Demon Kingdom chapter 1

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Elayne, Lori and Ezri ended up in the hands of slavers around two days ago, and were kept in their wagon ever since. They hadn’t been out many times, their legs hurt, they had been fed poorly, and Ezri’s wound was infected. Lori had tried to keep it clean and covered, but without her tools and herbs there was little she could do. Ezri had a fever already and if they didn’t stop soon to heal her wound, she would be in real trouble.

The surroundings outside shifted past quickly, but everything was still dry and nearly dead. At the evening of the third day the caravan reached their destination. Elayne tried to see outside through small cracks in the thick wooden plank walls. She gasped when she saw a familiar landmark: the statue of King Regan, Orlan’s father. It stood in the city near her family’s estates. Of what she could see, though, there wasn’t anything left to call it a city. Burned and demolished houses were all that was left of the place Elayne knew so well. Even the statue was bent and partly crumbled, a fitting symbol of the destruction around them. It seemed that they were home, but how could everything have changed so much? The rift might be the cause of that…

Elayne tried to get her head around the situation, but she still needed more information, solid proof of where they were and what the hell had happened. Her thoughts were cut short again, as wagons were stopped and someone shouted commands in a demonic language. Two half-blooded lizard creatures in leather armor opened the wagon door and began pulling slaves out from the cramped space.

The sun set over the ruined city, casting eerie shadows on the once proud streets. The slave master who had been giving orders had taken the only building left standing for his own use – the magistrate’s building, the only place with thick walls and cells for prisoners. It seemed so different now that the new owner had molded it to fit him.

He removed his protective hood, and Elayne saw his face for the first time. The slave master seemed to be a mix between demon and ogre. His teeth were strong and spiky. He was almost bald except for a long blackish ponytail on his neck, tied tightly, looking more like a rope than silky hair. His arms looked strong enough to crush someone’s neck, like Elayne’s, with one hand.

His riders were also of mixed race, but had inherited even uglier traits. That seemed to be a common theme. Elayne, Ezri and Lori garnered plenty of attention from the guards who worked for the slave master, but they knew better than to touch the master’s property. Pure blooded and beautiful human women like these were probably a rare find where the slavers came from. Other slaves were partly human and may have had been born into slavery.

An old shaman woman limped from her chambers to check the new arrivals, and was interested in the human females that the master now had in his hands. She limped to Elayne and roughly inspected her body, hair and teeth, then did the same to Lori and Ezri. The shaman was quite stunned to see young and pure human females in front of her, but in Ezri’s case, she wasn’t so happy, as the youngest one was sick and had a high fever.

“Kill that one… She’s sick and maybe not worth it to save… Skinny and weak…”

The shaman yelled under her messy hair, small bone ornaments just swinging from one side to another while she moved her head. She was old and as much halfbreed as the others, bound to demonic ways and carrying tattoos of the dark arts on her skin. The guards feared her, and maybe for good reason. Lori heard the shaman’s words and couldn’t let that to happen to Ezri.

“Please… don’t kill her… she is stronger than she looks, but just needs healing… I can heal her if allowed to, and if given the herbs I need… please, don’t kill her…”

The young sorceress begged the shaman and master to spare Ezri’s life and in doing so revealed part of her skills. To save Ezri’s life she would do even more, and most likely might have to.

The shaman smiled and looked at Lori, as if knowing that she was a scholar. She might be more valuable than the rest of this shipment of slaves together. A female rider walked next to her husband and removed her face protection. She had strong lizard traits, scaly skin, and a slender profile. She might be a deadly opponent if met in melee.

“I was right, husband… They were worth more than they seemed… One seems to be a warrior… one a scholar… One might be just a pet… a cute pet though… Let her prove that she is right; if not… then sell her to the lords… they will pay lots of money for pure blooded females like these…”

The slave master thought about it for a while. He didn’t have much to lose. After a moment, he gave the order to drop the other slaves into slave pits and the blond female into the training pit, and to drag the scholar and young one into the shaman’s chambers.

