Ezri – don’t get nevermind

Copyrights belongs to Lady Adara


Sometimes it’s nice to have some fun and make a profit at the same time. Profit from small looting, and getting paid by a client who wanted certain items returned to her. The local magistrate had guards so dumb that they were easy to trick into going elsewhere, while Ezri slipped inside to do her task and disappeared again.

Ezri was curious about what this locked chest kept hidden from view. Should she forget the deal? Keep the loot and the chest? There might be nice jewelry inside it, or something else as easily traded. Or maybe this time she could return the chest to her client and settle for the payment. If it’s something really nice, she could always return later and steal it again. Thinking about it made Ezri smile while traversing the shadows of those alleyways.

It was late already, the sky dark, and it had rained a few hours ago. It made those alleys muddy and slippery to walk, so Ezri had to mind her steps. At least no one was following her. The young thief girl made sure that tracking her was no easy task. A slim figured thief could fit in places so narrow that most guards couldn’t follow. And it wouldn’t be smart to lead guards to her client’s place. When Ezri was satisfied she was safe, she finally slipped into an old house from the back door behind the willow branches.

Inside, she cleaned her boots on the rags next to the door, while listening to the sounds of the house. It was an old tavern, closed down when its owners had disappeared suddenly. Ezri had made a deal with the new caretaker, her client, about this chest, to meet in here tonight. She heard faint footsteps from the other room, like someone was waiting, walking back and forth.

Ezri walked as silently as she could and entered the other room. It was an older woman, the caretaker, and she looked happy to see Ezri finally arrive.

“Oh, yes… it was my sister’s chest… Did you have any problems with it? …Can I have it?”

The caretaker wanted the chest in her hands already, eagerly rubbing them together.

“No problems at all. The magistrate might notice it missing in the morning, if he was smarter than his guards… You get the chest when I get the payment you promised to me.”

The thief girl put the chest on the table, keeping it near her just in case.

“Girl, I don’t need the chest… I only want what it holds… and I need to see that it’s in there, before I’ll pay you…”

The caretaker wasn’t happy to hear Ezri wanting her payment first. She pulled a small chain from under her shirt, revealing a small key. Ezri thought this over once again. If she just walked out with the chest, she would need to open it some other way. And getting caught with it by the magistrate’s guards would be real bad for her well-being. She sighed and let the caretaker have it. The small key fit into the lock. She whispered something before turning it. Ezri heard the lock open and saw the cover lift. The caretaker’s smile grew wider while looking inside.

“Yes, I’m satisfied with this… now you’ll get your reward, girl…”

The older woman put her hand into her dress pocket. Before Ezri could react, the caretaker pulled her hand out and blew powder into Ezri’s face. The half-elven girl coughed and moved backwards a few steps out of the cloud. It acted fast, making her head spin.

“I might be satisfied with this chest, but my boys… well… they love pretty girls like you… They’ll play with you until they are satisfied… and after that, I have other uses for you…”

The woman laughed drily and knocked on the wooden door behind her. Ezri tried to escape the room, but the drug disoriented her. Two figures entered the room and the thief girl recognized them as goblins. Not so much “boys”, she thought. The first was smaller, with sharp eyes, not strong looking, but seemingly the brains of the couple. The second was bigger, strong as an ox, and from his clumsy way of walking, might be missing some blocks from his mind.

Ezri didn’t want to give up without a fight, and pulled her daggers from her belt. The goblins were happy to see this girl had some spark left in her and didn’t just scream out loud and faint. Only when the half-elven girl attacked them, did the goblins get the feeling that she was actually seriously fighting, and the drug wasn’t putting her down fast enough.

For a thief like Ezri, the bigger goblin was a really easy target. Though her daggers were blocked without damage to him, they made Ox back down. A lucky kick knocked the smaller goblin to his knees and the half-elf’s elbow gave him a nasty bump on the side of his head.

Ezri swung her daggers like her life depended on them. There was too much steel in the air for the goblins’ comfort, and they backed down step by step. Ezri hoped to get enough space for herself to find the door and escape, but now her steam was running low and the drug was making her legs numb. Her knees shook badly. In the end, while fighting back had given her the upper hand, it had sped up her downfall, and the drug finally dropped her to the floor, leaving the half-elven girl defenseless. The caretaker, fearing her powder wasn’t doing its job at first, smirked at last.

The goblins collected themselves before moving closer to this fiery girl. If she jumped back up and gave another beating, they were going to get out as fast as they could. But Ezri was strongly drugged and barely knew where she was, or even whether she was alone. All she knew was that the room was spinning heavily and her body was partially numb, strangely moving, growing and shrinking while the drug messed up her mind.

The two green skinned males pulled her up from the wooden floor. Ox kept Ezri up in the air while his goblin friend inspected the young half-elf. This girl was a real treat for them.It was a shame that the caretaker was going to use her in her spells after the fun. It would have been more fun for them to keep her around longer, but she would never listen to them and their wishes. They had to settle for what they had now.

Whatever the caretaker had blown into Ezri’s face had really messed up her head. While the spinning room was finally slowing down, she was still like a ragdoll in their hands. The bigger goblin behind the thief girl was already drooling and sniffing her neck. She wasn’t aware of that, but she did feel hands on her body, opening belts and knots. It was like a dream and she was unsure if it was really happening. Did she feel hands on her inner thighs or not? Was this happening to her or someone else? While the drug caused partial numbness all over her body, some parts became extra sensitive, throwing her drugged mind into a chaotic swirl of sensations.

