Elayne – Good Deeds ch.1

Elayne’s journey led her to a small town. An old and shabby looking place, nothing like the tall and newer buildings you would find in the central region. The town was called Stillwater and Elayne was happy to walk on its muddy street. Maybe tonight will be nicer and she can sleep inside for a change. Time to time, she would visit villages and taverns to get supplies, new orders, and rest for a while. She was here for a new assignment. Someone would be meeting her in a tavern called Silver Axe.

Elayne walked around the town, which was more like a big village as there were plenty of empty houses. Windows and doors were boarded up, the owners had either died or left to look for a better lives elsewhere. The people who still lived there were quite friendly to Elayne, she was a new face and would maybe bring much-needed money to them. She bought some supplies from the local shopkeepers and continued looking for that tavern.

When she found it, she thought it was the cheapest tavern that anyone could imagine. She shrugged and went in anyway. She was told to wait in there, and eventually someone would deliver papers regarding her next mission. The only problem was that she was a day early and the orders would be here tomorrow. As she walked into that tavern, she was stunned by the stink that hit her face. It was truly the crappiest place Elayne had visited for a while. Some customers sat at the tables: A few farmers, couple of old timers and a pimp with two of his prostitutes. Nothing really pretty, just some typical small village whores.

Elayne walked out, thinking she’d rather sleep outside than in that place. She sought out a better place to rent a room: She wouldn’t sleep there even if it was free. The fighter went back to the town market for a second look around. It was evening before she found another tavern near the market. It certainly looked a lot better than the Silver Axe. Elayne entered the building, and while it was dirty, at least it didn’t stink. Elayne could see a few merchants who sat by their tables smoking their pipes while eyeing her. A young sword-carrying woman who wanders around alone usually gets noticed here. But then, every new face is watched in villages and towns like Stillwater.

Elayne rented a room for herself and when she asked if the place had a bath, the Tavern keeper said that they didn’t offer that kind of service in here. While put out by his answer, it was probably for the best. She didn’t like how he was looking at her anyway. The bald, bearded, and overweight man was likely imagining her naked. She paid for the room and got the key. Her room was on the first floor, at the end of a narrow corridor. When she got to her room, she muttered something silently. The room was small and dusty, and the window was fit in a hole so small that even a cat wouldn’t be able to slide in. Of course, there was still one thing that Elayne missed for so long. A nice, sturdy bed. She laid down and smiled.

Elayne’s room was the last room in that corridor and faced the street, so eventually she heard some muffled words through the wall. She got up to see where they came from. Peeking out her tiny window, she noticed red-cloaked men in the alley talking about something or another. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, but she could tell that those cloaks were used as vestments. Elayne was intrigued, and went to check on them. The men were already gone when she finally got to the corner. She looked around and saw that they moved away from the tavern and were now walking on that mucky street.

There were four men, all wearing the same kind of robe and still talking. It seemed like they were having some on-going debate. Elayne followed them and noticed a rather innocent-looking figure walk out from the side alley and accidentally bump into one of them. She wasn’t fooled, she could see the fast hand go into one of that priest’s bags and pull something out from within it. He didn’t even notice anything else other than that bump and as the person moved away from the group as smoothly as bumping into them, Elayne couldn’t help but smirk. She shook her head and caught the thief just before to disappearing into another alley.

Elayne yelled at the priests to stop and dragged the thief into view. She pulled the person’s hood down, discovering that it was a young redheaded half-elven girl. She tried to get away from Elayne, but the swords-woman wouldn’t let her go. The girl was admittedly either talented or very experienced, but Elayne didn’t like people stealing from the holy men. One of them walked back to get his property back. A small purse of coins and dagger that looked incredibly old. It seemed to be more a relic than a weapon, it didn’t look sharp. The priest was happy to get his belongings back and the pickpocket who stole them caught. Two of the other priests took the girl from the Elayne’s hands. The petty criminal gave the knight a “thanks” by kicking her.

