Elayne – Good Deeds chapter 2


– Girl, what is your name?

The pickpocket pondered if she should just stay quiet, as that woman was the reason she was like this.  She finally gave a response:

– Ezri. I‘m Ezri. Thanks for the mess you made.  Hope you‘re proud of being Miss White Knight there.

Elayne felt awful at the anger the half-elf shot at her, for she was right.  Had she just let her steal the purse, they would not be in this predicament.  She tried consoling the thief:

– Look, I‘m sorry, you were right.  I didn‘t think these men were so evil.  I‘m Elayne. I‘ll help you find a way out of here.  I‘ve been through far worse.

Of course, these words sounded hollow, given she couldn‘t figure out how these damned shackles work.  She had been hanging there for quite some time and her wrists were hurting like hell at this point.  Even if she wasn‘t hung up in the air like Ezri was, her whole body weight was on her wrists and her arms had lost all their strength.

Ezri remained quiet, letting Elayne figure out this problem.  The soldier tried to swing herself onto the side, but the only thing that changed was the pain on her wrists.  It became stronger.  She decided to give up for the moment and wait for someone to come to lower them down.  They might have their chance then.

She waited longer than expected, but eventually sounds like footsteps approached the room.  The door opened and three men entered into the room.  One opened the shuttered lantern blinding the girls for a moment.  The two other men lowered both of the women and Elayne was just happy to feel her arms again.  She didn’t dare think of fighting with her current strength.  The men, which she understood to be cultists only now, wore the same red cloaks from before, their hoods lifted up to hide their faces.  When Elayne looked at Ezri, she recognized marks of abuse and fear on the girl’s face.  Elayne tried to be brave, but in truth she felt that same terror inside as they were led into the corridor together.  The men pushed them forward down certain pathways before ending up in a larger chamber with walls made of stone.

Elayne noticed some old human remains near the walls and realized that they weren’t the first victims.  In the chamber were five other men, all of them wearing the same reddish cloaks.  The girls were dragged towards an obsidian altar.  There were two stone tables of similar colour waiting for them.  After the cultists forced Elayne and Ezri onto the tables and tied them up, one of them, presumably the cult leader because he resembled some kind of high priest, stepped forward.

The cult leader came closer and started chanting something using a strange language that Elayne didn’t recognize.  He took a black brush and made it wet with what Elayne thought was red paint.  He chanted loudly and drew some symbols on both of the women’s bodies with his brush.  The knight felt the “paint”, whatever it might be, burning on her skin.  Ezri felt the same thing too.

The seven other men began moving in one big circle around the tables while joining in the strange chant.  Elayne tried freeing herself from the shackles, but it turned out to be an impossible task at this point.  The cult leader didn’t care, for he had his own work to do.  Eventually, his voice became darker and deeper, which soon spread to everyone else.  Then the women saw something terrifying happen to the men.

At first, they looked like human males, but then they started changing into what looked like their desired form for that ritual, resembling red-skinned demons in their crimson cloaks.  The transformation wasn’t painless, as the men howled in agony.  Their bodies twisted in disgusting ways, with most of them dropping on their knees while they changed.  No wonder they had such a complex underground hideout.

Ezri was already recoiling from the horror, and she felt the hungry eyes of those beasts looking at her.  Elayne had to admit that she was scared too and their situation had become rather difficult, to say the least.  Both of them were tied up, naked, completely disarmed and surrounded by those demonic creatures.  To say this could end badly was a horrifying understatement.

As the demonized cult leader completed its chants, the other beasts were looking for their chance to ravish these women.  But the leader had the right to make the first choice.  It looks at its options:  On the one hand, Ezri, a young half-elven girl with nice bouncy breasts and smooth skin made for a nice breedable bitch.  On the other, Elayne, a young human female with lovely firm tits, slim figure and nice curves, could make a good brood mother as well.  That they both smelled fertile made the choice a little harder.

After pondering between Elayne and Ezri, the cult leader chose the latter.  The other demons who had waited while drooling over the girls jumped on Elayne, who screamed in horror as she was pulled off the table.  The leader, ignoring Elayne’s feeble cries, cut Ezri’s ties open and moved her into a suitable position on the table while forcing her thighs open.  It growled at Ezri with its newly acquired demonic voice,

– You better to serve us, Girl, or you’ll have a long slow death.  Do well, and you might live another day.

