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Paladines: Mission failed released :)

the journey continues, 36 highres pics in this chapter! :D

aaand previews once again

as usual can be found in shop or directly HERE!

next week i am going to revamp lori as third and final girl. that means gameover for rinil and chiana for the moment (for sure months, maybe years) but they will return one day, that i can promise :) i simply prefer to keep focused on the original threesome these days. beside that preparing next chapter… and NO… its not going to be a paladines chapter… need a break from that :D instead i am going for a textbased story again as so many people asked for it :) more updates on this soon

stay tuned!

Paladines: Mission failed peeks 02

set is on 28 pictures now… creeping slowly through it… timesink is alot longer if you have to post both girls and several goblins each pic :D i am happy with the outcome even if i wanted to be done with this set two days ago :)

but just a few more, finishing renders, rerendering pics with minor mistakes in it and then postwork as usual

stay tuned!

Paladines: Mission failed peeks 01

first 15 pics are available for patreons, two of them already can be found in gallery :) its a smaller set so should be ready for sale next week

someone suggested to add a ko-fi button… so here you go, on the right sidebar if someone feels in mood to flip a coin :) now back to my renderslavepit! :D

stay tuned!

Time for alot of FREE stuff! :)

looong story short, the best way to say thank you for all the years of support! :D
they are still selling but it isnt my quality standard anymore… so it feels a bit strange to take money for my old (but kind of legendary) chapters any longer :)

here you go, everything from 2014 available for free from now on

simply click the covers for download or check out the free section :)
if you still want to flip a coin for them you can use our SHOP as usual

planned to revamp at least the ezri chapter this or next year if there is some time left… and whenever my patreon amount is high enough one day i could do that for all of them :)

but for now… thanks again for your support, enjoy and stay tuned!

Paladines: Rescue Mission released! :)

here the girls go again for their next paladine chapter :) 63 highres pics for the usual 8 bucks

aaaand the previews … once again:

as usual it can be found from our webshop or directly HERE!

going to work on a few commissions this week, preparing some scenery changes and refining some details on both models. then starting to render next paladine set in line next week :)

a small note about renderotica in future:

until now renderotica store was the only store that had ALL of my chapters in stock, beside my own store of course. but their management changed, that means a few things that wont work out so well in future :)
first of all they request a minimum number of 50 pictures for each release, and as i often do 35 pic chapters… second request is to change ezris appearance to look older. in overall not much to discuss then from my side. just to let you know that in future maybe 30% of my chapters can be released there and my own shop remains the only one containing really everything :)

but for now enjoy new chapter and stay tuned!