Young Courtesans Chapter2 released! :)

in this chapter you will find 33 pictures of elayne and a lot of her friends :D

some previews…

can be bought in our webshop or simply HERE!

now i head back to my rendermines to start next chapter :D
enjoy and stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Young Courtesans Chapter2 released! :)

  1. Grim


    I love your artwork but I also have one question. It seems that your recent sets don’t have stories anymore, just pictures. This seems to be the case even when the set is bought from Gumroad.

    Do you release any stories anymore? Can your patreons see any storyline. I ask because the recent sets have been a bit confusing without narration. For example, how does Ezri know young Elayne? How did they meet and what on earth is Ezri doing in Elayne’s ancestral home? Thanks so much!

  2. hibbli Post author

    well… sometimes i would also prefer storylines like back in the days but those dont pay the bills because of piracy. but these pic-only sets do :)

  3. Grim

    I can understrand the reasoning behind that decision. I’m just wondering if there’s any ‘canon’ to the overall story. And what is Ezri doing in Elayne’s childhood home =D

  4. hibbli Post author

    there is less canon than 9 years ago, thats for sure :D some chapters are public commissions so dont take it too serious :)

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