They were split up around the slave camp, but at least they were here together. Hopefully it was just a matter of time before they figured out where the hell they were. Elayne didn’t like that they were separated, but she couldn’t do much about that now, as she was pushed down into the training pits. They seem to be new additions that the new owner had made to his camp, and there Elayne saw more cells with half-breeds. It didn’t take long for Elayne to figure out what kind of training pit this was. These slaves were trained to be fighters, and she was here to become a gladiator for the blood games the lords had from time to time.

Elayne was pushed into one cell where the guards told her to undress and wash herself for the night. Her training would be starting tomorrow. She had noticed the lust in the eyes of those creatures, and it wouldn’t take much provoking to get them to attack her. The only thing that kept them away was fear of their huge, monstrous master. But even the strongest had a weakness, and time would tell whether Elayne could spot it.

She obeyed silently and removed her clothes and started to clean herself. There was a pool of water, big enough for a full bath, but Elayne just wiped herself with a washrag. One of the guards threw a set of clothes in front of her. He said that while she was in here, she should always wash herself after training ended. For bruises and cuts there would be some ointments and bandages. It was one of her duties to keep herself clean and tend her own wounds. Down here, there was no mercy given to the infected. Elayne stayed quiet and obeyed the guard’s orders. Then she was allowed to put the clothes on, a loincloth and some cloth to cover her tits, mere rags. The other slaves had the same kind of clothes.

Elayne was led out from that cell and toward another cell across the small hall. While following the guards, she noticed that there were cells in two levels and some corridors leading into other underground chambers. One corridor led up, and some led to the training grounds. That was something Elayne would find out tomorrow, if she was lucky enough to survive the night in here. She was pushed inside the empty cell. Those guards would have liked to have a good time with her, but she was still off limits. They just needed to wait for the perfect moment.

After the cell door was shut and the guards walked off, Elayne relaxed for a while. Her whole body had been trembling from fear, and she tried to convince herself that they would survive this. She couldn’t give up, as Lori and Ezri needed her help to escape. The cell was for her alone and she lay down on the mat that she found in the corner. It was slim and not much for making the rock floor feel any softer, but it was still a better place to rest than that slave wagon with eight people in it. Her body was still aching from that awful carriage. They had had to sit on its dirty floor and endure the heat of the sun, burning their skin through the wooden planks. Elayne was more tired than she had realized and fell asleep almost right away.

Her rest was cut short when someone opened the door. She got up as fast she could and tried to find her balance, her legs still seeming to be made of jelly. Elayne pulled herself together and saw the female rider, the slave master’s wife, standing in the cell and looking at her. She smiled while walking slowly closer and keeping her reptile eyes directly on Elayne. She was wearing a loose dress with a deep cut down the front, from her neck to her stomach. Cuts from the waist on both sides revealed her thighs. Her skin was covered with reptile scales, but that was just one side of her. She seemed to be as half-blooded as others in here.

“So much better… cleaner and properly clothed… yes… I’m Mistress Zri to you… you talk only when called for… Obey our commands and you’ll be taken care of… if you don’t obey… I can invent ways to torment you, you couldn’t even think of… right now…”

Zri spoke with a soft voice while walking around Elayne, touching her smooth skin with her fingertips. She hadn’t seen something like Elayne for ages, and now there were two pure blooded human females and a half-elf in their hands. The lords of the realm would pay large piles of money to have even one of them, and that might be Zri’s plan in the long run.

“Now… dear… there is a small party starting up and you can choose… who will join in there… You… your dark haired friend… or that little pet of yours… think fast, my dear…”

Zri was still walking around her and letting her words slither out from her lips like the sweetest poison. For Elayne, there wasn’t anything to think about. Ezri was sick and couldn’t handle it, and Lori was needed to heal her, so Elayne answered right away.

“Mistress… I’ll do it…”

The blond woman gave her answer. Zri already knew she would say that, but she still liked to see if their new slave would sacrifice one of her friends first. She nodded with a smile on her face and walked toward the open cell door. At the door she said something and walked away. For a moment Elayne didn’t know for sure what she should do, but her fate was revealed after Zri’s footsteps were already fading. Four lizard riders got inside that cell with her, and they were grinning.

