Elayne – Old Chapel – chapters 1-3

Chapters 1-3 are made from this story.


Elayne – Old Chapel

by Lady Adara


Few days ago Elayne got orders to go patroling on remote part of the county and as she arrived in there, she found just empty villages, abandoned long time ago, some buildings were burnt to the ground and she wondered why she was told to come in here as here isn’t anything at all. No villagers, no stock animals and just ruins. Orders are orders and she must obey them as she got them from member of High Counsil.

There have been lot’s of rumors that dark minions are moving around the human realm and make sneak attacks on small villages, remote farms and rumors tells that they have even destroyed villages just like what Elayne saw earlier today. She just have to believe that High Counsil knows what they are doing, when they ordered her to go in here and deal with any problems what she come across. Surrounding lands are beautiful and she could sit in there for hours, just to watch the scenery.

She was trained to be court lady, so she was trained in art, poetry and even tried to learn to play some musical instruments, but that wasn’t so easy for her. As her last older brother got slain in the battlefields in peculiar situation, she was told that her arranged marrige plans were null and void, if she won’t carry on work of her brothers and keep her Familys honor up. She had little choice, as if she would have said ’no’, she could have ended up into jail or on the streets and her family’s property could have been seized by Crown.

Elayne continues her journey within remote part of the county and is rather bored, as there isn’t anything in here. No other humans or stock animals. Like everyone had just left from here and never came back. Maybe they’ll come back when she goes back and gives her report to High Counsil. It’s been a long and really humdrum day, so Elayne make her camp into ruins for the night. Stonewalls are just sitting on their places and Elayne wonders what kind of building it was before. As she study a bit survived walls, she figures out, that it was a chapel for the local people and wanderers. There’s wider road outside of the chapel, at least it was road long time ago and Elayne guessed that most of the people visited in here and prayed for proctection from the gods. As it was getting darker, she made a campfire for herself and leaned against her backpack. She didn’t know at all why this region was abandoned and why people haven’t came back, as it’s peaceful in here.

It was quiet around the ruins and she just relaxed. Elayne didn’t even thinked that there could have been something else with her in there. something moved within the shadows and as sun was setting, their powers grew stronger and they were watching this new knight who had made her camp on the grounds of desecrated chapel. Their powers were strongest within these stonewalls as chapel was under the influence of dark lords. Small creatures creeped slowly towards Elayne and one of them casted little spell on her. Elayne didn’t even noticed smaller creatures slowly moved forward and muttered something with really low voice.

Elayne got strange feeling, just like something wanted to her to put the sword away and remove the armour, so she would feel much better. She didn’t understand why she felt like that, but tried to resist that feeling as much she could, but as Elayne didn’t see anything wrong around the surroundings of the ruins and everything was quiet, she put the sword away and started to remove her armours off. It’s not that comfy if she sleep it on. As these smaller creatures saw that their prey falled gave in their spell, they gave evil smile. They were muttering with themselfs and watched how this young female knight removed her armour part by part and seemly was trapped into their spell.

Elayne felt how night was warm, camp fire kept cold away from the ruins and she was there alone, so why not she would take rest of the clothes away too. She was feeling hotter than before moment by moment and she got aroused for no obvious reasons. Small demonic creatures smiling even wider, as they saw who this poor knight peeled her clothes off and standed there fully naked, just like waiting for them to arrive. Elayne started to stretch her body from the long ride and it made her slim body to look even sexier. She let those smaller demons to see her fully naked body and even made a show for them. Her smooth white skin looked even smoother if possible in that camp fire, her lovely round tits were firm and perky. Many men could have cutted his arm to see her in same position as these demons did just now.

