Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter3 relased :)

here we go again for business as usual :D First part of Chapter3 is out now… 55 highres pics for 8 bucks, same same as usual :)

aaand the previews…

i know… you have seen some already in earlier post… just to complete it :) as usual… can be bought from our webshop… or simply click HERE!

what else is going on? well… some more patreon updates soon as the game thingie is soon ready to roll out :)

there will be an additional 3$ patreon badge in future. you get all actual and upcoming game chapters… nothing more… but also nothing less :D
after some amount of time… dunno yet… 2-3 months those older game releases will go public, maybe partially… maybe complete. resolution will be 1280x960pixels as i wanna keep that 4:3 ratio

my fiver patreons will get all gamepictures additionally in highres

and… there will be some smaller chapters from now on here and there… 20 pics… 4 bucks… squeezed in whenever it fits. fiver patreons also get these. too often i start a few funpics for testing or whatever reasons.. but never really continue to work on them later on. will just be sold on my own bmt store… this is maybe a nice bonus income to close the pirate gap a bit better :) AND the fiver badge has FINALLY some sense :D

i will write down all these patreon changes in detail when i roll them out, just a little upfront info what will change next months

stay tuned! :)