“Now girl… You’ll pay for what you did to us…”

…Said the rider who got knocked down by Elayne, opening his belt. He had strong orc traits and he seemed annoyed that a little girl like Elayne got him on his knees so easily. The other three riders stayed behind him. They looked as ugly as halfbreed demons could look. Elayne knew that if she wanted to survive this, she would have to bend, or she would break and then all would be lost.

Elayne took the initiative and removed the rags the guards called clothes. She let the males see her naked body while walking towards the big rider who had his belt open. He was surprised to see this female walk in front of him and just open his worn leather trousers with her slender hands. Maybe these riders had bathed, as they didn’t smell as bad she thought. She pulled his semi-hard cock out, so she could kiss it gently. Elayne’s hands started to move on his shaft and allowed the knob to slide between her lips. The rider groaned from the pleasure and enjoyed the feeling that this female gave to him with her hands and mouth.

She felt his cock become thicker and harder as his lust grew. Elayne sucked his cock as best she could and hoped that he would shoot his load into her mouth, but as she feared that wouldn’t be enough for him, and Elayne was forcefully pushed towards her mattress.

“On your fours girl… let’s see how tight you are…”

The rider muttered to the blond woman and she obeyed silently. There was no point fighting as that would make things worse for all three women. Elayne went on her hands and knees on the mattress, allowing his hands to touch her lovely smooth skinned butt. The rider seemed to enjoy the feeling of such soft skin, but his orc-blooded side just wanted to get to business. He took his place behind Elayne, placing his hands firmly on her waist so she couldn’t escape, and started to slide his hard cock into the human female’s pussy.

Elayne felt the thick member start to slide into her and tried to relax her body for easier entry. She bit her lower lip and pushed her own hips against his cock. The orc-blooded rider grunted from the pleasure as his tool went deep into her. She was so tight, and after a few thrusts inside her, her pussy felt even softer and hotter than he had ever dreamed. It was not common to have such a pleasure as burying his pride and joy into her lovely pussy.

The other riders had taken their clothes off and were waiting their turn on her, but then Elayne asked one of them to come forth, so she could please him with her mouth. She was panting softly while the orc rider took his time with her and enjoyed the tight feeling around his hard member. Her body felt so hot, soft and smooth under his hands. She was also a lot smaller than he was. It was a wonder to him how his thick member fit into her, and it sounded like she was enjoying it too. Elayne moaned and groaned while he moved deep inside her, every thrust going as deep as he could, while varying his rhythm. The blond woman had hoped that he would do it more quickly and get it done, but these riders were taking their time.

A certain point was crossed, and as much she fought deep inside herself to keep everything under her control, every thrust, and her own lust for sex, dragged her towards climax, being taken in that dirty cell by these four beasts with nothing she could do to stop it. She couldn’t deny that this situation was turning her on. There was some kind of primitive feel in all this, female submitting to alpha male to be taken, used, filled with his seed, made to be his.

Elayne felt her pleasure intensify. She was taking one thick cock into her pussy and sucking another. Her body shivered from the lust and the trembles were getting stronger moment by moment. She felt how she was turned into a slut, a fucktoy for males in this cell and for an instant, she felt that it was what she wanted. The orc rider grunted behind her, making strong thrusts and filling her tight pussy with his pole and making her legs shake. That thick, roughly veined manly member rubbed her inner surface so nicely that her orgasm came fast. She leaned on the floor with one hand and with the other she rubbed the shaft of a third rider, sucking and licking it as best she could between moaning and groaning. Then her pleasure reached its highest point and orgasms started to wave through her whole body. She shivered strongly between these two males.

The young knight moaned like a whore while these half-blooded lizard riders used her body, making her cry out from pleasure, making her scream like a slut. Elayne panted heavily and felt the rider’s thrusts become faster, his member moving inside her wet pussy much harder, and that just fed her own lust for pleasure. She couldn’t help herself; her inner feelings betrayed her reasoning, giving control to her lust and making her to beg for more. Beg these beasts to use her. To fill her pussy and mouth with their cocks.