The priests asked Elayne if she would like to join them, as they wanted to reward her for her good deed. The leader also mentioned that they would take the half-elf thief along to teach her why she shouldn’t steal. As Elayne didn’t have anything else better to do so, she accepted, as a few coins or warm meal would be a nice reward for her troubles. The priests continued on their way, the pickpocket kept between them to prevent her escape. They all headed toward an older set of buildings on the edge of town. It looked like a big old farmhouse with stables and warehouses adjoined to it. The priests said that they bought the place to be safe, and continue their studies in peace. The old wooden walls around this place afforded them some privacy. She noticed they didn’t have any gates to keep people out, so nobody could actually claim that this was their property.

Elayne was led toward the main building, as the group leader wanted her to meet their leader. He would be happy to reward her for her noble deed. The half-elf sensed a trap, and tried to warn the knight, but the priests forcefully gagged her before she could yell anything out. The man behind her pulled out a club from his sleeve and was figuring out when to use it on her. The pickpocket attempted to free an arm to get that gag away from her face, but three strong men kept her tightly in position. As Elayne entered the building, the front room was dark, and she heard something muffled from behind.  The purse-snatcher, known as Ezri, could only watch as the soldier was struck from behind by the group leader and crumpled to the floor.

As the group leader dragged the unconscious Elayne further into the building, it then became Ezri’s turn to be brought in. The “priests” finally dropped their act, and two of them crudely groped the young pickpocket with their rough hands. When she protested, they responded by harshly slapping her face. They weren’t going to listen to her whine. Ezri stayed quiet after that. She was forced further into the building. It seemed like these men had some kind of plan for the two women.

Ezri was dragged into the cellar and forced through a hidden door into stairs that led deeper underground. While it seemed familiar, she still couldn’t believe that someone in this dying town would have an underground complex like this. Ezri was tossed into a smaller cell next to this blond woman, and two of the men tied her up. They wanted make sure she couldn’t break from her binds while they worked on the blond fighter.

Ezri wasn’t happy with this predicament, and certainly didn’t like that this was caused by that swords-woman. Then she became more worried about why both of them were dragged in here in the first place. Looking at the vestments closely, she realized then that these bastards weren’t priests but cultists of some kind.

Ezri stayed quiet while trying to get her hands freed. Meanwhile the two cultists were going through Elayne’s belongings before starting to undress her. The more they uncovered her body the wider their smiles grew, liking what they saw. Slowly Elayne woke up again and situation in witch she found herself was awful. She was naked, two men had tossed all items that could be used as an weapons away from her, and their grins were wide. Lust for her lovely body was like a bonfire in their eyes. In the cell next door, Ezri feared the worst. The bonds were too tight for her to get them open alone.

The cultists wanted to see, what this lady would do, if she cares at all of that younger thief girl and pulled her up by her lovely blond hair into a sitting position.

– Do you like to watch? We planned to have a little bit of fun with that thief girl.. so lovely and young.. she looks so slim that maybe she hasn’t been with a man yet, we’ll be happily offer our company to her.. and make sure, that she’ll be taught few things about ..men.. and you can watch how she begs for mercy..

A cultist whispered to Elayne, she felt ill when she smelled his foul breath but, his plans were more disgusting. She didn’t want to watch as these older with rotting teeth would be abusing this half-elven girl. Before she could think twice or shut her mouth, the words just spilled out.

– Leave her alone… and do your deeds on me.. or don’t you like women at all.. just little girls?

Their smiles grew wider from Elayne’s words and she just cursed her own big mouth silently in her head. She stepped into the trap they had planned for her, but now she had to comply to their demands or the thief girl payed the price. The men moved closer to her and Elayne had a hand full of work. She had to rub both of their cocks hard using her hands and mouth. It was easy task, it didn’t take much before these males were breathing heavily from the lust already.

They groaned from the pleasure, while Elayne’s slender fingers moved around their hardening shafts and they seemed to be blessed with good size. The blond woman had hoped they would wash themselves better, she had hard time being forced to take the foul tasting cocks into her mouth. The whole time Ezri could see it from her own cell and while she didn’t like the idea that these men would be abusing her, she wouldn’t put her own butt on the line for this blond woman if she would have been asked first.

Men groaned and panted heavily while Elayne served them with her mouth and hands. She sat on the floor while allowing their dirty members to enter her mouth. Soon she was pulled up higher on her knees by her hair.

– Rub my cock with your tits, girl.. I wanna feel your soft flesh around it..

