Betrayal in the Priory – Bad ending

Teiros continued teasing Elayne and told her to ask for that orgasm if she really
wants it. If not, he’ll just toy with her some more, for he had other tricks in store. She
remembered how she felt in the hands of those demons before. In spite of how evil
they were, she very much enjoyed it: She loved the feeling of their hard members
deep inside her pussy, riding hard on them, feeling like a fulfilled woman. After all, it
was just sex, not making love. Elayne was about to beg him, but something kept her
mouth shut. She didn’t know what. Was it her own pride, not to beg anything from
him even if she got what she wanted?. That didn’t make sense. Still, she won’t say
anything, not that the priest cared anyway.

Teiros smiled wickedly and asked Elayne if she would like for his friend to join
them. After that, Elayne heard heavy footsteps from behind Teiros. But then
suddenly she saw a blade burst from Teiros’ chest and blood gushed from the
wound. Teiros trembled from the pain, betrayed by his dark ally at the cost of his
own life. The old priest was yanked out from between of Elayne’s thighs and thrown
to the back wall. The old man’s corpse slumps down on the floor like a broken toy.

Elayne stared at the big demon with her lovely eyes full of terror. She froze in fear as
the demon tore away its loincloth and stepped forward to take its prize from that
useless old priest. The demon, obeying no real master, had gotten bored from
merely lusting for female flesh and serving a weak and pathetic man. Its strong
hands nailed Elayne on the table, preventing her attempts to escape, while getting
its huge unearthly cock at just the right angle for raping this young lady. The demon
snorted and laughed at the look of blood spatters all over her lovely milky white
skin as it leaned forward to lick Elayne’s erect nipples. She could only stare in
horror, and even when she snapped out of her shock, it was too late for her: The
demon had forced its stiff member into her pussy.

Elayne felt that thick demonic member having its way inside her, and she screams
from all the pain. She hoped that someone will hear her cries for help, but for some
reason demon didn’t seem to be worried about the other monks in the priory. It
took its time with her and grunted with a deeply unnatural voice while pulling its
colossal cock out a little and before shoving it back in again. He made this a pattern,
each time getting it in a little further. Elayne shrieked loudly with every thrust it
made. Feeling the rigid member rub viciously inside her pussy, she is forced into an
orgasm. There weren’t any spells to ease her pains this time, no charms to subdue
the Demon’s will. Elayne was just cruelly raped on that dark table, and when she
sustained another excruciatingly deep stab inside her pussy by that immense
member, she must’ve known her fate was sealed: There was no way out from this,
and she’ll surely be burnt at the stake to allowing this foul demon to use her body.

Elayne panted and gasped for air while the demon enjoyed her tight pussy, making
this young lady feel its heavy cock to the fullest. The woman cried out from the pain,
but also groaned from the pleasure that this thick cock gave her. She kept laying on
the table while it exploited her body. It didn’t care about her: Her young and
incredibly sexy body was just another toy.

– We know you’ve fucked our brethren before and we know you love it. You’re just
another common whore to us. We’ll fuck you until we get bored, and then we’ll rip
the tender flesh from your bones and eat it. Remember you will serve us as long we
feel like it, slut.

As the demon growled these words to Elayne,  it was clear she couldn’t escape from
her fate this time. Elayne trembled from the shock of the revelation.  Nothing could
save her now.

The room filled with the demon’s sickening laugh as it pulled its cock out from her
for a moment. The traumatized Elayne was manhandled into another position. She
was made to lean against the table, so it could take her from behind. Elayne cries out
when she felt that monstrous cock slide into her again. It’s incredibly long and its
thick veins made the surface to feel rough. Her legs were trembling already, but that
didn’t matter, as the demon wouldn’t let her rest until she pleasured it enough.

– You had been marked to be our toy. our whore, from the day you were born. Your
destiny is to be fucked to death by us. You will feel our cocks deep inside your pussy.
You will be filled with our dark seed in your womb. Perhaps we will let you carry
our hellspawn.

The demon’s taunts reverberated inside Elayne as her face was pressed against the
table, her face smeared with blood. Elayne couldn’t even think about that kind of
fate as she shrieked from both the pleasure and fear. Her fears, as well as the
demon’s hold over her, grew stronger with each thrust.  There was nothing within
reach that she could use as a weapon, and there no seemingly monks around despite
this creature creating a loud ruckus with its newest plaything.

The demon began ramming its cock into Elayne like a hammer and Elayne screamed
from the new shots of pain this was causing. That really thick infernal cock pushed
her pussy to its limits and she could swear she’ll be torn in half at his rate. The
woman’s back was then forced into an arch when it tugged her hair. Elayne felt her
back hurting from it all, and she feared that either her scalp will rip off or her spine
will break. Or both: The demon seemed to be having so much fun.

While in that agonizing arched position, Elayne felt the demon’s gravelly hands pull,
tease and pinch her now-accessible tits one at a time. She groaned from the pleasure
every time when she felt how this big demonic member slip away from her, only to
cry out in anguish. There was nothing she could do to ease her pain, and this demon
only increased the pressure on her back with each thrust.