That was enough. The orc rider unloaded his seed deep into her pussy with loud grunts. Wave after wave of his hot seed pumped into her womb and the rider gasped like a madman. This female’s body felt like it was sucking his spine through his cock before he finally pulled away from her. He slumped back seated to watch the rest. The rider from Elayne’s front side lay on the floor and pulled the panting woman to ride him. He adjusted the blond woman’s position and soon she was moaning again as another cock slid into her.

A more demonic looking rider came behind her. The young knight felt herself pressed against the halfblood, while the other sought entry into her darker hole. Elayne felt a sharp pain at first, when a new cock slid into her and a new beast was breathing on her neck. Elayne’s body had been assaulted by hands the whole time, and now she was caught between two males. Both grunted loudly, moving inside her lovely body and making Elayne’s body have a few smaller orgasms in a row. Two nice sized cocks at the same time inside her, building more pressure inside her body with every thrust.

The blond woman felt these hands and fingertips wandering everywhere on her sweaty skin. Rough lips pressed kisses on her firm tits and another beast licked her neck. They moved Elayne between them and the slender female couldn’t say anything. These strong males just used her and all she could do was moan and groan. Her body was trembling hard. Orgasm after orgasm hit her and made her even weaker.

The males grunted as if in heat and buried their cocks deep into her holes. They had gone insane from lust for her soft flesh and how enjoyable it was, like nicest silk in their hands. Her sweat tasted like the best wines they had ever tasted and her moans were like the most beautiful music for their ears. All this drove the men to lose control. Nature took the lead and demanded they give up their seed to this female, impregnate her and make her carry another half-blooded bastard into this ruined world. Both males shot their seed into her, and Elayne cried out loud when orgasm hit her once again, as the seed rushed into her body.

It took a while before Elayne was finally released from between the two riders, but then there was the fourth rider who had waited his turn patiently. He had plans for how he would take her, and pulled Elayne up from the ground. Tired and sweaty, she was pushed back against the wall, and the last rider took her legs one by one over his arms and rammed his long cock into her well used pussy. Elayne put her arms on his shoulders and felt him go extra deep into her. Every thrust he made caused wet sounds from her pussy. His friends’ sperm leaked out from her while he took his turn. Elayne moaned and groaned yet again while pinned against the wall, legs secured over his arms. From that position he could take her at any pace he liked.

Elayne lost her mind as that long member impaled her time after time after time, rubbing her inner sensitive spots. While her body was already mauled, tired and well used, this last rider kept taking her at varying paces, keeping her on the edge of pleasure and not allowing her to reach her climax as soon as his friends had. She noticed he had more lizardlike traits, not as strong as the mistress had. Maybe one of her parents were partly lizard?

He loved as well to feel this pure human female within his hands, so soft and smooth in flesh. Her skin felt burning hot, sweaty and sensitive while she was lost in waves of insane lust.

Thrust after thrust he made, moving his hard member inside Elayne’s hot pussy, making her cry out from pleasure and working hard to reach his own climax at the same time she would. Elayne’s firm tits were bouncing along to the quickening pace, and the rider licked them in turns. His rough lips on her tender nipples made Elayne moan even more.

Then the last rider took a few last, fast thrusts, pushing her over the edge, letting her sink into a stormy sea of pleasure. While Elayne’s body trembled once again from her orgasms, he shot his load into her well used pussy. He kept her in that position for a while, then allowed her to slump down on the floor. It was time for them to go. They had permission to use her once from Mistress Zri, but after this they would be yearning for more from her.

After all that, more guards entered and ordered Elayne to pick up her things and get washed again. She was tired and could barely stand. Her knees were shaking and her body was partly numb, but she really wanted to get a bath, just to get that slimy feeling off of herself and then have some rest before her long day in a new life began. She didn’t even care to put those clothes back on, as she would have to remove them when washing herself. So she just limped slowly from her cell back to the pool chamber. Other slaves were already secured into their cells and these three guards were there to make sure that everything went as ordered.

