Rinil Nenharma is a member of the Sacred Sisterhood of Shaeraer Aladel, but the high priestess does not approve of her ideas about the main figure of their sisterhood, Aladel herself.  The Sisterhood of Aladel is the oldest and most honoured in elven circles.  Its mission is to teach gifted elves more effective ways of weaving and bending the forces of magical power.  Legends tell that Aladel herself became a goddess after she taught this knowledge to her followers, however, certain rival factions claim that Aladel died and her followers invented the whole goddess part for their own benefit.  Rinil has studied the sacred texts for years and has started to believe that Shaeraer Aladel didn’t died, but that she might not be goddess either.

Rinil has a theory that Aladel, their beloved matron, is still alive and can be found if only someone can decipher the many subtle clues she left her followers.  Even though Rinil’s theory is radical and rather unsettling the eight high priestesses who form the Council of Sisters couldn’t kick her out of the sisterhood, so they gave her a mission to find proof of her claim.   If she can really find Shaeraer Aladel it would be toe sort of news that the Council has been waiting years for as the Goddess returning to her sisterhood would be a powerful sign to other elves.  That is, just as long as Aladel proves to be ‘real’ Shaeraer Aladel.

Rinil packed her things and left to search for any way to prove her theories, while others could once again enjoy peace and harmony inside the sisterhood’s ancient citadel.  A citadel Aladel herself had built as a safe refuge in the dark years when elves themselves were counted as a younger race.