Elayne felt how her body was getting hotter and her nipples were getting rock hard. Our blond knight was already panting and her own hands stared to move on her smooth white skinned body. It made her to shiver from pleasure and pleasure made her body to move along the touches. It was like she was dancing alone by the camp fire and fondling herself slowly. If any priest had came by, there was only two options what could have happened. Option one, Priest could have been lured into sexual acts with poor Elayne and then She would be trialed as a Witch and then burned. Option two, Priest would dragged her directly into trial and she would have been burned as an Witch. So, it was bad for poor Elayne in any case. Luckily, there wasn’t any Priest in there, but unluckily there was demonic creatures around.

These creatures moved towards her whole time and muttered their unholy spells what binded her more deeply into their spell and she started to moan while rubbing her clit with right hand and with left hand she was playing with her own nipples.

– Sit down girl.. sit… and wait for us.. want us.. yes.. want us..
Elayne heard the low voice from the shadows and briefly she wanted to pull the sword from the ground, but her body had already betrayed her and she sat down just like she was told to do. Her smooth skin was waiting for the touch, she was panting slowly while her fingers moved in certain pace between her slim and so lovely legs. How many men could kill other mens by the dozens, just to feel those lovely long and slim legs to wrap around his back and to feel his personal sword to be buried deep into her waiting scabbard.

Elayne leaned against the small pile of firewood and waited them to come.

– Yes, girl.. we are coming.. want us.. serve us good girl.. and you’ll enjoy it.. you want more of it..
Dark voice whispered again to her and it was much closer this time. It made Elayne to feel really hot and she surrendered to this entity willingly. Her body was fully aroused, she was wanting to feel someones touch on her burning hot skin, her body trembled from pleasure and as first demonic creature stepped into light near to her, she didn’t tried to grab her sword at all, just allowed to this creature come closer and touch her naked body.

Little demon noticed that it was safe to touch this womans flesh, so it’s three fingered hand reached on her tit and when Elayne felt that touch on her soft skin, it made her moan a bit. It was like a drug what gave pleasure to her and as it felt good for her, she wanted to have some more and softly pulled this lucky demon next to her. Demon didn’t waste any time and pulled Elayne’s head towards him, so he could kiss this really lovely human woman. Elayne sat on the ground and felt how this creatures three fingered hand was moving on her body, on her neck, on tits and moving down on her thigh, while it was kissing her like she had never before kissed.

– Yessss.. girl.. our Masters told that you’ll be.. nice one.. indeed you are.. serve us girl.. serve us well and you’ll enjoy it.. and maybe.. we won’t kill you..
Dark voice muttered words into Elaynes ear and she was now fully under of the spell of these unholy creatures. Demonic creature was felt how hot this human female was and how easily she had gave into their dark spells. Demon loved to grobe the lovely round tits of this female and her nipples were like iron studs on armours. She moaned softly everytime when demon’s rough hand touched her nipples. Her body was wanting for sex, even with these unholy creatures and if anyone would find out what happened to Elayne, it was end of her. Anykind of dealing with demons weren’t allowed and been possessed or charmed wasn’t any excuse.

At that moment poor Elayne didn’t even have time to think what was happening, as she offered herself to this demon to be used, her lovely tits to be grobed, her lips to be kissed and her womanhood to be taken. For these acts, she would be hanged and burned, if someone would know and tells it to the Priests, but that was worry for the tomorrow. Tonight she wanted to be used by these demons. Used or abused, that didn’t mattered to her and she enjoyed when she felt that rough skinned demonic hand on her tender skin. Elayne trembled from pleasure and she panted more faster now, as she imagined how this demon would take her soon, at least she was wanting it to happen.

– Girl.. on your knees.. and let us to study your.. lovely soft body.. soon girl.. you’ll enjoy.. enjoy like never before..
Voices told to her ear and she obeyed like marionette. These demonic creatures started to inspect her tender body and unholy demonic hands moved across her white smooth skin and foul nails left some scratches on her skin. She trembled and moaned softly when she felt rough touches all around her body. She had never before felt like this and her body had gave into the pleasure. She wasn’t fully trained Knight or as strong willed to fight agaisnt charms like she is in now.

