meanwhile in the blog 37

whats going on in april? well first of all i started working on a new chapter, a revamp… or better a new version of the 2014 freebie strip poker. maybe… slightly better now in terms of quality :) built my own medieval card deck as there isnt any good available out there… or i was too dumb to find. aiming at 50 pic set this time. elayne and rinil planned… or both get their own parts… still not yet decided how i manage it :)

aaaaand this one… i guess thats more important for most of you :D finally after 5 years i started to convert all my characters to genesis 8 versions. as all those automatice oneclick converters as usual just manage to get it 90% correct.. i can handle that better with blender manually meanwhile. this is first version of the new ezri… body should be ok as it is… face needs alot more finetuning to keep most characteristic things of old ezri.. and skincolor has to be decided as well :) lets see what patreons prefer

thats it for now, stay tuned and healthy!