Paladines: Rescue Mission peeks 03

two more preview pics can be found in gallery :) set is on 48 pictures now… in the end its going to be around 60 pics. taking my time, also have to readjust and rerender a few existing pics as i am not 100% satisfied with their outcome… but you know that story all too well :)

in any case the release will be next week. i really enjoy working on those paladine sets… and dont worry… there will be more of them… soon… :D

installed some caching tools and other stuff for the website itself as it slowed down a bit due to a pretty nice increase of traffic during the last weeks. seems those paladine ladies and their genesis8 revamp in general is paying off now :D let me know if you have still problems but it seems to run alot faster now

but for now… back to my renderpit, enjoy and stay tuned!

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