Chiana was found near the old mine, badly wounded. The drow was brought to the
local healers guild, where the healers just barely saved her life. Her wounds were
severe, and seemingly made with a poisoned blade. Some of the local fighters thus
speculated that she was attacked by other drows. Many have asked for the reasons
why she was attacked, but she won’t talk about it to anyone. Whenever it’s brought
up, she just says that she’s an outcast, nothing more.

Chiana needed some time to fully regain her strength and adjust to the bright sun.
Most drows never see the yellow sun in their lives, and now she is forced to do so,
living outside the world that is familiar to her. She decided to join the Healers Guild
and learn their trade to repay their kindness to her.

She looks young, but nobody knows her true age in human years: Just like other
elves, drows age differently from humans and usually live a lot longer. She could be
a lot older than what she looks to be. No one knows and she won’t tell.

Now she has joined into ranks of healers and is sent into regions where healers
are needed. Her path hasn’t been the easiest, but it isn’t going to get any easier for
her under this bright yellow sun either.