Her body shivered from the pleasure as she felt these foul demons hands touching her just like they wanted and as roughly they wanted. Elayne felt how these fingers found her honeypot between her legs and it made her to moan louder. She wanted to feel more pleasure, more, faster and harder, but she had to wait and allow these unholy creatures to abuse her body. Maybe in some level, deep in her mind she might be screaming and wanting to grab the sword into her hand and slice these small demons into pieces. Demonic spell had strong hold from her and she was like a living doll to these foul creatures. She moaned softly as she felt how sharp teeths bitted her nipples a bit and how slimy tongue moved on her soft skin.

Demon moved behind her and rubbed it’s belly against Elaynes back. Creatures skin was rough and dirty, but it felt to be more than normal to it and it seemly loved to play with human womans lovely breasts. Nicely rounded, firm and perky tits were it’s favorite toy at that moment and as those three fingered hands were mauling Elaynes tits, she was moaning softly, panting a bit and rubbing her butt against demon who was behind her. Her body trembled strongly from the pleasure as creatures hands moved on her body and she allowed it to touch her freely just any where from her body. Elayne felt how wet she was and wanted to be taken already. She wasn’t virgin, but she wasn’t that experienced on sexual things. She had gived her virginity few years ago to one handsome young man and he had promised to come back later on, but he haven’t returned yet. Elayne didn’t even waited him to return anymore into their county. Everything could be lost anyway after this night. She’ll be ruined by these demons and when Priest find out, she’ll be hanged, chopped into pieces and burned. If she is lucky, it’s on that order.

Elayne felt hard bump under the loincloth of this smaller demon and it felt promising. She placed her hand on the coarse skinned hand of demon and moved it between her legs. She pressed it to right spot and begged the creature behind of her to rub it.

Demon seemed to agree on her wish and soft moaning escaped from her lips, as demons hand was rubbing poor human females clit and she enjoyed it. creature licked her neck and chin like her salty sweat could have been nicest drug for it. Elayne pressed her body against demons body and rubbed her butt against that hard bump on it’s loincloth. It made it to groan with its deep voice. They knew that this human female was ready to be taken and it was willingly giving herself to them. They didn’t care if she gived herself to them willingly or not, they just took what they wanted and their victims had so little to say in it.

To these creatures, they haven’t got as lovely human female into their foul hands for a while and that’s why they took their time while playing with her body. Making sure that her body stayed fully aroused and ready for them. Suddenly Elayne felt how demon behind her forced her to lean forward. Those rough hands inspected her buttocks and inner thighs. One clawed finger slid inside her waiting pussy and she gasped for the air into her lungs. She was kept in that position for a while and assests were inspected by that creature. She felt how that coarse skinned finger moved in and out of her pussy, just like it was wanting to see and hear how this woman reacts on it. Elayne moaned again a bit harder than before and her body revealed it easily, that she was enjoying it.

She was almost so sure that soon this smaller demon get rid of it’s loincloth and takes her from the behind. Elayne imagined herself to be on her hands and knees in front of this demon and taking it’s demonic cock into her waiting pussy. It made her to tremble even more and her body was aching for roughness. These demons just tease her and makes her to just wait for it, while she was already more than ready to be taken right now, right there.

How it would please her to be taken by this demon. To let her feel it’s unholy rod sliding inside her body and make her to moan from pleasure, making her to sweat, she could love to feel how this foul creature would own her body and shoot it’s hot slimy load deep into her insides. Still demon kept her waiting for that exciting feeling what she already wanted to feel. Creatures three fingered hands moved on her hot soft skin and she shivered from the lust already.

– Turn around ..girl.. and open your lovely legs..
Deep voice whispered to her and she obeyed like she wouldn’t have anything left from her own mind. She sat down on woodpile and leaned backwards just to see what they want to do for her. Second demon had stepped into the light and it already standed next to her. It was different kind of creature, but still as demonic origin as the first one. Demon who had inspected her thoroughly now pressed her thighs apart for him and soon she moaned loudly, while that creature licked her pussy like maniac. That fast tongue made her to tremble from awesome pleasure and her hand moved to rub it’s head, while creature was pleasing her. That feeling was new to Elayne and she really enjoyed that thrilling pleasure what this smaller demonic creature gave to her.

