Thief Ezri – Strip without Poker released :)

here we go again with another chapter of our young thief :) 60 pictures for 8 bucks as usual. also the first chapter with the revamped genesis8 model

and the previews

as usual you can buy from our webshop or directly HERE!

hope you like Ezris new model :D there will be slight adjustments here and there but in general i am fine with her and she will stay as she is.

whatsup next? i am going to work off some commissions during the next few days and start with Elaynes revamp, patreons will get previews of the process and can judge and suggest their ideas about it.

also starting to render a following chapter for this one here, new model is too much fun to get a break that soon :D maybe even a bad ending one… who knows yet :) aiming towards 30+ this time… previews more frequent in gallery from now on… but not pasting them to blog each time so simply check gallery if you are interested :)

stay tuned!