The smaller goblin smirked. It took little effort to open the small clasps from the lovely girl’s clothes. He pulled up her groin cover and yanked down her top. His fingers slid slowly inside her womanhood while he admired Ezri’s perky tits. Those nicely firm tits had perfect nipples, at least for his taste. His smile grew wider as the caretaker’s drug had done its job quite nicely. She was ready for them, dripping wet, her silken forest feeling hotter than a jungle at midday. The goblin grunted to his bigger friend and pointed where to set the girl down.

Ezri was like an prisoner inside her own mind. She couldn’t control her own body, and the drug made her feel really horny. The thief girl’s body was strongly aroused by just about any male near her. She moaned softly while she was positioned over the chest for the smaller goblin. Her upper torso was placed down, her butt up, and soon enough the smaller goblin slid his pecker inside her dripping wet womanhood. He groaned from pleasure, enjoying the feel of her from inside, her body around his hard member. Her body trembled softly from the waves of pleasure while his tool rubbed her tender inner spots. Ezri felt his pole move inside her, giving her pleasure and feeling surprisingly bigger than one would have expected from someone his size.

The thief girl’s moans grew stronger as the goblin rammed his member into her womanhood faster. The goblin groaned and grunted from lust, while keeping his hands firmly on her hips. He certainly loved this feeling. Too bad the caretaker had other plans for her after this, but not before both goblins would have their way with Ezri.

The caretaker watched the whole show from the background, still smirking. She was weaving spells to reach her goal, to get her own sister back, and Ezri was to be sacrificed for it. Her sister would love to get such a firm body. Then they would have time to search for a suitable replacement body for her too. Why grow old, ugly and weak, when you could take a new and younger body with certain spells? Even death couldn’t hold them down, if one of them was still alive, and the other’s charmed bones were in her hands. And it was easier to capture her body after sex, as it relaxed the body and opened it up for the influence of darker powers.

The goblin panted heavily, and after a few last fierce thrusts he shot his hot load inside her. He groaned loudly while tarnishing this young woman’s purity with his seed. His bigger friend had been nervous, and after seeing the smaller one reach his goal, he stepped forward and pushed his small friend aside. It was now his turn to have a taste of this lovely half-elven girl. He removed Ezri’s clothes completely, carried her to the table, and laid the panting beauty on her back. The thief girl looked at this bigger goblin with her half open eyes. The drug had already lost its peak and started to fade from her mind, but she was still feeling most of its effects. Ezri didn’t fight back when Ox spread her thighs for himself and allowed her to see his thick goblin member. It was bigger and longer than his friend had. He might be slow witted, but was gifted in other ways.

The half-elf cried out loud when that monstrous goblin pole slid inside her already tarnished temple of love. Ezri’s fingernails scratched the surface of the table in shock. It felt bigger than it looked. Ox groaned from the thrill of how this young womanhood accepted his tool as it slid slowly inside her. It wouldn’t have mattered much; accepted or not, he would have forced it in her anyway. His pole stretched her to her limits and made her slim figured body shake from carnal pleasure, a series of violent shocks going back and forth inside her body, from her head to her toes and back again.

Ezri was tossed in the middle of a stormy sea of lust, thrilling pleasure that made her body tremble almost continually, as this wallbreaker kept rubbing all those tender spots at the same time and causing a whirl of different sensations. Pain and pleasure strongly tied together, and she couldn’t say which feeling was stronger and when. Ox grunted from lust, leaning forward and kissing this lovely girl under him. His tries were clumsy and the goblin ended up licking her face and playing with her perky tits. His hands were as clumsy as his mouth, but that didn’t matter to him. He groaned loudly while moving his pole back and forth inside this shaking beauty.

The smaller goblin got his tool hard again and moved to the other side of the table, as he planned to enjoy her mouth while Ox ruined her womanhood with his goblin mace. Ezri’s upper torso was moved closer to the edge, into a position where the smaller goblin could fulfill his plan. Ezri was like a ragdoll between the two goblins, a thick member stretching her silken forest to its limits and maybe even over it. It was like pure torture, agony on one side, thrilling ecstasy on the other. She bounced back and forth wildly between the two. Other feelings mixed into the mess. The half-elf couldn’t even say where she was at that moment. On the table? In midair? Falling? Flying? One orgasm after another tore her mind to pieces, pushing her reasoning even further into its dark corners.

Both goblins were eager to get as much pleasure from her body as they could, but Ox became jealous of his friend. He was using the girl’s mouth to get another round of pleasure from her, while Ox had thought he had to wait his turn before. The bigger goblin grunted angrily and tried to pull Ezri way from his friend. That annoyed the other goblin a lot. Watching this slim figured half-elven girl cry out loud while this brute abused her had reawakened his lust for her. The smaller goblin growled and demanded his share of her, but Ox refused completely.

The caretaker started to worry as the situation began to slip out of her hands. She had to move between them to stop the fight, but before she could react, Ox’s big fist swung at his smaller friend, missed, and knocked her down. She was counting stars on the floor while the smaller goblin’s attack pushed Ox away from Ezri. The thief girl was left lying on the table alone, still trembling like a leaf in the wind. The caretaker finally got back up and looked for her chest where the charmed bones were, but to her horror, she saw that one of these two fighting goblins had kicked it into the fireplace. The caretaker charged as fast as she could to save the important magical relics from the flames, but it was too late for her. The flames reached the charmed pieces and caused them to explode in her face. The same explosion caused the room to catch fire.

They forgot Ezri at that moment and tried to get out of the building. The thief girl had rolled down from the table and crawled into her clothes while the goblins were still fighting. She was in pain, aching all over her body, but it was better to get out of there before the flames caught her, and before other people from the town arrived to put out the fire. If she were caught by townfolk or guards, her aching body would be the least of her worries. She wrapped herself in her cloak and fled. Outside, the thick cloud of smoke helped her dissappear from view and hide in the alleyways.