Second demon wasn’t wasting any time and it’s hands more moving on Elayne’s aroused body, it’s rough fingers played with her hard nipples and she moaned like a whore while been within their grasp. She felt how something was building up deep within herself and she couldn’t even push that feeling away, as it was so strong and wiped everything else away from it’s way. Elayne got strong orgasm while laying on that pile of firewood and letting two smaller creatures to abuse her in anyway they wanted to. She trembled strongly, her hand pressed that demonic head between her legs stronger against her pussy, just like she could have wanted it to slid his tongue into her wet pussy. Her firm and perky tits were bouncing along her body movements and it made demonic creatures even hornier. She was panting stronger, she felt tingling feeling from everywhere, from finger tips and toes. Her soft skin was really sensitive at that moment and those rough hands moving on her body, even increased her pleasure.

Her legs were kept open, demonic creature seemed to love the taste of her sweet nectar and that second demon just licked her tits, neck and chin with it’s long tongue. She didn’t even cared if someone sees her with these foul beasts just like this, been abused by them and allowing them to use her body. Allowing herself to feel the really strong pleasure from what these dark minions did to her on those ruins. Elayne just loved the pleasure what almost blew her mind away and she wanted to have more. Demonic charms had made her to be passive and aroused her slim figured body to allow them to have fun with her, but now this human female is really horny and seemed to want to have sex with them.

Elayne moaned and enjoyed to feel these rough skinned hands moving on her slim and so hot body. They were muttering something between themselves and then poor Elayne felt how she was lifted up by these demons. These smaller demonic creatures surprised Elayne as they just lifted her up and kept her in the air easily. They were quite strong for their size and she wondered for a while, what else these demons could reveal to her in this night. She was carried from her little camp deeper into that ruined chapel.
Trip wasn’t so long and she was place on the stone pavement where was old runes and those emits dark red light. Blond woman didn’t even noticed how surroundings of those ruins disappeared into dark mist and something was coming forward from the shadows. Elayne lwas laying there fully naked and saw how bigger demon came closer and it seemed to have only one thing on it’s mind. To take her body with it’s demonic pole. Elayne layed there watching that bigger demon and fingering herself at the same time. She panted heavily and wanted to be taken by this new much bigger demon.

– Girl.. on your kneesss.. and serve me with your pretty mouth..
That demon’s voice was really deep and dark, but Elayne didn’t felt any kind of fear. She was so deeply within that demonic spell that she obeyed it’s command like mindless toy. She got on her knees and greeted demons pride and joy with her mouth as best way she could. Dark skinned Demon Lord watched how this human female pleased him with her mouth and how lovely that soft skinned girl looked like in front of him on her knees, her lips around it’s knob of his private tool and her slim hand had went between her legs just for one reason. Elayne was rubbing her own clit while licking demons thick rod with her soft tongue. It smelled and tasted awful, but as she was under that spell, she didn’t even noticed that awful taste or smell.

Demon Lord was groaning with it’s dark voice and looked at this fragile human female with hungry eyes. It would be lovely to tear her apart, drink her warm blood right from her throat what it could have ripped open moments earlier. Demon Lord would love to hear her screams from pain as he tears her body slowly into pieces, limb by limb. Still it would be also as lovely to ravish this human female and fill her womb with it’s dark seed. Elayne’s body looked even better moment by moment, as she served Demon Lord well enough with her mouth. Those two smaller demons had moved further away from the action and their Lord had right to use this human female first, or to kill her. To them, it was the same in the end, to use her or to kill her, she was just one fragile human female and humans died so easily within their games.