While the thief reeled from the terror and shock, the creature used its shovel-sized hands to grip Ezri’s waist and bring its mighty battering ram to bear on her temple doors.  The other demons had the same idea for Elayne, only more messily.

Elayne was pulled from the table and made to bend over so she could suck one of the demon’s members.  Meanwhile, her hands were forced to stroke two other cocks, while a fourth demon was lucky enough to take aim behind her.  On the other table, the cult leader was the first to have its hard staff inside its victim’s pussy.  Ezri made a piercing scream from the pain of having such a huge pole stretching her wide open.  She wasn’t particularly experienced when it came to actual intercourse, so she almost immediately fainted and was out cold for a couple moments.

Ezri’s first screams were a cue for the other demons to press forward with their catch.  Soon, Elayne’s shrieks also filled the room.  Elayne gasped for air, tried to relax her hips and change her position to better one.  She’d do just about anything to ease up the torture.  Elayne witnessed Ezri fainting on that black table and felt a bit sad for her.  But she had no time to dwell on that.  She had to endure all this while figuring out an escape for both of them.

The swordswoman felt that jagged cock slide into her pussy, stretching her out extensively and filling her pussy as completely as she had felt before on this journey.  Human cocks were nothing when compared into this huge, throbbing and unnaturally stiff demonic cock.  She had one in her mouth and was rubbing two others with her hands.  Meanwhile she felt their strong hands toy with her body, pulling her hair, tweaking her tits and fingering her darker hole.

On the other side of the room, the cult leader refused to give Ezri a break, despite her being unconscious.  It continued ramming its thick shaft into her tight hole.  Eventually, Ezri came to with an anguished cry from another deep thrust.  The cult leader was enjoying itself, grunting with its unpleasant voice.  Every thrust that it made went deeper into the thief.  Eventually, the girl’s body began adjusting to this beast’s cock size, and she began to pant and groan in unnatural pleasure.  She couldn’t think, only feel.  The creature’s monstrous hands were playing around with her nipples as well.  The more she got used it, the more she moaned in perverse rapture.  The cock’s size and demon’s movements were so intense, she was feeling her mind slip away.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the gangbang, Elayne also groaned madly, feeling like a sex toy to these creatures.  She couldn’t do anything to stop them, so she let it go and actively took part in her own raping.  Soon the chamber’s stony walls were filled with the pleasurable cries of demons and women alike.

The cult leader took its time with Ezri, and three other demons were waiting in the wings, eager to jump on her when it was finished.  The half-elven growled with intensity, appreciating the manner in which the coarse and prickly cock brushed against her sensitive insides.  Her thighs were kept fully open while the demonic creature this man had become impaled the lithe girl with lust in its eyes.  Ezri gasped at ever-higher pitches every time she felt that thick pole filling her completely.  She continued laying on her back, her perky tits moving along with the ferocious pace.  For its part, the cult leader was very happy with the tightness of this supple creature.

Back at the other source of the action, Elayne was serving the demons as well as she could, but the demons were not interested in her “performance” and just used her like a rag doll.  The first demon increased the already furious rhythm at which it was fucking her before shooting its load into Elayne’s womb.  The woman felt something warm flood inside her for a while, then she was pushed to another demon sitting on the edge of the table.  She was already panting in anticipation.  The knight was pulled and pushed at the same time onto its waiting lap, and its shaft aimed at her darker hole.  Without any other choice, cries escaped from her lips once again as the thick unearthly cock forced its way into Elayne’s arse.  Her body shook from the pain, pleasure and horror.  There were four strong demons ravishing the two of them, and the most Elayne could hope for was that they didn’t fuck them to death.

The demon pulled Elayne closer and made its cock slide deep into her arse while she screamed in agony.  She was pushed down on the demon behind her, while another pulled her legs up, forcing her thighs to be fully exposed, and rammed its mighty tool into her waiting pussy.  With all the muscles surrounding her, the knight couldn’t help but be a little excited.  Two strong male-like figures ramming their hard members into her holes and took her like a whore: In her broken mind, it felt incredibly arousing.  Elayne groaned and quivered as a series of orgasms rocked her.  The two demons kept her up in the air with their deep thrusting, their strong arms making her seem as light as the robes they’ve long discarded.  Elayne gasped every time their shafts reached the base, barely fathoming the erogenous spots they were somehow reaching.

