This little half blood elf has lived her whole life amongst humans and chose to be a thief,
as she didn’t want to be a prostitute. Her mother is already one of those brothel girls
and tried selling her own daughter to a Brothel Madam. Ezri barely escaped, and now
doesn’t want to see her mother or hear anything from her for that reason.

Her father was an elven trader who visited the city many years ago, when Ezri’s mother
was younger than Ezri is now. She was betrothed to a local trader’s son, but this elven
trader was far more immoral than the rest of his race, seducing and discarding her in a
one-night stand. They say that a few days after leaving the city, he got killed in an
ambush . She couldn’t marry that trader’s son, and after having Ezri, she was sold into
a brothel. Ezri grew up in the brothel and didn’t want to join them, so she fled when she
had a chance.

Now, times are hard, and thieves who are caught are usually hanged, with the Mother
Church refusing to help them in any way. It’s believed that some people in the Church
pressured the Royal Family to hand such punishments against thieves . Maybe the
Church doesn’t want to share the loot with others…