– Now … Girl.. on your handss and kneess..
Demon Lord ordered Elayne to take proper position in front of him and she obeyed eagerly. Demon Lord was pleased to see how eagerly she obeyed it’s commands and got into it’s place behind already heavily panting Elayne. Big rough hand took firm grab from her blond hair to assure, that she won’t try to escape from him just yet. Elayne felt how this bigger demonic creature rubbed it’s hard member against her pussy. She trembled from the waiting and wanted this big stud to do it’s job soon.

She didn’t have to wait for long, as Demon was as eager to take her and Elayne gasped for air into her lungs, as that thick gnarled pole opened her bit by bit. Elayne was sent there to fight and kill demonic creatures just like these, but now she was on her hands and knees, allowing Demon Lord to penetrate herself and seemly enjoyed it very much. She moaned and felt how her pussy was stretched fully open by this demonic bull. Young female moaned like never before while been tightly within this Demon Lord’s hands. She moaned and demon behind her groaned with it’s deep and dark voice. It surely enjoyed to feel this human females tightness around it’s hard member and it was surprised to see, that Elayne herself pushed herself against this demon, just to get it’s mighty tool deeper into her and she panted like crazy while allowing demon’s big rough hands to move on her sweaty body.

Elayne trembled from pleasure and lowered her back on arch as much she could, just to making it more easier to this Demon Lord to slide it’s hard member deeper into her. Blond haired woman cried from pleasure as she felt that unbelievably thick pole to stretch her fully open and she felt like air was escaping from her lungs, when that mighty wall breaker slided as deep it could. Her whole body trembled strongly and demon groaned behind her with it’s deep demonic voice. Those ruins were filled with voices of her cries from pleasure and pain and those really deep and chilling demonic growls. Young human female was just a toy to these demons and Demon Lord was pleased, as it felt how much pleasure it got from this woman. Maybe it had planned to kill her after this, but maybe she’ll keep her life after this session and they could enjoy her lovely body in the future.

Demon Lord heard how this young female cried from pleasure, when she got yet another orgasm from this unholy mating. Woman’s body shook strongly and long high pitched scream escaped from her lips, while strong waves of pleasure were making her insides go nuts.

She panted really heavily, when demon decided to pull it’s hard member out from her and then getting up. Elayne was also pulled up and she wasn’t even aware, what this demonic creature had in mind. She was tossed against the stonewall back first. Demon Lord came in front of her and lifted her up really easily. Elayne felt how strong hands took firm grib from her waist and lifted her up, just like she could have been just measly straw doll. She panted and felt how Demon was placing itself into proper position to take her again against that stonewall of ruined chapel. Elayne lifted her lovely slim arms on demons broad shoulders and allowed it to take her in anyway it wanted. She cried from pleasure, when demon’s pride and joy slided again into her and made her to feel it’s power. Demon kept her against that stonewall easily and there wasn’t anyway that she would touch the ground. Demon Lord was a lot taller than poor Elayne and also a lot stronger than she was.

She moaned while felt like this demonic pole was sliding as deep it could without tearing her apart and how intense feeling it gave to her. Every thrust were strong and it kept her moaning, crying and panting from the pleasure. She hadn’t ever before felt as strong pleasure as she got now and it didn’t mattered to her, that person who gave that pleasure to her was demonic being. She should fight against them and kill all unholy creatures on their grounds, but she had fallen into the trap and charmed with dark spells. Poor Elayne was made to be their sex toy and maybe that would save her life, at least demons would let her live, but if Priest find out about this, her fate would be sealed.

Elayne lovely tits moved along the strong thrusts and she loved to feel Demon Lords tongue on her rock hard nipples. This big mighty Demon just used her and she had noticed, that her body really loved the attention what they gave to her. She wrapped her slim legs around demons waist as much she was able to and kissed this unholy creature really passionately. It kept every thrust to be as strong and vicious as others had been. Human female felt so tiny and fragile within demon lap, while it made poor female knight to feel it’s power in many ways.