Ezri panted and sweated heavily in her situation, writhing in pure bestial lust.  The cult leader continued playing with her tits, and then growled, knowing it was about to cum.  It rammed its member a few more times into her before pulling out and shooting its slimy load on her belly, tits and face.  The creature looked at the mess with a satisfied grin and slapped her small butt with his big hand.  Ezri yelped from the pain and reeled from her pussy being stretched beyond its natural limits.  She feared that this cursed cock had caused some tearing inside her.  However, she didn’t have time to dwell on it as three other demons jumped on her.  The cult leader left her to their mercy.

Ezri screamed as she was forcefully pulled off the messy table.  The impatient demons felt that if Elayne could get tossed around and assaulted by four demons, Ezri should serve more than just one of them.  She was forced onto her hands and knees.  Ezri shrieked like a banshee for the first few seconds as the first cock went in.  Then she got the second stuffed in her mouth, muffling her screams.  The demons were glad, for they were getting sick of her voice.

Elayne silently witnessed this spectacle, noting how small she looked in the middle of those creatures: A tiny half-elf pressed in mountains of demonic flesh.  Another orgasm shook Elayne out of her reverie, a reminder of her own predicament.  But then, as she felt the waves crash down on her from thrusts in her ass and pussy, she wondered evilly if Ezri was enjoying this as much as she was.  She certainly was in no rush to escape at this point.  Of course, it was hard to say whether the thief was truly into it:  She was beaten into submission at first.  Meanwhile, the cult leader had left the room, leaving the other seven demons to play with their toys.

After a while, the girls were fucked side by side on the floor, the demons using their holes to dump their seed wherever.  Elayne was on her hands and knees while two of creatures skewered her with their staves.  Ezri, on the other hand, was forced to ride on one of the cocks for a while.  When her legs got tired, the annoyed demon under her just moved her up and down more strongly.  Her aching tits moved along to the fierce rhythm while she mindlessly moaned.  Her body was exhausted, her stomach was empty and her pussy was incredibly numb.

At first, Elayne ass and pussy clenched around the demons’ members with an airtight seal, but soon the knight’s holes dilate so much she wasn’t sure which cock was being forced up where anymore.  Elayne couldn’t think, let alone do anything, while the demons threw her around and barked orders like “Open your mouth, whore” or “Moan for your Masters, bitch!” Her hair was yanked like a chain and her body arched painfully making the demons laugh in pleasure.  Abrasive hands moved all over her body in an attempt to remind her who she was serving at this point.  Ezri was placed back on the ebony table, with two demons using her in turns.  The thief’s voice was hoarse from all the screaming and growling.  Her body was bruised and too weak to fight.  She splayed herself on that table and feebly endured all the torture those heathens could think of.  She was so numb, all she could feel were her breasts and arms.

Luckily for the half-elven, the seven beasts grew tired of the girls.  They lacked the endurance for rough fucking and as they shot out their seed on Ezri and Elayne one last time, they finally let them be.  The two girls were laid back on the obsidian tables.  Given their rough shape, there was no chance of the two escaping, so they didn’t bother shackling them again.

Elayne struggled to breathe normally while seeing the last of the brutes leave the chamber.  She barely had any strength to function, so she just laid there.  Her half-elven compatriot was out cold again and looked like a shattered figurine.  Then she felt the air change in the room, and a magical aura surrounded them.  The girls’ bruises slowly disappeared, and the pain faded away.  However, it didn’t give them what they needed most: energy.

It took some time, but after much exertion, Elayne managed to get herself into a sitting position.  She then listened closely, as she could have sworn that she heard something odd.  She didn’t see anything around them, and that filled her with dread.  It wasn’t Ezri, for she was motionless on her table, and it wasn’t Elayne either.

Then Elayne saw thick tentacles pushing out from under the tables, while a huge stone tile was raised upwards from the floor.  The fighter was too tired and slow to evade, and she helplessly let the tendrils wrap around her limbs and lift her effortlessly.  Another group of them pulled Ezri up as well.  While both of them hung in the air, the human of the two noticed a creature amidst the limbs.  The tile and appendages made it difficult for her to see what exactly was holding them beyond fiery eyes.  It was certainly strong though, for the stone above it was thick and large.

