Paladines: Endgame released :)

first paladines triology is finished now :) third chapter coming up with 60 highres pictures

and the previews of course

as always can be found from our webshop or HERE!

enough paladines for the moment but there will be more, dont worry. lori as apprentice, some bad ending stuff and so on on my list :)

so whats next? i still dont know :D tomorrow the 2020 bundle will be released for my shop, then i am going to finish up my first prop for sale, working off some commissions and a bit more of basic animation learning :) if everything runs smooth i will start next chapter (with story… at least we planned it) next week. not much to tell beside that… another year in render mines starts, lets go for it :D

enjoy and stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Paladines: Endgame released :)

  1. Jakob

    Cool looking monsters and nicely executed images once again, but I have to be honest I do not dig the pained expression on Elayne and that drawn down mouth in most frames while I understand that it makes sense for this particular story. Your work is awesome but I do miss those pouty lips and the Elayne that got seduced and enjoyed fucking monsters…. really hope to see her again in future.

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