Inside the pool chamber, the guards couldn’t stop themselves anymore and pushed Elayne on her hands and knees on the stone floor. She didn’t even fight back. A few times more wouldn’t make any difference and so she just let it happen. These guards had been listening to the earlier session from outside of Elayne’s cell, and were already pretty aroused. It didn’t take much time for the first guard to shoot his load into her. The other men took only a few thrusts before they were done with her. Elayne barely even felt them, as they weren’t as gifted in size and she was partly numb already.

The guards didn’t even care that this new slave wouldn’t moan like she did earlier. Their own pleasure was goal number one. After they quickly shot their loads on her, they took another round in turns, spraying their second set of ghoulish sperm onto her lovely smooth butt, back and face.

After these three guards were finally satisfied, Elayne was allowed to wash herself in the pool. The young knight tried to remind herself that she must endure this all for Ezri and Lori. They had to get back into their own world. She just needed to find the way.

While Elayne was dragged into the training pit, Lori and Ezri were pushed into the old shaman’s chambers. Lori felt nauseated by the nasty smell that hit her when she entered that part of the building. Rotting flesh, bugs crawling on bloody skulls, awful looking ways to treat the injured slaves. The shaman might not have been only treating those slaves, but also experimenting on these poor souls. And now they were slaves too.

The shaman muttered an order to Lori to put Ezri on the corner bed in the treatment chamber. The sorceress did as commanded, and when she entered that “treatment chamber”, she noticed where that rotting stench was coming from. At least two slaves had died in here and the shaman hadn’t been interested in removing them. Their flesh was crawling with worms and bugs. Lori could barely stop herself from throwing up. It helped that there wasn’t very much to vomit, but that sight was awful.

As she put Ezri on the corner bed, Lori noticed another slave moving in there – one with a hunchback and other weakening traits like bad legs that made him useless in fighter training.

Soon the old shaman came to check Ezri’s wound on her neck and muttered something to herself. She wasn’t happy about it, but if this new slave thought that she could cure her, she might try to.

“Morgh… meet our new slave… she could be a healer… and she takes care of this young one… don’t touch this little one, she is Mistress’ property now… you hear me, boy??”

…the old shaman yelled to the hunchback, who seemed to be really interested in these new females.

“Yes, mother… I won’t…”

…he replied to the shaman, and hobbled to carry out his own duties. Lori wasn’t surprised anymore by all these things. That old shaman obviously protected her own son by keeping him in here, as elsewhere he would have been killed a long time ago.

“Do it then slave… heal her like you claimed you can… find what you need from my laboratory…”

…the shaman said to Lori, like it would be a test for the sorceress. Lori nodded quietly and went to check the big junk pile. Lots of herbs, items and tools. Most of the herbs were wrongly stored, tools were mostly dirty, and it was hard to find anything as all the tables were filled with garbage. The old shaman evidently wasn’t one of those who believed in order and cleaning. There was little that Lori could actually use, and the tools she took had to be clean first.

She came back and started to clean Ezri’s wound. Luckily she was out cold from high fever, so she wouldn’t feel a thing. She couldn’t find the herbs that could cure her more effectively, so she had to use weaker ingredients and hope that it was enough to save her life. The shaman lost her interest in Lori’s activities fast and went back to her own experiments. The sorceress could feel Morgh’s eyes on her neck, but she couldn’t much about that. Most of the males in here were looking at them; it was natural. Lori washed Ezri’s wound and neck with water, before putting some cream on it. It smelled awful, but she expected it would stop that infection from spreading any further.

The shaman came back and dropped two sets of clothes on the bed where Ezri lay.

“Wash her and put these on her… same for you too girl… you wear these or wear none…”

…she muttered and walked back to her own work, while Lori inspected the new clothes. Worn cloth, barely better than the rags around those dead bodies. These wouldn’t cover as much of their bodies, but they were now someone’s property and had no rights to their own bodies anymore.

Lori washed Ezri with an old washrag and put those clothes on her. After that it was her turn, and the whole time, though she couldn’t see where he was, she could feel the eyes of this hunchback on her back. Meanwhile, the whole place was so dirty that she believed the stench of it must have gone deep into the stone walls and wouldn’t go away without destroying them all.