Elayne and Ezri had their arms and legs stretched to make X’s, with the tentacles tightly coiling around them as a restraint.  The redheaded half-elf was finally starting to rouse from her fleeting slumber.  Elayne prayed to all that was holy that she would not die to this foul creature.  She saw some thicker limbs approach her body, dripping their slime all over Elayne’s dirty skin.  It wasn’t difficult to figure out what they were after, but Elayne still felt disgusted.  She looked at Ezri and saw two appendages forcing their way into her pussy, causing the elf to squawk in a coarse voice.  It sounded terrifyingly wrong.

Elayne then looked down in horror and saw a similar thing happening to her as two fat appendages sank into her ass and pussy.  A piercing scream escaped from her lips as she felt herself being doubly violated yet again.  As Elayne endured this very humiliating position, she noticed two long limbs climb up towards her face searching for her lips.  Elayne was unfortunately defenceless against them, and they invaded her mouth with due haste.  Elayne got a whiff of their wretched stink, and that combined with the slime’s stickiness made her feel sick.  Elayne heard some gagging from Ezri’s direction and when she looked at her, she saw the half-elven being subjected to the same thing, ready to vomit.  As if Elayne wasn’t horrified enough at the feeling of two tentacles slurping in and out of her pussy and arse, she now had to suck two of them.  The slime tasted really awful and made her want to puke.  The tentacles kept her from doing that, somehow.  As she hung in the air, there was nothing more she could do than to suffer.

The creature eyed the fighter maliciously as it held her while looking seemingly ready to rip her limb for limb.  Even if she wanted to enjoy this, she couldn’t.  Ezri, meanwhile, was in worse shape than Elayne, her small frame unable to handle such massive limbs inside her.  In addition, some thinner appendages teased her tits, while she was made to suck on a larger tentacle.

Realizing that the slime was mildly poisoned kept Elayne in a state of fear and horror.  Painful pressure from her stomach made her seize up, while other tendrils were rotating in her mouth to keep her quiet.  The two other tentacles buried themselves deep within her body and pushed to go even further.  This was something her slim body wasn’t used to, and she grimaced from the pressure.

Elayne was shaking violently from the excess pain, and all the while something whispered awful things into her mind.  She genuinely feared that this unearthly creature would rip her apart.  It made her panic and she desperately try to pull herself free from the tentacles’ hold.  Her body twitched, becoming distended and twisted the wrong way.  There wasn’t any pleasure from this, yet the fighter’s attempts to break loose were futile.  The pain unfortunately shocked Elayne into unconsciousness, as it did to Ezri.  Both women hung there like pieces of meat on a butcher’s hooks and their bellies seemed filled with worms squirming around inside them.

The creature finally had enough fun with these females and completed its task by pumping huge amounts of slimy goo into their holes, planting its overwhelming amount of seed in the process.  After all that, Elayne and Ezri were dropped to the floor, the ritual completed as planned.  These women would soon be pregnant.  Whether it was the demons’ or the abomination’s spawn, it didn’t matter.  These women will serve them with their bodies until they die just like others before them.  Both women seemed to be young and strong, so they would be the perfect wombs for the cult for at least some time.

As the foul creature slid back into its hiding place, two cultists entered the chamber.  They grabbed the roughly abused women and dragged them back to their cells.  There wouldn’t be any special treatment for Elayne and Ezri.  The cramped, dank spaces were going to be their homes for rest of their short lives.

Ezri came to first and a cultist demon on watch noticed.  The young half-elven was still drained and helpless.  So after tossing Elayne into her cell, the demon motioned the others to move in.  The thief was slammed against the wall.  Her legs barely kept her up, but that didn’t matter since these cultists could have their way with her regardless.

Her legs were lifted up by the first demon.  Looking straight into her eyes with contempt, it noticed her pussy feeling a lot looser than earlier.  Ezri whimpered while feeling her extremely roughly abused pussy endure yet another demon cock.  She bit her lower lip to muffle her cries of anguish.  Her body was aching all over and yet it kept getting worse somehow.  With her back crushed against the wall, the demon went to work ramming its hideous rod into her.

