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young elayne

a long time without updates! sorry for that… but my old main rig died away few weeks ago after 6 years of renderslavery :D it is replaced with a new monster (2x rtx 3090 in it) and faster than my old one combined with both renderslaves :) now back on rendertrack for new chapters… one is a commission with drow rinil (revamped rinil finally from gen3 to gen8) and the next episode of memoria coming up.

seems everyone likes the “fresh” elayne, at least sales tell me that… so i decided to create some more chapters about her “training”. you can find a picture of her new battlesuite in gallery, guess there wont be many complains about it!

patreons already got their first peek previews and stuff, guess in 2-3 weeks there will be official releases :)

thats it for now… stay tuned!

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