The demon fed off her pleasure and pain. Surprisingly, its dark magic only amplified
the sensations she felt, and her mind had yet to break. It had raped many women
and usually their minds would just shatter. When that happened, either they
trembled madly and couldn’t be controlled in any way or just slumped limp like
slaughtered livestock. They were too boring for its taste, and so it usually had them
butchered after it fed off enough pleasure from them. Elayne, on the other hand,
seemed to have a stronger will. Even when it ran a blade through that idiotic old
Priest, his blood tainting her milky white skin, and even when rammed its cock so
deep inside her, she kept it together, which was pleasing. Perhaps, if Elayne could
maintain this, it would have a pet slave for a while. She might even make a good
brood mother. It’s a shame to waste such good material, after all.

As Elayne felt every possible emotion run through her mind – fear, pleasure, pain,
horror, joy, sadness – she felt the demon’s member harden even more and its pace
quicken. Knowing what was to come,  she weakly begged it not to fill her womb. She
certainly knows that it’s futile, yet she wished not to be shamed this last time. The
demon was too engrossed from the pleasure to hear her soft plea and groaned as it
shot its load into her, filling her womb with its strong and potent seed. Elayne
flopped belly-first onto the table, panting from fatigue. She endured wave after wave
of disgusting semen entering her. All it did was make her feel so dirty, so violated, so

The demon snorted in satisfaction and dragged her off the table. It had more plans
for the girl. At first, Elayne was made to clean its soiled cock with her lips and
tongue. Rubbing its cock on her face, the demon made Elayne smell her own scent
from it and also taste its foul seeds. Elayne felt disgusted, tired and humiliated, but
she must do what her new “Master” tells her to do. The demon wasn’t that pleased
with her oral skills and decided she needs practice. It told Elayne to fetch that
mirror she handled earlier in the Teiros’ workroom.

Elayne nodded quietly and hoped she could escape from here while the demon
waited. She was allowed to return to the workroom, but she was still naked and
tainted by not only bloodstains all over her body, but also foul and crusty semen on
her inner thighs. As she re-entered the room, she saw the mirror where she left it,
but then walked towards the door right away. She would gladly face the monks fully
naked and dirty, rather than go back to that demon. She tried to open the door, but it
won’t budge. Even forcing it did nothing. She sensed a seal made with dark magic,
and she was too weak to break it. So, she accepted defeat for now, and took the
mirror back to her Master, still waiting for her in that makeshift dungeon of

When she returned and offered the mirror to her Master, all it did was order her to
smash it to pieces. Elayne shook at this statement, for she felt something moving
inside the mirror and feared what would happen if she obeyed its command. But she
was more afraid of what this creature would do to her if she didn’t. It stared at her
with its deep black eyes while sitting on Teiros’ old wooden chair  like it was his
throne. Its patience was running thin with Elayne.

The woman’s hesitance to obey the given commands inspired the demon’s rage, so
she flung it against the stony wall. The mirrored glass shattered into pieces, falling
to the floor. Suddenly, Elayne heard something like a pack of demons awakening
from inside. Granted freedom, they escaped from their cursed jail. Elayne’s master
let out a deeply evil laugh and watched as dark spirits fled from the mirror.

– Yessssss, my pretties. Go get some bodies and come back. We’ll have a feast in here.

The circling dark mist like spirits disappeared into thin air at their friend’s
command. Elayne felt everything around her much darker, even the air. She
shuddered from fear as her cackling master told her to come in front of it and make
its member hard again.

Elayne obeyed and hoped that this creature would kill her fast, as she couldn’t see
any other way out. Elayne got on her knees and started to serve her master as best
as she could. She sucked its semi hard cock and rubbed it with her hands until it got
hard again, ready to be rammed into her holes once again.

– Now, slave… Ride on it.

The terror in the demon’s voice forced Elayne to comply to its command. She got up
and turned around so she could slide that monstrous cock back into her by sitting on
it. It would be much easier now, as she is already stretched to meet its monstrous
size already. She gasped a little while feeling it glide back into her, while its veiny
surface rubbed her tender pussy as roughly as the first time. The pet slave felt the
demon’s warm breath on her back while riding on its hard member and moaned
from the pleasure. She couldn’t help herself at all: Her own body, long betraying her,
was insanely aroused.

While the former knight of the realm was taking the demon’s cock back into her
pussy like a good little sex slave, the dark spirits from before have been busy around
the priory. In the midst of her trance-like state, Elayne was startled when she saw
the dead Teiros get up slowly. A malevolent spirit possessed Teiros’ corpse to be its
host, and what was once his eyes were glimmering a reddish color. It muttered
something in a really old language, and the fatal wound in his chest started healing.
The other spirits returned into the dungeon room to rejoin their brethren and pet.
They had taken the bodies of monks to be their hosts as well. The whole priory had
fallen to darkness in moments. Then, far too late, it dawned on Elayne: Maybe this
was all bound to happen when Teiros gave up his faith long ago and made a pact
with the demon that was now her master. Elayne’s visit was merely the catalyst.

The demon looked at its new servants and tossed Elayne into their lustful hands,

– Play with and use her as you wish. Make her into a slave of darkness.

Teiros and all the other possessed monks grunted in joyous agreement from being
given this sexy prize. Elayne screamed in horror as she was crushed in the middle of
the floor by these possessed beings. And it was then that she understood that it was
her destiny after all.