Ezri whined and snivelled weakly, for all she could hope for was that it would be over sooner than later.  She just wanted to rest and forget all this for even a few minutes.  Instead, she was being harshly pressed against the stony wall by the demon cultist, who seemed to have unlimited lust to savagely thrust its unholy staff inside her.  It relished the pain it was inflicting on her.  Ezri tried to stay quiet as much she could, but because the pain was so intense, she whimpered and cried while enduring it.  Finally, this cultist made a ghastly guttural sound and unloaded its slimy seeds into her womb.  Another demon cultist followed.  It kept Ezri standing, but shoved her face against the wall this time.

Ezri was forced into an awkwardly bent position and her legs were kicked apart.  She leaned against the wall and yelped as the demon’s cock slid into her pussy.  She gasped and shuddered while being subjected to this abuse yet again.  The creature growled from the intense feelings it got off it.  It whispered into her ear that it will be fucking her like this now on, and she will learn to love it.  Its gravelly hands played with her swollen tits and Ezri wailed from all the tweaking and tugging.

Her legs wobbled like an uneven stool, but she was stuck in that position while the demon cultist kept violating her.  Her face was squished against that cold wall by one of its hands while her own hands stayed put.  When she tried moving, it punished her with a few swift slaps on her arse cheeks.  She pushed her hips against this heinous creature, hoping that it would cum faster this way.  She was sick of feeling that hard cock among the others.  It didn’t pay attention to her efforts and simply kept thrusting thoughtlessly.

Finally, the young thief simply couldn’t hold herself up anymore.  Her legs gave way and she slumped on the floor.  This annoyed the demon, but it was too impatient to pick her up and just pulled her face closer to its slimy and dirty cock, forcing it in her mouth.  She tasted foul slime on it, but she didn’t have any other choice.  So she did her best and to get this ugly beast to cum in her mouth as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, the darkness started to lift its veil from Elayne’s eyes and she started to wake up.  At first, she felt incredibly sore from being stretched by those tentacles.  Her wrists and ankles were aching, but then she noticed her belly was swollen.  She felt something inside herself, and began to panic.  The knight couldn’t allow something like this to happen to her as her family’s name would be ruined forever if she was forced to carry this creature in her womb to term.  Then Elayne heard some muffled noises from down the corridor.  She looked in that direction and could make out faint groaning from an open cell.  Elayne didn’t see Ezri anywhere, and suspected something was happening.  She quietly left her own unguarded cell and snuck down the hallway.

She saw a demon cultist forcing Ezri to suck its cock.  The thief looked as bad as Elayne felt.  The creature had its back towards Elayne and Ezri was on her knees in front of it.  This cultist enjoyed watching her at that angle, and her mouth wasn’t that bad either.  All it could see was her lovely slim body looking sexy in that position, her tits erect.  The half-elven tried to do her best, but she was as exhausted as Elayne was and her body felt completely broken.  She was too numb to the world to notice Elayne sneaking towards them.  Ezri could also feel her belly swell painfully as well.  She suspected she was carrying someone’s baby and didn’t even know who its father was.

Elayne saw a dagger on the cultist’s belt.  Even though this was a demon she was facing, the blade would be enough to kill it if she could manage to stab it into right spot.  She just hoped that Ezri would hold out just a little longer.  Elayne moved closer and closer, fighting her exhaustion and agony.  She had only one chance.  At the moment, the demon cultist was either too turned on by Ezri’s beauty or too enraptured in its lust to notice anything else.  Elayne finally got close enough behind him, and with a few swift strokes she took the knife and stabbed it into the demon’s throat.  So quick was her action that it couldn’t even yell for help, instead gurgling up black blood.  It turned around and was stunned to see that useless blond warrior behind him.  It dropped to its knees and tried grasp its dagger to fight back.  Elayne, fatigued from her attack, stared it down, unsure what she should do at this moment.  Ezri noticed some new blood stains on her that weren’t hers and reeled in horror.

The demon cultist managed to get a hold of the dagger.  But right then, it collapsed to the ground with a look of utter contempt.  Ezri lucked out: It had yet to cum.  Elayne pulls the dagger out from its neck, then stabbed it several times more, just to be safe.  In doing so, she lashed out, focusing all the rage, fear and humiliation she endured into each thrust.