Later, one other slave came to take their old clothes away. When Lori tried to stop her, the shaman told her to shut up and that those clothes had been ordered burned, and that she should learn her place fast, or else she might be in trouble even faster.


The shaman didn’t let Lori just sit and wait. The sorceress was put to work cleaning the chamber. The first place that Lori had to clean in her life would be the dirtiest that she or anyone could imagine. The young sorceress had to swallow her own pride and do what she was told to do. It took a small eternity and lots of willpower, forcing herself not to throw up while cleaning. After that job, she was led to a small room where she could wash herself again. The young woman sat down on the stone floor in that small room and cried from fear and humiliation. This wasn’t what she had thought her life would be. She feared that they wouldn’t find their way back home. Ezri was in bad shape and there wasn’t much that she could use to heal her. Lori was a noble born young lady and now she was just a common low-ranked slave. It really shocked her to be completely at the mercy of others. She couldn’t say what the slave master would do to them in the end, and the mistress could also make their lives a living hell in here. There had to be a way back home, but Lori didn’t know how much they would have to endure before they might find it.

Slowly Lori got her things together and changed dirty clothes for cleaner ones. After that it was time to return to her new duties. She was made to wash the stone floor with a worn out brush. The shaman gave strict orders to her new slave and kept her doing something the whole time. If she wanted eat, she had to work for it.

She didn’t know how long she washed the floors, but she felt that it didn’t matter at all, as there was such a thick layer of dirt everywhere that it would take days to clean it completely. Finally she was allowed to stop, and the shaman showed her a small side room where she would sleep at night. It was more or less a small storeroom with just a cloth to act as a door.

Lori was tired and hungry, but first she checked Ezri. She poured small amounts of water into her mouth and waited for her to swallow it, before giving her more. Her fever had gone down a bit and the wound wasn’t looking as bad as it did before, so there was something good happening.

Lori’s food rations weren’t so much, but it was more than nothing at all. After eating, Lori was allowed to return to her “room”, and the tired sorceress crawled onto that old mattress, while looking at her hurting fingers. The old shaman continued her work. Lori couldn’t understand what she was doing with those dead corpses she kept in there, just rotting day by day.

Lori heard some footsteps from the corridor. As much she wanted to just stay there and try to sleep, she also wanted to know who was walking out there. The sorceress got up and silently moved toward the opening on the wall. She peeked into the corridor and saw someone disappearing up the stairs. She had noticed those earlier, but didn’t have a chance to check where they went. Just small peek wouldn’t hurt, would it?

The young woman snuck into the corridor. She knew that guards were outside, so she couldn’t go out without being seen. She looked at the stairs that led up. There were no lights. Her curiosity led her to take one step after another until she was at the top of the stairs and looking down the dark corridor. It led to a few rooms, but only one of them had some kind of light source in it, at the end of the corridor. Lori moved on bare feet, as quietly as she could, following the corridor away from the main building and past storerooms. Moments later she was next to the open doorway. She looked in carefully and noticed no one inside. Just an oil lamp, old clothes, mattress, and a few worn out books. Someone lived in this room.

Before Lori could think about going back, she heard footsteps behind her and someone pushed her into the room. Someone had been hiding in one of those darkened rooms and now Lori was caught. Lori fell on the old mattress and from there she saw who had pushed her. The shaman’s hunchback son was smirking at her.

“You… no go here… Tell mother… Mother punishes you… you be whipped… hard… yes… I know… Seen… you… no go here… You in trouble now…”

The hunchback spoke slowly and while he talked, Lori got a better look at him in the light of the oil lamp. He was as halfbreed as the others were in here and not the luckiest one. His body was seriously malformed and his back was bent at a bad angle. Not a pretty sight at all. He might have been the ugliest of all the half-breeds.

“I-I didn’t know… I’m sorry… i-if I promise that I won’t do it again… would you stay quiet?”