The cultist said and Elayne was pulled closer to him, while other man moved behind her while rubbing his hard pole against blond woman’s back. Elayne had to do what they told her and soon the cultist in front of her was groaning from the pleasure, while feeling her perky tits pressed against his thick member. Elayne squeezed her tits against his cock, while he was rubbing himself against her body, but it wasn’t enough for him and his hands moved over Elayne’s hands. He pressed her hands and breasts against his cock much harder. He was looking down and loved the sight. The young lovely blonde woman, fully naked in front of him and his cock between her firm tits. What could be any more pleasant than that? He grunted and felt how his spine started to melt way too soon for his taste, but what he could do to stop it anymore. He shot his slimy load onto Elayne’s face and tits. The second man laughed at his friend’s accident and pushed him away.

It was now his turn and he forced Elayne to bend over. Her face was pressed against the dirty cell floor and he moved behind her. Her lovely ass was now at right angle for him to take. He spat on his fist, rubbed his hard member for a moment and then aimed it at her darker hole. Elayne was surprised that he wanted to do that side and she tried to evade it before he could do it. Elayne was stopped from moving by the first cultist, who greedily wanted to see how his friend took this blond sword-woman’s darker hole.

He started to force his thick knob into her body and Elayne trembled from the pain, as that wasn’t what she was waiting them to do to her. The sharp pain made her to cry out loud, when his pole finally gained the access to her and slid slowly into her. Elayne was in shock, her butt was in flamed and these men kept her in this humiliating position, while doing their dirty deeds on her. She got what she asked for.

The man behind her groaned from the pleasure and felt her tight hole around his pole. She felt so nice and maybe that young girl couldn’t offer the same kind of pleasure as this grown woman with a fully developed body. For him, the best thing was to humiliate this proud woman and desecrate her body by violating her darker passage. Her body trembled from the agony, and she cried out from the pain. She gasped air into her lungs when he was pulling out and cried out loudly when he thrust forward again. Her body was so lovely, skin was smooth and scarless, she must be from noble family. Her whole presence was telling that, this woman hadn’t needed to work like farmers or traders. Her clothes and sword were made more better materials than this town could offer. No matter who she is, she is now their prisoner and her body belongs to them.

He allowed Elayne to lift her upper torso up from the floor, while he enjoyed her darker passage with his slow thrusts. Every move inside her, was like another slash from a whip on her. Her pride was crumbling down, bit by bit. Elayne’s body had accepted his personal tool to enter in her darker hole and soon she’ll be tarnished more, when he’ll spray his load inside her.

Ezri couldn’t escape from her cell anymore than Elayne from the grasp of these males. The thief girl heard every cry that this older woman made, she saw every move the men made, she almost felt those thrusts in her and she heard her agony from blond woman’s cries. The half-elven girl heard also grunts of lust from the man, while enjoying himself with her darker hole. He panted heavily, groaned loudly and his pace was getting faster moment by moment.

Then suddenly, he started to shake and with loud groaning, he shoot his load into Elayne’s darker passage, filling her hole with his slimy seed. Desecrating her body with his juices. Elayne slumped on the floor and tears were running on her cheeks. Tears from pain, humiliation, and feeling of incompetence to prevent all this from happening.

The cultist behind her got up still panting, he had his fun with her and he nodded to his friend. Elayne felt how her head was lifted a bit, but then hard fist met her chin and she is again out cold. The males laugh at her and now this proud sword-woman isn’t looking so tough. They mock her for a while, but eventually, they pull Elayne up and hung her hands in shackles against the wall. Then they poked her slim-figured body just for fun. Confirming that Elayne was still out cold, it was the thief’s turn. Entering her cell again, one of them spoke to Ezri while sneering,

– Fight back all you want, girl. I’ll just kick shit out of you. Do what we tell you, and you’ll be fine..

As he got closer to her, she managed to kick his ankle back, but not strongly enough to make him fall. Making good on the threat, both of the cultists roughly slapped and kicked her a few times to make the point clear. It worked, Ezri stopped fighting and instead sobbed silently. They yanked her up and went through her clothes to make sure that she didn’t have any kind of weapon or other items that she could use against them. Ezri felt their hands grope her everywhere. Then, they began to pull her clothes off, making her feel humiliated. She tried to cover her young body from their eyes, but her hands were pulled aside so they could see her more easily. She feared that they would do the same to her that they did to that blond woman.