After confirming its death, Elayne slumped to the ground.  After all that she let out, the only feeling left was the shame that she was carrying a hellspawn in her womb.  After a moment of silence, Ezri walked over to Elayne and pulled her up, yelling at her to snap out of it.  Her words eventually broke Elayne from her stupor, and she remembered: They need to leave here.  Ezri explained that she recognized this building from before, and that she knew the way out.  But they need to get supplies and most importantly weapons.  A single small dagger won’t be enough.  Elayne somehow mustered more strength and pushed all the other things out of her mind for a little while.  The least they could do was kill all these cultists.

They dragged the dead cultist into a cell and closed the door to cover their tracks.  After that the girls went to look for supplies.  Thankfully, they didn’t need to go too far, as they found weapons and some suitable clothes in a storage room.  This included Elayne’s own sword.  Ezri took nice set of throwing knives for herself while Elayne did a quick sharpening.

The girls continue onward and discovered that most of the cultists were heavily drunk or already passed out for the night.  They must have thought themselves safe after the ritual, so they regressed to un-demonic behaviour like drinking their brains out.  Elayne didn’t know what demons did for leisure, but there was really no time to think about such things.  They found most of them in a large chamber where they slept.  A few were still up, but Elayne and Ezri were too quick for them to sound a warning.  After the minor threats were taken care of, the rest of the sleeping cultists had their throats slit slowly.  Perhaps the girls enjoyed it a bit too much.

Elayne counted the bodies after the deed, and noticed one missing: the false High Priest that served as the cult’s leader.  The girls rushed through the dark corridors and found the leader in what looked like its personal chambers.  It was working on something that seemed important at its desk.  As the girls tried to get close enough to strike, it noticed them and took its staff into its hands.  It looked a lot older than it did in the ritual chamber.  The creature was furious to see these women up and in arms, but was uninterested in an actual fight.  As Elayne lunged towards it, the cult leader chanted a quick dark incantation and teleported itself out of there.

Elayne was seething at just missing her chance to kill that bastard.  Ezri, ignoring her, began rummaging the shelves of high priest’s chambers and uncovered lots of odd things: Weird relics, plenty of horrible looking jars, and of course plain old demonic artefacts.  Elayne joined in and found quite a large herb collection on one shelf.  Elayne smiled when she recognized a few herbs in there that could be mixed to create an abortifacient.  That should fix the “unwanted demon children” problem they were having.  Ezri was happy to hear of Elayne’s plan, as she couldn’t think herself to be a mother, let alone for some hellspawn.

Elayne made the medicine quickly.  She knew it would taste and feel awful, but it was certainly a better result than being dragged to the stake and feeling the flames searing away her flesh.  She gave one mixture to Ezri and took one for herself.  Recently she got some experience working with these exact herbs for the same problem, and that ended somewhat well, so it should work this time.

Elayne was the first to take her medicine and, like before, it tasted really awful.  But that wasn’t the worst of it: The herb mix, along with being a strong abortifacient, was a bit too effective at cleaning her body of the malevolent taint the demons unloaded into her.  Elayne convulsed on the floor in pain, her stomach ready to belch fire.  The medicine helped her purge everything unholy from her body, and it felt like all the agony she endured in the past few hours going backwards.  Once the last bit of cultist seed left her, she finally relaxed and no longer felt any pain.  Ezri had watched it all from the side in horror, but recognized that it was either that or giving birth to some unspeakable evil later.  A short time later, both women laid on the floor and struggled to regain their ability to function.  At least they got their bodies back.

After cleaning up and grabbing some useful loot, they decided to burn the place down, hoping to take out that huge tentacle creature in the process.  Before they did, Elayne cut off the demons’ horns as proof of killing them so she’d get paid some bounty money for her suffering.  Ezri, ever the thief, hauled off quite a few valuables from the storage rooms for herself, so she could get out of town and find a better place to pickpocket.  This village wasn’t exactly a nice “vacation spot,” and bigger cities were waiting for her out there.  As they bid each other farewell and went on their ways, they saw each other as friends, and sensed they would need each other again in the future.



Story by Lady Adara

Editor: Andi Guinness