Blond haired woman cries started to be again continuous, as her body keep getting orgasms one after another. Demon Lord wanted to take her in another position before unloading it’s hot unholy seeds deep into her and her feet’s were allowed to touch the ground again.

– Bend over girl.. Now!
Demon Lord groaned with it’s horny voice. It lusted this human female, it wanted to take her hard and make her to feel it’s hard member fully inside her body. Elayne did what she was told to do and leaned against the stonewall into bend over position. Her lovely tits were hanging downwards and Demon Lord sild it’s personal staff into her again. She screamed sharply, as thrust was fierce and strong. Her moanings and cries became fully continuous, as Demons pace was growing and it grunted heavily behind of this poor female knight. Demon Lord felt how it’s load was about to be unloaded and it runned it’s rough hands on Elayne’s sweaty soft skin. Her lovely perky tits were bouncing along the fierce pace and she really felt how her insides were mauled to numb with that thick demonic pole.

Elayne’s body started to twitch a bit and it usually meant, that she was about to have yet another orgasm. Demon Lord felt it around it’s hard member and made sure that it would be in her, when it’s slimy seeds were unloaded. Soon enough both of them were groaning from the pleasure and Demon Lord filled her up with it’s slimy unholy seed. Then it just bitted a bit Elayne’s neck, before pulling it’s wall breaker out from her and letting her to slump on her knees. Demon was pleased and left panting young woman on her knees, while moving back to shadows. As Demon Lord left the ruined chapel, it was turn of these two smaller demons and they had waited their turn patiently.

They had made her ready for their leader and watched how Demon Lord took this slim figured young female knight on the grounds of ruined chapel, that had made them really horny. Their Lord had used her like he wanted and filled her with his unholy seed. Elayne had slumped on the ground and she got few moments of rest before these smaller demons came nearer. They removed their loincloths and pulled human female up from the ground to sitting position. They put her to serve them with her lovely mouth and Elayne served them as willingly as she did for Demon Lord. She was a bit surprised as these two were smaller in size, but both of them had nice sized tools what they could use to defile poor maidens honor. At least Elayne was pleased to find out about the sizes. She served both of them eagerly and felt their rough hands moving on her sweaty body. Demonic hands were playing with her lovely firm tits and it made her to moan a little bit. She allowed them to touch her body without stopping them in anyway.

Both demons were groaning from pleasure and started to muttering between them about the plan how they take this human woman. Few moments later, demon with four fingered paws layed down to the ground and Elayne was told to start to ride on it. She didn’t waste anytime when she got that order and did what they was waiting her to do. Young woman sat into demon’s lap and felt how it’s thick member slid into her quite nicely. It wasn’t as big and thick as Demon Lord had, but this one felt really nice anyway. Elayne started to rock her body over the small demon and moaned softly. Her hips moved up, down and side to side, while demons rough skinned hands were playing with her lovely rounded and firm tits. She moaned more louder as she felt that snakelike slimy tongue of demons teasing her rock hard nipples. She was told to move faster and she obeyed just like earlier. She started to pant again and felt another set of rough skinned hands on her back. That three fingered demon was behind her and for a short time, Elayne was wondering what it was up to, but soon enough it was revealed to her.

She was told to stop and lean against the demon who layed on the ground. Blond haired woman stopped moving and started to kiss that smaller demon with long and very passionately. Demon behind her took firm grip from her hips, took the aim and then forced it’s dark green colored rod into Elayne’s darker hole. It made her to cry out from the pain and her back went to arch. Demons kept her in place, so she couldn’t escape, at least not yet. Elayne felt two demon members going deep inside her and it felt so wrong and dirty, but at the same time it felt so intense and hot. She had mix feelings about this, maybe that demonic charm was wearing off from her. Demons started to move in her variating pace and it made her to cry out from pleasure. At first she felt pain as this dark green demon had forced it’s hard member into her with force, but pain faded away when they started to move deep in her again.

