took a few moments for Elayne to notice what was happening as the orc roughly pressed Elayne’s upper torso against the bedlinen to kept her hips nicely elevated for what he planned.  His buddy had shot his load into Elayne’s womb, so the second orc had decided he’d fill the blonde’s rear up with his load.  Elayne howled into her bed as her asshole was violently stretched to accommodate the orc’s thick member.  The first orc laughed as Elayne started desperately wriggling on the bed as his buddy started buggering her properly.

Elayne gasped air into her lungs and feared her body was incapable of enduring the brutal assault the orc was making on her darker passage.  At the same time, her violator was enjoying the feeling of her tight asshole spasming around his pole, then he started groaning in pleasure as he loved the way her hot human rectum massaged his tool as it thrust even deeper inside her rear entrance.

Elayne was almost blind with pain, her eyes filled with tears and that ruined her makeup.  The orc was treating her like she a piece of meat to be manhandled for his enjoyment.  Just holes for his pole that he could move around and fuck however he wanted.  Elayne had enjoyed the sex for a while, but then natural orcish roughness had come to the fore and her guests no longer cared if the ordeal was hurting the female.

Elayne had to endure everything as there was no other choice.  Her options had disappeared when the two orcs had set foot inside her home as paying guests.  It would be wrong to call that poorly maintained building a house, indeed it was barely worth being called a shack, but at least Elayne could live there in relative safety – As long as she played by the militia’s rules.

Her fingernails clawed at the bedlinen as she felt every move of his cock inside her dark passage.  Elayne felt his greedy hands moving over her body, playing with her tits as much as he could in that position.  Then orc male growled even louder and started forcing his member fully inside Elayne’s body with vigorous rhythm.  Grunting like a beast in heat and panting heavily, he looped her hair around his fingers and yanked.  Elayne’s upper torso was easily pulled off the bed and the young woman felt her back being forced into an arc.  The deep voiced orc grunted as he kept thrusting the full length of his cock into her asshole while at the same time pulling her hair even harder, making an already painfully tight arc even tighter.  Elayne was completely at his mercy.  He could do anything he wanted with her and the only thing she could do was crying out loud and be his sex-slave.

After a few vicious last thrusts, the orc stopped moving and a deep growl escaped his mouth as he unloaded his filthy semen deep inside her back passage.  Elayne slumped onto the bed and once satisfied the orc pulled out of Elayne’s ass and she was allowed to roll over.  Waves of pain roaming around her body, her buttocks felt like they were on fire and Elayne realised it would take a while to recover from the ordeal.  The orcs laughed as they looked over the weak human female.  She was no match for a good orc woman’s appetite and stamina for really intense sex.  These fragile human females were only good for slavery, toys or pets.

The orcs tossed a few copper coins at Elayne and laughed.  They’d agreed to pay much more, but what could she do about that now?  Then, knowing they’d be back later to have more fun with her, they left the house with big grins on their faces.  Silence fell over her home and Elayne forced herself to get up.  The coins wouldn’t help much, but nowadays she needed anything she could get.  Hoping her noisy violation hadn’t disturbed him, she limped to the hidden door to the small nursery.  Her little half-blood boy was sleeping – Sleeping like there were no worries at all for tomorrow.