Lori didn’t want to get punished so soon, and no one had told her that she should stay in her own “room”. The young sorceress had noticed how this hunchback was like the other males in here, looking at her with lust filled eyes, so she might have a way to get out of here.

“if you stay quiet… I’ll let you to see… me…”

…Lori whispered softly. It took a few moments for the hunchback to understand what Lori meant, and he nodded quietly when Lori started to open her clothes. At first she revealed her perky tits and stood up, so he could see her more easily. The hunchback took few steps forward and was very interested in her lovely slender body. Lori felt how his hands were touching and squeezing her tits. Fingertips moved softly on her smooth skin and the hunchback was already drooling over her. The young woman tried to look another way and forget her disgust for a while. His hands were even not paired; one was hairy and thick, the other was smaller and seemly malformed more or less, or bent into a wrong position when he was younger.

There wasn’t too much sexual arousal for Lori in this situation, but a lot more for this halfbreed, and he was interested to see what Lori was still hiding from him. The hunchback pushed Lori against the wall and pulled her loincloth away, so he could see her fully naked, something he had wanted to see from the first moment Lori came in. Lori looked the other way and allows him to touch her body, hoping the whole time that it would be enough to keep him silent from her little mistake. The hunchback was more than aroused by her soft smooth skin. It was something that he hasn’t felt before. It was no surprise that he wasn’t satisfied to just touch her and then move away.

It was too late when Lori felt that she should push him away, as he had moved too close to her. The thick stench of sweat surrounded him, and the young sorceress could barely breathe the air into her lungs. She was pinned between the wall made of wooden planks and the hunchback who drooled and panted heavily. His hands moved on her firm tits, making Lori feel quite uncomfortable. There was no place his hands would not go, and she had noticed her mistake too late. He now had complete control and it seemed play time was over. His hunger for more had already consumed him.

He pushed her to her hands and knees on the dirty mattress, and she could do nothing to move away. He just moved her back into position with his one hand. He might be malformed and ugly, but there was no fighting back against his strength. As Lori looked behind her, she saw something monstrous, something she hadn’t seen even in her most terrifying nightmares. The hunchback was really well hung – all the malformation around his body had given him strength beyond understanding and a cock the size of her own fist. Lori trembled in fear as he easily kept her in place while he readied himself.

The sorceress bit her lower lip nervously, fear welling up inside of her. That monster cock could tear her apart easily; if this hunchback went into a frenzy during their session, she might get killed by him. The hunchback grunted with his raspy voice, then started to push his cock into his new slave woman. Lori felt the thick knob trying to fit into her. Lori lowered her upper body against the smelly mattress and hoped that changing the position would help to relax her body, so his cock might slide into her. The hard cock was like a powerful wallbreaker, and the hunchback didn’t ease the pressure before he got this cock into her. Shock waves of pain rippled through Lori’s body. His pole was stretching her to her limits and beyond, until impossible became possible and the thick knob rammed into her. Lori clawed the wooden floor and gritted her teeth together, the pain was so overwhelming. She tried to keep herself as quiet as she could, but she couldn’t suppress all of the silent cries the pain caused.

The hunchback panted and waited for a moment, then moved again. This time he pushed his cock deeper into her and at the same time he pulled her towards him from her hips. Lori felt how the thick pole was forced into her pussy and she wanted to scream from the pain. Scream louder than ever before, scream until her lungs collapsed. Her pussy was on fire and waves of pain kept Lori trembling. The young sorceress kept her upper body against the mattress and tried to push all that pain out of her mind, it just froze her and killed her senses. She couldn’t do anything more than endure the impalement, as if she were set on a pole and pulled down it at the same time.

The hunchback grunted from pleasure, as he felt this new slave to be so incredibly tight. She might not enjoy this, but he sure did. He felt no need to stop any time soon. Slowly he pushed his thick pole deeper into her and stretched her body to take his size. Lori was sweaty like never before from all the pain she had to endure. Slowly her inner side adjusted for his monstrous member. The hunchback was groaning from the pleasure, while sliding inside her tight pussy became easier moment by moment. Lori felt herself become wet and was ashamed for that. How she could enjoy something like that? She didn’t get pleasure from it, as he was so huge for her. Lori started to fear that this might not be the last time he took her.

