Knight Elayne – Cursed Forest Chapter 3 released :)

here we go, finally part3 is done :D alot of detailwork in this one… most of that stuff meanwhile done in blender :) 51 highres picture in this chapter

and the previews ofc…

as usually can be bought from our webshop or directly HERE!

thats it for november… starting with next chapter now, a commissioned one. something more about the headhunter from harassment chapter and lori :) so in december you should see two chapters released, not yet decided which is the second one i go for. we also have Ezri and tentacles in stock for example.

in ANY case the forest story will get a bad ending chapter, planned that for january and gold badge patreons get some voting options about it, but no hurry needed for now

enjoy and stay tuned!

Knight Elayne – Harassment released :)

here we go for the first november release, 35 highres pics for 6 bucks as usual. introducing our new villain for the first time

and some previews

you can get it from our webshop or HERE!

hope you like it… was a 20 pics commissions in the beginning but i decided to expand it on my own up to 35 pics. some new technical stuff used in this one. going instant to render forest chapter 3 now :) nothing needed to prepare, tentacles ahead! :D

stay tuned!

FREE! Birds in the Cage v1.0 final release!

finally its done :D first game completed, all five girls get their share of fun :)

+ revamped 8 existing pictures (minor mistakes and tweaking)
+ added 22 new pictures

now its in final release state with over 90 pictures :D maybe we add in some password protected patreon content later on but thats not finally decided yet. going forward to next game, continues after bitc and includes fighting system, looting gear and all the usual stuff. first preversions should be available in (late) november

BitC 1.0 can be downloaded here, enjoy and stay tuned! :)

Rinil – Sun, Sand and Sex released

next set it available. one more of those small commissioned set, 25 pictures in highres :)

can be bought from webshop or simply click HERE!

this set is vanilla, be prepared! :D but as october seems to get the month of tentacles thats fine :) going for BitC final update for the rest of this month now (tentacle thingie starts exactly HERE!)

stay tuned!

Knight Elayne – Cursed Forest Chapter2 released :)

heyhey fans and followers, here we go again! part2 of cursed forest is now released, 37 pics for 6 bucks

aaand some previews

you can as always get it from our webshop or click HERE!

so… whats up next? already started building up scenery for next commissioned set, containing Rinil… and beach :) lots of new stuff to try and experiment with, never built sandy stuff and palms on my own.

next month we will see that released AND the final update for bitc. planned it as HUGE update with the missing girls and also extending existing ones a bit more :) planned 2 weeks just for this. that means one week left in september for starting with forest chapter3… or i bump one more commissioned set in, dont know yet :) render machine is running fast in any case :D

enjoy and stay tuned!