4 thoughts on “Subscription confirmation

  1. Rick


    Love your art.

    I’m interested in animation or comic lesbian love stories.

    Lesbian seduction, breast teasing and kissing, magic spells, love potions. drugs, etc.

    Not much out there to find.

    I would like to purchase a complete story.

    I was unable to find a means to pay for a complete story.

    Please suggest you think may be of interest and information for payment and delivery method.

    Possibly send a sample>?


  2. Lady Adara

    Currently have only one lesbian set in the list.. Elvenlove.. Can be found from webshop, there should be also previews for it. If not in there, there IS preview pics about Elven love in Hibblis DeviantArt gallery.


  3. Broderick Black

    I found out about your products from buy the first two chapters of the old chapel on Affect3D’s store. Keep up the good work and cool content especially the stuff with elayne knights are cool

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