Lori cried out from the pain and hid her face against the mattress. Tears were flowing on her cheeks, while the hunchback grunted from lust. He was enjoying all of her tight little cunt and kept his cock inside her the whole time. He feared that if he pulled it out, he might not get it in her again, and he enjoyed stretching her wide open with his tool. She wasn’t the first slave woman he had fucked and he certainly knew what he wanted. This new slave woman was totally different than the halfbreed slave women that he had taken over the years. Lori was like a perfect dream to him, skin so white, so smooth and soft. There weren’t any markings, scars or other kinds of halfbreed traits.

Due to his own malformed body, this position was the only one he could use for sex, but he didn’t care about other positions. He just wanted to take slave women as many times as he could. Lori sank her fingernails into the mattress and gritted her teeth together hard, when the hunchback started to fuck her at a faster pace. The sorceress didn’t feel so much pleasure from it, but the pain started to fade away. She feared that this cock would tear her apart in every way. She could feel every strong vein on his hard shaft. She felt how thick the knob was and how it moved deep inside her. The young woman hadn’t felt anything like that before and as the hunchback kept moving inside her, she was surprised that for some reason, orgasm was building up. Pain slowed it down, but as it was fading away, her inner side was pushed to the side of pleasure.

The sorceress gasped air into her lungs while this hunchback was ramming his thick spear into her again and again, filling her roughly stretched pussy with his most favorite toy and making her cry from the pain, humiliation, pleasure and shame. She was kept in that same position the whole time, not allowed to get up for a while. Her job was to take his tool deep into her body and be glad that she was still alive.

Her own orgasm was slowly building up, and the hunchback seemly had crazy endurance, as he kept abusing her for a long time and panted heavily, like he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs. He was drooling like never before and that made his own chest slimy. Lori’s body was all sweaty, legs were feeling partly numb, as they had been in same position the whole time. She felt how this strong halfbreed mauled her body with his thick pole, stretching her pussy past its limits to meet his monstrous size. It had given such huge pain spikes that she almost fainted. She had been almost blind and deaf from the waves of pain.

All she could do in that humiliating position was to claw the floor with her fingernails, bite that mattress when the pain was in its peak and hope that she wouldn’t bleed to death while he fucked her. She didn’t want to die like that, to be fucked to death by this hideous halfbreed.

Lori finally felt an orgasm, but it was just a minor moment of relief for her. When it was gone, her body felt so numb that she wouldn’t care or feel it if his cock had grown full of spikes. Lori panted slowly and heard the hunchback reach his own climax. He made a few last thrusts as deep as he could, until he shot his load inside Lori’s womb. The halfbreed panted heavily and groaned from the pleasure, feeling that strange tingling sensation on his spine and balls, like his spine was melting into hot lava and shooting through his balls inside this slave pussy. After filling her womb with his sperm, he released her from his hold and the sorceress slumped down on the mattress. A large portion of his seed was leaking out of her and onto the mattress, but he didn’t care so much. He could barely breathe at that moment, and sat down and leaned against the wall. Lori felt that her moment had come and she tried to get up from the mattress, but her legs just wouldn’t obey her wishes and she wasn’t able to get herself moving. Her body was tired, partly numb; she was sweaty, and felt her pussy still pulsating from that rough treatment.

The halfbreed was first to get up, and just pushed Lori over onto her back. He smiled while watching her naked body laying on his mattress, her pussy freshly fucked, legs still open, and unable to do anything against him.

“You… mine now… me fuck you good again soon… you stay quiet me fuck you, me stay quiet too…”

Halfbreed said with a smile, like rubbing the salt into her wounds and making sure that she knew that it wasn’t over until he let her go, or someone higher said otherwise.

Then the halfbreed picked her up on his shoulder and carried her down like she was just a sack of grain. Lori was left to her own little room, where she lay naked until she had enough strength to put her clothes back on. Her next day would be really hellish, but she could always seek herbs from the shaman’s laboratory to deal with the pain.