Ezri was a young slim-figured girl, her perky tits pointing slightly upwards. She also kept a habit of shaving her pubic hair. The two cultists liked what they saw and already wanted to have some fun with her. She was pushed on her knees while her hands were kept up, and they opened their cloaks enough to get their hard cocks out. The thief trembled in fear as these men told her to suck on their members. Twisting her wrist as a reverse incentive, she was forced to comply. Ezri opened her lips and took the first cock into her mouth. She tried to do her best, but the unclean member made it hard to do so. It smelled awful and tasted really disgusting. He was so filthy that she tried not to puke up everything  in her stomach. The same man who took Elayne’s darker passage, was now forcing thief girl to take his dirty cock into her mouth.

The first cultist was smiling and grunting in pleasure. He surely enjoyed feeling the young half-elf’s lips around his hard member while his friend “helped” her get that cock down her throat by pushing her head towards him. She was forced to be roughly face-fucked by that guy. She heard them talking really dirty about her and the blond knight.

Ezri continued trying to please this guy with her mouth, and eventually she was “rewarded” with the first cultist shooting his load down her throat. She was forced to swallow all of that salty slimy seed and this guy groaned loudly from the indulgence. Wave after wave of semen went into her mouth, and she had difficulties keeping it all down. Finally, he was satisfied and pulled his cock out of the coughing girl’s mouth.

The second cultist was next, and he had a bigger cock than his comrade. Yet he didn’t care if she had a problem with that. Ezri’s hands slumped down, as no one kept them up anymore. She endured the roughness at which this red-cloaked creep used her mouth. The half-elf felt his really strong hands clench her head tightly while he forced his member down her gullet. Ezri had trouble breathing, as this guy’s member was so thick, it blocked her airways. The way he gripped her was painful, making her fearful that she was going to die down here from being raped by these brutes over and over again.

Ezri felt her lungs burn from the lack of air, yet she couldn’t do anything about it. She tried to push those hands away, but she couldn’t match the strength of the cultist, and began to fade. That seemed to be the bastard’s intent, and as he continued treating her like a sack of warm flesh in his tight hold, he grunted loudly and shot his load on her cute face while she was out cold. Letting her go, she slumped down on the floor, while the men laughed at her. She’ll be getting some more torment later on, that’s for sure. When she came to, the half-elf noticed that she was chained and hanging from the ceiling like piece of meat. Elayne was still out cold in her cell next to hers.

When Elayne finally woke up in her dirty cell, the first thing she felt was a splitting headache, followed by pain from her wrists. She was hanging in a dark room with her hands shackled against the back wall, fully naked. The room looked small to her, and light source was limited to one dim lantern next to the door. She noticed that her clothes were on the floor in one messy pile. She couldn’t see too clearly what was missing from there, but her sword wasn’t there anymore.

Then Elayne heard something from her side. She looked to her left where she heard the noise and saw the young thief from earlier next to her. She was also hung up and fully naked, but she was quiet and beaten up. The swords-woman asked quietly,

– Girl, what is your name?

The pickpocket pondered if she should just stay quiet, as that woman was the reason she was like this. She finally gave a response:

– Ezri. I’m Ezri.  Thanks for the mess you made. Hope you’re proud of being Miss White Knight there.

Elayne felt awful at the anger the half-elf shot at her, for she was right. Had she just let her steal the purse, they would not be in this predicament.  She tried consoling the thief:

– Look, I’m sorry, you were right. I didn’t think these men were so evil. I’m Elayne. I’ll help you find a way out of here. I’ve been through far worse.

Of course, these words sounded hollow, given she couldn’t figure out how these damned shackles work. She had been hanging there for quite some time and her wrists were hurting like hell at this point. Even if she wasn’t hung up in the air like Ezri was, her whole body weight was on her wrists and her arms had lost all their strength.

Ezri remained quiet, letting Elayne figure out this problem. The soldier tried to swing herself onto the side, but the only thing that changed was the pain on her wrists. It became stronger. She decided to give up for the moment and wait for someone to come to lower them down. They might have their chance then.