Knight Elayne – Memoria III released

here we go, 62 pictures this time :) third part of the Memoria series, time to tame that young lady!

Elayne getting fucked by goblin

and the usual previews

hibbli3d 440 taming 07hibbli3d 441 taming 08hibbli3d 442 taming 09hibbli3d 443 taming 10hibbli3d 444 taming 11hibbli3d 445 taming 12hibbli3d 446 taming 13

as usual from our webshop or directly HERE!

whats up next? well… finishing some steampunk commissions and the paladine elayne & drow rinil set next week. have to see when i reach around 30 pics then it can be bumped to the shops… meanwhile its patreon-only stuff :) then going for the ezri revamp set… well… not just revamp… revamp and extend! :D you know… that really old first set that can be found in freebie section

stay tuned!

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