Her body trembled from pleasure, she was feeling their dirty hands on her sweaty skin, demons were groaning as much as she was moaning from pleasure and for a while, Elayne did loved the feeling of been taken by two demonic creatures. Their tools were giving her a lot more pleasure than that one young man, who robbed her virginity from her couple years ago. Elayne was quite inexperienced in sex, but she knew what felt nice and what was really nice. This made her body to tremble even harder, as these demon spears went so deep into her and rubbed those tender spot, what usually made her to have exploding orgasm. She panted heavily, moaned loudly and felt how two demons rammed their tools deep into her. It felt to last forever until she reached yet again on her own climax. She cried out from the power of orgasm, her body shook violently and demons felt how her body twitched around their tools strongly. No wonder that Demon Lord himself had enjoyed this wench a lot.

Young female knight moaned like a whore while having taken by two demons in that ruined chapel. Demons were groaning madly and enjoyed to use her white skinned body like they pleased. Her firm tits were moving along the pace of riding and demon under her was licking those like those would be sweetest candy in the country. Elayne cried from pleasure while two demons forced their staffs as deep as they could have and groaned as well from pleasure. This blond woman was real gem to them and rough hands were moving on her soft skin. Their claws made scratches on her tender skin and demons at least loved to mark her to be their property. Their pace was getting higher moment by moment and Elayne felt how these smaller demons took her really hard. She haven’t ever thinked to feel something like this and only heard some dirty stories about this kind of enjoyment. Still those were stories about human men’s with women’s, not unholy and beast like demons. Elayne felt dirty claws on her tits, as well foul and sharp teeth’s on her neck. These cursed creatures took their fun from her and kept her tightly between them.

Couple moments later, demons wanted to take her in another position and she was rolled on her back on the dirty ground. Demons switched sides and now this three fingered dark green skinned creature jumped between Elayne’s thighs. It just shoved it’s hard member deep inside her and made poor woman to cry out loud. Other demon moved next to her and pulled Elayne’s head towards it. It was clear what it wanted her to do and she just opened her mouth while keeping her eyes shut. Both demons groaned loudly and used slim figured woman like they have done that before. They seemly knew what to do and how to do it, so maybe Elayne wasn’t first human female who got ravished by these two. Dark charm what they put over her, was getting weaker moment by moment and Elayne started to realise what was happening to her. It was too late to stop these smaller demons as they was about to unload their loads on to her. Demon between her legs shoot it’s slimy load deep inside her and another shoot it’s foul seeds on to Elayne’s mouth and face.

She was panting heavily and felt violated, disgusted and anger ripped last remnants of that charm away. Demons didn’t noticed that change on her, as they were so pleased about her and they had enjoyed from her body so much. Silently Elayne reached to get a rock in to her hand and she surprised both of them with it. First hit knocked down green skinned creature and another hit dropped that second demon down. While demons were shocked and dazed from the hits, Elayne didn’t have any problems to fetch her sword from her little camp and then she made sure that these creatures won’t be bothering anyone else anymore. This time it was demons turn to cry out from pain, as Elayne cutted them into pieces with her sword. Anger and disgust gave her strenght to do it and soon both smaller demons layed on the ground bleeding their foul black blood on the dirty floor of that chapel.

She standed there and felt really violated, but still she remembered the pleasures what these creatures made her to feel and that Demon Lord who took her first. She might now get that bigger demon down as easily as these smaller ones, but at least she got some kind of revenge on them. Now Elayne wanted to wash all that filth away from her and she remembered seen clear watered pond near of this ruined chapel. She didn’t like the stench what was coming from her. It was that foul unholy demonic stench and she wanted to wash all that slimy seed out from her, as she didn’t wanted to carry halfbreed demon child and get burned because of it.

She had to admit that she loved that pleasure what she felt within their grasp, but need to take care of the problem, before it’s getting real problem and costs more than she was willing to pay.