Lori was born into a noble family and got a chance for a really good education at the Mages Guild. She always had been curious about almost anything that comes outside of her kingdom’s borders, including exotic herbs and relics, so joining the ranks of the Guild sounded interesting to her. In addition, all the benefits that being a mage could give her sounded a lot better than just getting married off to some nobleman and becoming a royal courtesan.

Lori undertook basic Mage training at an early age. She was only 14 years old when she started to walk on those dark paths to become The Sorceress. Older instructors weren’t keen to take the young girl into their classes and thought that she would drop off soon enough. It was hard for her at first to be away from her family, but eventually she got used into it. When she completed her basic training, she was initiated into the neutrally aligned Brotherhood of Eldars, currently the largest faction in the Mages Guild, taking on their blue cloak. The Eldars work for the Royal Family and the Mother Church as much they let them to do their own work . The Mother Church have been seeking to isolate the Mages Guild from the Royal Family, as some factions within the Church are thinking that all magic users are worshippers of evil and working against them.

After Lori turned 18 years old and spent countless of hours in the Brotherhood of Eldars’ library, she proved herself on the field and earned a Mage’s License, allowing her to leave the Eldars’ mage tower. Currently, she is in a new phase of training, being assigned missions from field instructors that she must complete successfully. Her tasks were minor at first, but now she is experienced enough to take on more demanding missions. She works hard, both for her brotherhood and to maintain her family’s good name. Having been locked into that mage’s tower for so many years, she is now eager to prove her skills to her family and her instructors. She will have to earn the right to use the title “Sorceress.” Of course, nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice.